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IQ Option Review | Is IQ Option a Scam?

Is IQ Option a SCAM or Not? 100% Honest Review Pro Trader Reveals The Truth! Read This First and Start Trading NOW! BEST Tips!

IQ Option – trading platform

Binary options are prohibited in EEA

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

In this review, I go through the following facts:

IQ Option

YouTube Video: An introduction video for new traders.

IQ Option

IQ Option

Testimonials and Success Stories: Real users share their experiences.

IQ Option

Trading: How and what to trade with IQ Option.

IQ Option

App: How to use and get the most out of the app.

  • IQ Option Is It a Scam?: My full fraud investigation report and results.
  • IQ Option Auto Trader: Can you use the binary option robot auto trader with this broker site.
  • IQ Option US traders: This broker site does not currently accept US traders. I will tell you why and what your options are if you reside in the United States.
  • Conclusion: Including the overall rating
  • How to trade on IQ Option


    • $10 Minimum deposit: This is the minimum deposit to start binary options trading. You do not have to make a big investment.
    • $1 Minimum trades: Again, you do not have to be a millionaire to be able to gain money by trading stocks or currencies; you can start with small amounts and climb up the ladder at your own pace.
    • Web-based interactive education system
    • Over 500 assets to trade
    • Totally FREE demo account: If you want to start even more carefully, you can first trade with a demo account.

    Binary options are prohibited in EEA

    Claim these outstanding offers and start trading with IQ Option by filling in the form below.


    Important Information in a Nutshell

    • Regulation: CySEC
    • Legal Entities:IQ Option consists of two legal entities: IQ Option Europe Ltd. is registered at Cyprus and is regulated by CySEC, and IQ Option Ltd. which is registered at Seychelles, this entity is not regulated.
    • Minimum deposit: $10
    • Minimum exercise price: $1
    • Maximum option price: $5,000
    • Yield: Upto 92% in case of correct prediction
    • Deposit/withdrawal methods: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Boleto, Qiwi, WebMoney, iDeal, Fasapay, Sofort
    • Assets: Currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities
    • Number of assets: 500+
    • Countries: We accept all countries except USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Palestine, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Syria, Sudan, North Korea and Iran. Users from following countries can not trade from the iOS mobile application: Malta; Android application unavailable for: Malta, Myanmar, Liechtenstein, Cuba.
    • Demo account: Yes, free of charge, no time limit
    • Mobile application: Android, iOS
    • Trading platform: Web-browser and standalone app
    • Support: 24/7
    • Support languages: English, Russian, Turkish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Korean, French, Italian, Arabic, Hindi
    • Founded: 2020
    • Withdrawal: 1 working day

    IQ Option – how to use

    There are currently hundreds of binary options brokers, with new ones appearing on the market almost daily. This is great for customers. As companies try to compete against each other, there is an almost endless number of choices with special features.

    One thing that many brokers have been overlooking is existing customers; the goal has only been to get new customers, which has led many customers, after making their first deposit, to go to other broker sites or to stop investing in binary options completely.

    But this is where IQ Option is completely different to its competitors. A perfect example of this is a $10 minimum deposit and a $1 minimum investment, which shows that they are openly welcoming those investors who want to start cautiously or who cannot afford to invest larger amounts of money.


    IQ Option currently has 77 different trading assets available. These include:

    • Stocks. Shares of over 50 major companies . such as Gazprom , Daimler , Barclays , Apple and Rosneft .
    • Indices. Most traded indices including FTSE 100 , DAX , Nikkei-225 , CAC 40 , Dow Jones and S&P 500 .
    • Commodities . Gold and silver .
    • Currency pairs .
    • All the most commonly traded currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/CAD, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF and many others.
    • Bitcoin: This option is only available on a few binary options broker sites.

    New IQ Option platform v4.0

    Account Types

    There are three different types of accounts available to you, including two account types that are for real money trading:

    Demo account:

    • Practice trading for free
    • Does not use real money

    Real account:

    • All 500+ trading assets available
    • Start with as little as a $10 minimum deposit
    • You can participate in trading competitions
    • Full access to trading opportunities
    • Fast withdrawals (within 3 days)

    VIP account:

    Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
    • Binarium

      Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
      Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
      Free Education How To Trade!
      Free Demo Account!
      Big Sign-up Bonus!

    • Binomo

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    (You will get access to VIP if you deposit more than $3,000)

    • All 500+ trading assets available
    • Full access to trading opportunities
    • You can participate in trading competitions
    • Personal manager

    I personally recommend starting with a VIP account from the beginning.


    What Does This Mean To You?

    You can choose from a wide variety of deposit options. The current deposit methods are Credit Card, Skrill, Neteller, Boleto, Qiwi, WebMoney, iDeal, Fasapay, Sofort: “or you can use the following methods: Skrill, bank wire transfer, WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, PayPal, LiqPay, and Moneta”

    Trading Amounts

    The minimum investment of $1 per trade is the lowest in the industry. This makes it possible to start investing, with real money. As the minimum investment is so low, I recommend opening a real money account from the beginning.

