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[3.10] Beginner Friendly Arc/Ice Spear Mines | All Content on 5L | Lvling Guide

Hello all and welcome to my arc mine guide, a build that utilizes one of the strongest spells in the game, arc, with mines. There are several benefits to using mines with arc rather than self casting or with totems, some being the fact that they have a much higher dps output and you aren’t stunning yourself while casting for nearly as long, but we will go into that later. This build is the jack of all trades. It can do every map mod, boss, has decently fast clear, and is extremely cheap. Put all of these together and you have yourself an extremely powerful beginner friendly and starter build that can catapult you into end game extremely quickly and efficiently. I am currently playing this build in hcssf and it has proven itself to be one of the strongest builds in the game with having little to no gear. The damage output is insane but you are also surprisingly tanky. Utilizing acrobatics/Mind over Matter/high evasion, you have a decent amount of layers of defense and end up being hard to kill as well.

3.10 Updates

Pyroclast Mine
Now fires an additional projectile for every 4 prior mines in detonation sequence (previously fired an additional projectile per 2 mine detonations).
Now has a base cast time of 0.18 seconds (from 0.25).

You can no longer obtain the +2 projectiles to Pyroclast Mine helmet enchantment. The +1 variant now exclusively comes from the Eternal Labyrinth.

Pretty big nerf, lost a lot of damage, try ice spear if you are struggling with this skill after nerf

Base mine throwing time has been raised to 0.3 seconds (from 0.25).

That’s all! shouldn’t effect us too hard unless you were married to the idea of only using pyroclast mines for single target. There are still plenty of options for single target

My quick review of 3.10 patch notes with mines:

Some pretty strong cluster jewels possibilities for mines depending on the minor points that go to it. And since pretty much every miner takes Volatile Mines, we have an accessible jewel there (the one near Minion Instability is better for LL miners). I prefer Minefield, so mostly Surprising Sabotage, Guerilla Tactics, and maybe some of the non-mine nodes for ES or life. +100 ES notable is 500 max ES for my LL miner.
Base mine throwing speed increased by 0.05 seconds.
Precision nerfed by 20% crit at level 1, so will be debatable on leveling it or skipping it for other stuff.
Pyroclast mine lost a lot of extra projectiles and +2 enchant.
A lot of early game cheap Temple upgrades got nerfed. My LL miner lost a few hundred ES from jewelry ES % mods.
Enduring Mana flask got nerfed (shocked). Faster, less recovered, and no longer queues in succession. So for people like me that spammed mana pot, be a bit more cautious.
A bunch of changes to higher end crafting and fossil crafting which may influence trade prices.

3.9 Updates

The range at which Arc can chain to another enemy is now 35 units (from 25).

WERE BACK IN BUSINESS. Super nice change, I think they still could have added some base damage though

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Lightning Spire Trap
Now deals 12 to 26 Lightning Damage at gem level 1 (from 14 to 43), up to 166 to 497 at gem level 20 (from 195 to 585).
Now strikes every 0.55 seconds at gem level 1, up to 0.36 seconds at gem level 20 (from 0.3 seconds at all gem levels).

This is a pretty big nerf, I’ve been leaning towards the ice spear for single target the past couple of leagues and think you should use this over lightning spire for sure now. Flamethrower/pyroclast are also good options.

Your single target will be a 6L ice spear
Ice Spear – blast Chain Mine – Greater multiple projectiles – trap and mine damage – Cold Penetration – Elemental Focus
(these are listed in most important to least important)

Or Pyroclast mines

Pyroclast mine – minefield – trap and mine damage – conc effect – fire pen – elemental focus

BIG 3.8 Updates *I’d read this first*

There were quite a few huge updates to mines this league and I’ll try to go over the biggest changes. This is just a placeholder update, I will update it in further detail after I test things and figure out what is strong.


When you get to mapping your new links should be –
Arc – Minefield – blastchain mine – Added Cold damage

Now you should look for mods on a shaper helm like flat damage to spells, hypothermia, base crit dmg to spells. More in gem seciton

Your single target will be a 6L ice spear
Ice Spear – High Impact Mine – Greater multiple projectiles – trap and mine damage – Cold Penetration – Elemental Focus
(these are listed in most important to least important)

Mines are now thrown, rather than placed. Modifiers that previously affected your mine placement speed now instead affect your mine throwing speed.

