Is Opteck Regulated

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Is Opteck Regulated


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Opteck has been operating since 2020 and it has proven to be a reliable and safe forex trading platform. Many traders try to figure out is Opteck regulated, but the answer is negative for now. Opteck managed to build a huge customer base by ensuring that their traders get a fast access to best assets for trading on a very stable platform. By treating their customers with best features and ensuring only the best business practices, Opteck has managed to become a prime forex broker even without getting a regulated status from a government authority.

We have said this in numerous occasions, while regulated status is a welcome feature for a broker, in the end the long-term viability of their business is best assessed by the satisfaction of their customers. And this is best seen in the fact they have managed to survive this super competitive industry that is forex trading. Traders will love Opteck’s personal approach that can’t be rivaled by any regulated or nonregulated broker.

They don’t see account manager as a feature since it is normal for them that each trader gets this kind of help. The account manager will make a small tour with new traders in order to help them get started in trading. Opteck will also show traders all the resources available to them to get complete understanding of the market process. They have an excellent academy so traders can use forex videos and training sessions to improve their trading skills.

It is clearly not important if is Opteck regulated, the most important thing for traders to remember is that Opteck provides very good and professional service. Also, it is not only the education part that makes Opteck unregulated services be just as good as those provided by a regulated broker. Opteck has also developed a proprietary trading platform and interface.

This enables Opteck to completely control the trading experience and act faster when there are bugs that need to be corrected in the software. Big providers provide regulated solutions, so the advanced forex platform that is provided by Opteck is almost in need to be unregulated in order to stay innovative. While Opteck isn’t regulated their platform actually benefits from this trough unfettered innovation, and innovation benefits their traders who get better and faster trading experience.

aThere are more than 100 different assets at traders disposal with Opteck. It will be super easy for customers to build a risk averse portfolio that also has high returns. Even though Opteck is not regulated they have proven they can deliver good service to many customers without major problems. Since quality is what really counts for us we are happy to recommend Opteck.

Opteck Scam Review

Opteck passed initially customer test and is listed on Fair Binary Options broker list. So does Opteck scam? The answer is no. We are happy to feature a broker which is part of /BHMV Ltd/ registered in London ensuring good regulation and best customer support in terms of technical knowhow and trading education. Complaints and Opteck scam is almost impossible to find. It is mainly traders who lost who point fingers and call out “Opteck scam” on forums.

Forex is the relatively novel way to trade. Its main advantages are the simplicity and fast access, but it doesn’t mean that profits are guaranteed. Users should understand this.

Opteck created a relatively good framework to support traders. They can start in the forex academy to get basic and advanced understanding of trading strategies. Most of the times technical analysis will be the key. After registering users can try the platform by using the demo account. Demo account is a way to see how trading really looks like. Traders can also get support from Opteck’s trained professionals.

Opteck ensures good support for its customers and it is not a scam. They, as we here at FBO, believes that education of clients is the key to an honest relationship with clients. We haven’t received any complaints about Opteck and we are happy to include Opteck on our list. Opteck is run by a professional and experienced team. They have spent most of their life on markets and decided to extend the opportunities offered to all people with a computer.

Binary Brokers that could be labeled as scams often create barriers to withdrawal. Opteck offers great banking service with clear guidelines setting expectations on delivery of funds. Fair Binary Options works hard to ensure our brokers respect highest standards of conduct. Opteck is a great broker with very fast and responsive customer support. They have developed their own trading platform which is easy to use and efficiently supports all of their services. To conclude: Opteck scam and complaints are very rare and in 2 years we have never received a complaint from a trader. Read more in our Opteck review.

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Opteck Withdrawal

Opteck offers a competitive banking services, mostly in line with other brokers. Since the funds are in the trading account, users want to be sure they can reliably transfer the funds to their own accounts. Security and trust are important. This is one of the reasons Fair Binary Options came to assistance, we want to direct users to the most reliable brokers out there. We have a strict anti-scam policy! Opteck is one of our trusted brokers.

