How to Buy Amazon Shares in Australia

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Selling on Amazon Australia — Get started quick and easy


If you’re already an established seller on Amazon in the US, you might be looking for a new way to grow your ecommerce business. Amazon launched its Australian marketplace in 2020, opening a great new market for international businesses. Selling in Australia has a few distinct advantages. Unlike some other international marketplaces, there’s no language barrier to worry about, and Amazon is sure to attract more customers as it grows. Expect to see new features and selling categories added in future, which will introduce Amazon to an even bigger Australian audience.

Read on for all you need to know about how to get started selling on Amazon Australia, including:

  • Who can sell on Amazon’s Australian marketplace
  • The categories of products open to sellers
  • Fees and charges you need to know about
  • Tax and costs when importing or sending products to customers directly

Why you should be selling on Amazon Australia

Ecommerce isn’t as established in Australia as it is in many other developed economies. High delivery costs meant that until recently it tended to be cheaper and easier to shop in a regular brick and mortar store.

However, things are changing as more ecommerce platforms expand into the Australian market. Amazon Australia launched in 2020 and is a growing marketplace. Although Australian customers had previously been able to shop with Amazon US, the Australian launch was intended to offer customers lower shipping fees and shorter delivery times. ¹

Thanks to Fulfillment By Amazon — FBA — it’s possible for international sellers to list items on Amazon Australia and have local logistics and delivery taken care of by Amazon. If you’re already an established Amazon seller in the US and looking to expand your business, getting in early with Amazon Australia could be a good way to introduce your products to a whole new market.

Who can sell on Amazon’s Australian marketplace?

Unfortunately, Amazon Australia doesn’t currently offer linked accounts. That means that if you have an Amazon account already operating in the US or one of the other available marketplaces, you’ll still need to create a new one to sell in Australia. For this, you need a unique email address and storefront name.

To sell on Amazon Australia you’ll also need to give the following information:

  • Your business name and address
  • The name of the person or entity which owns the business
  • Your credit card details, including the address used for billing
  • Your Australian bank account details, to receive payments
  • You may also be asked for an official form of identification and a bank statement

It’s helpful to know before you sign up that your credit card must be internationally chargeable.

If you don’t have an Australian bank account, one option is to get yourself a TransferWise borderless account to receive payments in Australian dollars. You’ll get your own Australian account details, which can be used to receive money. You can then convert your balance back to USD whenever you like, using the mid-market rate and for just a small fee. More on this a bit later.

How does the Amazon Australian marketplace work?

You’ll be able to list your products on the Amazon Australia website, under any of over 20 categories and sell directly to customers there. You can then either fulfil your orders yourself — mailing items to customers directly — or choose to use FBA to have Amazon sort out your local logistics on your behalf.

What kind of fees can I expect to pay?

There are several different fees you need to know about. You’ll pay a monthly charge of AUD49.95, plus a referral fee on any products sold. You may also need to pay what’s known as a closing fee of AUD1 for any media product you sell, such as books and DVDs.³

Referral fees vary depending on the product category you’re selling in. Here’s an outline of the fees from 31 March 2020:

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  • Automotive – 9%
  • Baby Products (excluding Baby Apparel) – 9%
  • Beauty – 15%
  • Books – 15%
  • Camera and Photo – 7%
  • Clothing & Accessories – 12%
  • Computer/ Video Games – 9%
  • Consumer Electronics – 7%
  • DVD – 12%
  • Electronics Accessories – 12%
  • Health & Personal Care (including Personal Care Appliances) – 9%
  • Home – 12%
  • Jewellery – 15%
  • Kitchen – 9%
  • Luggage & Travel Accessories – 12%
  • Large Appliances – 7%
  • Mobile Phone Devices – 7%
  • Music – 15%
  • Musical Instruments – 9%
  • Office Products – 12%
  • Outdoors – 15%
  • Pantry Food & Drinks – 9%
  • Personal Computers – 6%
  • Pet Products – 9%
  • Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses – 12%
  • Software – 15%
  • Sports – 15%
  • Tools & Home Improvement – 12%
  • Toys & Games – 9%
  • Video & DVD – 12%
  • Video Game Consoles – 6%
  • Everything else – 15%

There’s also a charge if you refund a customer purchase. In this case, Amazon will return the referral fee you already paid, minus the refund administration fee which is the lesser of AUD5 or 20% of the referral fee paid.⁴

How should I price my products?