    The maximum investment of $5,000 per trade is sufficient even for “high-roller” investors who are willing to take big risks in order to obtain high yields. For example, by setting a number of $5,000 trades in a row, you can raise the stakes as high as you want.

    Trading Platform

    IQ Option uses its own trading platform, a fresh change from the SpotOption platform which is used by almost all the major broker sites, including Banc de Binary, and GOptions. Unlike some competitor sites, the possibility of inadvertently setting the wrong investment is not possible. The platform has many unique features, which are specially designed to make it simple and easy to use.

    In order to test the platform with a beginner, we asked our secretary if she could master the platform. Our secretary does not have any previous experience with binary options. We gave her 15 minutes to learn, after which we came back to check the situation.

    When we came back, she told us that 15 minutes was more than sufficient. She was very familiar with all the main features after a couple of minutes. She also told us that she had never been interested in investing; though, after the experiment, she decided to start actively learning about investing with IQ option. In conclusion, there is no better way to start.

    The trading platform includes the following unique features:

    • Real-time asset price movements: You can follow price changes of desired trading assets through real-time charts.
    • Technical analysis panel: You will find various analysis tools on the technical analysis panel. I will tell you more about these in the trading pattern section of this article.
    • Possibility to use a variety of charts: In addition to the more commonly used tick charts, you can also use candlestick charts.
    • Trader’s choice indicator: Here you can directly see which investment alternative (“put” or “call”) is more popular, as well as the percentage of investors that have chosen each alternative.
    • Top trader’s stats and best deals: You can quickly and easily see how much the best investors made profit and how;
    • Relevant financial news: You no longer need to look through all the news from various sites, you can see it directly through the trading platform.

    Option Types

    The investor can have the option expire in 60 seconds, or more cautiously select an expiration time, such as 30 minutes or even 24 hours. However, they are also much risky than longer maturity options. Profits can be huge, but losses are also frequent.

    IQ Option – The fastest trading tool

    Binary Options Tournaments

    IQ option offers binary options tournaments*. I have never seen these on any other broker site, so I tried them with great interest. At the beginning, all traders get a tournament balance of $10,000 for their use during the tournament. Winners are determined by their tournament balances at the end, participants with the highest balance win the first place prize etc.

    Some tournaments have a guaranteed prize fund, which means that, if participation fees do not cover the whole prize pool, the broker will pay the rest. Some tournaments also have rebuy possibilities, meaning that, if you lose your whole tournament balance, you can rebuy yourself back into the tournament, for the same entry fee and you get a tournament balance of $10,000 again. Tournaments usually last for 30 minutes. By participating in a tournament, you can profit 100 times (sometimes even more) the entry fee.

    *Tournaments are subject to Terms and Conditions

    Tournament trading pattern:

    The average level of the participants in these tournaments is astoundingly bad. With a good trading pattern, these truly are an good way to gain money. Instructions to follow:

    • Always aim to win: The first-place finisher always gets by far the biggest prize. It is therefore not worth aiming for eighth or ninth place, even if these allow you to collect a cash prize. Even if you just have a small chance, try to get into first-place, it is usually worth the risk.
    • It is fine to spend the first few minutes observing the strategies the other participants are using: Watch whether other participants are trying to grow their tournament funds aggressively right from the start or taking a more cautious approach. You can then tailor your own trading pattern accordingly. However, make sure that the leaders do not get too far ahead of you, or it may become hard for you to catch them later on.
    • In the middle of the tournament, you should have a clear picture of what the other participants are doing and what kind of trading pattern you should use: Now, it is time to optimize your trading pattern according to your objectives. If you are the clear leader, do not let others get too close. If you are close to the leader, try to keep them close, so that you can strike before the tournament ends. Also, observe what kind of strategies the tournament leaders are using. If they are too cautious, this will be your chance to take the whole pot, strike more aggressively and try to get into the lead.
    • If the end of the tournament is getting closer, and you are not close to the top, it is time to take some big risks: You have nothing to lose, so it will be a good moment to reach the money by taking big risks. Victory may not be close, but don’t be discouraged. As long as you have money, you have a chance.
    • Analyze your trading pattern afterwards and think of ways you can win more in the future: There is always room for improvement, even if you won. Spend a few minutes analyzing your trading pattern after the tournament is over, it might be extremely beneficial next time.

    Trading pattern

    Investors have free access to a large number of different technical analysis tools and resources. You can even use these directly through the trading platform. You can easily see the moving trends of trading, and through the technical analysis panel it is almost effortless to make investment decisions based on completed analysis. You do not need any previous expertise to do this.

    There is an almost endless quantity of free educational materials for you to use, such as free webinars, ebooks, instructional videos and tutorials. With the help of these extensive materials, you can easily develop your skills and become a much better investor. Below are three examples of tutorial videos that are available for investors.

    Trading Patterns for IQ Option Broker

    Before we get to the actual strategies, you need to understand the system that they work with.

    Japanese Candlesticks:

    These are bars in charts depicting the price movements of an asset. They represent the opening and closing of a price range. If the price moves up it will be represented by a green candle. If the price moves down, it will be represented by a red candle.