Withdrawals are easy with Opteck. The process is almost the same as with depositing. Essentially its a three step action – log in, click “Withdrawal”, fill the required fields and click “Withdraw”. The tricky part still exists and everyone who has traded forex for some time will be familiar with it. There are a few regulatory problems which are making process more safe, but at the expense of processing speed.

First thing to note is the fact that not any amount can be withdrawn to the same source of funds. If the client deposited an amount X initially and earned more in addition, the proceeds of trading gains, up to value X can be withdrawn to the initial source. Everything above will need to be transfered by wire. This regulation is enforced to stop money laundering and all brokers comply with it.

Second part revolves around verification. To ensure all withdrawals of funds are legit, brokers request documents to identify the account holder. Funds will be transferred only to verified holders. It will require a copy of an ID, of a utility bill with name and address of the account holder and the credit card (if it was used).

Opteck withdrawal requests will be processed in 3-4 days if verification has been done. Opteck minimum withdrawal is only USD25 which is lowest in the industry. Note that transfers via wire can be subject to fees from the bank.

Opteck Tips

Opteck has a very interesting trading platform, basically all you need to do is to log in, deposit and click on the “trading platforms” menu. As we always note, it may not be that easy since trading basics should be something that traders must know in order to expect any meaningful returns. In this article, our aim is to present readers with a few basic trading modes offered by Opteck. If you want to read more about this broker, check out Fair Binary Options Review for Opteck, as well as our previous articles on the right side menu.

Opteck didn’t buy a right to use someones trading platform but they built their own. It is easy to use but also versatile enough to accommodate any trading style. The whole trading desk is set up as a process flow that leads clients from the mode selection, to asset selection and finally the transaction. The idea is to have a simple solution to make fast trades when there is a need to react to fast moving news and market insights. You can see the basic setup in the picture below.

One of the interesting points is the small icon selection in the upper right corner that lets users adjust the looks of the platform by clicking on the icons. The “four square” icon changes the trading deck so that after clicking traders get an overview of up to four transactions where they can follow four simultaneous trades.

It summarizes most popular asset’s market sentiment helping to make investment decisions.

First when starting the trade, users will ave to select the trading mode:

– quick options with shortest expiry and smallest trading amounts;

– range high/low for trading in a boundary range, and

– one touch, a bet dependent on the price level to see if it touches the limit within the expiry time.

Great guide for investments can be the “traders choice”, shown, for every popular trade, in the bottom of the trading window. In the picture above it is indicating that 50% traders preferred high and 50% low. For a list, one can scroll to the side bottom to see it, as shown in the picture:

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a Complete Guide for Binary Options Trading

One of the most common questions that customers want to know before signing up with a particular binary options broker is whether or not said broker is regulated. This is 100% reasonable and should be part of every potential customer’s due diligence process when selecting a broker. The binary options broking industry is by and largely unregulated, and the nature of the industry has given rise to a few bad apples which have unfortunately tainted the reputation of the entire industry. It also does not help that regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodities Futures Trading Commissions in the United States, or the Israeli Securities Authority tend to view binary options in general with suspicion, making it practically impossible for even legitimate brokers to obtain licenses from them.

Nevertheless, there are regulatory bodies that binary options brokers can turn to in order to increase their legitimacy. One such entity is the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“CySec”). While it is true that in the past the agency had a reputation for being lax with enforcement and regulations and attracting all sorts of shady financial entities, that has now changed and CySec has demonstrated a strong commitment to becoming a respected regulatory body with stringent rules and enforcement. To that end, in 2020 the agency enacted a policy change where it decided that binary options would be considered as a financial instrument and thus come under stricter financial regulations. As a result of that policy change, all binary options brokers operating out of Cyprus had 6 months from the date of the announcement to be CySec regulated. For example, CySec has fined binary options broker Banc de Binary EUR350,000 for soliciting US residents and not disclosing ties to an affiliated business enterprise.