When you’re pricing your products for Amazon Australia you’ll need to bear in mind the costs involved, including Amazon’s fees, shipping and the cost of goods. Depending on the product you sell, and where it’s being shipped from, you may also have to pay GST — a tax of 10%, or other import costs.⁵ Make sure you include these in your calculations to protect your profit margin.

Typically, lower priced goods, costing in the region of $10-$50 tend to work well. This price point is great for online sales as it’s low enough that customers will still buy unseen, without worrying too much about carrying out their own detailed research on the product, and yet high enough that you can make a profit.⁶

What products can I sell on Amazon Australia?

There are over 20 categories open to sellers on Amazon Australia. Some require you to have approval to sell — more on that below. Here are the categories of products you can choose from:

  • Baby Products
  • Beauty
  • Books
  • Camera and Photo
  • Cell Phones
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Home
  • Music
  • Office Products
  • Outdoors
  • Personal Computers
  • Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses
  • Software and Computer Games
  • Sports
  • Tools & Home Improvement
  • Toys & Games
  • Video, DVD & Blu Ray
  • Video Games and Consoles
  • Watches

If you plan to sell videos, DVDs or Blu Ray discs, you’ll need to apply for approval before you can start. Depending on the specific products you’re selling, you might also need approval if you’re selling baby or beauty products, home and outdoor goods, health and personal care items, sporting goods, toys or games. Full details are available on the Amazon Australia website.⁷

Shipping and inventory

If you’re selling through Amazon Australia you’ll need to decide whether to fulfil orders yourself directly or use the Amazon FBA service. If you choose to deal with shipping and inventory management yourself, you’ll need to find a reliable way to get your products to international customers, such as using a courier service. It’ll also be your responsibility to hold and maintain your inventory, so you may need additional space to keep the stock you need to sell abroad.

An alternative is to use FBA, which involves shipping your products in bulk to an Amazon warehouse in Australia. Amazon will then deal with holding and shipping orders from within Australia, making it cheaper and quicker for customers there. You’ll pay a fee for this service, which comprises of a cost for storage, and a price per item shipped. Costs vary depending on the type and size of the products you’re selling.

Fees and taxes for importing to Australia

From July 2020, any product being imported to Australia and sold for under AUD1,000 is subject to a charge of 10% for GST (Goods and Services tax)

If you choose to use FBA, you’ll likely use a customs agent or freight forwarder to have your products shipped to Australia in bulk. Your agent will be able to advise you of the fees and taxes you’re liable to pay, which will vary depending on the type of product you are selling, and the value of the shipment.

Step by step — it’s easy to get started as a seller on

To sell through Amazon Australia you will need to register a new account for this marketplace. Once you’ve done this, you can get started by taking the following steps:⁸

  • List your products using the add a product tool, by uploading an inventory file, or with Amazon Marketplace Web Services
  • Sell and ship products — you can either fulfil orders yourself by mailing them directly to customers, or use FBA
  • Amazon will send your payment to your registered Australian bank account, their fees deducted

If you don’t have an Australian bank account, you can open a Transferwise borderless account instead, for easy and convenient payments and currency conversion. This multi-currency account lets you hold dozens of different currencies in one place. You’ll get local Australian bank details which you can use to receive payments from Amazon, and can then switch your Australian dollars back to USD within your account whenever you’re ready, at the mid-market exchange rate. That’s the best rate out there, and the one you’ll find on Google. You can then simply withdraw your dollars to your regular US bank, or spend them using your borderless debit card.

Tips and tricks

Here are a few final ideas to make sure you hit the ground running when you start selling on Amazon Australia.