This is a huge fundamental change that makes mines work more like their close partner, traps. This might give opportunity for things like ball lightning mines to shine because you can throw them in the middle of packs but will need testing.

All mine skills, except those supported by Blastchain Mine Support, now have an aura component that is active while they are placed but not detonated. These auras can stack (up to a limit), and are affected by aura modifiers.

Huge Flat out buff

Bomb Specialist: No longer allows you have up to 2 additional mines placed at a time. Now grants 4% increased area of effect for each mine, and grants your mines 20% increased detonation speed. Also grants 20% increased mine throwing speed if you detonated mines recently (was previously mine laying speed).

This is a nerf probably because of the new auras that come with mines and buffs while having a lot of mines placed. This makes the nodes “volatile mines” and “Saboteur” worth even more to pick up.

Demolitions Specialist: Has been completely reworked. It now grants 100% increased effect of Auras from mines, and causes mines to hinder enemies near them for 2 seconds when they land, reducing enemy movement speed by 40%.

We don’t pick up this ascendancy node anymore, we don’t benefit from the AoE and the hinder isn’t worth 2 points.

Pyromaniac: Now causes you to regenerate 1% of Life per second for each Mine Detonated or Trap Triggered recently, up to 10% per second (from a maximum of 20%). Now grants 20% reduced mana cost of skills that throw traps (From 25%) and 20% reduced mana reservation of skills that throw mines.

This was a pretty big nerf to our survivability and but the new unique gloves that let you leech with mines miiiight make up for it but I doubt it.

Explosives Expert: No longer grants increased area damage, reduced damage taken from trap or mine hits, or elemental resistance penetration. Now grants 30% increased area of effect (from 20%), 8% reduced area damage taken from hits, +30% to critical strike multiplier against burning enemies, 80% increased critical strike chance against shocked enemies, and causes damage against chilled enemies to penetrate 10% of elemental resistances.

This is a really nice node now since we can shock and freeze most enemies. The reduced damage taken from mine or trap hits is meh. We take this node over demo specialist now.

Remote Mine Support (now called Blastchain Mine Support)
Now causes supported skills to deal 35% less damage at gem level 1, up to 25% less at gem level 20.
Mines now last 5 seconds (from 16).
Supported skills have a base Mine Detonation Time of 0.25 seconds.
Supported skills now deal 5% more damage for each prior mine in Detonation Sequence.

Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity Support Gem – High-Impact Mine Support: Can only support spells, or attacks that use a bow or wand. Instead of using the supported skills, you will throw a mine that uses that skill when detonated. Mines cannot use Channelling skills. Thrown mines have a stacking aura that causes nearby enemies to have a chance to take double damage with hits.

I think high impact mine REALLY helps ice spear shine because you don’t have to position yourself anymore and can just throw it far away from your target. Ice spear targeting is still a big odd.

Those are my thoughts on the patch notes, I haven’t tried new mines yet so if you have any questions or suggestions make sure you let me know by commenting.

3.7 Updates

Mana Cost at gem level 1 is now 8 (was 9).
Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now 23 (was 26).
Now has a cast time of 0.7 seconds (from 0.8).
Now deals 6 to 33 Lightning damage at gem level 1 (from 7 to 37) and 133 to 754 Lightning damage at gem level 20 (from 152 to 862).
Now has an added damage effectiveness of 80% (from 90%).
Lowered the range at which Arc can chain from 50 units to 25 units.
Arc still works fine! I played it as a starter for legion and it does well with super cheap gear as always. In the video I show my gear/changes for single target spell alternative instead of lightning spire.

This definitely killed the clear from arc but the damage is still ‘ok’, this nerf will now let other spells like frostbolt/fireball/ice spear shine.

3.6 Updates

The 3.6 changes are rough but it’s not really the damage nerf but more the chain range nerf.

According to a spreadsheet with all the %’s for buff / nerfs to spells, this dmg change to arc makes it deal 11% less total damage.

Even with 11% less dmg this is still going to do a lot of damage and be a good league starter. Not one of the best anymore but still great, especially if you have done it before you will be familiar with the gearing / passive progress which will save you time if you are trying to rush to end game.

The changes to range is only bad in certain scenarios. In most cases, every once in a while you will kill a few less mobs off screen but that’s not a big deal except for a little EXP loss.

