Review Is Panama Golden Scam or Should I Invest

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Golden Option Trading Review: Is it a Scam?

Golden Option Trading Review: Is it a Scam?


Last Updated: May 31, 2020 @ 12:48 pm

Golden Option Trading ( is advertised as a VIP signal service and they claim that while 90% of traders fail, all their students are in the 10% category of successful traders. This is quite hard to believe and we actually have to look into this service in details to establish where the truth is. They claim that Golden Option Trading is providing an opportunity for traders to copy paste profits. It’s a catchy little tagline, and it’s accompanied by an emoji of a smiley face with money in his eyes, so you know it must be serious. Okay, all jokes aside, today we will provide you with a full analysis of the service, and let you know if they are providing enough verifiable data, to prove that their signals truly work or not.

The golden option team is located at 3200 Desserte S Autoroute 440, Laval, QC, Canada, H7T 2S4. None of the members of the team are introduced, but at the bottom of their terms of service the contact page takes us to a website for “Sam Ovens.” I’m not sure who Sam is, as he has no reputation in the Forex market, but considering the websites are linked, we would have to assume it’s the owner of the signal service. Although, the main way to get support seems to be through telegram @hustle_mindset. Since there seems to be an element of selling and nothing is being presented in the way of actual facts, the best thing to do would be to use these alternative trading products and services as we look carefully into this sales page to establish where the truth lies.

Golden Option Trading Review

According to the signal providers at Golden Option Trading, over 90% of traders fail, but all of their students “are in the top 10%.” Whether this is just marketing, or not, it is a very aggressive claim, and one we would like to see proof of. The vendor does provide many video testimonials from clients, but all of these testimonials are either coming from their website or hosted on their YouTube channel, so they aren’t exactly from a third-party source. Our extensive research, found very little client feedback at all outside of what is presented on the vendor sales page. This isn’t a major negative, but most of the best Forex signal providers, do have a fair amount of outside reviews. The reputation for this vendor is still relatively under wraps.

Trading strategy of Golden Option trading

The Golden Option Trading signal service is managed by NickFX10. A trader who focuses on medium-term periods, with a swing trading methodology promised to “bring home an average of about 800 to 1200 pips monthly.” Outside of this statement, the strategy isn’t elaborated in much detail. In terms of the provider, Nick doesn’t have an extensive reputation in the Forex marketplace, but it is a positive that we are provided access to a real person. At least this way, we know who is behind this service, and then we can make our determinations from there. This is better than signal providers that don’t provide any information about their traders.

Breakdown of the signal service in details

This signal service sends out signals for pairs like GBPUSD, GBPJPY, USDCHF, GBPNZD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, EURAUD, EURUSD and USDCAD. The strategy behind their trading is called swing strategy which basically means that they can hold trades for more than one day since take profits are usually placed at a far distance to take the most profit in the process.

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The signal frequency is 4-10 Per Week and they are charging $100 per month to have traders subscribed full time. There are currently 3 plans available for traders interested in the Golden Option Trading signals. Each plan is essentially the same, with what it had signals per week, signals sent and all sessions, and an average 200 pips per week promise. The only difference, is the length of term and the associated price. The one month package goes for $100, 3 months goes for $200, and a lifetime membership goes for $997. With the lifetime membership, the signal service comes with a full Forex course as a bonus, but this bonus is not explained in any detail.

Do they have trading results?

With promises of 200 pips per month, we expect much more from the Golden Option Trading team when it comes to trading results. As it stands, the only trading results provided are screenshots of Myfxbook accounts, and trades in the MT4 app on someones phone. None of these results show an extended sample size, and only one of the images shows any activity in 2020. Vendors who rely on Myfxbook screenshots are very hard to trust. With the types of screenshots they are providing, they could easily be taking these images from anyone’s account, and just claiming it as their own.

The only way we can truly trust any of these results, is if the vendor upload their personal trading statements to their own Myfxbook account. This action literally takes under 15 minutes to complete, so there is no reason why the vendor can’t do that for us. This is the same request we have for many providers as you can see in our recent reviews of FX Premiere, and FXStrikes.

Should you give Golden Option Trading a chance?

While there seem to be many reasons why a trader would want to subscribe for this signal service, the problem is that this sales page is lacking in terms of presenting their trading results in a proper way. The majority of the site look decent and professional. However, their trading results cannot be taken as the gospel truth since we are not able to verify those results. Certainly nobody is able to verify those results too.

So the main reason why we are not recommending Golden Option Trading is because they are not providing us with transparent results. They need to upload their actual trading statements or at least a account.

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Our best advice for you

While all has been said and done, we are looking for a reliable way to trade and these products provide such an opportunity.

