Ayrex Review 2020

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Ayrex Review – a Scam or Legit Binary Options Broker?

First a bit about the company

Ayrex is an online binary options trading broker owned by Advanced Binary Technologies Limited. They’re headquartered in the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. Their registered address is Office 590, Suites 5 Horsford’s Business Center, Long Point Rd, Charlestown. Launched in 2020, Ayrex is yet to be fully regulated by any financial body on the globe. However, at the time of writing, Ayrex reports that they’re waiting for formal recognition and regulation by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Is Ayrex a scam or legit online binary options broker?

Not being fully regulated raises questions about the legitimacy of Ayrex as a binary options broker. You wouldn’t want to invest your money without knowing that the broker you choose will close shop and make a run with your hard earned cash. So, since Ayrex isn’t currently regulated, what proof can they offer about their legitimacy?

The contact information provided by Ayrex checks out. Many scam businesses will either avoid providing their contact information or, use fake contacts. Their company registration number of C44622 also checks out meaning that they’re recognized as a legitimate company.

Ayrex is one of the few binary options brokers that we can say have transparency as part of their business model. Traders have all the information they need to know before deciding to invest their money with the firm. For example, all the information regarding bonuses you’ll earn on your deposits is provided explicitly on their website. If you cannot find the information you seek on the website, you can easily get it from one of their representatives via phone, chat or email. Members of their support team are also quite active on the CommuniTraders platform answering questions regarding the broker.

If you don’t want to invest a huge amount of money on binary options account, Ayrex has a minimum deposit requirement of $5. This gives you a chance to try out the platform without fear that you’ll lose a lot of money in case it’s a binary option scam broker firm (which it isn’t).

Being in business for over 3 years is no easy feat if you’re a scam business. The fact that Ayrex has been operating online for so long even without being fully regulated is an indicator that traders actually trust the broker. In addition, traffic to the site has been growing steadily especially since mid-2020. Close to 20% of their web traffic comes from South Africa followed by the UK.

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

What makes Ayrex stand out?

Ayrex has been steadily growing since it was launched. The website is built upon custom software which makes it super fast to place your trades. You don’t have to worry about losing on a trade simply because the platform is slow. Ayrex also offers a free demo account. This makes it easy to practice trading without investing real money. You’re not required to undergo any tedious registration process to access the demo account.

Ayrex also offers two trading account options, a standard account and the Islamic account. Withdrawal requests are also processed instantly eliminating the long wait periods you’ll find in many online options brokers. Finally, you can actually start trading binary options with as little as $5

Some Ayrex pitfalls

Compared to competing online binary options brokers Ayrex’s educational resources are quite modest. New traders can get information on different pages including the FAQ and glossary. They also provide up to date news as well as an economic calendar which can come in handy when planning your trades. Despite the lack of a lot of educational resources, the platform is well designed and it’s quite easy to learn how to use it.

(Another binary options platform that is, in my opinion, a better one for beginners is 24Option, check our review about their education center.)

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

Is it recommended to open a trading account with Ayrex?

Any binary options trader looking for a broker whose trading platform offers speed, easy navigation, different options to trade and many features that lower risk and increase chances of profiting must consider Ayrex.

The website is built upon a unique software platform that’s fast. You can choose from different trade expiry intervals including 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes and 5 minutes. These short term trade expiry intervals make it easy to plan your trades and make profits quickly. If you want to hold your trades for longer, there are the High/Low options which can last between 15 minutes and 1 hour. Besides the classic High/Low trading options, Ayrex also offers Touch/No Touch which offers high-profit potential.

Ayrex Demo and the minimum deposit

Ayrex’s website is easy to navigate with intuitively designed sections. For beginner and experienced traders wishing to learn how the platform works, Ayrex provides a free demo account credited with $1000 virtual cash. You don’t need to go through a registration process to access the demo account. In addition, you can actually increase the virtual cash in your demo account by simply clicking on the “ADD $1000” button. Practicing with the demo account makes it easier to transition to the real cash account.

It’s usually recommended that you invest a little amount before committing to a specific binary options broker. The minimum amount you can deposit and trade within the Ayrex platform is $5. You, therefore, won’t have to worry about having tens or even hundreds of dollars being held in your trading account while you test the platform.

Ayrex is one of the few online binary options brokers that offer instant withdrawals processing. This feature comes in handy when you want your cash fast. Some traders have reported having their cash available within a few hours after submitting their withdrawal requests. What’s more, Ayrex doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees meaning you get to keep all of your earnings.