The build is still a great league starter. I am probably going to stick with it instead of trying something new because i am familiar with the leveling process so that will save me time at league start. Also too scared to try something else that may seem good after changes but may still be weak for league start with no gear.

-Over 7.5k Effective hp with Mind Over Matter
-Can do any map mod in the game
-Costs less than 30c to play
-EXTREMELY easy leveling
-Explode ENTIRE screen
-Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics
-Can tackle all content
-High Dmg output

-Has fast map clear but not the fastest: B+ tier
-Allies cannot die auras are annoying

Watch the build live + Answering all questions @


Video Leveling + Basic Tips Guide for those who don’t like reading

Basic Leveling tips:

– Always try to have your resistances capped
– Check vendors for 3, 4, and 5 Link items
– Always Upgrade your flasks and pick up most of them
– Use Curses and auras as soon as you unlock them
– Pick up ALL rare armour and wands/sceptres
– Keep and equip all Armour/jewelry with
life and resistance
– Keep and equip all wand/sceptres with
Spell dmg>Flat damage to spells>Crit chance for spells>

Gem Leveling Progression
(This is the ideal setup but don’t worry if you don’t have links for all of the support gems)
>More Information in the act by act leveling guide

Level 1-4:

Explosive Trap – Less Poison

Level 4-12:

Frost Bomb – Onslaught

Explosive Trap – Less Poison

Flame Dash – Arcane Surge

[Exlosive Trap For single target, try to stack up them and have the boss walk onto 6 or 7 to one shot the boss and use dual wield wands]

Level 12-16:

Arc – Blastchain Mine – Added Lightning – Increased Critical Strikes

Level 16-18:

Summon Skitterbots

Level 18-24:

Add Faster Casting to Flame Dash

Flame Dash – Arcane Surge – Faster Casting

Level 24-28:

Add Zealotry to aura setup

Summon Skitterbots

Level 28-34:

Swap out explosive trap for Pyroclast Mine
PyroClast Mine – Controlled Destruction – Trap and Mine Damage – Fire Pen

Level 34-38:
4 Link damage should be more than enough

Arc – Blastchain Mine – Added Lightning – Increased Critical Strikes

Level 38-50:
In act 4 you can get minefield after piety. A 4 Link should be more than enough but if you have a tabula you can add minefield to your arc. IF you still have a 4L replace increased critical strikes with minefield.

Arc – Blastchain Mine – Controlled Destruction – Added Lightning – Increased Critical Strikes – Minefield

Level 51-70
If you have a tabula this should be your setup
Arc – Blastchain Mine – Minefield – Added Lightning – Increased Critical Strikes – Added Cold Damage

Act 1

1. Kill Hillock and pick up explosive trap from Tarkleigh.

2. Head to Tidal Island from the coast and kill Hailrake – back to town and pick up quicksilver from Nessa.

3. Head to Mudflats, Break all eggs and go to submerged Passage. Go to town and buy frost bomb – this is one of the strongest lvling tools in the game, place it on the floor and it should one shot most packs with double wand. If you have a green slot link it with onslaught. This gives us movement speed/atk speed/cast speed.

4. Go down to flooded depths (If you went up a bridge you went too far) and kill the giant crab. Pick up skill book in town after and head to ledge.

5. Keep following the path until Lower prison.

6. Make sure you do the lab trial here on first floor, head to second floor and kill Brutus.

7. Back to town and pick up flame dash from Tarkleigh. If you can afford it, buy arcane surge from Nessa and link it with Flame dash, DON’T LEVEL arcane surge past lvl 3. (right click the + to get rid of the popup without lvling it)

8. Continue until the ship graveyard and try to find the ship graveyard cave, go down here and pick up the all flame at the end of tunnel.

9. Go back to the waypoint and Fairgraves should be nearby, talk to him, kill him, and then try to find cavern of Zealotry.

10. There should be a waypoint as soon as you head into the cave, use this to go back to town and pick up the skill gems arc and Blastchain Mine Support. Have them linked together, if you find a 3 link you can add “added lightning damage support gem” to the arc mines. If you dont have a 2L yet, I suggest you look for one from the vendor, there should be at least one. If you’re unlucky you can keep leveling with explosive trap in a 1L.

