Magnum Option Review Scam or Legit broker

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Pocket Option Review – Scam or not?

Review: Min. Deposit: Demo Account: Yield:
(4 / 5) 50$ ✔ Free 90%+

Is Pocket Option a scam or a reliable company? – Find out on this website. As an advanced trader, I checked the Binary Options Broker for you. Read if it is worth to invest your money or not and get the best information in my review of 2020.

The official homepage of Pocket Option

What is Pocket Option? – The company presented

Pocket Option is an international Binary Options Broker. You can bet there on rising or falling markets with a chance of a high payout (yield). Pocket Option is a broker who is owned by the Gembell Limited and based in the Marshal Islands. It is a registered company with the number 86967. Also, the broker is regulated by the IFMRRC.

At first glance, the website of Pocket Option looks very nice and clear. Directly you can see what they are offering their traders. Trade more than 100 different assets as Binary Options and with a yield (90%+). For traders, there are like 10000 combinations possible. It is very easy to start trading with the broker. You can open the new account in a few seconds. In addition, they offer a free demo account for practice the platform.

Facts of Pocket Option:

  • Location is in Marshal Islands
  • Regulated by the IFMRRC
  • High yield 90%+
  • User-friendly trading platform
  • More than 100 assets
  • Free Demo Account

The conditions for traders of Pocket Option:

Start to invest real money with a small deposit of 50$ in your account. Also, you can use only 1$ as the minimum bet amount for each asset. Pocket Option broker provides you a 10.000$ free demo account too. So you can practice trading in the new platform. It is very easy to deposit real money on Pocket Option because they offer you more than 50 different payment methods (read more about it below). After all, they charge you no commission for a deposit or payout. The payment system works 24 hours per day.

The regular asset profit of a Binary Option is between 80 – 97% which is compared to other brokers very high. Sometimes it depends on the asset you are investing. Choose between 60-second trades minimum and 4-hour trades maximum. They offer you a lot of different time horizons. The execution of trades is very simple and fast. From my experiences, there are no problems to open or close a trade. It is possible to sell an option before the expiry time ends. This is a big advantage for this broker.

Big diversity of assets

The diversity of assets is very high. Choose between Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities. In conclusion, the conditions and the offer of Pocket Options are compared to other brokers at it´s best.


  • High yields 80-95%
  • 50 different payment methods
  • Start trading with a 50$ deposit
  • You only need 1$ per trade

Review of the Pocket Option Trading Platform

In my opinion Pocket Option offers a very good trading platform. It seems that they programmed it independently. Out of my experience, it feels very comfortable to trade on this platform. You can clearly see what happens in the market. Also, the platform is very customizable. You can use different indicators or chart types.

Select between 100 of different assets and analyze the chart. After that, you can open a trade with a call or put option. Use the social trading function to copy the best traders of Pocket Option and turn their profit in your profit. Trade via computer or app. It is possible to trade from every point of the earth with the intelligent app on your smartphone. Finally, the trading platform gets 5 stars in my review. I really like the design and functions.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

Available as app

The platform runs smooth and is professionally programmed. There are not any bugs or lags by using it. In addition, the app is available for android and apple Ios. That is another big advantage because most brokers do not offer an IOS app. Also, the app runs very smooth like the web version. In conclusion, the trading platform of the broker is useful l for every trader because it is flexible.

Facts about the trading platform:

  • Different chart types
  • Different time frames (5 second chart up to daily chart)
  • Free indicators and analysis tools
  • Customizeable and user friendly for traders
  • Social Trading, Signals and Tournaments
  • Very fast execution of trades

How to use Pocket Option?

Pocket Option can be used to bet on rising or falling markets. Make a forecast for the direction of the price of an asset on the platform. It can be Forex, Stocks, Cryptos and more. Always the Binary Options got an expiry time. You can trade in different time horizons no matter if it is short-term or long-term. After the expiry time, the trade is automatically closed.

For example Bitcoin – 90%:

That means if you open a trade with the amount of 1000$, you make the right forecast of the markets you will win a payout of 1900$. 900$ is the profit and 1000$ is the return of your bet amount. There are no hidden fees by investing.

Social Trading – Copy other trader automatically

Pocket Option offers you to copy the best traders of the broker. First of all, it is important to know that social trading only works on a live account. Open in the menu “social trading” and you see the best traders at the moment. You can click on them and watch their profile (picture below).

