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Nova Star Reviews

Updated Jan 1, 2020

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“Pyramid Scheme”

I worked at Nova Star

There are absolutely no pros.

Misleading Work in heat doing door to door sales Your car gets towed CEO works you 10 hours a day and everything is commission based. I made a sale and never got compensated.

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I worked at Nova Star full-time for less than a year

Elvery sounded awesome during orientation. potential to make great commission.

They told us we’d be working “in the field.. indoor buildings selling door to door. When we got there it was outside in the heat & my trainer said “oh, by the way we may get kicked out” so we were technically soliciting on properties in hot heat outside all day. No restroom to use & would not give breaks. it was a 10hr shift. We did end up getting kicked out & had to relocate to another apartment complex this time was in a dangerous area of town. In route I asked if we could stop at a gas station to use restroom & get a drink & a snack & was told “no” which I’m sure is not legal to have an employee work 10 hr shifts w no proper break time. Then I had to use the restroom after holding it so long. I had to walk on foot out in the heat & sun through this very rough apartment complex by myself in search of a gas station to relieve myself & walk back to find my trainer again. Their sales style is extremely aggressive, pushy & seemed very unsettling. Not recommended unless u r extremely desperate & dont mind working in very undesirable conditions. I ended up working 10 hrs & didn’t get paid for it.

Fashion Nova Reviews

877 • Poor

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 877

Best quality product

Hey guys. I live in the french Caribbean and they are the only one that have a quickly shipping and also a really good quality. Made years i purchase there totally recommend!

Order never arrived

Can you believe I ordered 5 months ago and still didn’t get my order. I paid 160$ for just nothing. Didn’t even get a refund or something

The quality and sizing are horrible…

The quality and sizing are horrible (I’m normally a Medium or Large). I did order a pair of shoes that turned out to be amazing but none of the tops fit me and the leggings aren’t good enough quality to be $20+. I’ve ordered several different tops in several different sizes from this site and none of them fit right. Unless you’re a size 0 do NOT order from this site.

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Do not shop here unless you want to waste your money!

I purchased the License To Ill Bodysuit -White/Combo. I wore the body suit once and loved it but the first time I washed it on a 30 degree delicate wash the red colour from the sleeves has run into the rest of the top and now it has a pink tint to it. It’s ruined and I can no longer wear it.

This was a fault with the item. I went back to the reviews and noticed that someone else has had the same issue. I washed the item on a perfectly reasonable temperature wash cycle so this shouldn’t have happened.

Customer service was terrible.

Here was my response.

Nova Star (Fashion Nova)
Mar 2, 2:58 PM PST

Thank you for reaching out to Fashion Nova’s Customer Care team. I’m happy to help!

Per our policy I need to ask, have you worn or washed the item, or removed the tags?

If yes – due to our company policy, we cannot issue you a refund and/or store credit for worn/used items. Please visit our FAQ​ on this and review our Online Return Policy for more information.

Thank you for choosing Fashion Nova!

If no – may I have your order number, please?

Fashion Nova Customer Care

. I didn’t even receive an apology and clearly she didn’t even read my email properly. Of course I wore it and took off the tags. Why else would I be washing it. It was a faulty item and they did absolutely nothing about it.

I also left a review on their website and they removed it so beware. All the bad reviews get removed.

I will NEVER shop here again.

Cheaply made clothing and horrible…

Cheaply made clothing and horrible exchange/return policy. They actually do not accept returns. Basically, the clothing should be sold for $10 an item or less but they are marked up by at least two times. The items appear to be useful for only one wear. The items are cute and fit as described but for the price you should shop elsewhere. Your money would be better spent at equally priced online and actual stores. I also attempted twice to put a review on their actual website for items I purchased and both times my review disappears. No wonder you can’t see low rating reviews other than “the fit was too big/small”.


Warning!! Do NOT order from them. First, you need to wait two weeks or more to receive your order. The clothes are cheap quality. I was stupid enough to order again from them as they had an 80% sitewide sale. I paid $56 for 3 tops. However, I used Paypal so if anything to refund my money. I realized that after submitting my order that I sent it to my old shop address. The shop has a new owner and a different name. I contacted them after 1 minute of realizing that PayPal still has my old address. Their response, we cannot modify, edit or cancel. They shipped my order to the wrong address. The other thing that got my attention that they are totally unprofessional that they responded to my email asking me to return the item. well, this is if I ever received the item and if the owner of the shop would even admit that he ever received it. My friend warned me before I make my order and said that they once never refunded her money after she returned an item but I did not listen. I will never shop from this store again. Listen learned!!

Terrible Online Order Return Policy

I ordered my Daughter a sweater as a Christmas gift. The cost was $24.00 plus shipping. It did not fit so it needed to be returned. Fashion Nova’s return policy is that you must pay for a shipping label ($10.00) to return the merchandise. So the customer is charged to have the merchandise shipped to them originally and if a return is required then they must also pay for return shipping. This is a terrible business practice and is screwing the customer. I have returned other items purchased with other online companies and they provided a return packing slip with no cost to me. I will not be shopping online again with Fashion Nova and will also discourage others from doing so as well!

Star Nova

The description of Star Nova

Game de ação, estilo shooter de navinhas, fliperama e clássico.

Ano de 2050, a humanidade descobre um novo sistema solar habitável, e enviam você para uma importante missão de busca por água e recursos naturais. Mas o que ninguém contava era que havia vida inteligente no espaço e que essa vida poderia representar uma ameaça fatal para você. Sua nave é a única capaz de destruí-los, lute por sua vida e retorne a Terra em paz.
O que há no Star Nova:
– Chefes e inimigos;
– 2 Modos de jogo (Story e Infinity Mode);
– 4 Power Ups;
– 6 Itens;
– Inteligência Artificial dinâmica, aprimorada e diferenciada;
– Configurações;
– 2 tipos de controle (Acelerômetro e Analógico);
– Conquistas Google Play;
– Ranking Google Play Games;

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