As such, CySec has become one of the go-to regulatory bodies that binary options brokers use to obtain licensing and they are currently recognized as the most popular and legitimate regulatory body regulating binary options brokers. In that vein, we strongly encourage customers to only trade with brokers that are licensed by CySec.

The good news for traders who are potentially considering Opteck has their preferred binary options broker is that, yes, Opteck is indeed a regulated entity under CySec. This step alone puts CySec above the majority of binary options brokers out there and is a huge positive in terms of their legitimacy. If you are a trader whose personal policy is to only do business with regulated binary options brokers (a wise policy), you can safely add Opteck to your list.

Opteck Scam Review

Unfortunately, many binary options brokers have been exposed as scams or practicing unethical or fraudulent business practices. These may include practices such as withholding customer’s funds by preventing withdrawals, which can take the form of highly restrictive withdrawal policies; a common example is applying a very high minimum trading volume requirement on bonus-credited accounts, with the minimum trading volume expressed as a multiplier of the total account funds, being the trader’s deposits plus any credited bonuses. Thus, unscrupulous brokers often lure in unsuspecting customers with promises of easy bonuses, sometimes even crediting a customer’s account with a bonus without asking or even informing the customer. The customer then finds that he or she is unable to make any withdrawals from said account until the minimum trading volume requirement is met, or having to pay stiff penalty charges. Most brokers, including many legitimate ones, have the same requirements on bonuses, although the better ones usually enact lower multipliers on minimum trading volumes.

It is in this area that Opteck stands out clearly from the field. Firstly, Opteck only applies the minimum trading volume requirement to select bonus types; Opteck does offer bonuses that do not come with said requirement, such as risk-free bonuses (which allow the customer to use the bonus to keep making trades up to the first profitable trade, after which the bonus becomes void). Secondly, Opteck calculates the minimum trading volume requirement as a multiplier of the bonus portion only, as opposed to the standard industry practice of it being a multiplier of the sum of deposits and bonuses. This means that although the multipliers that Opteck quotes are in the 40 – 50x range which is on the higher end in the industry, in which multipliers generally range from 20 – 60x, the actual minimum trading volume figure would be much lower as it is only a multiplier of the bonus portion and not the total account funds. Thirdly, Opteck also keeps any credited bonuses separate from a customer’s account until the minimum trading volume is met, and up that point the customer is free to withdraw his deposits per the usual procedures. This policy also prevents a broker from crediting a small bonus amount to an account which can then lock down the funds in an entire account. The example below illustrates an example of how such a shady practice might work:

John is signed up with X Broker, which has a minimum trading volume requirement of 40x total account funds in accounts credited with a bonus. John currently has $20,000 in deposits in his account and is one day surprised with a $1,000 bonus, bringing his total account funds to $21,000. While the bonus is small compared to his deposits, due to the bonus, he now cannot withdraw any funds from his account without paying stiff penalties until the minimum trading volume of $840,000 (being $21,000 x 40) is met! In this way, X Broker has locked in John’s substantial account balance for the small cost of providing him with a small bonus.

Luckily, it seems that Opteck has recognized the potential for abuse inherent in such a bonus policy. Using the same hypothetical scenario above, if John had signed up with Opteck instead with $20,000 in account funds and received a $1,000 bonus with a 40x minimum trading volume requirement, two major differences would be evident. Firstly, the minimum trading volume that John would have to satisfy would only have been $40,000 (being $1,000 x 40), and up until that requirement is satisfied, John would have been free to withdraw any and all of his initial $20,000 deposit amount. This prevents Opteck from abusing their bonus policy and is a highly positive sign of their focus on being seen as legitimate, customer service-oriented broker.

To sum it up, the fact that Opteck is now regulated by the CySec, coupled with evidence of their customer-focused policies such as the aforementioned bonus policy, indicates that Opteck is extremely unlikely to be a scam.

