Reviews Bitripler, Yet Another Scam Bitcoin Doubler!

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Is Bitcoin Doubler Legit? Review 2020

If you are looking into ways to multiply your crypto assets, you might be interested to learn about bitcoin doubler platforms. Are these web sites legitimate? Let’s find out!

What is a Bitcoin Doubler?

Bitcoin Doubler is aimed at people who are looking for an easy way to double their investments on cryptocurrencies. It is an investment program which increases the value of deposits up to two times. Supposedly, you can earn returns of up to 100 times of your investment.

Doubler claims to have “100% uptime with zero chance for a transaction to fail” and it requires “no human intervention, aside from regular server maintenance.”

Obviously, we’ve seen hundreds of BTC scams appear online. Many of them claim to double your coins or offer enormous ROIs. In reality, these are typically pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, or multilevel marketing scams that will take your initial deposit, then refuse to let you withdraw your money.

Back to the innovative gathering behind the Bitcoin Doubler program, they probably comprehended a weakness in the blockchain that empowers them to incorporate new positions. They then ‘twofold spend’ all the BTC kept by customers and copy them by up to 1000% (one thousand) of the main stores. They by then keep some to take care of working expenses and as an advantage and use whatever remains of repaying their money-related authorities in hundred cover – that is, their store expanded by 100.

How Does the Bitcoin Doubler Program Work?

The first step involves sending some BTC to the site’s address as provided. No account registration is required (red flag!) and presumably, no personal details are needed. After sending the money, a unique transaction ID is generated and serves as proof of deposit. The next step is to wait for 24 hours for your returns to be transferred to your wallet.

That’s right: you just send your money to a mysterious, anonymous, BTC address, that money will magically double, and the trader is nice enough to send twice your deposit amount back to you.

Bitcoin Doubler claims to work using the following key features:

  • 200% investment returns with a “10-hour investment plan”
  • Automatic payments
  • 0.02 BTC minimum investment, 10 BTC maximum investment
  • Easy to use interface for both new and experienced investors
  • SSL security and DDoS protection (virtually every website has this)
  • “100% uptime with zero chance for a transaction to fail”

Ultimately, once you get past the ridiculous marketing hype, you’ll learn that Bitcoin Doubler claims to have some type of “high frequently investment platform”. The platform is capable of rapidly making trades. Through some magical process with automated software that generates money out of thin air.

Depending on how much you wish to invest or what your investment potential is, this amount could be too big for you. But one thing that you should realize is that if the program doesn’t double your assets, you will lose your investment.

Another important thing to know about Bitcoin Doubler is that once you put your crypto in your trading account, you will have no way to recover them. You will have to make investments, regardless of what the outcome is.

Bitcoin Doubler: Legit or Not?

When taking a look at how Bitcoin Doubler actually works, there is only vague information available. The strategies, techniques, and insights have not been shared by these so-called experts. The claim on 200% returns within 10 hours is also absurd. This is basically a trick the scammers are using to convince investors and make them sign up for this scam program.

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All we know is that the site was made by a gathering of ‘programming architects, middle people and budgetary authorities’ who are fiery about cryptocurrency. No more information is given and as it might be, we don’t have the foggiest thought regarding the names or the attributes of those people.

Scam Variations

If it is a scam, you can expert several possible scenarios:

  • The Bitcoin Doubler Expert Scam

In this variation of the scam, someone will likely email you and claim to be some sort of “Bitcoin Doubler Expert” who will attempt to convince you that he can hack the network to double your assets instantly. All you will have to do is pay the person a fee for his efforts to develop the script.

Do not fall for this. No one can hack the Bitcoin Network to double your coins for you. Cryptocurrency isn’t something that can be “hacked”. The only way for you to lose your BTC is if you give it away. So anyone claiming to “double your coins” by hacking the network, is essentially trying to say that he is going to hack someone else’s digital coins and give it to you. That is not possible.

  • The “Double Your Bitcoin Instantly” Betting Scam

These websites will claim that you can double your BTC if you place a “bet” with your BTC. Most of these websites claim that your chance of “doubling” your assets is more than 50%. The website will ask you to place your bet by sending your coins to their Bitcoin Wallet address. Once you send them your assets, it will be gone for good.

They have a good answer if you ever try to contact them. Since it is technically a “bet”, they can simply claim you lost the bet – and the victim is likely to believe them. You will also notice that a new Bitcoin Wallet address is generated each time you visit the website – this is a huge red flag! It allows them to cover up their previous victims.

