Binary options in the Philippines and a list of the best brokers in 2020

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

Best Stock Brokers in the Philippines 2020

Released today, the best stock brokers in the Philippines 2020 are listed here. They are the top online stock trading brokers used by many investors in the country and worldwide who invest with the Philippine Stock Market.

As of January 2020, the total number of accredited brokers in the Philippine Stock Exchange are 130 but we have listed here the crème of the crop in terms of online trading platform. They are 30 online brokers at present. Because we are in the modern world of internet and the web, it is very important we adopt this new fast technology offered by the online realm.

Best Stock Brokers in the Philippines in 20 20

  • AAA Southeast Equities, Inc.
  • AB Capital Securities, Inc.
  • Abacus Securities Corp.
  • Alpha Securities Corp. (AlphaSec)
  • AP Securities, Inc.
  • BA Securities, Inc.
  • BDO Nomura Securities, Inc.
  • BPI Securities Corp. (BPITrade)
  • Coherco Securities, Inc. (CohercoTrade)
  • COL Financial Group, Inc.
  • DA Market Securities, Inc. (iTrade)
  • Eastern Securities Development Corp.
  • F. Yap Securities, Inc. (2TradeAsia)
  • First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp. (First Metro Sec)
  • HDI Securities, Inc.
  • Investors Securities, Inc. (Investors Online)
  • JAKA Securities Corp.
  • Lucky Securities, Inc.
  • Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities, Inc. (MakeTrade)
  • Meridian Securities, Inc. (MSiTrade)
  • Optimum Securities Corp. (Optimum Online)
  • Papa Securities Corp. (P2P Trade)
  • Philstocks Financial, Inc. (Philstocks)
  • RCBC Securities, Inc. (RCBC ezTrade)
  • Regina Capital Development Corp.
  • Timson Securities, Inc. (Timson Trade)
  • UCPB Securities, Inc (UCPB My Stocks)
  • Unicapital Securities, Inc. (uTrade)
  • VC Securities Corp. (VC Trade)
  • Wealth Securities Inc. (WealthSec)

All online stock brokers are very safe and secure so you don’t have to worry. They all use SSL and TSL Certificate used by major banks as well. All online brokers here charge the same commission of .25% on the total gross sales and purchase of shares of stocks. The same fees are applied by each broker such as VAT of 12%, transaction fee of 0.005% and SCCP fee of 0.01%.

Some brokers provide mobile apps since we now use iOS and Android devices everywhere and every now and then. Besides, all businesses have apps nowadays unless they want to be left behind. What does it say about the stock broker company? If a broker has available app for their online trading platform, they are ahead in the game. Accessibility is always important.

Top 5 Best Stock Brokers in the Philippines :

  1. COL Financial
  2. First Metro Sec
  3. BDO Nomura
  4. BPI Trade
  5. Philstocks

COL Financial

COL Financial is the number one online stock broker right now for its easy and user-friendly platform. COL Financial also offers mutual funds together with stocks. Its former name was Citisec Online.

First Metro Sec

The second stock broker which is also generating great reviews is First Metro Sec (by Metrobank group). The upgraded version of First Metro Sec called First Metro Pro is the most advanced online trading platform in the Philippines right now 2020.

I’m actually very impressed with its excellent features. First Metro Sec also offer Mutual Funds on their platform. There is no initial fund needed to open an account if you are a Metrobank client.

BDO Nomura

BDO Nomura is on the third spot of best stock brokers in the Philippines. What we like about BDO Nomura is that you won’t need an initial fund to open an account if you’re a BDO account holder. BDO is known for their amazing market research and updates.

BPI Trade

Another great online trading platform is BPITrade. Same with BDO, you don’t have to deposit money when you open an account if you already have a BPI bank account. This platform has been trading stocks for many years now.


Philstocks is another user-friendly interface in trading and investing stocks online. Grab a demo and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Loved by beginners and starters, Philstocks trading platform sure deserves to be on the top.

Start to invest in the stock market now! Learn the easy and simple ways by going to our Stock Market Tutorials and Complete Guide

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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

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Reader Interactions


First 2 months of trading/investing using FirstMetroSe, Utrade, Gcash Atram (MF), and COL

My priority was mobile experience and trading on the go. So:

-MetroSec has the best and simplified mobile experience so far. You’ll wonder what’s taking other broker’s that long to catch up

-COL has great and free intro workshops + extensive tools inside their desktop site but feels jurassic and outdated. 2 to 3 clicks just to view your portfolio

-Utrade Sends daily trading guidelines rin. I sent an email clarification and I get a call assistance in less than 30 mins! Utrade has a great functional mobile app but FMSC is 3x better.