Is Golden Farm a Scam or Legit

Are you intrigued by the cute little birdies perched up in their nests? Six birds must lay some pretty rich omelette sized eggs.

Are you trying to figure is Golden Farm Legit or just another online scam. The mechanics of this website are straight forward but can leave newcomers confused.

Table of Contents

Jump to…

So how exactly can you earn Russian Ruble (RUR) with Golden Farm’s bird bath. We will take a look into this project in just a brief second. But before we take a quick glance at this opportunity. Make sure you brought along your thinking cap today.

Golden Farm’s website theme is one for the ages, decorative and cartoon like. Advantageous with stability, 24/7 support and a hefty reserve fund. But, are they really telling users the truth about this.

Golden Farm Review

* Brand: Golden Farm (Coin Birds)
* Website URL’s:

* Founder: Not provided
* Date Founded: 22/DEC/2020
* Address: Not listed
* Contact Methods: Submit help ticket |
* Training: 15.47%
* Support: 39.63%
* Website: 62.81%
* Software Tools: 33.69%
* Success Stories: 51.30%
* Costs: Free to join. ₽1.00 Russian Ruble equates to 100 silver coins.
* Up-sells: No
* Verdict: Buy birds, harvest eggs, sell eggs, cash out. You be the judge!

About Golden Farm Biz

Golden Farm has an estimated website value of $2,236,000

Gets an average of 90,652 daily visitors. I’m no expert but these are quite remarkable figures.

The Golden Farm business claims to be a type of gaming project. The only game like element to this platform is by allowing time to pass by to then collect virtual eggs.

The birds that you may purchase will lay eggs steadily overtime, which are then exchanged at the in game market for silver coins. Silver coins are not real money by the way. In game currency.

Silver coins can be converted into Russian Ruble during the withdrawal phase, provided that you have enough gold coins which are hard to get. This makes it significantly difficult to withdraw earnings successfully.

Upon joining the Golden Farm project you will be gifted a ‘ Green ‘ bird (Lowest valued bird in the pecking order) and 300 silver coins as a sign up welcome bonus.

The psychology behind this website is to invest more funds (real income) to get more silver coins.

Only so many eggs can be laid at any given time. Once you run out of silver coins within your account. You need to buy more egg laying birds unless you are happy with the amount of birds that you have.

How to Make Money With Golden Farm

Here is the life cycle to earning in the Golden Farm ruble mining game:

  1. Buy any of the 6 bird species. Each investment will lay eggs overtime. The birds available are as indicated ‘ Green ‘, ‘ Yellow ‘, ‘ Brown ‘, ‘ Blue ‘, ‘ Red ‘, ‘ King Bird ‘.
  2. Allow time to pass so that your birds can lay many eggs which are transferred over in the storehouse with a click of a button.
  3. Sell storehouse eggs for in game silver coins.
  4. Exchange silver coins for real money. Or invest into the purchasing of more birds which will evidently lay more eggs.

There’s a secret bird that has a question marked image claiming – “This is a very rare species! There are rumors that it’s produce money directly to the wallet! To access it, you need to have at least 1 ‘Red’ bird.”

This sounds like a hook, line and sinker to get readers to believe they can automate income on auto pilot into their accounts.

Golden Farm Support, Pricing & Payments

It’s recommended to check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) page before submitting a ticket at the ‘Help Service’ option.

Submitting a ticket is the only form of communication available at the Golden Farm platform.

There appears to be no maximum limit to the amount of birds that can be purchased. Users are given the ability to purchase as many credits (silver coins) as needed.

Pay scale

₽1 Russian Ruble equates to 100 silver coins. If you were to buy 1,000 silver coins it will cost ₽10 (RUB)

There are no financial limitations when making a purchase order. Golden Farm uses a wide catalogue of payment providers:

  • Payeer.
  • Advcash.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Euroset.
  • Svyaznoy.
  • Beeline Russia.
  • MTS Russia.
  • Megafon Russia.
  • Tele2 Russia.
  • Web Money.
  • Perfect Money.
  • Neteller.
  • Skrill.
  • Capitalist.
  • E-KZT.
  • Epayments.
  • Fasapay.
  • Nixmoney.
  • Solid Trustpay.
  • Unionpay.
  • Swift.
  • SEPA.
  • Halyk Bank.
  • Kazkom.
  • Privat24.
  • Contact.
  • Money Gram.
  • RIA Money.
  • Unistream.
  • Western Union.
  • Golden Crown.
  • Cash.
  • Qiwi Wallet.
  • Yandex Money.
  • Cash Moscow.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum.
  • Bitcoin Cash.
  • Litecoin.
  • Dash.