Opteck Withdrawal

As we talked about in the above section, Opteck has very permissive withdrawal policies, particularly when it comes to bonuses, which greatly increases its legitimacy in our eyes. Other unscrupulous broker tactics may be arbitrary cancellation of withdrawals, or simply not processing withdrawals timely or even at all. This is highly unlikely to be the case at Opteck, as such tactics would put it at severe risk of being penalized by the CySec which would include loss of both licensing and legitimacy as well as the potential for heavy financial penalties.

Let us now take a look at Opteck’s stated withdrawal policies. Unfortunately, as we have mentioned in our Opteck broker review, while Opteck is almost certain to be a legitimate broker, its withdrawal policies include many fees which put it at below par compared to the rest of the industry. For instance, Opteck charges a 3.5% service fee (or $30, whichever is higher) on all withdrawals, with the exception of giving their Platinum, Black, and VIP members one free withdrawal a month. The maximum service fee applicable per withdrawal is $3,500, which implies a withdrawal amount of at least $100,000; an extremely high amount.

Opteck also has a total withdrawal timeline of up to 15 business days, with withdrawal requests processed within 5 business days plus up to an additional 10 business days for the funds to reach the customer’s account. This is also considered as below average for the industry and is definitely on the higher end of the range when it comes to the total time from withdrawal request up to receipt of funds. Minimum withdrawal amounts are $50 ($100 for wire transfers), which is in line with the industry standard. Withdrawal and deposit payment options of major credit cards, online payment systems (Neteller, Skrill, CashU, Webmoney), and wire transfer are also standard, although we note that most brokers do not typically offer the Webmoney option, which is a plus for Opteck.

One last thing we want to highlight is some of the other types of fees that Opteck charges. For one, it charges a $7.50 monthly maintenance fee (denominated in your trading currency of choice), as well as profit clearance fee, which is Opteck’s cut of your profits on all successful trades. Its profit clearance fee structure is as follows:

$250 or less = $1.50

$1001 – $2500 = $4.00

$2501 or more = $5.00

Again, these additional fees are likely due to Opteck compensating for allowing greater permissiveness in other areas, such as bonus withdrawal requirements. These fees are also stated plainly on its website and are definitely not intended to be hidden or misleading. That being said, all potential customers should be made aware that such fees will be applicable prior to signing up with Opteck.

Opteck Tips

While binary options trading is nowhere near as complicated as the name might suggest, there is definitely basic knowledge that needs to be learnt prior to starting to trade. To that end, Opteck has helpfully included an Academy section on its website with the aim of educating users on everything from the basics about ‘what are binary options’ and the various asset classes, to advanced trading strategies such as hedging and correction trading.

The Academy section on Opteck’s website is quite extensive, with numerous informational articles, 22 video tutorials, webinars, and even an ebook on binary options trading. All registered users will receive access to the above upon signing, and further, for Opteck’s Bronze account members and above (Bronze being the second lowest account tier with a minimum $500 deposit), demo accounts ranging from $5,000 up to $50,000 are also provided to allow traders to truly maximize their trading experience and knowledge. With many binary options brokers nowadays unwilling to offer demo accounts, it is refreshing to see Opteck offering such generous demo accounts, although we wish that it offered them even to its lowest account tier members (Green accounts with minimum deposits of $250) as they are the ones who are likely to need it the most.

Opteck Review


Opteck was founded in 2020 by a team of highly motivated professionals, passionate about trading on the financial global markets and empowering others to follow their lead.


