Review Is PsyQuation Legit Or Scam

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trader decisions

PsyQuation is an AI-driven analytics platform providing MT4 traders with actionable insights to improve trading and discover trading strategies that work

insights from



What you are getting:

AI-driven insights on trading

Use the power of AI trained and tested on 140,000+ traders and scientific research to make better trading decisions and improve your performance.

Capital allocation program

Get access to up to $350,000 of additional trading capital and fast track to a professional trader career.

Copy trading platform

Trade with the best traders who are selected and incubated through PsyQuation Score™ — our proprietary trading talent filter, and capital allocation program — AxiSelect.

Who we are

Our mission is to identify and develop trading talent, and thereafter connect investors with above average traders.

We challenge the status quo of the forex market, where most traders lose money, either because they don’t have an edge or due to making costly trading mistakes.

As scientists and active members of the forex community, we built an algorithm able to measure and identify trading talent as well as help traders become better by powering their decisions with actionable insights.

The PsyQuation Score™

Discover unique ranking AI-powered algorithm that evaluates a trader’s edge. Compare yourself to the world’s top traders

Supported trading platform

Broker partner

Allocation program

Features that can improve your trading

Near real-time equity curve

Monitor and control your risk better

Track your skill and compare how you rank against other forex traders

Built-in customizable alerts

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
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Avoid trading mistakes and get data-driven insights

Sophisticated trading tools

Get access to data usually reserved for institutional traders and hedge funds

Near real-time equity curve

Monitor and control your risk better

Track your skill and compare how you rank against other forex traders

Built-in customizable alerts

Avoid trading mistakes and get data-driven insights

Sophisticated trading tools

Get access to data usually reserved for institutional traders and hedge funds

Active PsyQuation community members who follow the platforms recommendations, analytic features and tools demonstrate tangible benefits

Overall performance improvement

Maximal drawdown improvement

Capital Allocation Program

Get an institutional verified track record as a professional trader and get access to additional capital

AxiSelect is a capital allocation program designed by PsyQuation in partnership with AxiTrader to assist talented traders on their journey to becoming full-time traders with a guaranteed 350,000 AUD available per trader

Launched 17 Nov 2020

Guaranteed per Trader

Performance Fees Paid

Choose the right solution for you


Access to PsyQuation’s
core features


Open an Axitrader account and get access to PsyQuation’s premium features

About PsyQuation

PsyQuation was founded in 2020 by Michael Berman, PhD in Behavioural Finance, and Vladimir Krouglov, PhD in Mathematics.

Platform is powered by scientific research, tested on 140,000+ accounts, and a decade+ trading for a living.

Michael Berman, Ph.D.

Michael is the former CEO of an online emerging manager incubation platform and hedge fund manager for more than a decade. Michael was a director of public company in his 20’s and worked for a number of leading South African investment banks. Michael has a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics), Master of Science (Real Estate) and a Ph.D. in Economics (Behavioural Finance).

Vladimir Krouglov, Ph.D.

Prior to joining PsyQuation, Vladimir held the positions of Head of Research and CTO with an online emerging manager incubation platform and before that was VP Research at an online logistics company. Vladimir has a Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics), Master of Science (Mathematics) and a Ph.D. in Mathematics.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions please email us at [email protected]

European Office

3 Dorogozytska Str (Unit.City)

Kyiv, 04119, Ukraine


Level 10, 90 Arthur St,

North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia

Join and use our AI-based analytics platform to power better trading decisions

Get insights to improve your trading.

Get discovered as a Pro through our capital allocation program.

Learn which trading strategies work.

Try PsyQuation Mobile App

Monitor and control your risk better with a near real-time equity & VaR curve. Stay aware of the latest price actions in symbols you follow. Avoid trading mistakes with customizable or predefined trade alerts.

Powering trader decisions

2020 — 2020 © PsyQuation.
All Rights Reserved.


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Follow Us

Disclaimer: PsyQuation Pty Ltd (ACN: 604 779 419) is a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR) (CAR: 001241972) of Gleneagle Asset Management Limited (GAML) ABN 29 103 162 278 which is licensed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL number: 226199).

This information is intended to be general in nature and is not financial product advice. Any advice contained on this website or provided to you by PsyQuation Pty Ltd is general advice only and has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any information, you should consider the appropriateness of the information provided and the nature of the relevant financial product having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs.

Investing in foreign exchange and CFDs carries significant risks and is not suitable for all investors and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose. You should obtain independent financial advice and consider our Financial Services Guide (FSG) and consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) from your broker before deciding to enter into any transactions. Review: Is PsyQuation Legit Or Scam?