You can add the trader to a “watchlist” and follow him for a certain time. If you think he is good enough, you can copy him with one click. In my opinion, it is significant to analyze the trades of all time. If a user got a high win rate overall time it is a good way to earn some extra profit. It is a big advantage for traders to see the whole profile and the trading style on Pocket Option.

Open your Demo Account with Pocket Option

Pocket Option offers a free demo account for everybody. The demo account can be used for training before starting to make real investments. With just one click you can trade with virtual money on the platform. There is no registration or deposit needed for practice trading with virtual money. A lot of traders get their first experience in the demo account before starting with real money. I recommend that to everybody to practice the platform in the demo account.

The demo account is unlimited with 10.000$ virtual money. You can charge it with one click if you lose some money. After you got some experience and learned to trade Binary Options successful you can directly start trading using real money.

  • Free and unlimited account
  • The best way to practice and learn how to trade

Pocket Option withdrawal and deposit on a real account

The good thing about Pocket Options is that they offer about 50 different payment methods for deposit and withdrawal. The minimum deposit is 50$. You can use cards, e-payments or cryptocurrency. They do not charge any commission and the withdrawal works in the time horizon of 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10$.

In conclusion, the first tests of the withdrawal with the Pocket Option broker are successful. The withdrawal and deposit system works very well. Also, Pocket Option offers you a cashback of maximum 10% of your deposit or losses. For more information open a real account. In addition, I have to mention you should verify your account before you start trading with real money. The broker does not pay out to unverified accounts.

Facts about the payment methods:

  • Minimum deposit 50$ and minimum withdrawal 10$
  • Instant deposits with eletcronic methods
  • Credit Cards
  • Skrill, Neteller, ADV Cash, WebMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money
  • Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and more
  • No commissions and fees

Review of the bonus system and awards

As you see in the picture below Pocket Option offers you bonus system. There is a large choice of options for earning additional money. Use a deposit or no-deposit bonus to get a bigger account. In addition to that, they offer risk-free trades, cash-backs or promo codes. You get rewarded if your trading volume is high. They give you “Gems” which you can use in the award shop. In the award shop, there are some options to buy additionally bonus.

For the first time, I see such a big bonus system with different options. But do not forget that every bonus is linked to a condition. On the other hand, you can cancel the bonus at any time just clicking on the icon in your account. No money is held if you got an active bonus. You have to make an x50 turnover of your bonus to get paid.

Facts about the bonus system:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • No-Deposit Bonus
  • Risk-Free trades
  • Cashback
  • Gems for Bonus
  • Boosters for more profit

Support and service for Pocket Option traders

The support is very important for traders to build a reliable relationship. Pocket Option offers fast responsible chat support. Also, they got a phone and email support. The support works in different languages. According to that, they got an agent in the EU (Czech).

For beginners and advanced traders, there is a big education section on the platform. Watch video tutorials or read new strategies from the experts of Pocket Option. They explain it in detail how it works. It is important to get more knowledge before trading with real money.

Facts about the support:

  • Support 24/7
  • Phone, Email, and Chat Service
  • Support in more than 5 different languages
  • Free education center
  • Analysis and trainings

Conclusion of my review: Is Pocket Option legit or a scam broker?

In conclusion, Pocket Option looks like a reliable Binary Options Broker. There is a big range of different assets with high profit to trade. Binary Options are very simple and easy to understand on the platform. For further questions, you can use the big education center. In my opinion, the trading platform is one of the best in the world because you can customize it quickly. Moreover, it is very user-friendly, it feels very comfortable to trade there.

For withdrawal and deposit you got a lot of different payment methods. Open a account in less than 5 minutes is no problem. You can start trading real money with a start balance of 50$. This is a good value for every trader. Also big deposits are welcome, too. The only disadvantage of Pocket Option is the lack of a real regulation of a financial institute. In conclusion out of my experience the broker can be very useful.

The advantages of Pocket Option:

  • High asset profit 96%+
  • 100+ assets
  • Fast and reliable support
  • A lot of different payment methods
  • No hidden fees
  • Excellent trading platform

Pocket Options shows a really good bonus program and a reliable platform for trading (4 / 5)

FxCitizen Review: Scam или Legit Broker?

FxCitizen Review: Scam или Legit Broker?