(Make Sure you left click on arc skill in the bottom right corner of the screen and check “Always use without moving” this will remove a lot of clunkiness)

11. Progress through the cave and find merveil at the end. This boss does all cold damage so if you want to be safe pick up a sapphire ring from town.
Tree At end of act 1:

Act 2

1. Congratulations, you made it to act 2! Head right to the old fields and into the next zone – Crossroads where you will see a waypoint and 3 directions you can go.

2. I usually go to chamber of sins first which is north. Get to the second floor and complete the lab trial (the trial is always bottom left of the zone) and continue to kill Fidelitas, who is always in the top right of the zone, then go back to town.

3. Pick up summoner skitter bots, this is one of the best auras you can get fore mines. Head back to the crossroads. Head east to the broken bridge. At the end of broken bridge is the first of three bandits.

4. In the bandit quest, you can choose to save one bandit and gain stats based on what the bandit specializes in, or kill them all for 2 skill points. We want to save Alira for critical strike multiplier, mana regen, and resists. So, we kill Kraityn here.

5. Head back to town, and then back to crossroads once again but this time head south to fellshrine ruins, and then into crypt. Complete your 3rd lab trial here (Its always on the first floor) and then tp back to town.

6. We now are going to complete the West side of the map, follow the road from the riverways to Western Forest, all the way to the black gaurds and kill Arteri for the Thaumetic Emblem. Now we have to check which side the Spider boss or Alira is, they can spawn on either the left or right side.

7. If You find Alira first, ignore her, and head to the opposite side and enter the Weaver’s Chambers. Go all the way to the end and kill the boss and head back to town. Pick up trap and mine damage and you can put your arcs in a 4L if you have one.
8. Next, head back to the waypoint in the riverways and head directly north of the waypoint to find the zone the wetlands. Find Oak (usually in the middle of the zone) and kill him. Head north and open up the entrance to vaal ruins and waypoint back to Western forest.

9. Talk to Alira and choose to help her, DON’T FORGET THE APEX FROM HER. Head back to the waypoint in the wetlands and enter the vaal ruins.

10. Progress to the northern forest and enter the caverns for the waypoint, then keep going to the ancient pyramid. The Vaal oversoul is at the top of the pyramid which is the final boss in the act. Try to stack up all of your mines before it spawns to kill him easier.
Tree At end of act 2:

Act 3

1. Congrats! You made it to act 3. Head north until you see Clarissa and save her from the guard captain. DON’T FORGET TO TALK TO HER AFTER.

2. Keep following the path to town and head straight into action in the slums. Now this area is a little bit confusing but you will learn from experience. Keep exploring the area until you reach the crematorium.

3. Ignore the pleasant sounds of someone being tortured and complete the lab trial here, and continue to find Piety and kill her for Tolman’s bracelet. Head back to town.

4. Talk to Clarissa, who should give you the sewer keys if you talked to her when you first entered Act 3, and head back to the slums to open the sewer gate.

5. Find the first bust before the waypoint, and the other 2 after the waypoint and head towards the marketplace.

6. Keep going until you see the waypoint, and the catacombs should be right in front of it. Go into the catacombs to complete another lab trial.

7. After you’ve completed it, head to town and back to the waypoint right before catacombs. Find the battlefront and the waypoint and the ribbon spool right in the middle of the zone. The docks should be located in the top right of the zone, head here and search for the thaumetic sulphite.

8. Once you have found it, head back to town and talk to Hargan for the skill point. Head back to the waypoint in the battlefront and go East until you see Solaris Temple. Keep going until you meet Lady Dialla at the end and take the rewards.

9. Head back to the sewers and burn the block to continue to the Ebony Barracks. Grab the waypoint and head north until you see Gravicius, kill him and head back to town.

10. Killing Gravicius unlocks the skill that we will be using for our single target – Pyroclast Mine. If you have a 4L link it with Elemental Focus – Trap and Mine Damage – Controlled Destruction if you can afford the 4th. Pick up Zealotry and use Summon Skitterbots and Zealotry as auras.
11. Head towards the lunaris temple and continue to the second floor until the end where you have to kill Piety. Note: Always be moving here or have a granite flask or you will get killed by projectiles.

12. After you have killed Piety head back to town, pick up the skill point, and head back to Ebony Barracks waypoint. From here, go west to the Imperial Gardens.

13. In the gardens, follow the path until the waypoint. Keep following the path to the library and complete Siosa’s quest to unlock Fire penetration. It can be purchased from him after completion and you can add it for pyroclast mine for a good dps boost.