-Have heard about BDO Nomura recently on the community and what I’ve heard is mapapamura ka daw when using it. haha.

I suggest starting with your Payroll Bank (BPI, BDO, or MetroBank) provider first para madali magtop up / load. Then consider moving to other platforms

First Metro Sec is the gold standard based on what I’ve seen so far

Then consider using other platforms.

Happy trading and keep your accounts safe!

Thalia Yusop says

Hi! May I know what is your source for the top 5 online brokers?

Raymond Advincula. says

hi guys. i am new to all of these. but i started reading and viewing about PSE and investments. and i am interested. can you give me some advice. at kung anong online broker ang pipiliin ko na alam nyong maganda ang pag guide? salamat po.

I like using COL and First Metro Sec Pro. Read my brief review above

Mary Jane white says

Hello po! I am interested to invest my money in stocks in peso but I don’t how. Where should I go, should I make an appointment to the broker to start.
Pls advice me? Thank you

hi ms fhel. are u still on stock market until now? is COL Financing is still on top? this is my first time to post here. I’ve read all the threads.. I want to invest. and i dont know what is the first thing to do.. tnx

Hi �� As far as I know, COL is still the top. Recently, First Metro Sec Pro launched their upgraded version and it’s very amazing. For stock market guide, check this out:

Hello Ms. Fehl , I’d like to ask if which broker platform has Supertrends indicator? Thank you.

Hi. I’ve been to one of those brokers. And as of now, I’m on the look out for other brokers and compare them specially the services that they offer. Can I ask regarding the services that they offer and why they have been tagged as best brokers? Thank you very much.

is it okay to use BDO Nomura for long term investment?

Other brokers are good in marketing that is why they have number of clients. Compare COL to FirstMetro? I choose Firstmetro, unless if you choose 25K or 1M starting in COL then you can use all their tools. In FirstMetro even if you have 5K as initial or 5-day trial you can view and use all their tools; 5-year research and live graph.

Thank you for sharing about First Metro Sec. BDO Nomura also allows same features regardless of 25K or less initial fund ��

Hi I think as of now First metro sec’s minimum investment is 5000 right?

Yes, they changed it to 5K for new clients

Hi, i was just wondering. Which is better, COL or Utrade?

Personally, I like COL

I want to open an accnt or trade in forex, kaso Ang daming forex scams akong nababasa sa internet, tapos ung mga good reviews about them can be deceiving sometimes, pati ung review site di muna mpagkatiwalaan, can you recommend me a forex broker.

Why forex when u can invest in stocks? 5K initial fund sa stock brokerages compared sa almost 100K above ng forex.

Conrado Mariano says

Nag forex ka din po ba?
bago palang ako nag stock market at may acct ako sa COL,
kampante ako sa local pero i want to try forex naman
kaso dun na ako natatakot kasi foreign na yun at ala ako way para ma confirm kung legel ba yung broker
may blog ka po ba or alam na site about sa mga legit forex broker?
kapag stock market kasi sa up trend ka lang kikita
kapag forex kahit down trend pede kumita
kaya na eenganyo ako

Hope for replay
Thank YOu

Tradersway and 1broker natry ko and all legit. Pero imo mas okay focus sa isa pse or forex.

Hi Fehl – thanks for your very informative website!

Wanted to ask if you know any active binary option platforms in the Philippines at the moment?

None that I know of at the moment coz I don’t do binary option right now. God bless!

Hi fehl. Great informative post. Just a quick Q. Is there any online broker that actually allows short selling? Or is it still not allowed in the PSE in general? Thanks

Hi Ms. Fehl,
I know you are talking about local stock brokers here in the Philippines. Do you know any stock broker for NYSE here in the Philippines? I want to trade online for NYSE, but it seems I can’t find one yet. I am a filipino though and a non US-resident.

I always hear great reviews about Interactive Brokers

Hi, how would you fund and receive money if you use something like Interactive Brokers ? thanks

I can’t find the stop-loss order on both firstmetrosec and 2tradeasia platforms. How about COL?

Miss Fehl next week im planning to apply at bpi trade. may question is which is best blue chips companies? but i will just start in 3 companies. thank you and God Bless.