1 Комментарии

Последнее обновление: Dec 4, 2020 @ 10: 53 am

FxCitizen является брокером Forex, предлагающим два типа торговых счетов, стандартные и ECN. Для стандартной учетной записи есть две категории: Micro и Mini. Оба Micro & Mini предлагают более высокий уровень и фиксированные спрэды, плюс комиссия не взимается с клиентов. В дополнение к этому у этих учетных записей есть своп-бесплатные варианты для тех, кто разделяет исламские убеждения. С другой стороны, счета ECN предлагают различные спреды и комиссии. Тем не менее, они предлагают более низкое кредитное плечо для этих счетов. Поэтому мы должны иметь в виду, что ECN-счета не предлагают мини-и микро-лоты. Более того, рекламные предложения недоступны для счетов ECN.

Но это еще не все, что предлагает FxCitizen. У них есть ПАММ-счета для тех, кто хочет, чтобы их средства управлялись на платформе. Функции, предлагаемые этим брокером, очень характерны для того, что предлагал оффшорный брокер. К ним относятся низкие кредитные плечи, конкурентные спреды и низкий минимальный депозит. Что касается фиксированных спредов, FXCitizen предлагает 2 пипсы для пары, такой как EURUSD для стандартных счетов и 1.6 пипсов для пары EURUSD на счетах ECN. Это считается средним в соответствии с текущей скоростью отрасли.

Примечание. Если вы хотите хороших брокеров, торговать с этими

Обзор FxCitizen

Разрешается скальпирование, хеджирование, включая советников. Тем не менее, даже жесткий, что этот брокер дает возможность скальпирования, у них все еще есть глупые ограничения, которые затрудняют работу скальперов. Даже если у вас есть скальпинг торгового робота, этот брокер затруднит работу, потому что те торговые роботы иногда закрывают сделки в секундах, когда брокер хочет, чтобы скальпы были закрыты более чем за 2 минут. То есть, если вы скальпируете, вы не можете закрывать сделки до истечения 2 минут. Это не та вещь, которую мы хотим.

История компании и безопасность средств

FxCitizen был создан в 2020. Он предлагает торговлю различными парами 30 и CFD, которые включают золото, серебро и масло на платформе Mt4. CFD для индексов и акций недоступны для торговли на этом брокерском рынке. FxCitizen принадлежит и управляется компанией, известной как Universe Citizen Limited. Эта компания регулируется Комиссией финансового обслуживания Республики Вануату. Люди, которые создали предприятия в Вануату, не платят налоги. Это безопасное убежище для людей, которые не хотят платить налоги. Кроме того, регистрация брокеров Forex и Binary Options происходит быстро и чрезвычайно дешево. Именно по этой причине мошенники предпочитают регистрировать свой бизнес в этом месте назначения, потому что он предпочитает их больше, чем способствует клиенту.

�� Хотите автоматически зарабатывать деньги с помощью биткойнов и криптовалют, не рискуя торговать самостоятельно? Готовы ли вы к самостоятельному хранению ваших инвестиционных фондов? Вам нравится звучание регулярных последовательных результатов и прибыльного исполнения? Устали от форекса и крипто-мошенничества, ложных обещаний и игр, разработанных, чтобы отделить вас от ваших с трудом заработанных средств? Останови все! ETBOT это для вас! С Программное обеспечение ETBOTТолько вы контролируете свои инвестиционные фонды. Программное обеспечение работает с использованием ключей API Key, которые устанавливают и контролируют только ВЫ. Сервис ETBOT и материнская компания EndoTech делают инвесторов сотни процентов в год доказанной прибыли с 2020 года! Они используют волатильность рынка Crypto для торговли на длинные и короткие позиции, используя методы прорыва и стратегии, основанные на реальном искусственном интеллекте. В этом году ETBOT сделал более 75% для клиентов с 1 января 2020 года , Если вы готовы оставить торговлю профессионалам и повысить свой ежемесячный доход, сейчас самое время, отправляйтесь в ETBOT сейчас и купите подписку, чтобы начать. PS: ETBOT – прибыльный бот Forex / Crypto Trading. 100% проверено и рекомендовано

Минимальный торговый капитал, который запрашивает этот брокер, составляет $ 2000. Это довольно высоко, учитывая, что большинство оффшорных брокеров не спрашивают эту сумму капитала. Это может обескуражить новых трейдеров, которые хотят начать работу с $ 1000. Другое дело, что у этих оффшорных брокеров нет давления со стороны регулирующих органов, и защита клиентов никогда не является приоритетом. Вот почему вы никогда не должны торговать с офшорным брокером или нерегулируемым брокером.