  • Make sure you list your products in the correct categories, to pay the right referral fee no matter what you sell — and don’t forget to check local regulations to ensure your products can be legally sold in Australia
  • Amazon’s Best Selling Rank (BSR) is a useful tool to check how your products are likely to sell in Australia. Popular products are marked as top sellers so you can check out the competition and see how your goods may rank
  • Use a TransferWise borderless account as a great way to receive customer payments in Australian dollars, and convert back to USD, using the Google exchange rate and for just a low fee
  • If you decide to start selling a product which requires approval from Amazon, you can apply via Seller Central. Simply use the add a product tool to find the item you want to sell, and click to request approval, You’ll need to complete some details and be assessed as a seller, so Amazon can guarantee high standards for their customers

As Amazon expands into Australia and builds a bigger customer base there, sellers who get in early are likely to benefit. Setting up an Australian account now, and introducing your products to a new market can be a great long term growth strategy. Do some research into the local requirements, and how to best minimize your costs, and you could give your profits a significant boost by listing on the marketplace.


All sources last checked 21/04/2020

This publication is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to cover every aspect of the topics with which it deals. It is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. You must obtain professional or specialist advice before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of the content in this publication. The information in this publication does not constitute legal, tax or other professional advice from TransferWise Limited or its affiliates. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. We make no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, that the content in the publication is accurate, complete or up to date.

Selling on Amazon Australia


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Amazon is developing significantly in Australia. It has now gotten one of the most significant selling platforms in Australia, if not in the world.

On the general report basis and global data gathering, Amazon attracts around 50 million consumers a month. That is what makes this article, “Selling on Amazon Australia” a worth of reading.

What is Amazon Australia?

Amazon Australia is one of the most significant market places for Amazon across the globe for an online business, or you can say that for buying and selling.

This is a platform that allows third-party sellers like baby products sellers and beauty products sellers to sell their products using Amazon Australia Market place. Selling on Amazon Australia ensures one thing that your product will be represented at 50% of Amazon’s global websites.

Amazon Australia is all about freedom of the seller and buyers. But here, our focus will be mainly on the sellers. Amazon Australia allows sellers to set their price points according to their products.

Moreover, a seller is also entitled to add or write product descriptions and their branding to market their products in the best possible wait. But the critical thing that you need to consider while Selling on Amazon Australia to keep a product search-friendly.

We will be talking about this later in this article. To start Selling on Amazon Australia, you need to get a monthly subscription that is paid and commission to sell your product.

How famous is Amazon in Australia?

Last year consumer-voted Amazon’s one of the favorite retailers across Australia. That is the way and above almost every other retailer in Australia that you can name.

Yes, every one of the. So, if you are looking for online business in Australia, then why not take a look at Selling on Amazon Australia.

Considering the Australian e-commerce industry in front, it is not only growing by a breakneck pace yet has a stable economy with higher online penetration.

Based on reports, Australia made a whopping total of $32 billion in eCommerce sales in 2020, making it in the top 10 global e-commerce markets.

In the survey, we have found that almost 67% of Australian people prefer to shop online, and they mostly rely on an online market place like Amazon. This makes Selling on Amazon Australia a striking thing to sell on Amazon Australia.

For instance, consider if Amazon manages to capture only 20% of Australian online business, it can generate mind-boggling revenue of approx. 7 billion dollars. If you are considering starting selling on Amazon, definitely Amazon Australia can make some good incremental revenues.

Is Selling on Amazon Australia worth it?

The essential thing in any online business is to find the audience you are trying to selling is the right target or not. You can find several retailers and big sellers in Australia to sell your products on.

eBay is one of the biggest competitors of Amazon in Australia for this particular niche. So, the simple rule that you need to follow to sell on Amazon Australia is to find either you are selling the right product or not.

The audience you are trying to target even exists or not and how the cost structure will be affecting your profits.

Besides this, keep in mind your success also depends on may other tiny but non-ignorable factors. Such as, there isn’t any guarantee that you will make any profit by Selling on Amazon Australia.

The only thing you can do to make your journey successful in this regard to start this business by doing proper market research and analysis.

Also, work on strategies to sell your products even more and keep an eye on your contenders to get a thought of what they are trying and the others in a particular niche of the products.

How does Selling on Amazon Australia work?