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

Trader complaints

Being a relatively new binary options broker, Ayrex hasn’t attracted a lot of trader complaints. However, during our research, we came across one trader complaint that reported a glitch in the platform the affected the trader’s account. Ayrex responded fast and rectified the glitch. The trader’s account was also credited with over five times the amount present in his account before the glitch. Other than this complaint, Ayrex one of the trading platforms favored by traders.

Financial regulator alerts about Ayrex

In 2020, the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC) published a list of over 40 brokers they identified as unlicensed. Ayrex was on the list. The company acted fast to meet ASIC requirements which the regulator has acknowledged.

Ayrex Bonuses

Update: Their deposit bonus offer is inactive now. Ayrex is one of the few online binary options brokers that offer trader-friendly bonuses. All you need to do to get a bonus is open a new trading account and deposit $100 and above. Currently, Ayrex offers bonuses of 10%, 20% and 30% on deposits of $100, $500 and $1000 respectively. Ayrex also recently introduced a no deposit bonus where your new account will be credited with $30. However, this is a special type of bonus which can only be applied for through the broker’s dedicated offers page.

Traders can also withdraw their bonuses which is one of the features that set Ayrex apart from the competition. However, you’ll need to meet the required turnover volume in order to be able to withdraw the bonus amount. You can also cancel the bonus any time or even request a refund of your deposit.

Instant Withdrawal your earnings from Ayrex

Every withdrawal request is processed immediately. There’s no waiting period of 3 to 10 business days as is common with many competing brokers. In addition, Ayrex doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees or commissions. The only charges you might have to incur are those imposed by your bank or other payment processors. Traders requesting their money to be sent to their e-wallet (Neteller or Skrill) accounts actually receive their funds within hours. Withdrawals can be done any day including on weekends.

Ayrex extras

Update: Their deposit bonus offer is inactive now.

Ayrex doesn’t come with the many bells and whistles you’ll find on most online binary options brokers. However, it does include unique features that set it apart from other brokers. One feature is the no deposit bonus where your new trading account is credited with $30. Another feature is the Binary Blast contest where traders have the chance of winning $100 within an hour.

User friendliness

The Ayrex website is well designed and easy to navigate. Their demo account, as well as real money trading account, are easy to use with intuitive buttons and instructions. Getting started is also quite easy. Ayrex provides a handful of resources including a manual page and a detailed FAQ page. The platform is easily accessible to traders from across the world and is available in English, Italian, German, Indonesian and Chinese.

Deposits, bonuses, and withdrawals

One feature that makes Ayrex one of the best online binary options brokers is their focus on ensuring that traders get to keep as much of their earnings as possible. The minimum amount you can deposit is $5. This makes it easy to test the platform without investing a large amount of money. Deposits can be made via several channels including credit card, wire transfer and e-wallet.

Update: Their deposit bonus offer is inactive now. Traders who deposit $100 or more are entitled to bonuses of up to 30%. Ayrex allows you to cancel your bonus anytime. The bonus amount can also be withdrawn once you’ve achieved a set turnover amount. This binary options broker also introduced a no deposit bonus which gives you the opportunity to grow your trading account fast. Besides the bonuses, traders can also grow their accounts by participating in the binary blast contest.

Ayrex allows you to withdraw your earnings and have the money available within hours through their instant withdrawals feature. In addition, this broker doesn’t charge withdrawal fees to ensure that you get most of what you’ve earned.

I personally have a very good experience with Skrill Wallet. I recommend you use this Digital wallet, because of their very low transaction fees, and their Secure safety. Click the link to check it out.

Commissions and effective returns

Ayrex doesn’t deduct commissions or fees on deposits, purchases or withdrawals to your e-wallet account. The only commissions Ayrex earns is on trades you make and these are usually quite fair ensuring that you keep as much of your earnings as possible. Withdrawals via wire transfer also attract a small fee.

Compared to many online binary options brokers, Ayrex’s effective returns are quite high. On average, you will earn around 83% on successful trades.

Contact and Support

Ayrex proves their commitment to trader satisfaction through their efficient customer support system. Information about the platform and how to trade is provided on the website and an extra manual page. If you have a problem you need to be addressed, you can contact the support team through various channels including phone, email and live chat. The support team is available 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about your problems taking long before being resolved.

Number of assets and trade expiry time

Ayrex offers over 50 different assets. These include indices, stocks, and currency pairs. The number of assets available on the demo account is however limited.