Поэтому рекомендуется торговать с брокерами Forex, которые базируются в Великобритания, Кипр и Австралия. Эти брокеры гарантируют защиту ваших денег, и вам не придется беспокоиться о том, что ваши деньги украдены или клиенты получают неправильное обращение.

Торговая платформа

FxCitizen предлагает известную платформу MT4, и клиенты могут торговать на настольных и мобильных платформах соответственно.

MT4 часто предпочитается большинством трейдеров, поскольку он является надежным и простым в использовании. Он поставляется с пользовательскими индикаторами, которые помогают трейдерам анализировать рынок до принятия решений. Технические индикаторы должны быть, если вы являетесь трейдером технических индикаторов. Он предлагает обширную среду тестирования, расширенные возможности построения графиков и совместимость с экспертами-консультантами, что позволяет трейдерам полностью автоматизировать свою торговлю.

FxCitizen также периодически предлагает бонусы к депозитам. Тем не менее, чтобы вывести деньги с этой платформы после того, как клиент принимает бонус на депозит, они должны соответствовать определенному объему торгов. Поэтому это довольно ограничительно, и мы не поощряем новых трейдеров принимать депозитные бонусы.

Отзывы клиентов

Хотя этот брокер выглядит как законный брокер, который не вызывает никаких проблем с трейдерами, в Интернете существует множество негативных отзывов клиентов. Клиенты жаловались на то, что теряют деньги в руках этого брокера. Как именно они теряют деньги? Брокер заставляет их принимать советников и сигналы с платформы. Люди, которые управляют этими сигналами, похоже, не очень хорошо справились с торговлей. Таким образом, вы можете догадаться, что любой, кто использует эту услугу, теряет много денег.

Поэтому, когда обратная связь с клиентами отрицательная, мы действительно ничего не можем сделать, чтобы попытаться убедить новых трейдеров, что этот брокер является законным. Онлайн-негативность убивает моральный дух, и это, безусловно, указывает на тот факт, что этот брокер не работает эффективно или является прямым жуликом.

Почему у нас есть проблемы с FxCitizen

Проблема в том, что они у береговых брокеров, и это нас не удивляет, когда мы сталкиваемся со всеми этими жалобами. Они типичны для оффшорных брокеров, потому что нет никаких строгих правил для создания форекс-брокерского бизнеса. Таким образом, тот, кто настраивает брокерский бизнес в оффшорной зоне, явно ищет недобросовестных клиентов или даже мошенников. Многие брокеры Forex, которые мы рассмотрели здесь, которые базируются в оффшорных зонах, имеют схожие характеристики. Они либо откровенно мошенничают, либо всегда ошибочно относятся к своим клиентам.

Мы боимся, что FXCitizen является одним из тех, и мы не можем рисковать просить вас зарегистрироваться.

Наш лучший совет для вас

Этот брокер не предлагает индексы и акции CFD. Во-вторых, они зарегистрированы с берега, и это то, что вы должны взять как красный флаг. В-третьих, их учетная запись ECN имеет большой минимальный депозит, и каждый трейдер хочет торговать в среде ECN, потому что он предлагает лучшие условия торговли. Придерживайтесь эти брокеры Forex, если вы хотите безопасно торговать.

XM Review

Leverage: 1:30 to 1:888 *Depends on the entity of the group

Regulation: CySEC, ASIC, IFSC

Min. Deposit: US$5

HQ: Cyprus, Australia, Belize

Platforms: MT4, MT5, XM WebTrader

Found in: 2009

XM Licenses

  • Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd authorized by CySEC (Cyprus) registration no 120/10
  • Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd – authorized by ASIC (Australia) registration no 443670
  • Trading Point MENA Limited – authorized by Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) reference No. F003484
  • Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited – authorized by FCA (UK) registration no. 705428
  • XM Global Limited – authorized by IFSC (Belize) registration no. IFSC/60/354/TS/19
  • Our Review
  • XM User Reviews
  • XM News

What is

The XM broker started its activity in 2009 and so far operating clients from over 196 countries with a support staff speaking in 30 languages and is among the most trusted Regulated Brokers. The main branch located in Cyprus regulated by CySEC, yet offices are truly covering global needs and serving through Australia, UK, Belize, Greece also authorized in Dubai and MENA region.

About 1.5 Million Traders and investors at XM choose its wide range of XM trading products and the services broker provides along with advanced trading solutions, yet suitable for beginning traders as well. The reason for such fast growth and trust to the broker is that XM aims to provide one of the best user experience in the industry to its clients.