Affiliate/Referral Incentive

Golden Farm’s partner program allows you to invite friends, or anybody to this dull game. If you have activated your account. In the ‘my referrals’ tab. You can access details about this affiliate incentive.

In a nutshell, if you manage to get referrals to join up to the Golden Farm site. Every time your referral replenishes their account, you will earn a percentage of silver coins.

Your affiliate link will look something like this:

Russian Version

English Version

There isn’t any significant difference between the pair.

If you already own a website or are seeking to learning how to construct a website step-by-step. You could market Golden Farm on your website with an engaging blog post.

By clicking and accessing the ‘Promo Materials’ page. Copy and paste Golden Farm HTML code into your website to see some visually aesthetic banner ads displayed that have your unique affiliate ID embedded inside the HTML coding.

If someone clicks on your banner advertisement and ends up joining Golden Farm. You could earn a steady flow of silver coins into your profile account.

Withdrawals and Payment Proof

With some observations made. People are finding it more difficult than others to make a successful withdrawal. If there is an issue with making a withdrawal submit a help ticket to the support messenger, along with any applicable details.

Because there is a plethora of members using this website on a daily basis. Owners/operators of Golden Farm must be paying out on time otherwise there would likely be complaints filed at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.

If you navigate to the ‘Payments’ tab there is a list of the most recent 50 payout transactions conducted within this system.

The YouTube video below proves that transactions are possible if you have any discrepancies about the whole withdrawal process here.

Is Golden Farm a Scam

My initial reaction with Golden Farming was that it is a conspicuous scam. I’m sure that many people label this software as a scam when they come unstuck with withdrawing out some rouble.

I’m still not 100% convinced that Golden Farm is a robust gateway to financial freedom.

It’s hard to believe that you can claim secondary income by basically purchasing birds and mining their eggs. But there isn’t any sufficient evidence suggesting that Golden Farm mining is a scam at any authority sites.

I definitely wouldn’t lay all my eggs in one basket though. Golden Farm is not exactly the most prominent way to earning an income online.

Just be cautious if you want to test out this site for yourself. Only invest what you can afford to lose if things go pear shaped. I do not condone using this system, but Golden Farm may satisfy some of those individuals looking for a simplistic method of earning some spare change online.

Final Word

  • Awarded 300 silver coins plus a ‘green’ bird when you create a free account.
  • Not a complicated system to use.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Exchange silver coins for Russian Ruble when criteria is met.
  • Referral incentive.
  • Promotional materials.
  • Golden Farm is far from any real gaming experience.
  • You will need to invest some funds to get anywhere.
  • There are no details about the owner/s which comes across a little suspicious.
  • You can’t rely on this business model to give you a stable income.

Golden Farm is practically a ruble mining piece of software that accumulates silver coins to trade for real money. The more birds you have, particularly the more valuable bird types. The more eggs will be produced over time.

It isn’t too difficult to understand how this website functions. Just be cautious until you know it delivers on it’s promises.

I guess one thing that can be taken away from today is that you are never going to be able to make life changing rouble relying solely on Golden Farm’s services. So with that said.

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Instead of rushing off to the compact and ever so green website. Maybe you might want to take a little sneak peek at a review of this website utopia.

All-in-all, Golden Farm is an unorthodox product to say the least. Have you had experience using Golden Farm by any chance?

Did you manage to make a safe withdrawal with any of the payment providers listed inside? Let us know in the comments section below. Any questions will be answered in time and remember to share this info to your friends on social media if you enjoyed the read today.

Mining silver coins for (₽) Russian Ruble…

Quick Recap of Golden Farm ₽1.00 = 100 Silver Coins

Benjamin P. Ward

25 thoughts to “ Is Golden Farm a Scam or Legit ”

I invested $75 and have never been able to withdrawal anything! Every payment processor I’ve tried either doesn’t do business in the U.S or “Payment processor temporarily not available” or something like that. That includes Bitcoin. I have 22,280,704 coins but not enough I’m told. Scam as far as I’m concerned especially for U.S members.

Golden farm is a real scam site, today I have more than 10,000,000 eggs and it continues to produce, but when I want to withdraw. I am told that I do not have enough gold, it is a real Ponzi. I follow a little of everything in order to have a return on investment and for the moment I do not complain, you should judge too. Thank you.

If you get in touch with me, I will teach you the way to get your full investment back on Golden Farm.

Hey Marcello, I’d be interested in getting my investment back. Thanks!

Marcello please help!

I am a member of Golden Farm for almost 2 years. Now I am so close to making a withdrawal and promise to all of you guys that first thing I’ll do is to come here and make an announcement of how it went. Hope that I will not make a jerk of myself. By the way, is there any possibility that this article is some kind of malware that I am not aware of?