14. Head back to the Gardens and complete the trial (usually in top right of the zone). You now have all trials of ascendancy for the normal labyrinth. I usually get ascended sometime in the middle of act 4, but if you have leveling gear you can do it right away by going to the town in Act 3 and clicking the ascendancy plaque.

15. Head towards the Sceptre of god and continue climbing until you read the Upper Sceptre of god. Keep going and at the top of the tower you will meet the final boss of act 3, Dominus. Kill him and go through the gate to act 4.
Tree At end of act 3:

Act 4

1. Head straight to dried lake. If you are around low level 30’s by now farm here until level 34 or 35. Kill Voll at the end and pick up Deshret’s Banner. Go Back to town.

2. Open the gate to the north and pick up a stone golem as a quest reward from Oyun at the top of the stairs.

3. Go toward the mines and progress to level 2. Here, we need to free the Deshret’s spirit for a skill point. Find the spirit of Deshret, free it, and then talk to Tasuni in town for the skill point reward.

4. Head back to your teleport and go to the crystal veins. There should be a waypoint at the very end and 2 new zones that you can go through. I usually start with Daresso’s portal.

5. Progress to Daresso, and once you kill him pick up the eyes of desire. Do the same for Kaom’s dream but he will drop The eye of Fury instead.

6. Once you have both of these talk to Lady Dialla and continue into the Belly of the Beast. On the second level of the belly of the beast, kill piety and talk to her afterwards.

7. This quest unlocks new powerful gems for most builds. For us we want to pick up minefield and swap it into our 3L instead of having added lightning.

8. Kill all 3 sub bosses and take the organs to piety, then help her kill Malachai to complete act 4.
Tree At end of act 4:

Act 5

1. Head to the Ascent, which is the very Western point of the act 4 town, and continue until you see the resonator portal. Take it to the Slave pens.

2. Progress through the zone until you find the boss Overseer Krow, and defeat him. Head up the ladder to town and get a two stone ring as a reward, which is really nice for resistances.

3. Go to the control blocks and try to head to the bottom left corner of the map to pick up the miasmeter for a skill point. Then, progress through the zone until you see Justicar Casticus. Kill him and continue to the waypoint in the next zone.

4. You can go back to town if you’d like to pick up the flask reward. I recommend stibnite or the hallowed flask if you don’t already have one. This is the point I usually get ascended, so go back to act 3 and click on the trials of ascendancy at the top of the stairs and complete the labyrinth.

5. The first nodes you should get make you extremely tanky. Get the node “born in the shadows” and go back to act 5.

6. Go back to the waypoint in Oriath Square. This is a giant zone but just hug the South wall and progress until you see the templar courts.

7.This zone has a lot of physical damage mobs, but your new ascendancy node should make you really tanky against them. Progress until you find the chamber of innocence.

8. Keep going until you see the high templar Avarius, this boss has a ton of phases and does a lot of damage. Make sure to always be moving and dodge his beam and balls, these do the most damage by far. After you defeat him talk to Banon and go to the torched courts.
9. Keep going through the courts, there isn’t anything important here. Go to the ruined square and go to the top right of the map. Find the waypoint and the Ossuary, where you will find the Sign of Purity. Head back to town.

10. Pick up all the quest/skill rewards and head back to the waypoint at Ossuary. Now you need to head towards the bottom left side of the map for the Reliquary. Pick up all of Kitava’s torments and go back to town for the skill reward.

11. Head back to the waypoint in the ruined square once again and this time go up and to the left until you reach the Cathedral Rooftop. At the end of this zone you will find Kitava – get ready for a hard boss fight.

12. If you get hit by any of his attacks you will most likely die, the best way to learn the fight is through experience. If he does an attack on one side of the map try to stay on the opposite side is my best advice.
Tree At end of act 5:

Act 6

1. After you kill Kitava, your resistances are permenantly lowered by 30%. One of your best defenses in the game is having capped resistance, so try to get rare items with life>Resistance>Damage.

2. Head towards the twilight strand and fully clear the zone to unlock every gem in the game from Lily.

3. Next, head toward the Coast and this time skip the Tidal island and go straight towards the mud flats and kill the Dishonored Queen. Pick up what she drops and unlock the door in the northern part of the map to the Karui Fortress.