Broker Opteck
Website URL
Founded In 2020 by CentralSpot Trading LTD
Headquarters Lophitis Business Centre, Office 102, 249, 28th October Street, Limassol, 3035 Cyprus
Support Number +35722007264
Support Types Phone, Online Chat, Email
Languages English, Russian, French, Polish, Italian,Spanish, German, Arabic
Trading Platform Proprietary trading platform
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Minimum Account Size $25
Maximum Trade Amount $10000
Bonus BONUS UP TO 100%
Payout 65% – 89%
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Regulation Cysec (Licence Number: 238/14)
Fee Info Only for withdrawal 3.5% (min $30 max $3.500)
Commission Info No
Account Types Green, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black
Deposit Methods Visa/Mastercard, Postepay, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, QIWI, Bank wire transfer, MoneyBookers, Western Union, iDeal
Withdrawal Methods Visa/Mastercard, Diners, Postepay, Skrill, Neteller, Bank wire transfer, MoneyBookers, Western Union, iDeal
Trading Methods Any trading strategies along with Terms and Conditions
Number of Assets 1000
Expiry Times 30 sec, 60 sec, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, 1 Hour, 3 days, 1 week, 1Month
Types of Assets Indices, Commodities, Currency Pairs, Stocks
Option Types High/Low, Quick Options, Range High/Low, One Touch
Account Currency USD, EUR, GBP
US Traders Allowed
Mobile Trading
Tablet Trading
Overall Score 9.5/10

Full Review

Opteck is the undisputed leader in the field of binary options trading. This broker offers to all traders the unlimited trading opportunities: a wide range of the most popular items (more than 100), the lucrative action, a world famous and most quoted indexes currency. Any trader, even a novice, with ease and comfort can begin to trade, invest and implement profitable deals, easily and comfortably, not to mention the experienced professionals.

Trading with Opteck makes a combo of professional earnings and enjoyable hobby. Extremely simple as it is, trading with Opteck turns into the most pleasant and successful time spending. Thanks to precise tools of trade, experienced analysts, financiers, readily available for trading assistance, and many other attractive items that you will plunge into the world of commerce and success.

It is worth noting that this broker offers a free demo account, starting from $ 5,000 – 50 000 $, in the framework of the «Bronze», «Silver», «Gold», «Platinum» and «Black» trades. Trade and practice are necessary to learn the rules and strategies; and all this, without any risk to your assets.

Thanks to the unconditional safety and reliability of Opteck, (a broker that is regulated both by the Cyprus Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission by CySEC , and the International Commission for the financial services IFSC) thousands of customers enjoy the trade and successful transactions. In addition, it is worth considering that Opteck experts organized an advanced academy where you can learn the necessary skills to apply technical and fundamental analysis and more.

Deposits and withdrawals

Withdrawals in Opteck don’t pose any difficulty. Just keep in mind that the currency in which is the minimum withdrawal amount should correspond to the currency in which you conduct trades. Thus, the output wages will correspond to the original currency trading. In simple words, if you are trading in dollars, the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50, and for those who trade in pounds sterling £ -50.

To withdraw funds, you should follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your trading account

2. Click the «withdrawal» to open the inquiry form on the withdrawal of money from an account

3. Select the desired amount and the method of withdrawal of funds, then fill in the other required fields.
Earnings can be derived using the following methods to withdraw funds: credit / debit cards, bank transfer, Skrill (MoneyBookers), CashU, Webmoney, Western Union. The procedure itself takes about 3-5 days.

Complaints about Opteck

The opinions of the Opteck customers and reputation of the firm are the primary factors for the broker to work better and better. Therefore, the company’s experts scrutinize the comments and reviews on Opteck. It should be objective: with any broker, there are some errors. There is always something to strive for and something to work on. Regarding the Opteck, there were a few comments about the withdrawal of funds with a delay of 2-3 days. Do not worry about this occasion, the inconvenience was soon resolved and all customers received the funds in strict accordance with the requested amount. It should also be kept in mind that some cash out methods are instant; You will find more information at the website of the broker.

If we find complaints about Opteck, we will post it on social media. Follow us to be well informed:

Opteck, is this a scam ?

You can be 100% sure of the reliability of the broker; because the company is regulated by both the Cyprus Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC, and the International Financial Services Commission IFSC, which provides an unconditional guarantee of the reliability of all procedures and the safety of the withdrawal.


The apparent advantage Opteck, compared with other brokers, is the regulation of the most respectable commissions: Commission for the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, CySEC and the International Financial Services Commission IFSC.


