BTC Profits Review is a Scam or Should I Invest

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Fighting online scams since 2020

JOLLY SCAM: Bitcoin Profit review

This review exposes the Bitcoin Profit (BTC Profit) scam. It a system designed to lose your money. It is presented by John Mayers.

Mayers says Bitcoin Profit is a bitcoin trading system that can make you $436 per hour or $10,478 per day.

Now you can get Bitcoin Profit without paying anything in advance, Mayers says he will take just 1% of your earnings as a fee.

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s because it’s not true.

Table of Contents

Bitcoin Profit scam

Bitcoin Profit is in fact just one of the many scams that abuse cryptocurrencies to make people lose money.

John Mayers is a fictitious person, real owners of the system remain hidden.

Fake testimonials

On the Bitcoin Profit website you can see three videos with people endorsing the program, because they are allegedly making money with it.

But they all are liars. They are paid actors providing fake reviews and testimonials. Anybody can hire them, see the proof on our picture.

Scam software

The trading software that is labeled Bitcoin Profit is in fact a known solution used by scammers only.

On our picture you will see examples of other scams based on this same app, like Crypto Soft, Pattern Trader or Way to Freedom.

We get a lot of feedback about this trading software from real users, so we know it is losing money in real trading.

How it really works

The true and only aim of Bitcoin Profit is to make you sign up and deposit money with a shady broker like BNQ Capital or Glenmore Investments. The software won’t be activated until you do just that.

The reason for this is that people who run this scam are getting paid by these brokers for referring new depositing clients.

But those who deposit and let Bitcoin Profit trade with their money, will quickly lose it.


Bitcoin Profit is an obvious scam that is made to lose your money with an unregulated broker. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in trying to make money in bitcoin trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You will see how it works and have the opportunity to learn to trade profitably without risking real money.

18 thoughts on “ JOLLY SCAM: Bitcoin Profit review ”

Hi John. Pete here. I’d just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you for the work that you do in exsposing these ruthless scum bags. John I find myself in desperate times as are a lot of people & I signed up .. NOT WITHOUT QUESTIONS THOUGH ? Thinking I would receive a return email answering the questions asked ( didn’t ��) so I Re registered to see what happened & low & behold. When entering the same email addy I wasn’t referred to a login page which I anticipated but rather I was told to enter another email addy which set off alarm bells hence how I ended up back on your page which lucky �� for me was book marked . So again thank you so much for the amazing work that you do & advice you offer ( PRICELESS )
John do you know of any AI based algorithm app or not that helps in trading forecasting on a reputable platform .

I’m sorry but I don’t.

Can I get my lost money back stolen by 10op bitcoin profit…. I have been a fool and I have lost very much money

If you made your deposit with a credit card, ask your bank for a chargeback.

IM in contact with Maintrading Center for getting my lost money back from Bitcoin Profit 10op. It will cost me 500 dollers. Can I trust them or is it also scam Finn

Hello, I cannot find anything about Maintrading Center, their site seems not to be working. There is a lot of recovery scam and I cannot see how Maintrading Center could recover your money.

I’ve been looking at one with the bluelexus trading. They are based in Bulgaria.
Apparently they want a photo of your driving licence an energy bill and a photo of your credit card (with blanked out security number and 16 digit number) I get the last part as it is to stop money launderers. But why would they need
a picture of your driving licence ?

To verify your identity. But personally I would not send this kind of document a company that is not regulated.

All trading sites ask for passport/bills/driving licenses. It’s actually because of trading regulations.

Brokers are only allowed to deal with real people. They’re not allowed to do business with anonymous profiles, or fake profiles, because of anti-money laundering laws.

So I wouldn’t worry about this. All legitimate sites do it (ironcially!)

But you should give your personal info to regulated companies only, otherwise your run the risk of identity abuse.

Also, you know when something is a scam if you can’t “read more comments” or comment yourself but get redirected to the sign up page.

Yes,it is a scam. When something looks too good to be true, it MOST DEFINITELY is. I opened up the so called page on two separate tabs. On one showing the bbc breaking news, there was an immediately noticeable spelling error. The real would not publicise that way. Next I checked and compared the separate tabs the so called comments by those who’ve tried it. Completely identical comments, however by different people. Even comments by the so called account manager.

Personally, I would have wished it not a scam as I’m direly in need of money to avoid being homeless with my family. However, this is apparently a scam.

Did bitcoin profit appear on dragons den ? or did i just get a fake ad on the daily mirror website..

It not a Daily Mirror website, it is just fake one. The website URL is not as you would expect.

yes its a ripoff tactic they all use the only ones that stand to make 10,000 per day plus is John Mayers, John Mayers claimed that John Key’s was a part of his board John Key is our old prime minister here in New Zealand make contact with him he will tell you himself John Key is not a member of John Mayers Board at all thats your proof. When something is too good to be true it usually is ��

I always thoroughly research a claim or a business for a couple of weeks before I invest in anything online in particular before I part with my hard earned cash and please remember the stock market bitcoin included is unstable particularly at the moment.

No one can claim to make the money that John Mayers claims or to have a system that can predict and then invest your money for you so you never lose the truth is this kind of investment is high risk thats simple and John Mayers site is just a scam. Ive seen so many scams now that I can determine a scam in seconds theres so many online.

John Key is a rich man yes he made his money in investments but he would not work with a deliberate scammer because he doesnt need to he already has stable financial knowledge. Infact if I report this to John Key he could sue John Mayers seriously ��
We should be taking the time to thank people like the author of this site for alerting us to scams so here goes thankyou ��

Why when I googled Bitcoin Profit, https/ This site gives a review saying it is not a scam and gives a review explain their reasons why.