At XM the account can be opened regardless of a net of capital with only 5$ or the trading experience, also with its global approach and discovery of new markets, XM supports webinars and research materials. Which allows traders from various international countries to engage and start trading carer.

Generally, all procedures from account opening, managing, depositing/ withdrawing, and trading is straightforward, simple and transparent, which we will see in detail further within XM review.

Pros Cons
• Multiply regulated broker with a strong establishment

• Wide range of trading opportunities

• Global expands including ASIA, MENA, Africa regions

• Competitive trading conditions

• Europe clients may trade only CFDs, Forex and Crypto products

10 Points Summary

1. XM is European broker with headquarters in Cyprus and offices in UK, Australia

2. XM considered a reliable broker due to its regulatory obligations set by ESMA, CySEC, ASIC, FCA, etc.

3. Broker mainstays on MetaTrader trading software offering MT4 and MT5 platforms

4. Large products offering through 6 asset classes including Stocks, CFDs, Forex, Commodities, Portfolios, Metals, Cryptocurrencies

5. Trading costs and spreads are average compared to competition for Forex and CFD trading

6. Demo Account offered with unlimited conditions

7. XM took it seriously to provide quality and Professional Education that offers vast learning materials, Live webinars in multiple languages and regularly held Seminars

8. Very low Minimum deposit – only 5$

9. Huge range of Base currencies proposing easy money transfers for global traders, also supporting vast of deposit methods

10. Overall XM is defined as customer-oriented broker with great client support and diversity of services to serve trading better


Overall, XM achieved a great focus on the Client’s needs while offers very competitive conditions and a range of services that attract global traders. Apart from its highly good results and reputation among the trading community, XM received truly global recognition with many reputable awards for industry achievements including Best Forex Broker for Europe, Most Trusted Broker, etc.

Is XM safe or a scam?

The XM broker group of entities stuck to enhanced regulatory standards as the broker is fully compliant with the necessary regulation policies in each jurisdiction it operates. Therefore, Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd ( considered being a safe broker as clients are operated in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) of the European Union and follows other regulatory obligations, as well.

Is XM regulated?

XM Group is a group of regulated online brokers, which serves as Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd established in 2009 and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), another entity Trading Point of Financial Instruments was established in 2020 in Australia and is regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Read more, why trade with Australian Brokers by the link so the regulatory obligations are covered at a sustainable level as we see through our XM Review.

In addition, the global operation is enabled by XM global Limited established in 2020 and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission, allowing to offer its services across the globe. Despite the fact that IFSC is an offshore license, that does not actually implement strict overseeing of the trading processes, yet additional heavy regulation of the XM made it an acceptable choice.

XM entity Regulation and License
Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd CySEC (Cyprus) registration no 120/10
Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd ASIC (Australia) registration no 443670
Trading Point MENA Limited Regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) Reference No. F003484
Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN: 705428
XM Global Limited IFSC (Belize) registration no. IFSC/60/354/TS/19

Is XM a reliable broker?

The main idea of the regulation is that the trader can trade secure, knowing that clients funds collaborate according to the strictest rules with minimized risks of fraud or unfair use. XM operates its trading environment according to the regulatory measures making it a reliable broker.

Client funds are kept in investment grade banks and use segregated accounts, also falling under the Investor Compensation Fund that ensures recovery of funds up to €20,000 in case broker goes insolvent (note that the coverage scheme depends on the particular entity). Besides, one of the advantages you will get as a trader is a Negative Balance Protection, so there is no risk to lose more than the available balance.


Depending on the account type and the entity under which the XM follows different regulatory obligations, you can choose the leverage on a scale from 1:1 to 888:1. So to understand which leverage level you entitled to use, always refer to the conditions of your residency as various XM entities apply different conditions again due to regulatory obligations.

  • As of the recent updates on protective measures, the European clients and brokers can use a maximum leverage level up to a maximum of30:1
  • While Australian regulation allows up to 500:1
  • And International entity offers high leverage of 1:888

On one hand, by using leverage you can significantly increase your potential income, yet that rule works reversal as well. Therefore, always choose your leverage smartly, as well as the entity under which you would like to trade, which you may learn more through the XM education center.

Besides, leverage always depending on the financial product you use, alike European clients of Trading Point Cyprus may express a ratio of 1:5 for Cryptocurrencies and even a maximum of 1:2 for some products.


You may be a new or professional trader so XM made an ideal choice between account types to suit your trading potential, also with a potential capability to magnify your income with a correct selection of the account type. You may open an account following simple steps of verification and submit through a fully digital process simple to navigate.