    Trend Lines:

    These are lines in the chart which represent price movements and show the corridor within which the price range of the asset is likely to fluctuate. The support lines on the lower side of the chart represent the level from which prices tend to bounce upwards. The resistance level refers to the trend line at the upper side of the chart and it represents the level from which prices tend to bounce downwards. The area between the two trend lines is the trending corridor.

    Candlesticks, trend lines and the trending corridor are some of the most popular and effective tools in binary options signal generation.

    The Main Patterns

    1. The Rebound Line Trading Pattern

    The aim of this trading pattern is to catch the movement of an asset at the very moment when the price cannot break through the support of the resistance levels. In this trading pattern, when the price reaches the resistance level and the candle closes before this level, the possibility of a rebound is greater than the possibility of a growth. Here, you are better off buying a “put” option.

    With the same trading pattern, if the price reaches the support line and the candle closes just above this level, you are better buying a “call” option. This trading pattern is relevant whether the trend is neutral, upward or downward.

    2. The Three Black Crows Trading Pattern

    This trading pattern defines the downward reversal on the uptrend. Look out for an uptrend with several ascending candles in a row. Wait for the reversal of three descending candles in a row. Closing at the third candle is a signal of an uptrend turning into a downtrend.

    At the same time, when there are three descending candles in a row, and the price closes at the end of the third, this will be a signal of a downtrend turning to an uptrend. These signals are what you will use to make your trades.

    3. Piercing Line Candlestick Pattern

    Here you study the candlesticks carefully and look out for a trend in the price movements. What you will be on the lookout for is the precise moment where you will notice a reversal of a downtrend. Find two candles on the chart one of which closes the price in the middle of the previous one. Wait for the second ascending candle. When a third ascending candle appears it will be a signal of a trend reversal.

    This will happen both ways. Look out for another set of two candles and see if one closes in the middle of the one before it. You will look at the second candle while waiting for the third descending candle. .This will be the signal of another trend reversal this time on the opposite side of the chart. You can then execute the trade in line with the signal and you can expect a winning conclusion.

    4. The Rainbow Trading Pattern

    This trading pattern is a little more technical than the strategies above. Here, three exponential averages with different periods are used simultaneously. On the chart, you will mark the first line with a period of 6 in blue. The second line with a period of 14 will be marked in yellow while the third line with a period of 26 will be marked with red.

    For strong signals of an imminent drop in an asset’s price, the following points with the moving average will be noted.

    • The blue line will be at the top
    • The yellow line will be in the middle
    • The red line will be at the bottom

    The intersection of the blue line with the yellow line will be the signal to enter the market and buy a “put” option.

    For strong signals of an imminent rise in an asset’s price, the following points will be noted.

    • The red line will be at the top
    • The yellow line will be in the middle
    • The blue line will be at the bottom.

    The intersection of the yellow line with the blue line is a strong signal to enter the market and buy a “call” option.

    5. Moving Averages Trading Pattern

    This is one of the most popular strategies and it is used extensively in binary options trading where IQ Option is in play. It is used to full effect, profit wise by both experienced and rookie traders. You will use the available technical analysis tools to construct the moving averages indicator.

    The period indicates the number of candlesticks selected for the calculation of the moving averages. With this trading pattern employed by IQ Option’s clients, there are four types of moving averages. The difference comes with the method of calculation. The different moving averages are: simple, exponential, weightage and smooth.

    Most of IQ Option’s clients are in agreement that the simple and exponential moving averages are the simplest to calculate and use to help generate signals. They are also the most accurate of the four. In most cases, the last two are used by professionals in highly specialized strategies.

    The simple and the exponential moving averages are relevant with many trading strategies including following the corridor using the rebound line and the breaking line. They are also used in advanced strategies where construction of several moving averages is simultaneously carried out.

    6. The Pin Bar Trading Pattern

    This is another of the more technical strategies that you can use with IQ Option. It will be used to predict a downward or upward trend with the price of an asset. What are studied here are pin bar candles with tails or spots.

    If a pin bar candle has a small body and a long tail, directed upward or downward, there is an imminent shift in the price of the asset depending on the prevailing market conditions. If the tail of the pin bar points upwards, the price of the asset is predicted to move downwards. You will need to predict accordingly in that instant.

    When the tail of the pin bar points downwards the price of the asset is predicted to go up. This is another signal and you will trade accordingly. A good pin bar with a tail is an indication that you should enter the market. What you need to be careful about is the direction that the tail is facing as this will be indicative of the prevailing market conditions.

    Not all pin bars with tails are good. A good pin bar has to satisfy the following conditions:

    • The open and close levels are placed next to the end of one of the previous bars.
    • This must be near the top or bottom.
    • The pin bars open and close levels are placed within the left bars also known as the left eye. If all the parameters are to the right, it means that the signal is strong enough to enter the market.
    7. The Breaking Line Trading Pattern

    This IQ Option trading pattern aims to catch the exact moment that a candlestick breaches either the support line or the resistance line. When the candle closes above the resistance line, it is better to buy a “call” option. This is because the chances of the price of the asset rising increases dramatically.