I am an OFW based in Abu Dbahi. I have been reading your posts for a few days na and I really find it very informative. Meron na akong UITF sa BDO bago ako umalis ng bansa at partner ko ang sister ko. I’m planning to open an account in COL Financial pero dito pa ako sa Abu Dhabi. Paano kaya ang proseso ng mga documents na kailangan nila para makapag register ako agad kahit nandito ako sa UAE?

Thank you so much po and God bless!

Hi, you can open COL Financial account at any iRemit branch. COL has partnered with iRemit for some of their services

I’ve chosen BPI because it’s less hassle.
Considering that our place is remotely located in the province of Negros and our major means of transaction is through online.
I was about to fill up for a different stock broker but I was hesitant because the office is located in Luzon. It would be difficult in my part to transact in case of transaction problems in the future.

May I add? if one has a BPI savings account from which he will fund his stock trading or investment account, he can conveniently deposit to such savings account 24/7 through the BPI ATMs dedicated for deposits. This is not the type that requires depositor to place bills in an envelope (like those of BDO, Metrobank, etc.) and perhaps take some time to know if the bills have been successfully deposited? With BPI, the bills are placed right in the ATM rack, the machine confirms the deposit and the amount deposited is displayed on the monitor. The best thing is that the deposit is credited to the savings account in real time or immediately. Thereafter, the depositor can use the money to fund his trading account.

Btw, BPI savings may be used to fund, NOT JUST BPITrade, but also other online trading sites like COL.

This is a great list! Thanks! I think another useful info to add to the table you already have would be how to fund the account. I think “accessibility” includes that. ��


Legitimate broker ba ang International Marketing Group?

John Mark Betes says

Hi there Fehl. I’m planning to open an account with BPI trade for I have a debit account with them and given the fact that they do not require any minimum amount to open. I’m just thinking about the interface or the service if it’s good in terms of flipping stocks? Most of the reviews I found online mentioned that it’s only good for long term investing. I wanna know your take about on this. Thanks! ��

Hi, as long as you know how to flip, I think there won’t be problem

Hi po Ms. Fehl!
Very informative posts you got here. I just want to ask kung ano po ba ang minimum age requirement ng COL? Pati din po sa ibang brokers kung alam nyo lang po. ��

18 is the legal age for that

Good day Ms. Fehl, this is my first time here on your comment box and im also a beginner. I find your blog very informative and helpful as what others have told. I hope you discuss sooner on this site all about stock matching. Thank you so much for your dedication for this site. God bless.

God bless you as well. I hope to see you on my other site as well, it’s called It’s purely on stocks and mutual funds.

What is your take on BPI Trade? I have a BPI account and I use their online banking. Would you recommend me to use this over COL? If I will mainly be a passive investor in stocks, do you think BPI Trade will do or are there other things COL can do that I may need?

I have BPI Trade, Philstocks and COL for my child. If you long term or investing, then, you got the right place to your money. If you do day trading you can apply COL and Philstocks they have great platform on it.

hi ma’am,
how about fami? and first metro are they stock broker like col?

Is BPI Trade a good option? Is it user-friendly? I was planning to go with COL, but I am still starting, I thought I would try BPI Trade first. What’s your thoughts on this? Thanks alot!

You are an angel! God bless you more! ��

James Andrew says

Hi Ms. Fehl, your website is really a big help for me but I really want to dig more about investments and all that stuff. Please help me. Just send me an email na lang po. ��

maria rhea says

Hello po Ms Fehl

I checked po COL Financing. I aslo applied, sent all the documents needed via LBC. I also received a message from LBC that COL Financing already received it. I waited po for the email of the COL Financing regarding my application. I also emailed them giving exact information who received my application. Unfortunately, til now no message COL Financing.

It’s COL Financial po. Did they reply already?

Hello Fehl,hope you can help. Just need to know what online broker has the FASTEST platform when I execute trades? Im currently with COL but the site is always slow regardless of what device or connection I use. This is important for me as a split second delay in posting your order is a big difference in prices. Thanks

I’m using COL and it’s been fine for me. Philstocks platform seems to be responsive too. I like their design, very new

I attended yesterday an financial literacy seminar and to proceed to other seminars I have to part for the membership. Prior to attending this one, I have been reading online relating to stock market. Now, I really wanted to open an account directly sa stockbroker, but then i am still in doubt if tama ba desisyon q na mag open instead na magpamember sa isang financial educator group if i can also look learn it thru online by reading the tips of other investors and at the same time instead spending 3700php para membership dun sa isang marketing group, iopen ko nalang ng account q for trading. I know it is not easy and I am willing to take the risk naman sa trading, but I still need your advise if you are in my situation what would you do?

