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Binary Brokerz Review

Whether it is your first time to make a registration in a binary broker, or you are just in a search of a really good and reliable platform, maybe, you are about to discover the solution for your needs. We present you Binary Brokerz – a broker with good reputation and many options and offers to provide. But before rushing into signing in there, better read our detailed Binary Brokerz review now.

Binary Brokerz History and Company Information

Binary Brokerz is a competitively new binary options broker. Establishes only few years ago, it has, though, enough experience to offer you great opportunities for trading and amazing set of tools and instruments to take benefits of. The broker is based in Cyprus and here the headquarters and main offices are situated, too. Binary Brokerz has an official licence to operate on the financial services market, so you can be 100% sure that here, you are at safe place for both – your personal data and your financial transactions.

Binary Brokerz Customer Support and Services

In order to provide the best and most secured trading environment for its customers, Binary Brokerz broker appears with amazing bunch of customer support services. They are available 24/7 for you, so whatever you need – as additional information or requirement – you can send it any of the polite customer support representatives via e-mail. Meanwhile, Binary Brokerz platform adds additional options for supporting its audience – via phone calls according to your current residence and through the integrated on the web page live chat. Customer support services at Binary Brokerz broker are offered at 12 different languages – including English, Slovenian, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian and etc.

Binary Brokerz Broker Binary Options Types

Suitable for your brand new binary options trading strategy or for your first steps in the field, Binary Brokerz broker allows you to trade with the following binary options types 24/7 and at any place you like:

  • Standard binary options – these are the familiar to the entire audience Above and Below options, as well as the special Put/Call options
  • 60 second options – for faster results and great profits
  • 15 minutes binary options for average expiry time lovers
  • Ladder options for advancing progress in the field
  • Touch options with great payout ratio
  • No touch binary options

Binary Brokerz Broker Features

Let`s continue naming the most significant and interesting feature on Binary Brokerz broker. We have already mentioned the payout ratio and here on this platform it is about 85%. The available assets on the website are the standard ones: commodities, stocks, indices and more than 150 different foreign currencies. The account types you can subscribe for on payout platform are 5. The standard account has minimum deposit of $250 and the accounts of more skilful and experienced players are VIP, Premium and Advanced. If you are a beginner in trading with binary options, choose the mini account to invest less, while you are yet practicing your knowledge and skills. The available payment methods for deposits and withdrawals on Binary Brokerz web page are Cash U, Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller, debit and credit card, as well as American Express (USA customers are allowed to join the broker) and ordinary bank wire transfers. Binary Brokerz platform has no additional fees for registration or for giving extras and it has superb education centres for all of you, who need more efforts to learn the basics in binary options trading.

Binary Brokerz Broker Bonus System and Types

Not so original, but very beneficial the bonus system behind Binary Brokerz platform can increase you final profits and give you great alternatives for trading. Currently, there are no available bonus types provided by Binary Brokerz broker, but you can be 100% sure that soon the owners of this platform will correct this mistake. You can, though, take the benefits of using the demo account. It gives you a chance to check out the system without making any investments in advance. Trade as much as you want till you ensure that this is the binary options broker you are looking for.

Binary Brokerz Broker Software Type and Information

The software on Binary Brokerz website is intuitive and easy to be operated with. It is specially designed for the broker and it is well known mainly with the company of its origin – TradeSmarter. As you can see the platform is entirely oriented to trading with binaries. Binary Brokerz allows you to trade via your mobile device after the installation of its mobile software.

Binary Brokerz Broker Pros

See the best strong points behind Binary Brokerz platform and consider if they suit all of your needs right away:

  • Superb customer support services
  • Amazing environment with cool software
  • Variety of assets

Choose Binary Brokerz platform and find out how easy the binary options trading can be!

7 Binary Options

UPDATE (12.01.2020):

We have found out that BinaryBrokerZ has shut down their operations.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

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Old Review:

The login process at Binarybrokerz is pretty simple. Provided that you have already registered for an account with this broker, you do not have to go through any complicated process in order to access your account. Regardless of what you would like to do in your Binarybrokerz account, the process will be followed. For instance, you will use the same login process when you are depositing funds to your account and as when trading binary options on this platform. When you need to access your real trading account or the demo account in Binarybrokerz platform, you will be required to provide the login details you provided while signing up for the account, which include the username and the password. This makes the process an easy one, as compared to other binary options platforms that require many details while logging into your account.