If you are new to trading a demo account is another useful tool to test trading potential which XM is offering for free use.

In addition, upon clients’ requests, the account may be referred to a swap-free/ Islamic account, which implies no swap interest and suitable for traders following Sharia laws.

Pros Cons
•Fast digital account opening

•Easy switch between Demo and Live Account

•The proposal between Accounts based on spread only or with commission charges

•Very Low minimum deposit

•Account types vary according to jurisdiction

Account types

In regards to the trading accounts, XM made a choice between four main account typesMicro, Standard, XM Ultra Low Account and Shares Accounts while all features custom-oriented conditions. However, XM entities depending on the jurisdiction rules apply slightly different offerings, as Accounts availability depends on the client’s country of residence. Alike CY branch offers three account types, excluding Ultra Low Accounts, also some conditions may vary too.

Overall, XM made it a simple as you may choose to prefer trading style through either account to trade smaller size through Micro Lots, or to trade regular size with Standard account based on spread only basis. Lastly, Zero Accounts will offer you another fee strategy where the spread is an interbank quote starting from 0 pips and the trading charge will be deducted through a commission per lot.

So make sure to verify the applicable proposal before you sign in, also see the breakdown below.

Can you open XM account in South Africa?

If you are a trader from South Africa – yes you can open XM account, as XM applied for registration to local regulator since 2020 and even since appealing to South African traders. So truly worldwide traders can enjoy great customer-oriented features XM offers and engage in all the trading benefits relatively easily.

Account Base currencies?

As for the account base currencies, XM added extra flexibility in this regard too, as choosing XM Account you may select the base currency of your preference from the great supported selection. This range includes even South African Rand (ZAR) or Singapore Dollar (SGD), besides to other global currencies.

So all in all register with XM allows you transparency of money transaction, while you will avoid conversion fees for both deposits and withdrawals while selecting your preferred base rate.

Trading Instruments

Besides to its good features, XM makes trading more pleasant by a huge variety of products so you will enjoy a great choice that meets expectations and preferences.

A range of trading markets available from a single multi-asset account that offers 6 Asses Classes and includes about 55 currency pairs with a total over 1000+ trading markets. And so you are able to trade Forex or CFDs on stock indices, commodities, stocks, metals, energies and Cryptocurrencies at XM all available from the same trading account.

Generally, as we found within our XM Review, the broker operates with variable spreads, just like the interbank forex market and imposes no restrictions on trading during news releases. And that’s definitely good news to the traders, as usually fixed spreads are higher than a variable once, as well are more flexible to different trading strategies. That means all trading costs are calculated into a spread with no hidden fees and tightest spread offering.

Pros Cons
•Available options between spread only or commission charge

•No additional costs

•Average Forex fees

Our find on Forex Fees

As we already defined, costs are based on a spread, in case you will open a Micro or Standard account. Also, XM spread is a fractional pip price that gets the best prices from XM’s various liquidity providers. Meaning, instead of regular 4-digit quoting prices you can benefit from the smallest price movements by adding a 5th digit, known as a fraction.

Below you may see average spread reference calculated throughout the day on a Standard account presented for most popular products. Even though some spreads might be higher than its industry competitors, the overall fee structure is rather average for Forex markets and low cost for CFDs.

Comparison between XM fees and similar brokers

Asset/ Pair XM Fees FXTM Fees AvaTrade Fees
EUR USD 1.6 pips 1.5 pips 1.3 pips
Crude Oil WTI 5 pips 9 pips 3 pips
Gold 35 9 40
BTC USD 60 20 0.75%
Inactivity fee Yes Yes Yes
Deposit fee No No No
Fee ranking Average Average Low

What is XM commission?

The commission fee is added on XM Zero Accounts only, as you will be trading with interbank spread quotes starting from 0 pips and commission charge as a trading fee. XM applies transparent conditions and a quite competitive offering of $3.5 per lot per 100,000 USD traded. Also, you may use the fee calculator provided by the XM for an easy understanding of your costs.

Fee conditions upon opening of trade

Overnight fee

Lastly, you should calculate also XM overnight fee or the fee that a trader pays in case the position is opened longer than a day and is agreed through a swap contract that comes as a cost. Every currency has a different interest rate which comes as a calculation.

As an example assume that the interest rates in Japan and the US are 0.25% p.a. and 2.5% p.a. respectively, with an open position, you can either gain USD 6.16 per day or lose USD 6.16 per day, as the rollover calculated as an interest to borrowed currency or earned on the purchased currency.