Hi. Everything you need to know are given already by brokers as there are FAQs already for the investment products like Mutual Funds and Stocks. What I can suggest is start opening your investment now because experience is the best teacher. The real things are not taught by groups but you can learn them yourself by getting your hands on to it. You can already use 3700 for buying shares you will own instead of paying membership. What you must need to know is your risk appetite, your objective and your goal and that’s it. You can start. �� Cheers!

What’s your view/opinion on regarding their research and online features compared to COL?
I really want to open an account with COL but they wouldn’t process my application without a TIN so my next choice is Philstock.

Hi, I didn’t yet experience Philstockls platform but it looks nifty. All brokers will require TIN

Sir do you have a list of Discountable Brokers because Daytrading is Very Risky Thankyou!

Hi Ms. Fehl, thanks for your insight its very helpful for beginner like me. Just want to ask, I’m new in stock investment and im using COL also and planning now to invest on dollar currency with minimal initial amount at least 2K USD may I know which type of investment you can recommend.

Do you happen to know any brokers in the Philippines who can sell my stocks listed in NYSE ? or brokers in the Philippines who can trade (buy/sell) stocks listed in NYSE ? thanks

Hello Ms Fehl. Do you have an idea which stockbroker charges higher commision fee? col financial or bpi trade? thankyou.

They charge the same rates

john dennis says

Ms, Fehl, what is the difference between a mutual funds and a stock broker, and which is best to join?

Mutual Funds are types of investments. Stock brokers are the middle man to buy or sell stocks

Christopher cangco says

Is COL financial legal stock broker? Because I don’t want to open an account at the wrong people.

Yes, it’s the number 1 stock broker in the Philippines right now

Bakit po ang Sun Life Financial wala po dito? These past few weeks kasi pinagiisipan kong mag invest sa kanila, hindi ba dun maganda?

Sun Life is not a stockbroker, it’s more into mutual funds and insurance

Ruszell Lucero says

I would like to make an investment in stock market here in the Philippines, but i don’t know how. can you please help me on this. thanks

Follow our guides by going to our STOCKS menu

I worked in Purefoods last 90’s they offer us to buy a stocks, I resigned then I received a dividend in year 2006 through check by pldt.. Now I’m OFW I don’t know if I have still stocks. Any chance to check it coz I don’t know if still existing.
Many thanks

Better find the certificates/papers proving you have them

ronnie javien jr says

This was really great in terms of investing in philippine stock market. Just about to search for best bank to choose and I am thinking to create a savings acc but for some reason when I came in this page decided to have one and disregard the savings acc, will read more of your post to understand this better. I also hope that there is a way for us to contact you in case we have some question. Cheers.

I make time to reply on messages and comments here but if you have questions that is not related to the topic, feel free to contact us at this page:

dennis balatibat says

pls help me! i want to open a stock broker account! how? what is the requiremnts?

The usual requirements are valid IDs, signing some forms provided by the broker, latest billing statement (not later than 3 months)

Anthony R. Cetta says

I am retired and will not be Investing in the stock market anymore.I have 440 shares of
Benguet Corp. left and want to sell it.Therefore am reqesting a broker who will do this and open
an account without the minimum fund deposit.I will give him an extra 50 dollars.
Thankyou, Anthony R.Cetta

Anthony R. Cetta says

Please let me know. 570 346-8648

Anthony cetta says

sell 440 shs.benguet corp. I have the certificate Beng cusip 081851 20 6

sulpicio casil says

You may try to apply at BPI Trade,, there is no opening balance, just fill up and sign application forms and signature cards, once approved, you can lodge you BCB stock certificate to BPI Trade, once appeared to your profolio then you can sell it at current market price. Last price of BCB as of 6-5-2020, 7.20 per share. Hope this help.

how much premium membership ng dailypik?
isang payment lang ba ito for lifetime membership?

Hi. There is no premium membership anymore. Everything is free now at Dailypik. Free for life ��

Anthony R. Cetta says

Want to sell a stock ,BCB and get an account that doesn’t require a deposit of money.