The fact that the login process at BinaryBrokerz is easy does not imply that it can be compromised. The process is very secure and you need not to be worried about someone faking your identity and accessing your trading account simply because the process is easy. This is mainly because your login details are protected well and there is no possibility of such information leaking. The broker does not and will not leak your information to a third party at any case. Before you can long into your account, make the initial deposit and start trading in binary options on this platform, you will be required to confirm your account using the email sent to you after registering for an account. Additionally, you will also be required to do a one-time verification of the account ownership.

For the purpose of verification, you will be required to send a copy of your government-issued Identity Card that bears your photo. This should be accompanied by a copy of your credit card and document that confirms your current address, such as a utility bill. The utility bill in this case must contain your full names and current address. While some brokers may take a lot of time to verify your account after you have submitted such documents, BinaryBrokerz will verify the account in less than 24 hours. After the account has been verified, you will receive an email from the company confirming that your account has been verified. Some traders may feel that this verification process is inconvenient to them, but is a measure taken to prevent unauthorized access to your trading account.

The entire confirmation and verification process is done with the interest of the traders in mind. As such, it is important that the traders cooperate with the broker throughout this initial process. After the verification is complete, the login will always be the same every time you want to access your account; you will just be required to provide your authorized log in details.

In addition to the trading environment at Binarybrokerz being safe and secure, traders have a lot of benefits to reap from using this trading platform. For instance, we noticed that traders on this binary options platform have access to an array of bonuses, especially after the initial deposit into their binary options trading accounts. Basically, the amount of bonuses you will receive with this broker will increase with the increase in the amount your deposit into the account. With regards to reliability and legitimacy of the broker, you can rest assured that the broker is legitimate and safe to join. This is not only because we, at 7binary options, have reviewed the broker and found it to be reliable, but also because it has not received any negative review or complaints from its expansive pool of traders since it was launched,

Demo Accounts at BinaryBrokerZ

Since its introduction into the binary options industry to date, this broker has continued to be very reliable and trustworthy. The level of services and features on offer on this binary options trading platform are very satisfactory and in accordance with market standards. This is one of the reasons why this broker has not received any complaints from the thousands of traders using its platform, despite being in this business for a considerable period. In addition to expanding the investing ability of their traders by offering big bonuses, the company also offers quality trading education for the traders on their binary options trading platform. The company is specifically concerned about the success of the traders on their platform; hence have educative materials to help the beginners profit from trading binary options on this platform. In order to enhance the performance of traders on their platform, BinaryBrokerZ offer some of the best Demo Binary options accounts that are meant to help the beginners to learn the trader and get used to the trading environment.

So, what can the demo account on offer at BinaryBrokerZ do for you? If you are a beginner in the binary options environment, you should consider starting off with a demo account. This will help you study the markets and practice the various trading strategies before risking your heard earned money in the trade. Additionally, the account will help your learn how the trade works and gain more confidence in opening and closing positions on the trading platform. In this regard, the BinaryBrokerZ have features that are similar to the ones found on real binary options trading accounts and offer real-time data to help the traders understand how the platform works in the real trading accounts. The idea here is that if you can profit trading with the demo BinaryBrokerZ account, you can also profit from trading in binary options using a real BinaryBrokerZ binary options account.

Among the most important strategies when trading binary options is the money management strategy. This is one of the strategies that you should be keen to learn while using the BinaryBrokerZ demo account. Such a concept will translate into profitable trades on the real trading accounts. If you are looking forward to profiting consistently from this trade, this is an aspect that you must take seriously. The BinaryBrokerZ demo account has all the essential features to help traders develop a workable money management strategy while trading in binary options. This is just but one of the many benefits associated with demo accounts offered by BinaryBrokerZ.

With the BinaryBrokerZ demo account, the trades are exposed to the same trading conditions and assets as when using a real trading account. For instance, the trader will be able to trade in the same number of assets as he or she would while operating a real BinaryBrokerZ binary options trading account and face the same challenges. This is a very important concept, when it comes to fostering the success of traders on any binary options trading platform. As such, the demo account offered by BinaryBrokerZ prepares traders for the real binary options trading environment in all aspects of the trade.