    When the candle closes below the support line, the chances of the price falling increases at a very high rate. At this point in the chart, you will buy a “put” option as it is the most favorable. This trading trading pattern is suitable for neutral, upward and downward trends.

    8. Alligator Trading Pattern

    This trading pattern is rather simple in its application mechanisms. Here, three smooth moving averages are monitored as they move along the chart. They will be displaying different moves and their respective time periods. What is important to note is that with this trading pattern, the moving averages must be of the smooth kind.

    This implies that the simple and the exponential moving averages will not work with this trading pattern, at least not with the IQ Option system. This is because the smooth moving averages have very little impact on ripples in the market or fluctuations with very little significance.These moving average lines show the most likely price that the asset will have in the near future if the market is not under any undue influence from unexpected factors either within the asset’s market itself or in the wider global financial markets.

    The smooth average lines of the candlesticks are looked at like they are alligator teeth. When the candles open upwards, it is the appropriate time for you to make a trade. This is a signal to execute a “call” option immediately.

    When the candlesticks open downwards, it is a signal that the appropriate trade to execute is a “put” option.

    When the indicators are twisted like a helix or intertwined in any way, it means the alligator is asleep; this is not the appropriate time to make any trades. Trading at this point may be tempting but the chances of losing your stake here is very high because the next possible move in very unpredictable.

    In between the “call” and “put” trades, the indicators will twist again and you should rest your trading for a while.

    9. The Bollinger Bands Trading Pattern

    Here, the trading pattern is applied with the price chart carrying three lines. These lines are not equal in thickness. Rather, their width will change according to the movements in the market. When an asset’s marketplace is calm, the bands will narrow. When activity resumes, the bands will widen. The rate at which they widen will depend on the intensity of the trading.Should you notice a rapid widening of the bands, you can be sure that there has been a sudden increase in the intensity of trading for that particular asset.

    The band at the center represents a smooth moving average which will be carrying something like 20 bars/candles.

    Trading binary options is a profitable venture. What you need is the right broker to handle your investment and to guide you to profitability. IQ Option is one of the leading brokers in the binary options marketplace. This can be seen from the deep understanding that they have of the binary options marketplace and the movements of asset prices. As evidenced by the sophistication of the trading strategies, it is how you interpret the price movements that determines the nature of the signals that you get.

    IQ Option Account Overview

    It is becoming exceedingly difficult for companies to turn a profit in the ever-competitive binary options industry. The negative image of binary options trading is also not doing the market any favours, as several countries are looking to ban the concept of binary options trading entirely. Some countries have come out in the open by terming binary options trading as an illegal activity, while others have termed it as just another form of gambling and sports betting.
    IQ Option was initially a dedicated binary options brokerage, but the company has slowly moved into the CFD trading business model, all the while keeping binary options trading as an option for retail traders. It is not easy for a broker to switch its business in a short span of time, but there have been cases where successful binary options brokers had made a successful transition to the Forex and CFD trading business.
    Nevertheless, IQ Option still provides a highly reliable binary options service, and traders are assured of the complete safety of funds. In order to get a better idea of the products, read our professional IQ Option binary options review until the very end!

    IQ Option Regulatory Information

    IQ Option has managed to deliver some impressive numbers since its launch in 2020. IQ Option is home to more than 14 million accounts worldwide, which ensures that there is an average daily transaction of around three million trades. The incredible rise of IQ Option as a trusted binary options broker results from the broker’s regulatory status and the years of hard work that goes behind building up a world-class financial company. In that regard, IQ Option regulation is a critical component of the continued success story, which also gives traders a sense of security while dealing with the broker.
    IQ Option is regulated by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchanges Commission) for its European operations, which grants access to the entire European Union, aside from some EU members that have banned binary options trading for their citizens. IQ Option is regulated as per the same regulatory standards that are reserved for other financial companies such as Forex brokers, which helps IQ Option to offer FX and CFD products along with their basic binary options products. The CySEC is European MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Derivatives) compliant and regulates IQ Option to the best EU regulatory standards.
    A CySEC license helps traders to ensure the safety of their investments through several investor protection policies, which include the Investor Compensation Fund, routine third-party audits, and complete financial transparency. However, due to the constraints put forward by CySEC on brokers that cater to a global audience, IQ Option has also set up an independent global arm of its brokerage in the Seychelles, which is not as advanced or safe as the European Union. Regardless, IQ Option does manage to offer a uniform set of services through its binary options trading platform for all of its account holders.