  • The Bitcoin Doubler MLM Scam

This particular variation of the scam can be particularly insidious. The victim may actually be coerced into falling for this scam by his/her own friends or family – who are most likely victims of the scam too. It’s pretty much the same model as a Multi-Level-Marketing model (aka pyramid scheme). The scammers convince people to go out to their friends & family and trick them into sending them BTC as well.

Here are a few more red flags that you should pay attention to:

  • Unbelievably high returns

Returns of up to 100 times the original investment in a single day can only be achieved in corrupt and illegal dealings and even those have some risks.

  • Owners of the platform

Who are the people who created this website? Are there any names or the faces of those people? If you can’t even tell how many they are and their job descriptions and not really sure that they even exist, then you should have doubts if this is a safe place for your coins.

  • How old is the website?

I would recommend the age of 6 months and above for websites requiring you to send money.

  • Credible links to the website

If you cannot find any credible site linking to Bitcoin Doubler, it says a lot about the site.

  • Alexarank

Check the global ranking of the website on

Please notice! Use bitcoin doubler sites at your own risk! Doubling cryptocurrency can lead to legal consequences as well as losing your cryptocurrency.


Cryptalker staff does not recommend or endorse any specific websites, this article is a result of our independent investigation. Use any of these websites at your own risk!

  • Minimum Investment Amount 01 BTC
  • Maximum Investment Amount 9999 BTC
  • Double Your Bitcoins in 3 HOURS
  • Type: Online
  • Fee: none

You just need to provide your email and your payout address, and then just click on double my Bitcoin button. Then one popup will show with our Bitcoin address. You will get a mail regarding all contract from Double Bitcoin in 3 Hours System, this is system generated mail so please also check your Spam/Junk Folder. Now you just need to transfer your desired investment amount on our address and wait for blockchain confirmation. Once it will confirm 3 times via blockchain, you will notify via a mail with your login details. Now you can track your investment with your login credentials on Double Bitcoin in 3 Hours System. Once 3 hours is completed you will get double of your investment.

  • Minimum Investment Amount 001 BTC
  • Maximum Investment Amount None
  • Double Your Bitcoins in 6 HOURS
  • Type: Online
  • Fee: Unknown

The automated system of DoubleBTC gathers information from the blockchain transfers and cryptocurrency exchanges to study and predict the BTC price, analyzing the price difference and transaction fees, and use that information to generate profit.

It usually takes around 6 hours, starting to count from the moment of your deposit (after 2 confirmations from the network) to double your coins.

There is a 0.001 BTC minimum and No maximum limit for investments on DoubleBTC.

  • Minimum Investment Amount 001 BTC
  • Maximum Investment Amount Unknown
  • Double Your Bitcoins in Unknown
  • Type: Online
  • Fee: None

At DoubleBitcoin you don’t have to make contracts or pledge your property. There are no lenders and no debtors. Everything is really simple: one participant asks for help — another one helps. All profits are generated by new investments.

In order to start, choose the amount to double and provide your personal wallet to receive earned profit. Deposit any amount (min 0.001 BTC) to the unique generated deposit address. Do Not close deposit window and wait for 3 confirmations, then start receiving profit with no further effort.

The payout is fully automated and instant and usually takes around 1 to 60 seconds but no longer than 15 minutes.

  • Minimum Investment Amount 01 BTC
  • Maximum Investment Amount 75 BTC
  • Double Your Bitcoins in 48 hours
  • Type: Online
  • Fee: None

Double Bitcoin in 48 Hours is an automated Doubler System using automated trading bots, these automated trading bots trading buy/sell automated on different exchanges to make huge profits. At a single minute, these bots are execute something around 150 times, this will make a lot of profit and, as a result, we’ll double your investment within 48 hours. Once 48 hours will complete you will receive your double payout on your provided payout wallet address. You can Track all Your Investment information via Login panel on Double Bitcoin in 48 Hours System.

  • Minimum Investment Amount 0025 BTC
  • Maximum Investment Amount 5 BTC
  • Double Your Bitcoins in 100 hours
  • Type: Online
  • Fee: None is an investment platform that allows users to earn interest on their cryptocurrencies without any effort or human participation.

Choose the amount to double and provide your personal wallet to receive earned profit. Deposit any amount (min 0.0025 BTC \ max 14.5 BTC) to the unique generated deposit address. Wait for the deposit to show up on the homepage when it receives 3 confirmation and starts receiving profit every hour – 100 hours.