Hi Ms. Fehl.. Good day po.. Like the others, i’m also planning to dive into the world of Philippine stock market.. But i’m planning a different route in terms of earning or losing the fastest way.. And that is by becoming a TSUPITERO.. I’ve already read posts and watched videos regarding PESO COST AVERAGING or EASY INVESTMENT PROGRAM of COL Financial.. You’re right.. It’s a long term investment that can make your money multiply over time.. But for a guy like me who have resigned from my job and who do not have that much resources to sustain or maintain the requirements of such investment (if ever i choose that kind of investment), i think the logical way to do is to become a day-to-day trader or a TSUPITERO.. It is quite risky.. It is like driving a car on your own.. Now, my question is, does COL Financial encourages day-to-day trading. Or they’re just really focusing on long-term investing. Kung meron man po akong nabanggit na mali sa comment na ito, paki-tama na lang po ako.. And since i perceived you as an honest person, eh di naman po cguro masamang ituring ko ikaw na nka-tatandang kapatid or Ate in terms of giving helpful tips and sound advices pagdating sa trading strategy… By the way, do you have ideas about technical analysis. Nabasa ko rin po kasi na it is a great tool for a TSUPITERO.. Anyway, i think that just it for now.. Pcencia na rin po sa abala.. Thanks in advance and have a blessed day… ^_^

I think all stockbrokers are open to any legal kind of trade including of course active trading. At the end of the day, they are your broker while you still have the power how and what to do with your funds. Technical analysis requires a lot of technical know-how and mastery of every aspect of trading. I can’t say so much about it yet coz I don’t consider myself as an expert of it. If you want to be a tsupitero, look for someone who is already one ��

Good day…plsss help me how to join stock market investment…hnks a lot

Best Binary Options Brokers in the Philippines

Last updated on February 11, 2020 | by Billy

Ask a friend, or a family member, about the stock market and the mathematics and science of it. Chances are, you would end up getting a frown or a confused and startled look from them.

True to the saying, we exhibit this natural reaction when there is something that we do not understand exactly. Sure we have seen enough stock market scenes in television shows and movies and on the pages of our morning newspapers, but we never really get to meet actual people who have actual knowledge of the industry that is the stock market.

But the way of the world is changing and more and more people are getting attracted by the stock market. In fact, more people have invested in the stock market than last year. There are many ways you can take home big money from investing but today we will give you a high overview of how binary options is good and recommended for beginners like you.

Binary options, simply meaning having “two parts”, you are tasked to guess or predict whether to call or put. In the world of binary options investment, there are only two possibilities. See, it is simple.

Since you only have two choices, to either call or put, this makes it all the more easy for you. “Put” is when you predict that the asset you are investing in will fall and “Call” is when you predict that the asset you are investing in will rise in the market.

Binary options trading is recommended because you can do this at home, even when you are still in your pajamas. Now that you understand the basic foundation of binary options, it is important that you have the best binary options broker out there. A simple search would probably give you tens of thousands of brokers, each of them luring you with something, like a welcome bonus. Be wary, though, as there are some brokers that are not licensed and regulated.

Today we will provide you with a list of binary options trading, especially brokers accepting Philippines, and some reasons why they are good and recommended for you. This way, you would no longer have to look someplace else.

Binary Options Brokers in the Philippines

With high payout at 89% and a promise of a whopping 100% bonus in your first deposit, 24option can take the number one spot on our list. This broker has been in the industry since 2020 with a steadily growing market and patrons. They are considered the best among the rest as you choose from a wide array of assets to trade with. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, is the best you can go for. You can even trade straight on your smartphone, be it an Android or an iPhone, you can trade whenever and wherever there is internet.

People have only good things to say about 24option, especially about their mobile platform. This way, traders like you can keep track of your investments whenever necessary and you would not miss anything.


Anyoption is well-loved by traders because you deposit as low as $200 and get 20% bonus in your cashback. With a relatively high payout rate of 80%, there is no wonder why there are gaining more and more customers and traders each day.

Anyoption has begun operating in 2009 and is considered to be one of the pioneers in the industry. While this broker does not accept PayPal, Anyoption boasts of its unique decision-making capability through text and the possible 71% return in just an hour. To top it all off, their platform is fully regulated by the European Union.

While customer support still remains a concern for some people, at Anyoption, you would not worry about it. They offer live chat 24/7 to help you out with anything you might need, day in and day out.


Established in 2009, OptionFair has become popular for their simple and straight to the opint interface while having a wide selection of popular trade assets. They are located in the British Virgin Islands and are under the jurisdiction of Cyprus.