    IQ Option Assets & Binary Options

    IQ Option used to be one of the inferior brokers in the market as far as binary options assets were concerned, as the broker had only offered around 70 different instruments from the global financial markets. However, the company had promised its users of increasing the number of available products to more than 10,000, and it is exactly what the company did in the preceding days. Today, IQ Option offers access to Forex, Stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and options, taking the total count to more than 7000 CFDs and over 10 million digital options. Here is a short run-down on the major instruments covered by IQ Option:
    Forex: IQ Option offers 188 different currency pairs as both binary options and CFDs, where traders can either choose to bet on the movement of the currency pair (call and put) or trade with a maximum leverage of 1:1000. The most popular Forex currency pairs include: CAD/CHF, EUR/AUD, GBP/AUD, AUD/JPY, GBP/CAD, GBP/CHF, EUR/CAD, USD/CAD, CHF/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY, NZD/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/RUB, USD/RUB, GBP/JPY, USD/NOK, USD/JPY, AUD/CAD, EUR/NZD, USD/SEK, and USD/TRY.
    Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies are the hottest investment products in the market at present, and IQ Option has added around 12 different cryptocurrencies to its asset portfolio. The available cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Dash.
    Stocks: IQ Options may not be a popular choice of broker for stocks, as the company only offers a comparatively lower number of around 390 stocks. Of course, 390 different stock assets is a lot better than most brokers, but it would have been better if the company also offered global stocks from other parts of the world. However, traders can trade with some of the highest margins, as the IQ Option leverage for stocks can reach as high as 1:50. Some of the popular shares include Twitter, Alibaba, Yandex, Baidu, Apple, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Snap Inc., Oath, AIG, Amazon, Tesla, Nintendo, CitiGroup, Goldman Sachs, Coca Cola, JP Morgan Chase, McDonalds, Morgan Stanley, and Nike.
    IQ Option is also in the process of adding around 4800 ETFs to the already impressive collection of assets, which is good news for traders. The sheer range of assets should satisfy even the most demanding trader and is an excellent choice for professional investors who wish to dabble in both binary options and CFD trading.

    IQ Option Binary Payouts & Fees

    IQ Option is divided into two different trading models, one that deals with FX and CFD trading, while the other deals with digital options. Obviously, the Forex and CFD products have several costs of trading such as spreads and commissions. However, the binary options aspect of the company’s services do not charge any fees, but the broker may charge ancillary fees such as account dormant fees, cost of services, and deposit/withdrawal fees.
    IQ Option is also highly competitive when it comes to payouts, with the maximum payout of 92% offered on select digital options (*amount to be credited to the account for a successful trade). The average of 90% ROI for digital options are indeed more substantial than the payouts offered by other conventional brokers, but the absence of high-yield options is a deliberate attempt by the company to deter high-risk traders. Therefore, IQ Option may not be suitable for risky trading strategies, but for the average trader, the classic digital options should provide a reliable trading environment.
    IQ Option also makes it relatively easy for retail traders to minimise their capital outflow with a minimum investment of just $1 per trade. The maximum investment is too limited to $5000 per position, but such higher limits only apply for binary options. All other FX and CFD products have varying investment levels, as determined by the broker’s minimum margin requirements. If you are a binary options trader, especially during your beginning stages of your trading career, never invest more than you can afford, and try to use sound money management principles. Investing the maximum of $5000 per position can yield high returns, but a losing trade will also result in a significant loss. IQ Option does not pay any returns or cashbacks on losing trades.

    IQ Option Trading Interface

    IQ Option has been tweaking its online trading interface to incorporate all the new financial products that were recently introduced by the company. IQ Option had the foresight to develop their own proprietary installable interface, unlike other binary options brokers, who are more content with using a WebTrader as the primary binary options trading platform. The IQ Option platform is developed for most leading operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu. The Windows and MacOS platforms are fully operational, while the Ubuntu platform is still in its beta phase.
    The IQ Option binary options platform for desktop is slightly more resource-intensive than one would expect, which requires a fairly competitive desktop or laptop configuration. If you are a serious trader, you should make it a priority to invest in a reliable and high-performing system, in order to stay abreast of the market and reduce any drop in performance while trading.

    IQ Option Mobile Trading Platforms

    IQ Option mobile apps are only available for Android and iOS devices, which are available for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The IQ Option mobile platforms are designed to offer similar trading performance and reliability as the more accomplished third-party mobile trading platforms, but we have seen a few glitches, especially while choosing the broker’s new assets. Since IQ Option is committed to their traders’ cause, we do anticipate the company to iron out any issues in the near future. However, we did miss out on a Web-Browser trading interface, which could have helped the broker to offer a complete online trading environment for those who require it.

    Account Funding & IQ Option Minimum Deposit

    Funding your IQ Option account is easy, secure, and convenient. With several deposit methods such as Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, and Neteller, deposits are instantaneous. The company has also managed to bring down its withdrawal time to 24 hours and processes around $6 million in withdrawals every month. Being regulated by CySEC also gives unparalleled security for traders, by ensuring that all deposits are held in segregated bank accounts.
    IQ Option is quite an inexpensive binary options broker that offers a trading account for just $10 as the initial investment. The $10 minimum deposit requirement actually opens up the broker’s services to a large number of traders, particularly those that are starting out in the market. What impresses us the most is that despite having a regulated service and trader-friendly products, the broker still manages to stipulate a low minimum withdrawal limit that allows traders to withdraw as low as $2 at a time. Of course, IQ Option does not cover the fees for transfers, which may require traders to time their withdrawals such that they don’t incur unnecessary fees while withdrawing.

