Review Is CoinPower Scam or Should I Invest

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5 Reason Why Should you Invest in Power Coin ICO

Over the last few years, the cryptocurrency market has been flooded with new tokens and coins. While most coins offer transaction solutions. Power Coins or the P Coin offers mining solution with transaction solutions as an add-on. In this blog, we shed light on why investing in Power Coin promises compounded growth. Now be discuss ICO investment.

Why Should You Invest in P_Coin?

The Bamboo Tree and Mining

Chinese culture equates financial cycle investment to Bamboo Trees. During the first four years, the bamboo tree hardly grows. Minimum activity is observed. However, cometh the fifth year and the Bamboo Plant embarks on a growth curve matched by none. It outgrows all to become the tallest plant on the planet.

Mining is also a very tedious and time-consuming process. It requires great computational skills, hardware support and at the same time consumes a tremendous amount of electricity. Sometimes the rising cost and competitions can halt operations.

PowerCorp and the Mining Solution

Demand and Supply govern Value of Altcoins. As the number of coins for mining decreases, so does the value increases manifold. Hence there is no better time to start mining popular cryptocurrencies than now.

PowerCorp is inspired to solve the complex mining riddles by delivering an asset-backed mining solution. Our Power Mining Lease model is powered by a robust transactional ecosystem constituting Dex Asset Exchange, PowerCoin and Waves Platform. PowerCorp lends you a cryptocurrency mining platform via Fractional leases located across major cities on the globe.

The P_Coin

P_Coin is based on the ERC20 standard of the Ethereum environment that imparts stability and scalability. P_Coin will derive value from real physical and financial assets stored in secure power vaults. Power Vaults are part of the Dex Asset Exchange. PowerCoins are valued against the assets stored in the power vaults.

While most crypto tokens offer transactional solutions like wallet, exchange (both FIAT and Altcoins), Power Coin in fact goes a step ahead by enabling its owner’s to lease PowerCorp Cryptocurrency Data Farms. These data farms are the engine that drives the PowerCorp Mining Model. The LCOE Data Farms operate at a minimal operational cost with support for mining multiple cryptocurrencies.

The Pre-ICO sale is live now. A hard cap of 1,000,000,000 Power Coins will be available during the pre-ICO sale at Exchange Rate of US$0.50 per coin.

The Facilities

Power Corp will have data farms in five prime facilities spread across the globe. These data firm facilities are in

  • Facility 1. North Carolina USA
  • Facility 2. New Jersey USA
  • Facility 3. Canada
  • Facility 4. Morocco
  • Facility 5. South Africa

PowerCoin investors/buyer will have access to the mining farms for a limited period as per the lease package opted by them.

Early first and second-week buyer get 6 months of the extra lease.
Post the second week, buyers can get an extra 3 months provided they buy before the end of the fourth week.
Fractional leases will be available in the near future

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Sale Proceed Allocation: Key Highlights

  • 40% proceeds for DATA Farm Infra
  • 40% proceeds for Power Corp Treasury and Asset Acquisition

In conclusion, we can say that P_Coin is the true cryptocurrency that presents its investors the unique opportunity to be cryptocurrency owners as well as miners.

The value of P_Coin will gain value as more and more cryptocurrencies are mined over a period of time. Unlike other Coins that depend on the success of their platforms services, P_Coin integrated architecture with other coins makes it risk-free. It is definitely a once in a lifetime investment.

Bitcoin Power Ltd Review: Wannabie Scam Platform?

Bitcoin Power Ltd Review: Wannabie Scam Platform?


Last Updated: Aug 28, 2020 @ 11:32 am

If there are hundreds of thieves on the internet who are looking to steal Bitcoins from you, rest assured that you will bump into them every time you search for legitimate Cryptocurrency mining websites on the internet. This particular review is about a company known as Bitcoin Power Ltd ( which claims to have been registered in the UK with company number 11038429.

The website of the Bitcoin Power Ltd looks really enticing, although it has the usual markings of a ponzi scheme platform. For example, most online investment scams come from the UK and are registered in UK. This one too is not an exception as they are registered in the UK.

There is a profitability calculator on their site, plus they have mentioned that members can earn between 0.35% to 0.50% hourly ROI.

Under those circumstances, daily return on investments would be 8% to 12%, something that we cannot achieve on a consistent basis. Unless Bitcoin Power Ltd is participating in several investment opportunities apart from Cryptocurrency mining and trading, there is no way we can sniff that daily return on investment. It is just too misleading to believe these numbers.

But it also reminds us that these numbers are often quoted by online ponzi schemes since you cannot find a legit Cryptcurrency mining company talking about ROIs and even enticing visitors with profit calculators. These profit calculators are misleading and will never tell you the truth. They are programmed to display false numbers suggesting that the website where you found that calculator at is profitable to invest with. That may not be the case.

Now, there is a big difference between a ponzi scheme like Bitcoin Power Ltd and a legit Cryptocurrency mining or trading company. We want to mention those differences in our scam check section. After this, you will make up your mind whether or not you want to proceed with Bitcoin Power Ltd. But before that, you will need to think long and hard because this business is all about lies and falsehood.