On the trading platform Opteck you can benefit from the following bonuses:

1. Awaiting bonus – the bonus will be added to the actual balance of the account after a certain volume of transactions.

2. Current bonus – the bonus money will be made directly to the actual balance of the customer’s account.

3. Bonus «without risk» – will be added to the account of a trader and an unsuccessful turn into a winning deal. The validity of this bonus – 30 days, including weekends.

4. Bonuses from competition – competition winners will receive bonus prizes in cash or as a bonus to their trading accounts.


Opteck is the most successful broker in trading binary options market. The minimum deposit on your trading platform Opteck – $ 250, while the minimum bet is $ 25.


So, we can say with certainty that the Opteck is the most reliable and secure broker. The platform Opteck you will find many surprises and innovations. The best specialists of the financial market will be more than happy to provide you with their services.


beware you could lose your money my account manager did just this to me by giving me bad advise and then still tried to persuade me to go into 10000 debt
rubbish company beware

beware Bad advice by my account manager lost all my money in 5 hours

I cannot agree that OPTECK is a good company to trade with… I have not yet traded and ifind them to be a poor on customer support and care… I have been bombarded with cals and pressured into depositing £250 the least I could “invest” now they have flatly refused to refund my money and have lied time after time to me and deflected all my attempts to have my money refunded ,, surely this is fraud?

Be very aware of this company and its partner smartbotpro they do not deliver what they state on their websites in 24hrs a loss of £500 … sent emails to both companies and no reply amazing as Opteck called me at all hours to get my business then go quiet when they have lost all the clients money

OPTEK is a scam, regardless of whatever they tell you it is a scam, you will never get your money back. I opened an account with them few months back and after 1 month I decided it does not work for me, at the beginning they were very nice and friendly with me at the same time constantly asking for more money. When I informed them I decided to give up and that I want my money back suddenly they were unavailable, the manager was on holiday, there was a lengthy process and so many forms to fill up, but of course I should put in more money instead of leaving. I did sent them all forms and proofs required, few months ago, since then never heard back from them. So BEWARE, OPTEK IS INDEED A SCAM.

They might be “legal” and have all the needed licenses. But they are crooks, they are after your money, they drag you in, they would call you 10 times a day to encourage you to deposit more money, then they will give you bad advice and you will lose your money, try to contact the so called account manager and you will not be able to reach them. they will let you cool for a week or so then a “new” account manager” will contact you and give you all different promises of recovering your losses and “working with you” to build a steady and secure profit.. STAY AWAY from them

Opteck indeed is a scam…they are robbery who cheated me twice and still ask me to invest when i lost US$3,500 they are blood sucker i learned a heavy lesson my hard earned moneys NEVER trusted them anymore let the heaven punished them i will curse them to dead

yes indeed you are right your encounter with me the same i am cheated twice very bad advice from them they are crook never trusted them

they are scam….please do not believe them they are a bunch of blood sucker who cheated your hard earned money STOP listen to their advice they gave you wrong advise they are hunting for more money you invested they are LIARS

I am battling to get $3500 back from them. They also do not reply to emails. They phoned me a few times – other than that no response

Why People comments are negative about you given me a fear of trading with you.

This Broker is a huge scam Do not even think about open an account with them. They ask you to put more money “they call it be serious” if you do not put more money they get mad at you and lock your account saying that you lost all your funds. Allan Maxwell locked my account with no reason i lost my money.? Thanks to Joan who assisted me in getting back all my money

Opteck is a scam, I deposited over $56,000 and they blocked my account saying that they I should post certified ID and RV before they can remove restrictions that prevented withdrawing. I Did that and they took months saying they haven’t received the documents giving me endless tickets
They eventually removed the restrictions and when I had to withdraw , they completely blocked my account saying my device logged in with another account when I hadn’t . I reached out to [email protected] a certified binary options recovery expert, he helped me recover all my money back from them

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