Curious why you have been using Golden Farm for 2 years and have not made a withdrawal yet. Seems a little too long. I hope you don’t become disappointed if they do not process your withdrawal. Because that’s a lot of time invested. If you’re referring to this post as malware. It is not. It’s simply an article created highlighting some facts and opinions about Golden Farm / Coin Birds and what have you.

Hi everyone, is coin birds really paying? I sent a ticket and they answered me that In order to cash out I need to invest at least $0.5, I can invest, but I read your comments about we can only cash out half of our investment, is it really true? Or we can cash out more that our investment?

It pays out, but not more then 50% of you’re investment. After that, you can’t pay out any more.
I put 100 dollars in it and after a while I can’t cash out any more.
Don’t invest in it, you will lose!

Sign up and get money!

Never get more than your investment. It’s a pile of scrap.

It does not payout. You cannot find out how many gold coins you have. It always says not enough gold to withdraw. DON’T INVEST.

You should check out PicturePunches. I would love to read a review of the site. It’s a memes site that you can earn from by posting or viewing memes. It’s very promising.

I’ve logged Picture Punches into my work load of things to do. I will take a look at this company and if it fits into my niche area. I will definitely construct a quality review about it for you and all those interested Farris. Might do it in the next couple of posts.

Hi Farris, I’ve done an review about Picture Punches is you’re interested in checking it out. Now that I think about it. I think I embedded a video within it that could have been you who created it if i’m not mistaken. Let me know what you think and even drop your thoughts below the Picture Punches article.

(The name of the species is unknown). Has anyone tried it?
I want to know what it is and if it is real or just a scam.

Yes, it is “super bird”, it costs 750 000 silver coins, and brings 50 rubles a day on withdrawal balance.

Still than without gold coin you cannot withdraw that 50 RUB.

I have used Golden Farms since the start of April, and nothing fishy to be found. I made a numerous amounts of payouts to Payeer, now they also offer PayPal as an payout-provider, which is really awesome! PayPal-moneys can be send directly to bank-accounts, so you can use your hard-earned rubles in the real life! I’m still a little concerned about investing 100 or 1000 USD’s into the site, because I still am a little suspicious somehow, it might be a Ponzi scheme, but for now, it seems it isn’t ��

So, I’ll keep investing, if they are holding their promises, as they been held so far! I can’t complain over any single thing. They payments are automatised by the their system, so you don’t have to file a report to get your money issued. The current amount I have is 5 USD per day, which is pretty descent. I’m aiming to earn about 10 to 15, maybe 20 USD per day, which on the side-income-aspect will be great!

I don’t know why other people are experiencing bad things with Golden Farms. I have also seen similar scamming websites like these before, but this one really convinced me for not being a scam – with all those automated withdrawals I made whole month of April and the next month also. I managed to accumulate 50 Euros, when I converted it in my account. So maybe I got the 20% of my investment back in one piece – now I’m aiming to get the rest, so I can profit on it afterwards.

Goodluck! Lol! I already invested a lot and I found out that, you cannot withdraw more than what you invested. It will ask you to put more money to gain GOLD (which is NOT stated on the site anywhere). Gold will be used in order for you to cash out. If you don’t have gold, you can’t cash out. In order to gain gold, invest more. Hahaha. Nice trick! Fuck the scammers!!

I have slowly built up a decent egg laying team. I have more than enough silver coins for any payout, but none of them work. Some of them require another currency (gold) earned through referrals. You have to have 1 gold for every 100 silver you want to withdraw. However, even if you manage to have enough gold the payment system will always say it is currently unavailable.

I’ve seen this website pop up a lot so I decided to give it a go & registered a free account. Now I signed up to what is called COIN BIRDS. Next day I sign in and my account is non-existent, so I register again and send an email. Couple of searches later I find your post, read it googled GOLDEN FARM only to realised this is the exact same site just with a different title. I decided to sign in on this site, to my amazement I’ve logged onto my non-existent account. Now I have 2 accounts on identical sites with different names. Who knows I may be non-existent tomorrow on coin birds. Very fishy, lucky for me I didn’t invest a cent. So to those who are searching for feedback before they invest. I wouldn’t trust it!

Thank you for pointing this out. I’ll update this article to make Gold Farm users aware of the cookie cut and paste website duplicate – Coin Birds. I don’t agree with the way both of these websites conduct business to begin with, so will consider putting it on the scam list.

It’s not a scam. I invested $50 into coin birds and I’ve been pulling out some money here and there, but so far things are looking good although, it takes forever to get enough birds but it truly does pay out.

These 3 sites are the same. In my opinion, this seems like a scam with the Ponzi scheme.

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