Bonuses offered by BinaryBrokerZ

As opposed to many binary options brokers , binary options robots and binary options signals we have reviewed in the past, BinaryBrokerZ is one of the brokers that are very concerned about the traders using their binary options platform. In this regard, the broker has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that the traders on its binary options trading platform are succeeding and profiting from the trade. This is also why the company offers large bonuses to its clients, including deposit bonuses. In addition to this, the company has a very dedicated customer service team in place. This is why the minor complaints by traders on the BinaryBrokerZ trading platform are addressed long before they become a big issue. The notable benefit of using this broker is that they offer generous bonuses they offer on deposits by the traders into their real binary options trading accounts.

The bonuses offered by the company after the trader has deposited money into his or her account expand the investment capital by the said broker. This, in turn enhances the ability of the trader to profit while using the BinaryBrokerZ binary options platform. While using this broker to trade in binary options, the percentage of profit you will get for each time you stake your money will mainly depend on the amount you have staked. This is to say that the more money you stake in any given option, the more the profit you can make with BinaryBrokerZ. The demo accounts offered by the company, in addition to the binary options trading education and the bonuses offered by the company enhance the chances of traders, even the beginners to profit from this trade.

Minimum Deposit at BinaryBrokerZ

Currently, BinaryBrokerZ is among the leading providers in the binary options industry. This may be attributed to the fact that the company offers outstanding services and practical features to educate and assist traders continually profit by making predictions on the movement of various assets on the financial market. Once your have tried the demo trading account offered by BinaryBrokerZ and feel that you are ready for the real binary options trading, you should register for and verify your real binary options trading account. After this, you will be required to make a deposit into your trading account in order to be able to open positions on the various assets offered by this company. In this regard, the company only requires you to deposit a nominal amount into your account to be able to access their services.

The minimum deposit for BinaryBrokerZ is currently $250. This is a requirement by the company before traders can access the numerous benefits offered by the company to its many binary options traders. If you have already used their Demo trading account, you should not have a problem profiting from the real account after making the initial deposit. However, the platform itself is user friendly and very easy to use. Even if you have never traded in binary options before, you should not have any problem using the BinaryBrokerZ binary options trading platform. The transactions on this platform are also very secure and straightforward.

Depending on the amount you have deposited into your BinaryBrokerZ account, with the minimum being $250, the company will offer you an appropriate amount as a bonus. This presents the trader with more money to use while trading in binary options. Although the minimum deposit is set at $250, the minimum amount you can withdraw from your account is a bit low, $25. Again, you need to understand that the amount offered by the broker as bonus cannot be withdrawn from your account unless you have completely used it to trade in binary options, within a specified span of time.

To deposit money into your BinaryBrokerZ, you may use any of the various deposit methods allowed by the company, including debit and credit cards, Liberty Reserve and UKash. In most cases, the amount deposited into your account will reflect in a couple of minutes.

The Mobile Trading platform at BinaryBrokerZ

One of the features that traders across the world are looking for in binary options brokers is the flexibility and convenience offered by the leaders in the market, such as BinaryBrokerZ. To stay in line with this requirement by traders, this broker has developed one of the most secure, reliable, easy to use and highly reliable mobile trading platform. The success rate registered by binary options traders using this mobile version of binary options platform by the company is very similar to the one registered by their web-based binary options trading platform. This may be attributed to the many beneficial and practical features offered by the mobile platform.

The BinaryBrokerZ mobile trading platform offers traders the convenience and flexibility of trading in binary options ant time and in any location through their mobile devices. In addition to the high success rate offered by this trading platform, traders in binary options have a lot of benefits to reap form the mobile trading platform. The platform was essentially designed with the traders who travel often in mind, hence you do not have to sit in front of your computer for you to be in a position to open and close positions on this platform.

The mobile platform developed by the company may be used on iPhone as well as on Android operating systems. The application itself is easy to download and install in your mobile device. Additionally, the application does not require much memory space, hence will not slow your mobile device down after installation. The application is safe and easy to install and run on your device as well. Therefore, you should consider trying out the convenience and flexibility offered by the BinaryBrokerZ mobile trading application today, especially if you happen to be a binary options trader who travels often.