    IQ Option Bonus & Promotions

    IQ Option is silent about its bonus programs, which is an aftermath of the recent clampdown on promotional activities by some of the major regulators in the EU. Traders may not be especially satisfied with IQ Option’s no-bonus policy, but there are a few advantages of turning down a bonus offer from a broker. For instance, bonuses are not as lucrative as one might expect, as there may be several trading conditions that impose restrictions on how traders may approach their own invested funds.
    Regardless, mainstream Forex and CFD brokers always provide alternatives to bonuses in the form of cashback and loyalty programs. IQ Option is still a new broker in the Forex and CFD industry, which means that traders cannot expect the company to provide any volume-based rebates or loyalty programs. Hence, it wouldn’t be wise to choose IQ Option for your trading needs, particularly if you are seeking a hefty bonus for your investment.

    IQ Option Demo

    IQ Option is an excellent company for the most part, which is why they are one of the very few binary options brokers that provide access to a free and unlimited demo account. Obviously, the broker’s foray into the FX and CFD brokerage market has mandated the need for a demo account, but traders will benefit from the availability of a free demo.

    IQ Option Customer Support

    IQ Option has an impressive customer service department that offers instant support through an ever-expanding team of more than 40 specialists located across the world. The broker offers its primary support through a live chat that has an incredible response time of 40 seconds, while all complaints and tickets are resolved well within half an hour. IQ Option does not prolong its response to clients, as the broker is fully aware of maintaining high-quality standards for its customer support department.

    IQ Option Resources

    IQ Option does not have a proactive resource that covers market research, technical/fundamental analysis, or economic commentary, which we have come to expect from leading brokerages in the market. In reality, IQ Option has chosen the safest route to avoid any conflict with its traders, and are content with providing a detailed tutorial program that offers short videos and information on binary options and FX/CFD trading in general. In spite of the shortcomings, IQ Option does provide a reasonably reliable tutorial section that concentrates on educating the trader about all the fundamentals of binary options trading, including the availability of a free demo account. As a result, we can’t find any faults with the company’s services, as traders can always get the latest information about the markets through third-party online resources.

    IQ Option Verdict

    • A regulated binary options broker that is located in the EU.
    • Also offers FX & CFD trading alongside binary options.
    • An award-winning company that concentrates on client satisfaction.
    • Instant deposits and withdrawals.
    • Minimum investment starts from $10.
    • Offers a proprietary trading interface that is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

    • The reliability of the trading platform is not at par with the competition.
    • IQ Option does not provide a bonus.
    • The absence of market research and other trading resources.

    What Is The Minimum/Maximum Position Size?
    The minimum investment per position is $1, while the maximum position size is $5,000 for binary options.

    How Do I Trade With IQ Option Mobile Apps?
    Traders can download the IQ Option apps from the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. The IQ Option mobile platform is compatible with most smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android.

    Are My Funds Secure?
    IQ Option moves every clients’ investments to segregated accounts, and EU traders are further protected by the compensation schemes as applicable in their country.

    Which Service Should I Choose?
    IQ Option offers the convenience of trading both digital options, as well as FX/CFD products. It is up to the trader to choose their preferred product.

    Risk Warning – Your capital is at risk. Trade with caution, these products might not be suitable for everyone so make sure you understand the risks involved!

    Обзор брокера IQ Option: условия работы, развод или нет + реальные отзывы

    И снова здравствуйте.

    Надеюсь, вы уже прочитали все теоретические статьи и приняли решение начать реальную торговлю. Для этого первым делом нужно выбрать хорошего брокера, который не кинет вас на деньги.

    Я провожу максимально объективный и честный обзор различных брокерских компаний. В данной статье будем разбирать брокера Айкью опцион. Специально для вас облазил весь интернет и собрал нужную информацию, из которой станет ясно, что это за контора.

    О брокере

    Название IQ Option
    Год основания 2020
    Регулятор и лицензия Лицензия CySec №247/14, ЦРОФР RU 0841 АА Vv0315
    Рейтинг надежности 1/10
    Доступные активы Акции, опционы, индексы, товары, форекс, криптовалюты
    Торговая платформа Веб-платформа, мобильное приложение.
    Минимальный депозит 10$
    Адрес головного офиса Кипр, Лимасол
    Официальный сайт
    Адрес горячей линии [email protected]
    Виды поддержки Онлайн-чат, телефонный звонок
    Бесплатный демо-счет Есть
    Минимальная комиссия 0,003% (на валютные активы)
    Рейтинг Низкий

    Краткая история брокера и награды

    Компания IQ Option начала деятельность в 2020 году на Кипре.

    Компания имеет лицензии ЦРОФР и CySec, что позволяет ей вести брокерскую деятельность на территории всего мира. В 2020 году Айкью опцион приняла решение уйти с российского рынка.

    На официальном сайте конторы указано множество наград от различных журналов и мероприятий. Основные номинации Айкью опцион следующие:

    • лучший брокер бинарных опционов;
    • лучшее приложение для онлайн-трейдинга;
    • знак качества.