4. Keep going until you see Tukohama, and kill him for your first pantheon. Pantheons are a pretty minor part of this build, but they help a bit for physical damage reduction. Use the soul of tukohama for the rest of lvling.

5. Head towards the ridge, and keep going until you find the lower prison. This is almost like act 1, do the trial on the first floor, and progress up the prison until you meet Shavronne at the top of the tower.

6. After you have defeated her, continue to prisoners gate. Don’t follow the path. Instead, try to find a valley and go to an open area where you should see an entrance to a boss named Abberath. Kill him for a skillpoint and head back to the waypoint after you pick up your book from town.
7. Now you can follow the path all the way until the riverways. When you see a waypoint head directly north to the wetlands, where you will find a Rhyslatha for another skill point. Head back to town for it.

8. Next, go to the very top right of the zone to find the Southern Forest, and head to the bottom right of the zone for the cavern of anger. Pick up the flag and continue through the cave.

9. The next zone is the beacon, keep going until you see two totems that you have to move by standing in the white circle while mobs attack you. Once you escort both of them you can light the torch and sail to the brine king’s reef.

10. Keep going until you see the entrance to Tsoagoth, and defeat him. This boss has 4 phases, and is invulnerable for a while. Try not to go into the wall at all and try to dodge the splashes and lightning spots. He does primarily cold/lightning/physical damage.
Tree At end of act 6:

Act 7

1. Once you sail to town just go straight into action again and head towards the broken ridge. Find the locket here and teleport back to town for a diamond flask reward. This gives us TONS of damage. Try to roll immune to bleeding on it for safety.

2. Keep going to the cross roads waypoint and head directly south towards the fellshrine ruins, and then to the crypt. There is a trial of ascendancy on the first floor here, and on the second level you will need to find Maligaro’s map, which will give you a taste of what late game will be like.

3. Once you get the map go back to town and then to crossroads waypoint again, this time heading north to the chamber of sins. Find Silk in the middle and talk to him, then put the map into the device and go into the portal.

4. The mobs here do bleeding and lightning, so I highly advise you to get a bleed flask or to stop moving when you have the debuff on you. At the end of the zone find Maligaro and his minions and defeat him for the black venom.

5. Give this to Silk and he will give you a key to the next zone. Once you find the purplish locked gate to chamber of sins level 2, unlock it and go down. Now this is just like the second level in act 2. Trial in the bottom left of the zone, and a unlockable door to the next zone in the top right.

6. When you find the Ashen fields, head directly west to find Oak and his wolves and defeat them to progress to the Northern Forest.

7. This time we have to do the Dread Thicket for the skillpoint, so go all the way south and hug the left wall until you find it. Collect the fireflies and kill Gruthkuul for a skillpoint, and head back to the waypoint in Northern Forest.
8. Now head north until you find the Causeway, pick up the box and continue to the Vaal City. “Give” Yeena the fireflies and go back to town to pick up all quest rewards/skill points. Finally go back to the waypoint and go to the temple of decay for the last level of the zone.

9. At the bottom of temple of decay you should find the final spider boss, Arakaali. This boss does almost all lightning damage, and is pretty hard to dodge if it’s your first time fighting her. Just try to make sure your lightning res is capped before fighting and you should be more than fine!
Tree At end of act 7:

Act 8

1. Follow the sarn ramparts to town and prepare for one of the hardest bosses while leveling. You should be around the mid lvl 50’s by now before you progress. Go to the toxic conduits in the left part of town until you find Doedre.

2. This boss is very hard, and can one shot you if you aren’t careful. Whenever you get overwhelmed by the pools or curses just hit the lever and it should reset everything. Continue to do this until you can defeat her.

3. After you kill her, there should be a waypoint and 2 directions you can go. I usually go right but its mostly preference. The quay is a giant zone, you should hug the bottom left of the map until you find the Ankh of Eternity, then keep doing this pattern until you find a small side zone with Clarissa. Defeat Tolman for another skill point.

4. Head towards the end of the zone where you’ll see the imperial fields. Follow these to the Solaris Temple and continue through level two of the temple to defeat Dawn. Pick up the orb and head back to town.

5. Now take the waypoint back to Doedre’s Cesspool, and this time head left to the grand promenade to the bath house. There should be a lab trial (most likely near the top right or left). Complete the trial and head to the high gardens to kill Yugul at the end for a skillpoint, and head back to town.