What made OptionFair the number three of the best binary options broker in the Philippines is because they offer risk-free for the first five transactions. The trade transactions are fast and you can start trading online without having to download additional program. You go to their website, sign up, and then start investing. They believe that eliminating unnecessary steps will result to more and happier traders.

With a minimum despoit of $250 and maximum return of 91%, OptionFair is something you should consider when choosing your binary options broker.


Being established in 2020, you would think that HighLow does not know what they are doing. Wrong. In fact, they made our fourth spot because they are doing everything right.

Under the jurisdiction of Australia, HighLow accepts deposits as low as $50. This is good for those people who are just “testing the waters.” The maximum return is at 85% and is enough reason for you to open up an account with them.

Their website features designs that made sense. No unnecessary buttons and the overall tone and color of the site would not hurt your eyes. You can register if you want, but did you know that you can get a free demo account even without registering? Their options are easy to understand and they offer a mobile platform for iPhone and Android users alike.

Binary options trading is really fun, whether you choose to indulge in it as a hobby or as a career. But behind every good trader out there is an even better and very reliable broker. We hope that this article gave you all the information that you need before you decide to choose your own broker.

Have you recently tried any of these trading platforms? How was the experience? What did you like about it? Do you think they could have done better? Tell us in the comments section! Let us help other people so they can decide better!


When you start trading in binary options, one of the most important decisions is in choosing the right broker. Let get one for you. Visit our site and see it for yourself.

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Thank you.

Binary Options is not as easy as choosing up and down or call and put. Proper knowledge of how the market moves and technical analysis is very important in trading Binary options. I started trading Binary Options last 2020 and until now I can’t say I am a successful trader. I am still learning and practicing with the goal of someday to be profitable in this Exotic industry. I experienced using 24Options, Anyoption and now my favorite is Highlow broker, in which I can deposit as low as $50 and withdraw also $50 minimum and within 2-3 days, the amount I withdrawn reflects in my credit card. I also tried withdrawing to my bank, using bank transfer and I received the amount of $400 within 3 days in BPI.

I am practicing hard in hopes that someday I can make this as my career and not only as sideline anymore because I dream of working at home and have more time with my wife and kids, than spend almost 8-15 hours in a corporate world.

How were you able to get the money in your bank account? You gave the broker your details and they directly transferred your earnings there?

Hi! Are you still doing Binary Trading? I’m really interested to try this but I couldn’t find Filipino forums who are actively doing this. I’ve been watching videos of Julian Wong but haven’t really tried the demo account yet.
I hope to meet people who are into this as well; those who can act as mentors for beginners like me.

I lost my interest chicdv. Sorry. I’m into blogging and online business now. I leave my investment to automated and others to professionals. ��

Hello sir’ how’s your trading? Can you recommend me a good binary account manager? Or useful strategy.i hope you can help me. Salamat

Hello Niel, not doing it anymore. I’ve focus on building business and let mey investments works their way(stocks, uitf). THanks!

hello chicdv says,

I am doing binary option just very recent about 2 months ago, actually doing binary is not that easy you have learn how the market works and study technical analysis. so far I almost understand what these things all about, I suggest you to download some good broker and try their demo account.

can you share your strategy maam?

I hope Filipino’s that tries to do derivatives such as Options do their diligent research first especially on brokers. I personally don’t recommend brokers not regulated by FCA from UK or FINRA of US, because these has a tighter financial regulations than Cysec or other regulators. You will understand why so many brokers are of Cyprus origins or UK but regulated in Cyprus, or if you are a US citizen you cannot participate or open an account with them. Because of tight financial securities for American investors I suppose. Just my opinion though.

And don’t confuse stock market with derivatives (Options, CFD, etc), as this is a different type of financial security. Instead of giving knowledge it can mislead others. And please do correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.

will someone please recommend me a site for binary forums in the philippines.Im interested in binary however, I lack the prerequisite knowledge to start …I need profitable strategies and guidance.