You may see also swap fee conditions on the snapshot above, as well for better information check out and compare XM fees with another broker Plus500.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The funds transaction at XM are managed in a customer-oriented way too, traders having a choice of multiple payment methods supported in all countries. Various payment options including commonly used, also XM again took care of clients’ comfort and introduced a local bank transfer option, which enables to fund the account through local banks and currency with no conversion charges.

Deposit Options

  • Credit cards
  • Bank wire and Local Bank Transfer (available in some regions)
  • E-wallets including Neteller, Moneybookers Skrill, Western Union, MoneyGram, WebMoney, China UnionPay, SOFORT, iDEAL, etc
Pros Cons
•Fast digital deposits, including Neteller, WebMoney and Credit Cards

•5$ as a first deposit

•Multiple Account Base Currencies

•0$ deposits and free withdrawals

•Withdrawal requests take up to 3 days


What is the minimum deposit for XM account?

XM Minimum Deposit amount is only 5$ allowing to open either Micro Account or a Standard One, in case you wish to trade with Zero account minimum deposit is competitive also, demanding 100$ as a start. However, the amount varies according to the chosen payment method and trading account validation status. Yet, you can read and find all the necessary info in the Members Area.

Withdrawal methods

The withdrawal methods are the same as the deposit ones, also due to regulatory rules client money should be returned as an original deposit was done.

Besides, XM applied 0% Withdrawal Fee and offers zero fees on both deposits & withdrawals. Very pleasant addition indeed, as the XM company got all the transfer fees covered including e-wallets, major credit cards, instant account funding, and wire transfers with no hidden fees or commissions.

Moreover, while the majority of brokers still charge for wire withdrawals, XM deposits and withdrawals above 200 USD processed by wire transfer are also included in the Company’s zero fees policy.

How do I withdraw from XM Account?

TO withdraw funds from your XM trading account you should simply follow next steps, also never hesitate to contact customer service in case of any questions or terms.

Withdraw money step by step

1. Login to your account

2. Select on Withdraw Funds’ at the menu tab

3. Enter the withdrawn amount

4. Choose the withdrawal method

5. Complete the electronic request with necessary requirements

6. Confirm withdrawal information and Submit

7. Check the current status of withdrawal through your Dashboard

How long does XM Withdrawal take?

While the XM Accounting team process withdrawal requests quite quickly within 1-3 business days it depends on the country the money is sent to, as variously rules and policies apply. The standard bank within the EU will take around 3 working days for the money to be available on your account, yet some methods or institutions may process almost instantly or take longer, all depending on the payment method you use.

Trading Platforms

In terms of the trading software, XM clients access to make transactions and trades throughout well-known and nearly perfectly-developed trading platforms MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5.

Platform Ratings

XM chooses their technology on a most popular industry platforms MT4 and MT5 not by case, but obviously for traders’ advantage, as the platforms are very known and allow you to get numerous extensions or access comprehensive education on how to use tools. So the platforms gaining high ratings due to its international recognition and are always a plus towards brokers’ proposal.

Web Trading

Directly accessible just from one account and available in various versions all platforms are integrated with a full site of technical analysis, indicators and comprehensive tools, stop or trailing orders. SO you may access XM trading just by the use of the browser and login to Web Trading.

•User friendly software

•A mainstay at MT4 and MT5 platforms

•16 Different platforms suitable for Web, Mobile and Desktop trading

• Mobile App for iOS and Android

•Supporting numerous languages

•Only MetaTrader offered

Desktop Trading Platform

Though XM made the software even more advanced and suitable through 16 Trading platforms, which cater just any device including web, mobile, and even multiple accounts trading. So you get full account functionality and make the trading process at ease and comfort if you select the Desktop platform or other versions to trade.

Since XM uses MT4 or its newer version MT5 you are able to use its powerful capabilities along with automated trading or the trading robots. EAs available with unlimited use of charts for those that prefer technological trading, also great manual trading tools will assist in your strategy as well. So overall all demands and trading needs are covered and are at very sustainable level.

Look and Feel

MetaTrader is known for its clean and good feel while trading, also its Charting are among the most powerful offerings in the industry. So, the same as we do, you will enjoy its look and functions offered.