Is this then another FAKE site .

Yes, Cybermentors is one of many scam websites with fake reviews that endorse scams for money.

yes its a ripoff tactic they all use the only ones that stand to make 10,000 per day plus is John Mayers, John Mayers claimed that John Key’s was a part of his board John Key is our old prime minister here in New Zealand make contact with him he will tell you himself John Key is not a member of John Mayers Board at all thats your proof. When something is too good to be true it usually is ��

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Bitcoin Profit


Bitcoin Profit – A Scam or a Legit Trading System?
100% Full & Exclusive Bitcoin Profit Review by Experts
How to Get Started & Who is The Creator – See Below!


Broker Bitcoin Profit
Official Website URL
Support Types Email
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
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Full Review

Table of Contents

Bitcoin Profit: Is it Scam or Legit?

Investing in the lucrative world of cryptocurrencies can be a challenging endeavour for traders. This is the reason it is crucial to make use of an effective investment tool all the time. Bictoin Profit which is also known as BTC Profit is a trading system that has been designed to assist traders along the way.

Since its launch, it has been gaining massive attention from global traders simply because it is proving to be a viable option. Even our research suggests that Bitcoin Profit is an impressive investment tool that can assist traders in a variety of ways and help them achieve the desired results.

We have shared further details of our study in this comprehensive review. We advise you to continue reading till the end to learn why Bitcoin Profit is a great option for trading digital currencies.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Profit is Not a Scam
Visit Bitcoin Profit Official Website

Use Bitcoin Profit To Simplify Trading

Investing in the crypto markets carries potential risks, but when you use a solution like BTC Profit, you will be able to avoid serious losses. Whether you are an experienced trader or just a rookie, Bitcoin Profit can help you find success in the industry.

This trading system is unemotional, smart and logical. It will alert you as soon as trading opportunities are available in the market and by seeking its assistance, you will be able to make fruitful decisions about when to trade and when to stop. It has many more qualities and features that make it extremely useful for traders. The software has been designed to be easy to use and it utilizes pre-set parameters to guide you as you trade.

Bitcoin Profit is also equipped to analyse the digital currency markets, study price charts, monitor market activities and identify trends that can help you spot profitable trading opportunities. To make your tasks even easier, it will send out alerts as to when you should open or close a position.

The software can assist you in ways that will help you improve your gains and at the same time reduce the level of risks you encounter as a trader.

A Great Web-based Solution:

Bitcoin Profit allows you to get started right from your browser. The software is entirely web-based and therefore no download or installation is required.

How to Take Part?

Becoming a part of the cryptocurrency industry is no longer reserved for institutional traders only. Now, anyone can sign up with this amazing software and start trading the king of cryptocurrencies, which is bitcoin.

To take part, all you have to do is complete the steps below. Let’s take a look.

  • Complete the Form – the form is available on their homepage.
  • Join a Broker – to open a trading account, you have to register with a broker that is assigned.
  • Use the Software – the software will assist you with your tasks after you activate it by following the steps provided.

When you have completed these steps, you will be geared up to get started with the incredible investment tool. You can make use of the information generated by the software to make the best trading decisions.

Bitcoin Profit Is a Legitimate Trading System

Bitcoin Profit is the creation of John Myers. It was developed after years of hard work and research. The team that Myers hired for the development of the software is highly skilled and professional. They gave utmost priority to security and safety and this is the reason they have implemented encryption strategy on their website using the latest SSL protocol.

The brokers associated with this trading system are reliable, legit and have proper licenses to provide legal investment advice. They won’t steal anything from you because they have a reputable in the industry and they are known for helping their clients prosper.

For newbies, it can be quite exhausting to learn the basics of trading. Time constraints is one of the biggest factors that prevents them from achieving the success they desire. But when BTC Profit is used, it takes care of most of the hard work for its users. It provides assistance and support and instead of making the process time-consuming, it makes it simple and fast. Basically, it gives traders more time for their own research and analysis.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Profit is Not a Scam
Visit Bitcoin Profit Official Website

At no point during our investigation we came across scamming factors or elements that is linked to this trading tool. We also searched for reviews online and all the feedback suggests that traders are happy with its performance. Yes, there are good days and bad days for traders, but when an efficient tool like BTC Profit is used, it makes the experience enjoyable and rewarding. New traders get a learning experience when they are assisted by the software.

BTC Profit also serves as a mobile trading assistant which sends notifications proactively when the user is on the move. Notifications can be sent via email or SMS and is related to the market movements, positions, accounts and trading activities. They occur in real time and its main benefit is that it prevents traders from missing out on opportunities when they are travelling or away from home.

Customer Support

To be able to provide excellent support service to the member, the representatives of the support team must have certain qualities. They must be professional, knowledgeable of the tool and most importantly they must be friendly.

The customer care team at BTC Profit possess all these qualities. They accommodate online customers and they can be trusted to provide accurate information and on-time resolution of trading related issues.

With their problem solving attitude and an approach that is resourceful, they manage to keep their clients satisfied and happy.


Bitcoin Profit is a great trading system that has been constructed to give online traders an edge in the industry. The software host features that are unique and useful for its users. The best part is that it is constantly upgraded and latest improvements are implemented so traders can get more benefits.

Overall, Bitcoin Profit is a safe and reliable trading system and we encourage our readers to use it to experience its full potential.

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