Ayrex focuses on short-term trading windows. This enables traders to make profits fast. The short term trading windows are complemented by the super fast platform the website is built upon. Trades can last as little as 30 seconds or as much as 5 minutes. Ayrex also offers longer trading windows on the classic High/Low options with trades lasting between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

Ayrex Smartphone App

It is also possible to do mobile trading whit Ayrex, check the link below.

Platform extras

Ayrex is built on a unique platform that’s super fast. This ensures that you can place or close a trade with a single mouse click. You’re also provided with an easy to use the demo account. This makes it easy to practice your trading strategies without risking real cash. You can use the demo account for as long as you want even if you don’t open a real trading account.

The platform also includes a unique feature called the early closure. This allows you to get out of a losing trade to minimize your losses. The inclusion of an Islamic account besides the standard account is yet another platform specific feature we liked.

Ayrex opening an Account

Since its launch in 2020, Ayrex has continued to gain popularity among traders looking to make profits fast. Built on a fast platform, this broker’s website makes it easy to get in and out of trades fast. The majority of the trades are short-term meaning you can make profits within seconds. Ayrex also has over 50 different assets to choose from. This online binary options broker sets itself apart from competitors by offering unique trader friendly features such as instant withdrawals, high bonuses and effective returns, an easy to use platform as well as excellent support.

If you have more interest in this broker, click the link.

Thank you for visiting, and good luck trading.

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

Ayrex Review

Company info:
Name Ayrex
Website ayrex.com
Foundation Year 2020
Trading conditions:
Min. Deposit 5 $
Payouts 85 %
Trading Assets Currencies (Forex), Indices, Stocks, Commodities
Option Types High/Low Options, One Touch Options, Range Options, 60 Second Options, Short Term Options
Payment Methods:
Credit Card, Wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller
Other Features:
Accept US traders
Affiliate program
ProfitF BONUS:

Detailed info:


Ayrex is indisputably one of the brokers you would prefer to trade options with. If you want to witness one of the best offers to binary options traders, then you will certainly find our review useful. Let’s begin!

Ayrex What do we know about the company?

To start off, Ayrex is an advanced global BO trading broker. It was established and operated by Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. The main office of this broker is located in St.Kitts and Nevis. Even though this broker is relatively new (the company was established in 2020), it can a huge arsenal of opportunities to offer.

At this broker, you can really handy and interesting textual explanations on the theory of trading binary options, how do BO actually work etc. This means that this broker cares about novices and it is eager to support them in their learning aspirations. On their website a newbie trader can find some tips to get a grasp on binary options and the way to trade them successfully. In turn, glossary can provide you with all the BO terminology. Unfortunately, Ayrex broker does not accept clients from the US.

As for the bonuses, this broker offers up to 30% bonus on the funds deposited in a trading account

It is important to say, that Ayrex offers free demo account.

Ayrex Trading accounts

Ayrex can offer different types of accounts, with an exclusive one. A standard account at Ayrex is featured by the minimum deposit of 5 USD or 5 EUR, while the maximum deposit is 10,000 USD or EUR respectively.

But what is interesting, Ayrex offers so called Islamic account where those people who follow Shariah laws can trade free of interest rates, rollovers, surcharges or hidden fees. It offers the same features that standard account users have. In addition, the special trading platform named “halal” is developed particularly for this account.

What is really nice about Ayrex is that they have developed a Return Policy, in which any client has a right to demand either full or partial funds return from Ayrex. This request is reviewed by the accounting team and it takes 10 business days to be processed.

Ayrex trading conditions

At this broker you are offered different types of trading conditions. They are the following:

● The High-Low options

Basic binary options. A trader is able to profit from price rising or falling in the market.

Those ones are actually based on High/Low, but with lower expiry times.

In touch options, the trader predicts whether an asset’s price reaches the target price, that is set prior to making an investment.

● No touch options

This resembles touch options, but with one distinction. A trader predicts that the asset’s price will not reach the target price.

Ayrex Trading platform

Ayrex broker has developed a proprietary trading platform featuring top-notch technology. You can enjoy the user-friendly interface and design that make trading process even more pleasant. Simplicity is the best word to describe this platform, but this makes it only better. Complicated platforms confuse new traders. Fortunately, Ayrex has no such problem.

Moreover, Ayrex trading platform charting tool encompasses most of the popular technical analysis tools that assist traders in making their decision faster.

Ayrex Deposits and withdrawals

Well, deposits to trading accounts can be performed using credit cards, wire transfers, Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay, UnionPay and other online payment programs. What’s more, there is no charge or any commission on any amount deposited. This makes Ayrex even more attractive.