    Какие услуги предлагает

    Перечень взят с официального сайта Айкью опцион:

    1. Демо-счет, реальный счет, vip-счет.
    2. Обучающая программа для новичков.
    3. Удобная торговая платформа.
    4. Более 500 активов для трейдинга, бинарные опционы, цифровые опционы (digital).
    5. ОТС-трейдинг.
    6. Турниры.
    7. Техподдержка 24/7.
    8. Ввод/вывод средств без комиссии.

    Инструменты торговли и инвестирования

    На момент написания статьи список активов Айкью опцион следующий:

    • 172 акции;
    • 88 валютных пар на рынке Forex;
    • 54 опциона;
    • 6 видов товаров (нефть и драгметаллы);
    • 11 биржевых индексов;
    • 21 ЕТF-фондов;
    • 24 криптовалюты.

    Торги по низколиквидным активам могут временно приостанавливаться.

    Информационное сопровождение

    Ежедневная аналитика Ежедневный обзор рынка, календари событий, история котировок
    Семинары и обучение Видеосеминары, обучающие статьи
    Торговые идеи Теханализ, фундаментальный анализ, собственные торговые стратегии

    Условия обслуживания и тарифы

    Типы счетов Демо, реальный, VIP
    Минимальная ставка 1 $
    Максимальная ставка 5000 $
    Бонус Нет
    Выплаты До 95% от ставки на бинарных опционах, до 900% на цифровых опционах
    Время экспирации От 1 минуты до 1 месяца
    Валюта депозита Любая
    Плата за вывод денежных средств Не взимается
    Способы пополнения и вывода Visa, МС, Skrill, ЯД, ВМ и т. д.

    Программное обеспечение и мобильная торговля

    IQ Option имеет собственную торговую платформу с удобным и понятным интерфейсом. Трейдер видит всю информацию о котировках в режиме онлайн, может легко выставлять лимитные и рыночные ордеры, использовать плечи, стоп-лоссы, быстро переключаться между счетами.

    Разобраться в работе платформы Айкью опцион сможет любой новичок, но на всякий случай есть обучающие видео.

    ПО от Айкью опцион можно установить себе на компьютер или воспользоваться онлайн-версией платформы. Для пользователей Android и iOS разработано бесплатное мобильное приложение, работающее еще быстрее своего аналога под Windows.

    Дополнительные сервисы

    Помощь управляющих Не предусмотрена.
    Доверительное управление активами Только самостоятельная торговля.
    Страхование сделок Не предусмотрено.
    Бонусы и скидки Имеются бонусы на пополнение до 30% (при условии достижения определенного оборота).
    Конкурсы Турниры по трейдингу (платные).
    Партнерская программа Привлечение рефералов.

    Работа с брокером

    Первым делом нужно завести аккаунт у брокера и получить доступ в личный кабинет пользователя. Затем скачать торговую программу, внести депозит и начать торговать. Все с Айкью опцион очень просто.

    Регистрация на официальном сайте

    Переходим на сайт брокера Айкью опцион, ищем кнопку «Регистрация», вводим все нужные данные, регистрируемся. Электронный адрес нужно указывать настоящий, на него будет отправлена ссылка для подтверждения.

    Поскольку официально брокер не работает с резидентами РФ, он может потребовать KYC-верификацию, но об этом мы еще поговорим.

    Если сайт Айкью опцион не работает, используем зеркало/прокси/VPN.

    После регистрации будет открыт личный кабинет со всеми возможностями.

    Инструкция по открытию счета

    Для открытия счета в личном кабинете Айкью опцион следует просто выбрать соответствующий пункт. Счет будет открыт автоматически. После этого остается лишь ввести данные аккаунта в торговую программу от IQ Option и выбрать тип счета.

    Стоит отметить, что для начала торгов на реальном счете нужно пополнить баланс хотя бы на минимальную сумму. Бесплатно доступен только демо-счет. Пользователи Айкью опцион, внесшие на баланс более 3000 $, получают доступ к VIP-счету.


    Для торговли на демо-счете необходима только регистрация. Вы получите виртуальный баланс, за счет которого можно совершать виртуальные сделки. Количество виртуальных денег не ограничено.

    Демо-счетом Айкью опцион обычно пользуются новички: он позволяет подробно ознакомиться с торговой программой.

    Пополнение и вывод средств

    Для пополнения баланса следует выбрать удобный способ и провести платеж.

    Стоит отметить, что валюта депозита у Айкью опцион выбирается только единожды: все последующие пополненные денежные средства будут конвертироваться в эту валюту. Изменить выбор нельзя.

    Способы пополнения самые разные. Из топовых платежных систем брокер Айкью опцион не сотрудничает только с Paypal.

    Вывод денег проводится мгновенно на любую платежную систему мира. Комиссия обычно не взимается, но некоторые банки могут быть исключением и брать некоторую плату.

    Техническая поддержка

    При возникновении любых вопросов можно обратиться в службу поддержки Айкью опцион, работающую 24/7. Решить свой вопрос возможно онлайн в чате с оператором или с помощью бесплатного телефонного звонка.