Using the mobile trading application to open and close binary options positions will not degrade your trading experience in any way. The trading features and features and benefits presented by this application are the same as the ones found on the desktop trading platform, the only difference is that the mobile platform offers more flexibility and allows traders to trade in binary options while on the move. Additionally, traders may also access the same amount of assets while using the mobile platform as when using the desktop platform.

The mobile trading platform used by BinaryBrokerZ offers a safe and secure trading environment as well. In this regard, traders are required to provide their login details in order to access their account using the mobile trading platform. Once you have provided your login details, you can access your account and carry out the same transactions you would with the desktop trading platform, such as depositing money into your account, withdrawing from your accounts as well as opening and closing binary options positions.

BinaryBrokerZ StrategiX

BinaryBrokerZ binary options trading platforms offer an array of options for traders to trade in binary options. Again, it is imperative to mention that the broker is not a scam; it is one of the well renowned brokers in the market today, whose services are simply spectacular. Some of the aspects that set this broker aside from the other brokers in the industry include the high amount of welcome bonuses offered by the company and the impressive trading tools offered on their binary options trading platform. With this broker, it is also very easy to get expert advice on the various trading strategies in use in the binary options industry. The company makes it easier for customers to see various trading strategies and learn impressive ways of making the right predictions in the financial market.

The BinaryBrokerZ StrategiX is an impressive tool that may be accessed by traders on this platform. This tool does precisely what it was designed to do. Traders can use this tool to gain access to an exclusive binary options trading academy and get one-on-one trading sessions. This will, in turn, help trader improve their binary options trading skills, hence profit from this trade. With this tool, you can also select the way an asset should be traded on the platform. Other impressive tools on offer on this platform include the trading sentiment indicator, ways to improve returns and Risk-o-meter.

7 Binary Options

UPDATE (12.01.2020):

We have found out that BinaryBrokerZ has shut down their operations.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

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Min. Invest Min. Deposit Max. Returns

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Old Review:

It is a nice little change when we come across a binary options broker that prides itself not only on being a good site to trade on but also that takes pride in bringing investors a satisfactory trading experience while doing it; that is the motto of BinaryBrokerZ and that is why we decided to review this site and see how they do things.

It is a web broker that definitely emphasizes the personal side of trading. As we took a look at the site, the little things they did to make the trading experience even better were a nice touch. It is our opinion that this broker is a welcome addition to the binary options trading market and you will see why as this review unfolds.

Basic information:

Online since: 2020
Jurisdiction: Cypros
Software: TradeSoft
Max Returns: 92%
Bonus: 100%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Investment: $25
Maximum Investment: $2000
Currencies: USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, RUB
Mobile: Yes
Countries: All but US

– It’s a very user friendly website
– It offers a large variety of account levels
– Very fair bonus trading requirements
– Professional looking trading platform
– Has social trading features
– Demo account is available

– Customer Service can improve by answering questions other than just technical questions
– The FAQ section needs to be improved

7 Binary Options Rating:

Special Features on BinaryBrokerZ

The special features start with a wide array of loyalty programs which lead to some nice bonuses for those that trade with them. Here is an overview of their account types and some of the loyalty bonuses that go along with each account:

Basic Account

This account level is obtained by depositing from $250 – $999 and features a welcome bonus up to 35% of that deposit. Important features at this level include 5 trading lessons, a basic eBook, the websites own review of the current market situation, a non-personal broker and a demo account with $1000 in virtual money.

Silver Account

This account level is obtained by depositing from $1000 – $2499 and features a welcome bonus up to 45% of that deposit. Important features at this level include 10 trading lessons, a basic eBook, the websites own review of the current market situation, a personal junior broker, 5% risk-free bonus and a demo account with $5000 in virtual money.

Gold Account

This account level is obtained by depositing from $2500 – $9999 and features a welcome bonus up to 65% of that deposit. Important features at this level include 25 advanced trading lessons, an advanced trading eBook, the websites own review of the current market situation, a personal senior broker, 10%risk-freee bonus and a demo account with $15,000 in virtual money.