As for the withdrawals, they are made using the same methods as the deposit. The minimum withdrawal is evaluated $5. Additionally, an options trader can make one free withdrawal within a calendar month. However, each consecutive withdrawal is charged with a commission based on the processing fees and conditions of the payment system utilized for each withdrawal.

Ayrex Customer Support

Ayrex offers excellent customer support. It is provided 24/5. This broker promises to respond to all calls or written queries almost instantaneously. And we verified that by writing an email message, the response came to us within just a few minutes.

Ayrex website supports 5 different languages, most popular ones. The language variety is a good feature.

As for the means of communication, Ayrex customer support can be reached via email, phone and a live chat available on working hours.

Ayrex Opening an Account

Account application is not sophisticated at all. You can complete it just within some minutes to start trading options. It requires just a little information to provide.


We intend to ensure you that Ayrex broker is a proficient and trustworthy broker.

Подробный обзор брокера Ayrex и отзывов о его деятельности

Внимание! Компания подозревается в мошенничестве

Брокер Ayrex, предоставляющий услуги торговли, кроме прочего, на бинарных опционах, был создан в 2020 году. Среди своих основных преимуществ компания отмечает следующие: более 230 000 зарегистрированных трейдеров (на момент начала декабря 2020 года), время исполнения открытия сделки в среднем за 0,028 сек, высокий рейтинг среди бинарных брокеров, до 90% выплат новым трейдерам и т.д. Мы не смогли пройти мимо этой компании и тщательнейшим образом изучили принципы ее работы, а также отзывы клиентов. Предлагаем ознакомиться с результатами нашего обзора и разобраться в том, стоит ли сотрудничать с Ayrex.

Информация о лицензировании

В Правилах пользования сервисом указано, что официальное название организации: Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd, регистрационный номер C44622, адрес: 590, Suites 5 Horsfords Business Centre, Long Point Road, Charlestown, Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis. Судя по всему, регистрационный номер должен соответствовать номеру лицензии от регулятора Сент-Китс и Невис. Впрочем, никаких доказательств наличия подобной лицензии ни на официальном сайте брокера Ayrex, ни в сети интернет мы не обнаружили.

Если посредник работает прозрачно, стоило бы больше внимания уделить информированию клиентов о регуляторе. В противном случае (и это доказано обзорами многих финансовых посредников), как минимум часть негативных отзывов будет основываться только на отсутствии информации о том, кем компания регулируется и на основании какого документа.

Обзор официального сайта

На главной странице делается акцент на торговле на бинарных опционах. На странице Контакты есть форма обратной связи, указаны контактные email [email protected] и британский номер телефона: +44 20 3322 7337. Время работы службы поддержки: с ПН по ПТ, с 7:00 23:00 (часовой пояс UTC+2). На сайте можно выбрать 9 языков, среди них 4 азиатских и нет русского. Из чего можно сделать вывод, что приоритетными направлениями работы являются Европа и азиатский регион. Так что ожидать наличия каких-то особых возможностей для русскоязычных трейдеров не приходится.

Для начинающих трейдеров на сайте есть раздел Education (Обучение), в котором подробно рассказывается, что такое бинарные опционы, с него начинать трейдинг и т.д. И здесь же есть также обзор торговой платформы (раздел Platform manual).

На веб-странице брокера ayrex.com упоминаются награды, которыми была отмечена эта компания. В частности:

  • трейдинг-платформа номер 1, от FX Empire, 2020 год;
  • победитель в номинации «Брокер для торговли на бинарных опционах», от Forex Awards в 2020 году и от FX DailyInfo в 2020 году;
  • лучшая поддержка пользователей, от BinaryOptions.com в 2020 году.

Процедура регистрации

Торговые возможности платформы ayrex.com можно протестировать в демо-режиме, для чего даже регистрироваться не обязательно. На игровой счет начисляются виртуальные $1000.

Для того, чтоб открыть реальный счет у Ayrex необходимо нажать кнопку Open real account. Появится простая регистрационная форма, в которой потребуется ввести имя, фамилию, контактный email и пароль. Кроме того, для быстрого входа можно воспользоваться своим аккаунтом в Facebook или Google.

Для успешного открытия реального счета у ayrex.com необходимо:

  • быть в возрасте 18 и более лет;
  • согласиться с условиями использования сервиса.

Настоятельно рекомендуем не игнорировать Правила и внимательно с ними ознакомиться. Если уровень знаний английского языка не позволяет прочитать текст в оригинале, советуем использовать translate.google.com. Также в окне регистрации можно указать, что вы открываете исламский счет, для которого брокер Ayrex разработал «halal» platform (“халяльную” версию торговой платформы), дающую возможность торговать, не нарушая законы Шариата.