It costs nothing to get started! Amazon is always no sale, no fee. The perfect thing about this is that you can try new ideas and see what happens for precisely nothing. You sell your product alongside Amazon’s listing for the same product.

So chances are there’s already an established market for what you’re selling – with established buyers. There’s often less competition. As you’ll know, if you buy or sell on eBay, there are usually so many people selling the same thing it can end up going for next to nothing?

Great if you’re buying, a disaster if you’re selling. But on Amazon, there are categories with little or even no severe competition. Amazon isn’t an auction. Let’s face it; the auction system on eBay mostly works in favor of the buyer. It only very occasionally helps the seller get more than they expected.

Amazon Australia allows you to list your products under any of its 20 categories to sell directly to customers there. Moreover, for the ease of sellers, it also provides Amazon FBA services to sort every hassle of logistics on a seller’s behalf.

You can even fill the mailing form of customers directly by yourself, but we recommend you to use Amazon FBA Australia services to get the best out of your time and resources.

Now come to the fee part on several categories of the products. There several different fees for Selling on Amazon Australia that are essential to keep in mind.

To sell on Amazon Australia, you will pay around AUD 49.95 alongside the referral fee on your sold products. Amazon Australia can also ask about the closing fee on media products you sell, like books and VCDs.

For referral fees, it mainly depends on each category of the product that you are selling in. Here is an updated outline of the referral fees of different types of products on Amazon Australia.

  • 15% on Beauty Products
  • 9% on Automotive Products
  • 15% on Books
  • 7% on Camera and Photo Products
  • 12% on Clothing and Accessories
  • 9% on Computer and Video Games Products
  • 7% on Consumer Electronics
  • 12% on Consumer Electronics Accessories
  • 12% on DVDs
  • 9% on Health and Personal Care Products including personal care Appliances
  • 12% on Home
  • 15% on Jewelry Products
  • 9% on Kitchen Products
  • 12% on Luggage and Accessories
  • 7% on Mobile Phone Devices
  • 7% on Large Appliances
  • 15% on Music
  • 9% on Musical Instruments
  • 12% on Office Products
  • 15% on Outdoor Products
  • 9% on Pantry Food and Drinks
  • 6% on Personal Computers
  • 9% on Pet Products
  • 12% on Shoes, Handbags, and Sunglasses
  • 15% on Software
  • 15% Sports
  • 12% Tools and Home Improvement
  • 9% on Toys and Games
  • 12% on Video and DVD
  • 6% on Video Game Consoles
  • 15% on Remaining Products

There are also charges other than referral fees, such as refund a customer purchase.

Who can sell products on Amazon Australia?

The internet is nothing less than an open avenue for many individuals to earn online. One of the most popular online money-making ventures is merely selling things on Amazon.

However, to be able to reap substantial rewards, you need to be able to know precisely how to sell on Amazon and other such sites.

To make your effort worthwhile, you need to know how to function as a professional Amazon seller. And for that, you need to know about who can sell products on Amazon Australia.

Amazon offers an excellent money-making opportunity to everyone, and with the right guidance on how to sell on Amazon, you could very well be making up to $3000 per month.

What to Prepare Before Selling on Amazon Australia?

Like many other online market places, there aren’t any specific criteria to sell on Amazon Australia. But make sure to have the following considerations to be able to sign up a seller account on Amazon Australia.

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Company Details
  • Credit Card Information (Can be Charged Internationally with valid billing Address)
  • Tax ID

Once you are done with providing all the details mentioned above, a representative will contact ou on the phone from Amazon to carry on the process until its completion.

What products can I sell on Amazon Australia?

Like we mentioned earlier, there are over 20 categories that one can choose from to sell on Amazon Australia. Where some categories, you need approval from Amazon or some you can sell without any endorsement.

Here are a few popular categories of the products that one can sell on Amazon Australia without any hassle.