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Bitcoin Power Ltd Review: Clearly a scam, here’s evidence

There are the usual lies that ponzi schemes will tell. These include the misleading number of years that they have operated this business and the alleged ”Cryptocurrency traders and analysts” which this company says they have employed.

While Bitcoin Power Ltd says they have been operating this business for the last 5 years, that is not what their domain registration details are telling us. We might want to trust details because they are more reliable than what this website is telling us.

According to, the domain was registered on 2020-09-25. That is just a few months ago. Mathematically, this cannot be 5 years ago. So this is definitely a lie that they just made up to fool gullible visitors.

Now that we are done with that part, we would like to mention their so-called Cryptocurrency experts and analysts who are anonymous by the way.

The funny thing is that the admin of Bitcoin Power Ltd is also anonymous. So it only makes sense to conceal the identities of people who might be working with them. But most likely, this admin is a wannabie thief who works alone since the credibility of this company is questionable. Their activities are definitely not straight forward. And of course they are not transparent when it comes to the identity of the admin and their so-called team of professional Cryptocurrency experts. It would be very foolish of us to believe that Bitcoin Power Ltd is a genuine company with mining rigs and professional traders as part of the resources.

The falsified promises

As you can see, most of what is written on this website is plain hype. Hype can never be supported by facts. That means you have to use your common sense to make reasonable judgement, right?

Bitcoin Power Ltd says that they are offering stable daily profits forever. They claim that they have the expertise and resources that are needed to run this business successfully since they have been doing this since 2020. Of course we know that this is a lie.

They also lie that they have employed a risk management team so that their clients funds will always be invested safely according to the strategies of these ”experts”.

We know that this information is neither true or accurate. It is of course geared towards someone who is foolish enough to believe the vibe. As for us, these are considered tell tale signs that must be acted upon instead of ignoring them.

Please be advised that no one can guarantee stable daily income in any form of investment. At least the word ”stable” should not be used to sell a falsified investment program like Bitcoin Power Ltd.

And then there are also claims that Bitcoin Power Ltd has fulfilled the necessary requirements needed by the regulatory authorities.

The only regulatory authority that would be interested in the activities of this company in the UK is the FCA. Since Bitcoin Power Ltd is claiming that they are licensed, we would be very much interested in seeing their licensing details to believe that this information is true.

Now, we promise you that you can search for this information on their site and you will find none. That’s because Bitcoin Power Ltd is not registered by the FCA, and they are not intending to seek this registration any time soon.

Their location is anonymous. The same applies to the admin. So how can they be granted any license to continue operating this scam in the UK? You must not believe this BS.

Before we can go far, we want you to identify the difference between this scam ponzi scheme and legit Cryptocurrency mining companies.

They are as follows

Unlike Bitcoin Power Ltd, a legit Cryptocurrency trading or mining company will not put more emphasis on big referral commissions. This is not their main line of business. However, ponzi schemes, on the other hand, will promise fat commissions because this is their line of business. Will those promises be fulfilled? Absolutely not.

Also, when you look at any website that is legitimately mining Cryptos, you will not find profit calculators or promised ROIs figures.

A legit Cryptocurrency mining company will not have trouble revealing who the admin is and where they are operating from. Simply naming UK as the place of operation is not enough. You should definitely detect these clear cut differences.

Finally, it is rare for a legit investment program to combine trading and mining of Cryptos under one roof. They are either mining or trading Cryptos but not mixing the two.

On the other hand, ponzi schemes like Bitcoin Power Ltd will often combine the two line of businesses because they want to conceal the fact that they are building a pyramid scheme.

Our best advice for you

The interest rates for Bitcoin Power Ltd are totally ridiculous and unbelievable. These guys either don’t have any knowledge or are just being careless with how they present information on their site.

We are displeased with their lies. We have no option but to send them straight to the blacklist of Cryptocurrency scams. So make your own decisions, and think very hard before joining. Review: Is CoinPower Scam or Should I Invest?

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This is not a simple HYIP site about crypto, trading or gold. It’s a site about all of them. We work following a new concept of High Yield investment based on the management of HYIP portfolio. Yes, we invest in HYIP and we give you part of the profits! For more info about our strategy, see the”How it works” section .

Scam Alert

Surely there is evil power in this devilish site as this greedy admin will surely steal your money so be aware as this HYIP Admin has no intention of paying now or ever. Beware dear investors as the name should be triggering warning sirens in your brain by now.

This HYIP Admin is sure poor in thought as does not even know how to make his site impressive enough by choosing a dull web design. You may cheat other investors but definitely not us!

Last of all, will you allow only 2 Monitors to convince you that the site pays? Are you really that ignorant to lose your money to this fraud? If yes, then just give them to those living on the streets instead to help those in need – not to help those with greed.

So next time you see sites with:

  • Doubtful site name – SCAM !
  • Dull Web Design – SCAM !!
  • 2 Monitors only – SCAM . is furiously fighting against the continuous spread of fake High Yield Investment Program (also known as HYIP)becauseyou will definitelylose your hard-earned cash if scammers are not detected. We seriously alert that wrong investment can totally ruinyour current financial situation.

To gear up for your combat against scam, Due Diligence must be enforced by reading, making thorough research and review the program you are interested in. Make use of every tool and information found in and as in the Group Chat before making that Final Investment Decision.

Better to be attentive than be sorry in the end.

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