Как пополнить счет и вывести деньги: обзор

Для внесения денег на счет, Ayrex предлагает следующие инструменты:

  • карты Visa и MasterCard;
  • UnionPay;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • FasaPay.

Минимум для пополнения – 25 евро или долларов. Взимается только комиссия самих платежных сервисов. Вместе с тем, предлагается система бонусов при пополнении счета:

  • при перевода на счет суммы от $100 бонус составит 10% (то есть баланс пополнится на $110);
  • от $300 – 20%;
  • от $1000 – 30%.

Вывести средства можно теми ми же способами, которые доступны для пополнения баланса. Пользователю дается право делать одну бесплатную (с нулевой комиссией) операцию вывода денег в месяц. Вторая, третья и т.д. транзакции будут облагаться комиссией. А минимум для одной операции вывода составляет 5 евро или долларов.

Обзор торговых условий

Брокер Ayrex предлагает пользователям более 30 активов для трейдинга. Среди них:

  • валютные пары;
  • акции крупнейших мировых компаний;
  • сырьевые товары;
  • и многие другие.

Минимальная сумма открытия позиции 5 USD/EUR, максимальная 3000 USD/EUR. Есть возможность торговать с использованием функции One Click Trading – упрощенная процедура, при которой требуется всего 1 клик мышью для того, чтоб открыть сделку. Торговая платформа ayrex.com доступна не только в веб-версии. Можно скачать приложение для мобильных устройств — подойдет любой современный планшет или смартфон, работающий под iOS или Android. В отзывах клиенты отмечают стабильную работу приложения.

Брокер Ayrex презентует себя, как лучший выбор для торговли на бинарных опционах, аргументируя это следующими особенностями оказания услуг:

  • профессиональный и оперативный саппорт;
  • прогнозируемая прибыль — до 90%;
  • возможность закрывать сверхкороткие сделки за полминуты;
  • успешность торговых сигналов на уровне 60%.

Аугех предлагает такие разновидности бинарных опционов:

  • “Выше-ниже”
  • “Одно касание”
  • “Минутные сделки”
  • “Барьерный опцион”

В целом же, в процессе написания обзора и изучения отзывов пользователей, мы сделали вывод, что значительная часть трейдеров выбирают для сотрудничества брокера ayrex.com по причине большого разнообразия ордеров на бинарных опционах.

Обзор отзывов клиентов

В связи с тем, что платформа брокера ayrex.com не поддерживает русский язык, количество русскоязычных пользователей, оставивших свои отзывы, не так велико. Впрочем, кое-то “нарыть”, разумеется, удалось. На скриншотах продемонстрированы наиболее типичные как негативные, так и позитивные отзывы

Как видно, отзывы весьма противоречивы. Остальные комментарии в массе своей подобны этой картине. Вряд ли эта информация может быть основой для однозначного вывода о том, стоит ли сотрудничать с Ayrex. В негативных отзывах можно встретить типичные претензии, свидетельствующие о недовольстве теми или иными нюансами работы брокера – например, о задержке выплат. Но вместе с тем, стоит отметить, что фактов доказанного мошенничества со стороны ayrex.com мы не обнаружили.

Плюсы и минусы брокера Ayrex

Брокер Ayrex дает возможность торговать на бинарных опционах, а также использовать множество иных инструментов для трейдинга. Тем не менее, как показал наш обзор, посредник имеет несколько недостатков:

  • нет русскоязычной версии официального сайта и торговой платформы;
  • отсутствие достоверной информации о наличии лицензии, позволяющей осуществлять брокерскую деятельность.

Одновременно с тем, платформа ayrex.com обладает рядом положительных характеристик:

  • небольшой минимальный депозит — в отзывах это хвалят чаще всего;
  • деньги выводятся, начиная с суммы в 5 долларов или евро;
  • удобная торговая платформа;
  • наличие наград у брокера;
  • хороший выбор инструментов для торговли;
  • неплохой обучающий раздел на сайте.

Результаты обзора

Брокер Ayrex наверняка заинтересует многих трейдеров своими условиями торговли. Тем не менее, достаточная часть торговцев, особенно русскоязычных, откажутся от работы с ayrex.com. По большей части по причине отсутствия информации о лицензии. Наша рекомендация: с ayrex.com можно пробовать работать, начиная с минимального депозита. А окончательный вывод сделайте, исходя из результатов, полученных в результате реальной торговли.

Автор: Андрей Мельник

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

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Binary Options Trading, Strategies and Robots
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