  • Home and Home Improvement
  • Automobile
  • Kitchen and Dining Products
  • Baby Products
  • Lighting Products
  • Clothing and Shoes
  • Movies and TV
  • Books
  • Stationery and Office Products
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Software
  • Health and Beauty Products
  • Toys and Games

If you are considering selling Blu Ray discs, DVDs, or any video plans, you need approval from Amazon Australia to start. For the items referenced above as well as for specific products like baby or beauty products, home, and outdoor products, health and personal care products, or any other product, you might also need approval from Amazon Australia.

To read out more about terms and conditions to sell on Amazon Australia, you can visit the Amazon Australia Website.

How do I price my products?

After getting approval for your selected products category, one of the most important things is to price your products.

Bear in mind, when you are pricing your products for Amazon Australia, you will also need to consider the other costs like Amazon’s fees, shipping, and the actual cost of your products. You also may likely to pay GST depending where a product is being shipped.

A tax of 10% GST or other import costs also includes in your calculations to get your profit margin.

As per our observation, lower-priced products sell well in the Australian region. Keep the price point of your products low as it is excellent for your online sales. It gives a customer power to buy any of your products without worrying too much.

But don’t forget to keep your profit margin calculated so you can profitably run your business. To assist you even further, here are some key factors that can help you a lot while determining the price points of your Amazon Products.

· What are your costs to sell, and what is Amazon Fee?

Like many other online market places, it also costs to sell on Amazon. So, this is the most significant factor to take into consideration while setting prices for your products. You also need to consider customer return fees alongside your return related costs.

· Competition Analysis

One of the most fabulous way to set your product price points to look for your competitor’s price points.

· Adaptability

Adaptability is a must-have to sell on Amazon Australia. Keep changing your product price points depending on where your product is ranking on Amazon’s searches. It is necessary to do because other sellers their prices too to keep up with the competition.

How much will Amazon Australia charge me to sell?

Other than referral fees (you can find a detailed review for referral fees of each product category on top) and hidden product charges, Amazon Australia also has the following cost structure for all the sellers, or we can say that for its marketplace. An AUD 49.95 monthly Subscription fee.

This fee is necessary to pay to Amazon Australia to list your products on it.

  • 6-15% commission fee off for the top of sales that you will generate using Amazon Australia Market Place. This mainly depends on the type and category of each product.

Amazon FBA Australia

When it comes to shipping, you need to organize most of the shipping hassle by yourself. If you are into handling your shipping and doing all the management by self. Then you need to keep on eye of your stock levels because it is necessary to keep transparency between you and the buyers.

The other thing you have to do is to check orders daily, so you can ship the orders as soon as possible to the buyers by fulfilling all the shipping and fulfillment policies.

If you find yourself not comfortable to do all the shipping hassle, then Amazon FBA Australia can prove a great help. Amazon FBA Australia offers optional shipping services named Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Amazon FBA allows sellers to store and ship their products through Amazon’s warehouses without any hassle. If you utilize Amazon FBA services, you can get free shipping on specific products as well as two-day shipping for the prime members doing this service worth having.

Shipping and inventory

First thing first, if you are selling through Amazon Australia, you need to decide either you will do fulfill orders yourself, or you will rely on Amazon FBA services.

As we discussed earlier, if you go for Amazon FBA services, then it will handle all the fuss related to shipping and order fulfillment. But what if you want to deal with shopping and inventory management by yourself?

If you choose to deal with shipping and inventory management by yourself, then the first thing you need to focus on is dealing with international orders. Always go for a reliable courier services provider because it is your responsibility to ship the orders to the buyers without any mishap.

Moreover, when you manage inventory yourself, then it will be your responsibility to hold and maintain all of your products. This is your responsibility to maintain additional space to keep the stock of the products that you need to sell abroad or that are in demand.

But we recommend you to go for Amazon FBA services because it not only saves you your time but also keeps you away from all the hassle.

How do I market my products on Amazon Australia?

Not one, two, or three, there are several ways to market your Amazon Australia products to reach out to potential buyers. In recent times, marketing through social media branding and optimizing your product listing is a great way to market your products.

Amazon product ranking algorithm works differently than many other online market places. It uses its own market place search engine to rank your products.

When it comes to ranking your products, Amazon’s Search engine considers many factors to rate a product or listings. To rank your products on Amazon Australia out of the best, you need to research product features, price, and availability alongside history to rank well in Amazon search.