Hello, Any filipinos here would like to recommend a reliable e-wallet? When I look at reviews, it looks to me that they are all scam. Also anyone here using either expertoption or highlow and which e-wallet are you using? Thanks for sharing.

i was a victim of binary option scam, traded with bank de binary and a couple more and was able to start with a 200pounds investment on each and then i emptied my credit and debit card all in hopes of getting better return.
After a while I decided to withdraw some funds from my trading account i could tell something was wrong, unfortunately my request sat pending for weeks, no one was picking my phone calls anymore, response to my emails was lesser and at a point stopped, I had to try charge back which didn’t work out, I paid a law firm in Israel but they couldn’t be of help, another money lost on that.. Finally i stumbled across this company calagarysecurity dot org, they did what i never believed in, firstly i had doubts on how they were going to get my investment back but trust me i got about 80% back.

After I invested a total of $121,830, they tried to pull a fast one and put a bag over my eyes with claims of my investments been LOST ON BAD TRADES. Fortunately, earlier in the week I saw an interview on YoutubeTV about how a man had been scammed 4 times by binary options and was only happy to share his story cause He’d got it back through www. LEGAL247RECOVERY. com, so I looked up the link and reported to them. They got it all back in a week along with profits and damages. Too many bad eggs out there, stay secure. Report your case to them already.

Knowledge and information is power (key) in this age and time. Have you lost FUNDS to reckless and dubious broker from plus500?
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chico dunlap says

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My experience with Fx Premium was completely messy. They thought they would cease my hard earned profit after growing my account to over 300%. This started when i reached out to the account manager when i wasn’t able to withdraw my money. He assured me a successful withdrawal within a week. 3 weeks went by and I was never able to reach him again. I knew I’d been scammed. So i started researching on a credible wealth recovery agency that could get my funds as soon as possible without any stressful uncertain charge back procedures. The best decision I ever made was to work with Adam and his team from ” R E C O V E R Y E M P I R E . C O M “. Unbelievable, They got penetration testers that recovered my funds including my profits in less than 10 days. Guys! I couldn’t be happier. Please stay clear of these unregulated brokers

Safa Rojas says

I rarely share my story with people online and those I don’t know, not only because it put me at the lowest point ever but because it made me a person of ridicule among family and some of my friends. I put all I had into Binary Options ($190,000) after hearing great testimonies about this new investment strategy. I was made to believe my investment would be triple, it started good and I got returns (not up to what I had invested). Gathered more and involved a couple family members, but I didn’t know I was setting myself up for the kill, in less than no time all we had put ($420,000) was gone. It almost seem I had set them up, they came at me strong and hard. After searching and looking for how to make those scums pay back, I got introduced to Mr Chris a recovery agent who helped recover about 80% of my lost funds within a month and I was very happy so catch him up for your lost funds with Email address: Bitcoinretrieval2020<@ >

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3. Romance scam
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5. Online betting scams
6. Bitcoin scam
7. Phishing scam
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Well, I can’t say all are legitimate. I was scammed last month by a fraudster claiming to be a woman on a dating site. I lost $67,050 in total as I was sending money to take care of the fraudster’s parents. He claimed they were involved in a ghastly road accident. leaving them in that critical condition would be very inhumane of me. I kept sending money to the fraudster thinking I was serving humanity. I was so disappointed to discover it was all scam. I later got a recovery expert who helped me trace and hijack my money from this fraudster. It took him four days approximately but It was worth the wait. I’m glad to say I got my money back in one piece. You can contact his mail
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dave lewis says

Most crypto exchanges such as Kraken take advantage with customers funds because they feel these customers don’t know how to get their funds back, But trust me there are hidden ways you can get your lost funds back from the broker. I was able to withdraw my 45BTC from kraken, If you want to recover your money back then mail recoverywealthnow360 at gmail dot com

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Hey, it’s Billy here.

I created this simple blog aiming to share basic and fundamentals of financial literacy.

Like you, I’m just a normal Filipino aiming to achieve financial freedom.

I’m not a financial guru.

In fact, I consider myself as a beginner because I know there is so much more to learn. Read More…

Best Binary Option Brokers 2020 – Top5

Online binary options traders will agree that choosing the right broker is one of the important things you can do to increase chances of succeeding as a trader.

There are hundreds of brokers to choose among. However, finding the best options broker will require you take into account various factors.

These include considering things like whether they’re fully regulated, payment methods accepted, financial instruments on offer and minimum trading amounts among others.

But sifting through dozens of brokers to find the right one for you could require several days of online research. To allow you to cut down on this time, we’ve created this detailed review.

10 of the best binary options brokers operating online today.

Each broker was selected based on several criteria. These include:
    Popularity among online traders Countries where they are popular Regulatory bodies Tradable financial instruments on offer Accepted payment methods Whether they have a binary options demo account Trader friendliness Deposits, effective returns and withdrawals . and many more

You can also click on a specific broker to read a more comprehensive review of the broker.