You don’t need to do anything to withdraw profit, when your investment will end you will get your double coins automatically in your crypto wallet.


  • Minimum Investment Amount None
  • Maximum Investment Amount None
  • Double Your Bitcoins in Unknown
  • Type: Offline
  • Fee: $159

The payment for MMM Script is a one-time fee without any additional charges. After purchasing you may use the library forever with no further restrictions. All you need to do is to download and install the script.

The script now supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Access all of them from one unified interface. As an admin, you can setup in which cryptocurrency you want to run doubler.

Using the cryptocurrency doubler script you can setup withdrawals/payouts as either Manual or Instant. If the instant payout feature is enabled, all the transactions received are automatically exchanged to the wallet.


As you can see, there are multiple websites that can help you double your crypto. However, most of them disappear pretty quickly (e.g. Coinbooster website is not available anymore). And there are even more available on the darknet.

BTC is of limited supply, and the bitcoin blockchain is one of the highest standards of security achieved thus far. One can’t just simply create new coins through sheer will of doubling their stack. If you don’t want to risk losing your assets, then you are better off without the Bitcoin Doubler.

Bitcoin Code Bitcoin Doubler Bitcoin Trader All Are Scam Coins

February 8, 2020

Dear friends today I will tell you about Bitcoin Code Bitcoin Doubler Bitcoin Trader coins. I know all of you are investors and want to or interested to invest in new ICO coins and cryptocurrency projects.

Deal investors to date we heard a lot of news about OneCoin Scam by so-called haters and Bitcoiners. People say that Konstantin Ignatov was arrested by US police in OneCoin scam. While it is true that Konstantin was never pleaded for OneCoin scam.

Earlier we have seen the BBC podcast propaganda. Also, we noticed so many allegations on OneCoin cryptocurrency and many other onecoin affiliated websites.

Also, we have seen so many proofs of OneCoin reality and onecoin specifications. We can’t ignore the email conversation between OneCoin and BBC news.

But my dear friend has you ever heard about Bitcoin scam. Today I am bringing the latest news from the official website.

Please check the latest official screenshot of the bitcoin website.

So, you have checked all these coins are a scam from the official website. I am sharing the complete article about this information. Please read the original post.

Bitcoin Code Bitcoin Doubler Bitcoin Trader

1. Bitcoin Code Scam

Bitcoin Code is randomly changing its website similar to another scam or fake coins. As per the business model of Bitcoin code, they predict Bitcoin’s future price and claim their investors will make 13,000$ in less than 24 hours.

It is absolutely fake as no one knows about the exact future of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Also, we get so many tweets regarding Bitcoin Fake by the ex-employees.

2. Bitcoin Doubler

Bitcoin doubler is another big example of the fake Bitcoin website. Also, Bitcoin doubler claims that they will double the bitcoin in a very short time period.

Also, we should keep in mind that how someone can claim about the future of Bitcoin.

3. Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin trader is another fake website like Bitcoin doubler and Bitcoin code. This website ask to deposit $250 for starting the trading.

Dear friends this website shares the exact 0.01 second before screenshots. And they are cheating people.

We know that all cryptocurrency website like CoinmarketCap, CryptoCompare, and Bitcoin Price shows a little variation of time in their results.

Similarly, the Bitcoin trader does and earns money from innocent investors.

Какие минусы у пиратского Битрикса?

Главный минус в том, что вы получаете черный ящик – систему, в которой кто-то покопался и что-то сделал. А кто и что – неизвестно. Там могут быть бэкдоры, нестабильная работа, всё, что угодно.

речь идет о “обнуленной” демо-версии

А как вы обнулите счетчик? Самостоятельно, деобфусцировав ядро, разобравшись в нем и внеся необходимые исправления?
Если так, то есть вероятность, что где-то глубоко в ядре есть еще какая-то скрытая проверка, которая в один прекрасный момент сработает и ваш сайт внезапно перестанет работать.
Если вы хотите воспользоваться каким-то внешним инструметом – то возникнет проблема черного ящика.

Ну и в обоих случаях вы теряете возможность обновлять систему и пользоваться маркетплейсом. Тех. поддержка, кстати, вам будет доступна на 90% – на официальном форуме никто не проверяет ключи, да и при обращению в саму поддержку тоже.

Иначе непонятно, зачем его вообще покупать

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