How to Start Selling on Amazon Australia?

A lot of people in search of this question, with unemployment rates growing day by day, individuals from everywhere throughout the world are looking to cash this opportunity to sell on Amazon.

Maybe you aware of the term affiliate marketing. This is one of the biggest and most utilized ways of Selling on Amazon Australia. Amazon, over the most recent couple of years, has turned a ton of eyes both from shoppers and merchants.

Large customer base, comprehensive service, huge stock, extra-customary conveyance services, and high consumer loyalty have settled on this site the critical decision for customers and merchants.

Does the inquiry frequently emerge how to sell on Amazon? It very well may be somewhat dubious, yet once you are knowledgeable with the working of this stage, you’ll be making a reasonable aggregate of cash every month. How about we start with the means to follow to begin your Amazon vendor account in Australia.

· Set up an arrangement

The initial move toward any fruitful venture is an adept and sensible arrangement. Comprehend your business, its interest, target client base, stock life, and transportation from your area.

If you haven’t chosen to start with any product, make a decision ASAP.

· Arrange for Photoshoot-

Once you are done with deciding what product you will be Selling on Amazon Australia, the next thing is to arrange a photoshoot of the products.

· Keep the product details ready.

The next big thing after completion of products photoshoot, write down all the necessary aspects of your selected products such as technical specifications and color, weight, length, breadth, height, construction quality alongside special features.

· Create your seller account

In Australia, you need certain documents at the time of account creation.

The things you need to keep your GST certificate, bank account details, business name, verified email address, mobile number, shipping address and item classification data prepared

Giving all particulars to the Amazon Australia, you will be able to create an account as a seller on Amazon Australia.

· Maintain quality

This is the essential thing that you need to consider after setting up your account successfully. Always make sure to deliver high-quality and heavy-duty products with fantastic customer experience.

· Opt for FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon to safely deliver consignments alongside faster delivery. You can also send your mass stock to the distribution centers of Amazon. Built-in all the major cities of Australia.

How to get paid by international buyers?

This is the primary concern for every seller to get paid by international buyers. If you are selling your products outside of Australia, then you need to convert back the profits into AUD.

To do this, you can consider two below given methods.

· Get a Foreign Bank Account:

From the name, you can get the idea that setting a foreign bank account is getting a bank account of the country where your products are listed.

To arrange a foreign bank account, you need to aware of the complexities of the banking system of the country where you are selling your Amazon products.

This isn’t an appreciated method among the sellers because it offers low exchange rates and high fees at both the sending and receiving banks.

· Third-party Money Transfer Service

This is the most acceptable and easy way to get your funds from the buyers. A lot of money transfer service providers offer this service on market places like Amazon.

The best thing about such services is you can set multiple online accounts and can accept currencies of many countries. Also, third party money transfer service offers reasonable exchange rates.

How to find products to sell on Amazon Australia?

The best methodology is to look for a distributer’s products, which are available online, from many suppliers.

Unfortunately, you cannot find enough items that are profitable to sell. By doing an in-depth analysis of different products, you will find products that catch customers’ eyes. By comparing them, you can see which products are more profitable.

It will be both challenging and time-consuming to looking through the thousands of the products and find more profitable ones. So, we are going to mention a few tips which can help you in the best way possible.

· Avoid searching for restricted Amazon Products.

Restricted items contain products like beauty items, grocery products, jewelry, health, and personal care, watches, and some things.

Once you got the experience of selling on Amazon, then you can quickly sell restricted products to avail every opportunity.

This is because Amazon is challenging to work with, so by avoiding the limited categories, in the beginning, you will prevent a lot of headaches. To meet the requirements of Amazon, you have to sell products on Amazon.

· Go for products that appeal to a particular type of hobby or need.

You can consider home surveillance products that can be helpful to prevent the danger that exists in this world.

At the point when you locate a possible thing in a distributer’s catalog, you can quickly check profitability after looking after the description from the archive and pasting it in the Amazon search box for price comparison.