So here it goes.

Olymp Trade

This is one of the new entrants in the binary options market. Launched in 2020, Olymp Trade has its headquarters in Russia.

This options broker is regulated by the Financial Markets Relations Resolution Center (FMRRC). They’re also a member of the International Financial Commission (FinaCom).

Getting started with Olymp Trade is easy because the broker offers a demo trading account with RUB 10,000 virtual cash. The broker accepts payments made via wire transfer, credit card and eWallets like Skrill.

If you decide to join this broker, you will need to choose between a Standard Account and a VIP account. For the Standard Account, you’ll only need to make a minimum deposit of $10.

For a VIP Account, you’ll need at least $2000. The minimum you can invest in a single trade is $1 and you can earn an effective return of up to 90%.

Each trade can run for as long as 1 hour and losing trades can be exited at any time to minimize losses. Their list of tradable assets is currently under 20.

Withdrawals are processed fast and will usually reflect on your account within 5 days. Currently, Olymp Trade is most popular in the following countries: the Russian Federation, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey.

IQ Option

We consider this as one of the top binary options brokers for a number of reasons. One is that they are fully regulated by CySEC and offer their services to traders from many countries across the globe.
IQ Option was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Cyprus.

This broker’s platform is well designed and can be accessed via browser or app.
Their platform also includes dozens of different charts, indicators and other trader friendly features.

One of their strong points is the high effective returns earned per trade. You can actually earn up to 95% on successful trades. Another cool thing about this broker is the over 10 million different assets you can choose from.

If you wish to try out their platform, you can open a binary options demo account before trying out a real account. The demo account comes credited with $10000 virtual cash.

Opening a real account will require as little as $10. You can make your deposit via wire transfer, credit/debit card, Skrill and other eWallets.

Withdrawals can be made via these payment methods. Each withdrawals request is processed within 24 hours.

IQ option accepts almost every nationality but some of the countries where IQ Option is the most popular are the Russian Federation, Italy, India, Brazil and Thailand.

Broker Rating Full Review Demo


Several things make Ayrex among the best binary trading sites. Launched in 2020, this is one of the few brokers that are currently unregulated (although they claim to be working to get CySEC regulation).

You can enter into a trade position using as little as $1. Trades can last as long as 24 hours.

One of the reasons we chose to include Ayrex in this binary options broker review is their unique and custom trading platform.

The underlying software is extremely fast. This is quite important since the broker offers trade expiry times of as little as 30 seconds.

They also offer a neat demo account with $1000 virtual cash. One thing that stands out about this demo account is that you can actually increase the amount in your demo account in $1000 increments.

Opening a real cash account is also quite simple. The broker accepts several payment methods including wire transfer, credit card, Skrill and Neteller.

The minimum amount you need to open a real cash account is $5. Successful trades will earn as much as 83% effective return. Your withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours.

Ayrex currently offers over 50 financial instruments. Their client base is pooled from countries like South Africa, India, Indonesia, the UK and Malaysia.

Broker Rating Full Review Demo


This is one of the new entrants in the regulated binary options brokers industry. ExpertOption was founded in 2020 and is regulated by the Financial Markets Regulations Center (FMRRC) and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC).

ExpertOption offers a modern, well-designed platform that’s powered by the broker’s own custom software.

The platform is quite fast and accessible via a web browser or mobile app. Being a new broker, their assets list is quite limited (currently just

However, the list includes cryptocurrencies which many traders are finding attractive.
You can start trading on the ExpertOption platform using their demo account which comes credited with $10000 virtual cash.

To open a real trading account, you’ll need to deposit anywhere between $50 and $5000.

There are 5 different account types each offering several trader friendly features. Every new account can attract a bonus of up to 125% which is quite high.

The ExpertOption platform accepts over 20 different payment methods including wire transfer, credit cards, Skrill and WebMoney.

Depending on your account type, you can enter a position with as little as $1 and as high as $5000. Each successful trade will attract an effective return of up to 96%.

One feature we particularly like about this broker is how fast withdrawals are processed. Depending on your account type, you can have withdrawals processed within as little as 48 hours.
You can also withdraw as little as $10.

Currently, ExpertOption is popular by traders from India, the United States, South Africa, Indonesia and Thailand.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

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Broker Rating Full Review Demo