Mobile Trading Platform

Of course you are able to use your mobile for trading as well, XM MT4 Android and iOS apps, along with XM MT5 apps will give you access to trading account with full account functionality. MT4 and MT5 apps also offering great charting with 3 Chart Types, over 30 technical indicators in its package and full trading history journal. So

•User friendly apps suitable for Android and iOS devices

•Easy to navigate, manage and install

•30 technical indicators and 3 Chart Types

•Supporting various languages


How to place orders with XM?

Placing of order is a quite seamless process, as MT4 or MT5 also allows one click trading option. So you may choose between pending order or market order available on all platforms. There are risk tools available as well, which you should never skip and stick to your strategy. So to place an order you should follow the next steps

  1. Through Market Watch select the product you wish to trade
  2. Right click on the symbol “New Order”
  3. Select the order either Pending Order or Market Order under the “Type”
  4. Set Risk, Reward and Expectancy levels through set of Volume, Stop Loss, Take Profit
  5. Select Place
  6. Once done on you may adjust or cancel your order at any time, as well as close it manually once executed

Platform trading tools

In addition, there are numerous XM’s add- ones allowing you to enjoy extra benefits that the platform offers. This includes also XM VPS, Rapid Trade Execution and remote connection to a Virtual Private Server(VPS). The XM VPS brings non-stop work without your monitoring or even having the computer on. Clients that maintain a minimum amount of $5,000 or equivalent, are eligible to request a Free VPS, for the ones’ that can’t meet the requirement, still can request a tool with a monthly cost – $28.

Customer Support

As for the customer support and service, as we see XM globally covers trading needs while the customer service team available in international locations and speaks more than 25 languages including Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, Tagalog and more languages.

Customer service available 24h 5 days a week and available for your concerns and answers either through email, phone or live chat. Also, we found that service is a good quality with reliable answers, which confirms again XM’s client oriented policy.

Pros Cons
• Quick response

• Availability of Live Chat

• No 24/7 customer support


Along with great customer service, every client can access numerous educational materials through XM Learning Center with trading data and other necessary information that brings trading to a better level. In this regard, XM went also far and beyond with great respect and wide education support throughout various regions with a purpose to educate traders.

Indeed, you should never skip the education and your personal improvement, as those who have data can make much smarter decisions and XM will support your strives in this regard too.

With XM you may count on a quality learning defined also by your level, which includes Live Education offerings, Educational Videos, Forex Webinars and regularly held Forex Seminars in various destinations. In addition, there are very well organized tutorials, videos and tools at your disposal.

Pros Cons
• Professional Education Center covering international interest

• Demo Account available

• Live Webinars and regular Forex Seminars



In terms of research tools and Market materials, you will find it in order too. Along with News Feed, Technical Summaries and Technical Analysis, XM provides Fundamental Analysis and Trade Ideas suitable for beginning or advanced traders.

We do really like the way XM organizes its research tools as well, as you will find in one place everything that is required for your smarter trading decisions along with Forex Calculators, MQL5 and more. Also, exclusive technical indicators compatible with both platforms available for subscribers also making it possible to perform algorithmic trading.

Pros Cons
• Trading ideas

• Trading recommendation and professional analysis

• Exclusive technical indicators

• Forex Outlook



In conclusion to our XM Review, it is a well-regulated broker by numerous highly-respected regulators that delivers truly transparent conditions and is extremely customer friendly broker.

Be sure, with XM you will find your own preferences and satisfy your needs, with advantages throughout all the process from A to Z, and attentive, always on-hand XM staff. All together really assists in pleasant trading for both, new and experienced traders.

The fact that XM firm has quickly passed through its early development stage and in prevalence obtaining very favourable reviews made us be sure of its competitive offering.

No re-requotes and no hidden fees or commissions policy, as well Negative balance protection, brings very comfortable as well the strict real-time market execution policy, making XM very welcomed among trading offering. So one of the most generous proposals in terms of costs, trading conditions and opportunities overall, makes XM a truly human broker.

Nevertheless, let us know your personal opinion about, do not hesitate to share your thoughts or ask us for additional information through the comment area below. for Forex Broker Reviews

The worst broker ever, deposited 3k into my Xm account. Funds deducted from my bank account with payment reference number and details. XM says bank rejected the transaction. Calls back my bank to check, transaction is successful and funds deducted from my bank account with payment details Contacted XM again, and same reply, bank rejected the transaction, when ask for proof to show that the transaction was rejected, not given. Ask for a call back, not done. Just keep repeating the same reply, transaction rejected by my bank. If you don’t want your money to just vanish, skip XM

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