Once you find the right product, be sure there is an ample supply of the product so you can meet any potential demand. Amazon frowns on sellers that cannot provide the products they are selling.

· Create your own

If you have a skill such as knitting or painting, this may come easy for you. However, this may be rather time-consuming.

In our opinion, the best products to sell are information products because you can create them quickly, and they have higher profit margins than physical products. Information products teach people how to do things or help them solve problems.

If you have specialized knowledge or are willing to do a little bit of research, then it ought to be generally straightforward for you to create an information product.

Some of the most common types of information products sold online are eBooks, mp3 audios, and mp4 videos. One quick and easy way to create audios is to record your conference call with a service like

Moreover, you can record and download the recording for a minimal fee. They also offer transcription services that allow you to put your audio into written form. Now you have your e-book. The key is to provide exceptional content.

You do not want counterfeit products being associated with your brand. You can record videos with a digital camera or webcam. You can also use screen capture software like the ones found at to record instructional videos from your computer.

What Not To Do While Selling on Amazon Australia?

Mistakes happen. They are a part of life. But errors are no way to build your used book business, selling used books, music CDs, and instructional DVDs on the Amazon Marketplace.

Thinking the customer wished to a thank you note. The initial idea was to build a relationship with people who purchased from us, drive them back to my Amazon Bookstore page, and sell more products to a happy customer.

But the customer belongs to Amazon, not us. Adding a ‘Thank You’ note is permissible under Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS)…. but it doesn’t help you make any money.

What Mistakes To Avoid While Selling on Amazon Australia?

Ignore items that are dominated by big brand names because it will be tough to find the products at a price that makes it profitable. Also, Ignore categories that target general items directed at the sexes, like clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

· Do you need an ABN to sell on Amazon?

This mainly depends on your profit and intentions on the Amazon Store. You only need ABN if you are:

  • Running an Enterprise in Australia
  • Carrying Supplies of any Enterprise in Australia
  • Having a Business Structure in Place
  • A lot of buying and selling activities on Amazon

· Do I need to register a company to sell on Amazon?

If we keep the answer to this question straight and straightforward than No, you don’t need to register a company to sell on Amazon. Most of the products already selling Amazon are already not Federally Regulated.

· Can individuals sell on Amazon Australia?

Yes, individuals can sell on Amazon. Amazon allows the individual to sell up to 40 products per month. So this is your chance to sell on Amazon as an individual.

· Can I start Amazon FBA with no money?

Yes, being an individual seller on Amazon, you can start Amazon FBA with no money. But this only lasts till signing up your account on Amazon. But to sell your products, you first need to buy products and then ship them to customers either by yourself or utilizing Amazon FBA services.

· Is selling on Amazon FBA worth it?

Selling on Amazon FBA is an excellent worth because Amazon FBA handles all the hard work of shipping and storage management for you. Once you get Amazon FBA status, then you have the privileges of Amazon’s elite status.

How LeelineSourcing Help You Sell on Amazon Australia Successfully?

LineSourcing is all about handling all of the hard work for you. LineSourcing is your one-stop China agent with no upfront charges, and you also need nay experience.

LineSourcing agents will help you or guide you step by step to making your business successful in the Amazon Australia marketplace.

Besides this, LineSourcing also helps you to ensure the best quality of the products utilizing its professional and high-quality control process. So, if you are looking to sell on Amazon Australia, LineSourcing can help you the best in this regard.


Selling on Amazon Australia market place is the dream of many. That is why we bring this article to help you guys in the best way possible. You are looking for to start Selling on Amazon Australia from scratch, or you want to improve the productivity of your already running business.

You can find every guidance here. So stop looking around, read this article in-depth to get the answers to your questions related to Selling on Amazon Australia.

How do I sell on Amazon in Australia?

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I’ve linked to a couple of great free resources below to help:

How to Sell on Amazon Australia

2. Select which products to sell

  • Research products similar to your own to see how they perform
  • Look at your own sales data
  • If you’re using a platform like Neto to manage all of your sales channels, you can pick and choose which products from your webstore you want to also list to Amazon.

3. List your products to Amazon via Seller Central

4. Get your products seen & win the buy box

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