6. Pick up all skill points and go back to the bathhouse. Now, continue towards the lunaris concourse and go north to find the Lunaris Temple. Find Dusk at the end of level two and defeat her for the moon orb.

7. Take both orbs back to the waypoint in Lunaris Concourse, but this time head south to the harbour bridge. Find the final boss of the zone in the middle of this area and then head to act 9!
Tree At end of act 8:

Act 9

1. We are now in the famous blood aqueducts. This is where you can farm Tabula Rasa cards (The cheapest 6 link in the game). I usually stay here until low level 70’s or until I complete a set of Humility’s. Once you’re done grinding, head towards town and go to the Descent. At low level 60’s I usually complete the second level of labyrinth for my next 2 points. Pick up Pyromaniac to be even more tanky and continue leveling.

Note: Take Mind over Matter after you hit low level 70’s farming blood aqueduct, this node makes you extremely tanky. When we spec into this node 30% of the damage we receive is taken from our mana before life, so take off Summon Skitterbots and Zealotry and link added cold damage onto your arc mines to shatter corpses (Shattering is extremely important to avoid corpse explosion 1 shot mechanics).

2. Keep going until you end up in the Vastiri Desert. Find the ruins with large pillars and defeat the mobs for the storm blade. Next, try to find the waypoint in this zone and head north to the foothills.

3. Hug the bottom right wall until you find a waypoint and enter the boiling lake. Kill the Basilisk at the end for the acid and head back to town.

4. Talk to all npcs in town and then head back to the waypoint at the foothills. Go north to the tunnel and complete the lab trial to the left of the zone, then progress to the quarry at the very top of the zone.

5. At the Quarry you should sweep the very outside part of the zone until you either find Garukhan, or the entrance to the refinery. It doesn’t matter what order you do these two objectives in but they must be done.

6. After you’ve gotten the feather and powder, head back to town and talk to everyone. You should now have one skill point and a bottle of storm. Take the waypoint to the Vastiri desert and find the oasis at the very bottom right of the zone.
7. Progress through the zone until you find the boss, Queen of the Sands, and defeat her for the skillpoint.

8. At this point you are pretty much done with act 9. Head back to town and talk to all npcs, then head back to the quarry and progress through the rotting core to the belly of the best.

9. This will be just like act 4, you need to kill all 3 sub bosses and then you can kill the depraved Trinity and proceed to act 10.
Tree At end of act 9:

Act 10

1. Congratulations! You are finally at the very last act :). Head to the Cathedral Rooftop and go directly left to save Banon. Then go south and enter the Ravaged Square.

2. This is a Giant zone, but it’s really easy. Hug the top right wall until you see the waypoint right before the Ossuary. The final lab trial is in here, complete this and then go back to the waypoint at the entrance. Head directly south until you see the torched courts.

3. Follow this zone like you did in act 5 until you see the desecrated chambers, where you need to defeat Avarius. After you do this, head back to town and collect all quest rewards.

4. Finally, go back to the ravaged square waypoint and go the the very very very bottom left of the zone to enter the control blocks. Kill Vilenta at the end of this zone for another skill point and head back to town.

5. Now get prepared for the hardest fight yet. Make sure you have around 3.5-4k hp and capped resistances and you should be fine. Head towards the ravaged square way point one last time and progress through the canals and feeding trough until you meet kitava. Once you defeat him, gather your skill points in oriath and woot you’re in the endgame!
Tree At end of act 10:

End Game Tree

My Tree

Tree if you want to sacrifice Survivability for more Damage


Your device,
your way.

All devices, iOS 12 — 12.2 and 12.4


Chimera is the first true iOS 12 jailbreak to not only feature a CoreTrust bypass so that binaries don’t need to be resigned, but to also support A12 devices, including iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr, and the newest iPads. Chimera doesn’t tamper with user files, making it safer than alternatives.


We’ve rewritten Chimera from the ground up to ensure that there’s no battery drain, freezing, or crashing. There’s simply nothing else like it, and we can’t wait for you to see for yourself.


Chimera comes with a modern package manager, Sileo, featuring a UI made to fit iOS, and packed full of features and speed enhancements to make installing packages a breeze. Rather than sticking to tools built decades ago, it ships with modern system tools designed to take advantage wherever possible.

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