    Телефонная поддержка работает не для всех стран, в том числе и не для РФ. Список доступных стран можно посмотреть на сайте брокера Айкью опцион.

    Плюсы и минусы компании

    Преимущества брокера Айкью опцион следующие:

    1. Низкий минимальный порог вхождения на рынок.
    2. Обучающие программы.
    3. Высокотехнологичное торговое ПО.
    4. Наличие турниров и реферальной программы.
    5. Большое количество активов.
    1. Нет доверительного управления и автоследования.
    2. Прибыль 900% недостижима ни при каких условиях.
    3. Брокер в любой момент может потребовать верифицировать аккаунт — предоставить паспортные данные и фото.
    4. Дополнительная комиссия за простаивание денежных средств на счете более 90 дней.

    Жалобы на брокера

    Жалобы классические — завел депозит, начал торговать, итог один из двух: брокер выставил не соответствующие рынку котировки на своей торговой кухне, ставка не сработала; наторговал в плюс, запросил вывод — аккаунт заблокирован без объяснения причин. Жалоб на Айкью опцион огромное количество, в интернете имеется куча ресурсов, где обманутые пользователи делятся своими историями.

    Помимо этого, администратором этих ресурсов регулярно приходят угрозы судебных разбирательств и требования удалить все негативные отзывы.

    Развод или нет

    Развод — и без вариантов.

    И если отзывы кажутся неубедительными, распишу все по-научному:

    1. Бинарные опционы. Уже миллион раз писал в каждой статье, что БО — это не торговый инструмент, а просто ставка. Ни один лицензированный в РФ (и не только в РФ) брокер не работает с бинарными опционами.
    2. Форекс. Ни на какой Форекс ваши сделки не выводят, это обычная кухня, где курс устанавливает сама контора. Нетрудно догадаться, что курс будет не в вашу пользу.
    3. Криптовалюты. Сама суть биткоина и его аналогов состоит в том, чтобы пользователи из разных концов мира могли провести анонимный ОТС-обмен без всяких брокеров и бирж — они просто не нужны. Заодно на примере криптовалют можно легко убедиться, что брокер Айкью опцион — обычная кухня: никаких транзакций в блокчейне вы не увидите, а они там должны быть. Да вы даже адреса кошелька не увидите, чего уж там.
    4. Верификация личности. На каком основании я должен давать неизвестно кому свои паспортные данные? Ни на каком. Стандартная отмазка, чтобы отказать в выводе денег.
    5. Регуляторы. 2 лицензии, которыми владеет брокер, — филькины грамоты, которыми только одно место подтереть. Напомню, что единственный финансовый регулятор в РФ — Центробанк. Есть ли у нашего обозреваемого Айкью опцион лицензия ЦБ? Конечно, нет, и быть не может.
    6. Юридические адреса. Даже на своем сайте Айкью опцион не могут дать информацию, где же у них находится офис: на Кипре или на Сейшельских островах? Либо еще на каких-то островах? Наводит на мысль, не так ли?
    7. Компания не работает с PayPal. И неспроста. PayPal при малейшей жалобе делает полный чарджбек, что для мошенников невыгодно.

    При желании можно накопать еще подводных камней об Айкью опцион, но, думаю, этого достаточно. Перейдем к отзывам.

    Реальные отзывы

    Да, можно сказать, что отзывы необъективные и проплаченные, но когда почти на 100% они негативные, это весомый аргумент.


    Из положительных отзывов можно увидеть только то, что «компания IQ Option популярна на российском рынке благодаря тому, что минимальный депозит 10 долларов». На этом преимущества Айкью опцион заканчиваются.

    Большинство клиентов имеют схожие претензии: «Сначала дают немного выиграть, могут успешно вывести небольшую сумму, но если завел депозит побольше — этих денег не увидишь». Все предсказуемо, ничего нового не придумали.


    Трейдеры жалуются на подделку котировок на бинарных опционах и блокировки аккаунтов под предлогом отсутствия верификации. Клиенты теряли суммы вплоть до 30 тысяч долларов, но средняя сумма, на которую кидает брокер Айкью опцион — 1000 долларов. Вернуть свои деньги с заблокированных аккаунтов так никому и не удалось — компания находится в оффшоре и судиться с ней бесполезно.

    Опытным путем установлено, что порог, с которого начинается развод на деньги, — около 100 долларов. Суммы меньше могут и вывести, но испытывать удачу не советую.


    Сколько сотрудников может быть у компании-лохотрона? Нехорошее руководство, пара программистов, пара неграмотных юристов, пара «операторов техподдержки», не более. Все эти «сотрудники» Айкью опцион прекрасно осведомлены о деятельности своей компании и отзывы вряд ли будут писать.


    Брокер IQ Option всего лишь один из сотен брокеров-кидал. Помимо него, есть еще куча альтернатив.

    Кстати, не исключено, что несколькими компаниями-мошенниками владеют одни и те же лица.


    Надеюсь, мой обзор помог кому-то сберечь свои деньги. Если это так, то читайте другие статьи и подписывайтесь в соцсетях.

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