Platinum Account

This account level is obtained by depositing from $10,000 – $24,999 and features a welcome bonus up to 85% of that deposit. Important features at this level include 50premier trading lessons, an advanced trading eBook, the websites own review of the current market situation, phone trading alerts, a personal chief broker, 10% risk-free bonus and a demo account with $50,000 in virtual money.

As you can clearly see there is a lot of variety in the account levels that BinaryBrokerZ offers; there is an account level that any novice or veteran trader would be comfortable with.
One of the best features we found when doing this review is that BinaryBrokerZ does not lock your original funds when you accept the welcome bonus; we believe every binary options website should do this very same thing. We understand why bonus money needs trading stipulations before you can withdraw it but we don’t understand why many web brokers don’t let you withdraw your own original funds until bonus requirements are met.

There is also a nice educational section on this website. They do such things as provide their traders with video tutorials, give them market insights and also give them a lot of helpful data.


Trading Software and Assets

BinaryBrokerZ has a very advanced trading platform. They are in with a relatively new brokerage platform designer called ‘TradeSmarter’; this developer is quickly establishing a positive opinion of them in the binary options trading platform market. They design a website that has a very professional feel to it and runs very smoothly.

They offer such options as High/Low options, One Touch options, 60second options, Long Term options, Boundary options, and the popular Option Builder. They also have trading platform features like Tunnel Trade and Option on Demand that many traders really like. Tunnel trades have options that include several different strike prices but traders have to be very aware of the possible range of movement here.

The broker’s asset list also includes some 30 assets which are broken into 7 stocks, 11 different indices, 5 popular commodities and 8 currency pairs. That is an amount of assets that is a little lower than we like to see.

BinaryBrokerZ has also gotten into social trading like many other web brokers, like Binary Option Robot and Banc de Binary. This is a feature that allows traders to track the trades of successful traders and make the same trades themselves if they like.

Mobile trading is also available with BinaryBrokerZ. This is a great feature for those who are not able to get enough computer time at home to trade as often as they may like.

Support and Services

The web broker’s customer service team was responsive and thorough. The only bad thing is that they really did not answer any questions besides technical ones, so there was a little bit of an impersonal and lack of well-rounded feel with the customer service center. The FAQ section could definitely be upgraded and expanded to help traders avoid calling customer service so much too. We feel that this broker is so responsive to their many traders that they will improve upon these weaker areas soon.

Banking and Company

The website they run is really safe and secure thanks to its SSL encryption; it gives a trader a lot of peace of mind that their sensitive financial information will be kept safe. There is also a good ID validation process in place when a customer is going to make a withdrawal.BinaryBrokerZ takes security on the website very seriously and that is a good thing.

The minimum deposit is $250 which is very standard in the industry. Withdrawals and deposits can be done by using such means as Visa, MasterCard, CashU, WebMoney, Skrill Moneybookers, Neteller and bank wire transfer. Processing withdrawals takes about 2 – 5 business days which is a little bit longer than we like to see. There are no fees when withdrawing but they will charge for bank wire transfers. By enlarging the banking system that is in place is both fair and very secure.

Our Final Thoughts on BinaryBrokerZ

All of us who helped review this web broker came away really liking this broker. They made a very professional looking site that was easy to navigate around and place binary options trades with. There were a lot of outstanding features on the site and we especially liked the social trading feature they had.

There is just a lot to like about BinaryBrokerZ and not much that disappointed us about it. Banking was done in an easy and well thought out manner, and their customer service was prompt and thorough when we contacted them. We have no problem recommending anyone to give this web broker a try.

Additional information

Customer Service: Email: [email protected]
Languages: English
Trading Options: High / Low, One Touch, 60seconds, Long Term, Boundary, Option Builder, Touch Options
Assets: Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Early close: Yes
Expiry Times: 60 sec, 2min, 5min, 15 min, 1 hr, 24h, 24 hr+
Deposits and Withdrawals: Visa, Mastercard, Bank Wire, Skrill Moneybookers, CashU, Maestro, Visa Electron, WebMoney, Neteller
Withdrawal Time: 2-5 days
Demo account: Yes

Binary Brokerz Articles:

7 Binary Options review: Binary BrokerZ : 4,5 stars.

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