PsyQuation Review: this is the name of a Forex analytic platform that is relatively new in the Forex market. Is a legit Forex analytic platform or a scam?

This platform and its likes are created to provide Forex traders with insights about the market. It is connected to their MetaTrader 4 trading platform when they acquire it. With the tools that comes with this, the vendors claim that traders would not only “improve trading” but also “discover trading strategies that work”.

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It is totally in character for analytic platform providers to start out with claims of making clients richer. This is because everyone seeking out easier ways to trade effectively does so to make more profit.

However, traders need to be careful about believing everything they encounter in the business sphere. Some are geared to just deceive and steal their funds. Considering what is offered and proofs are effective means of discovering fraud as well as reading our reviews and comparing the offers to those of other legit vendors at the bottom of this article.

PsyQuation was founded in 2020 by a certain Michael Berman and Vladimir Krouglov. They are said to have PhD in Behavioral Finance and Mathematics respectively. The page mentions that the platform is a product of scientific research and over 10 years of trading experience. It has been tested on 140,000+ accounts according to the website.

They are headquartered in Australia and have an office in Ukraine. It is owned by Gerling & Company Pty Limited, an ASIC licensed company.

How PsyQuation Works

It works by providing traders with the following features that we will be looking into briefly:


The analysis that PsyQuation gives comes their AI with 4 different components all for trader’s use;

Near Real-Time Equity Curve: helps to monitor and control risks.
PsyQuation Score: a specific number that helps traders know their skill level, comparable with those of others.
Built-in Customizable Alerts: real-time data that helps traders understand ongoing trades.
Trading Tools: varieties of tools and data are available for use by more experienced traders.

Capital Allocation Program

It helps traders to get additional capital for trading. This is done in connection to AxiTrader which is a Forex broker offering AxiSelect allocation program. Traders who met the set standard of scores can get funds for further trading. However, we found that the standards are quite high as for example, a 10% drawdown within any month will lead to them been dropped. The additional funds can reach up to $350,000.

Copy Trading Platform

Although this is not yet available, the feature is touted to be able to ensure higher and consistent gain. They believe that with the accuracy of their trades, a copier trader would be excellent in the hands of clients.

PsyQuation Pricing Structure

PsyQuation provides two packages: Standard and Premium. The Standard has features like PsyQuation score, free alerts, free trading tools, PsyQuation leaderboard, and basic and advanced stats. While the Premium has all the features offered in the standard and more like updates, premium tools and alerts, copy trading and EA backtester.

The Standard package is free while the Premium package requires creating a live account with AxiTrader.

Clients Feedback

We do not find client reviews on third party websites about PsyQuation but this might be because they are still relatively new.


To get in touch with the vendors or a customer care representative, send an email to: [email protected]


The information presentation on the page of PsyQuation is quite impressive and well detailed. We find that it has a good pricing structure that is competitive but will require clients going to read up on AxiTrader Forex broker. Tools are also good and we would only like to receive more reviews from clients.

PsyQuation Review


The innovative platform uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence and allows you to increase the effectiveness of the trader in the Forex market.


Broker PsyQuation
Website URL
Founded 2020 year
Headquarters Australia, North Sydney, 90 Arthurs Road., 10th Floor
Support Number +61-43-423-49-79
Support Types Phone, email, feedback form on the site
Languages English, Thai, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
Trading Platform MetaTrader 4
Minimum 1st Deposit $1
Minimum Trade Amount $5
Leverage Up to 1:1000
Spread ecn.mt5, pro.ecn.4: from 0; ecn.mt4: from 0.1; standard.mt4, mt5: from 0.3
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Regulation ASIC (AFSL №218770)
Deposit Methods Cash, credit/debit cards, bank transfer, Qiwi, Skrill (MoneyBookers), Neteller, Yandex.Money, Webmoney, etc.
Withdrawal Methods Cash, credit/debit cards, bank transfer, Qiwi, Skrill (MoneyBookers), Neteller, Yandex.Money, Webmoney, etc.
US Traders Allowed
Mobile Trading
Overall Score 9.5/10

Full Review

Still, PsyQuation is a dilution and unsafe analytical platform for work or a serious Forex organization? You can get answers to these questions by reading our review.

PsyQuation trading conditions

From the very beginning, PsyQuation has been positioning itself and its products as a profitable partner not only for private traders trading on the Forex market, but also for Forex brokers providing access to the market for their clients. These are for instance ForexStart, AMarkets, Alpari etc.

According to statistics, 95% of traders lose their money on the market and only 5% stay profitable. Since the launch of its first beta version of the software in May 2020, PsyQuation has trumpeted that its goal is to change these statistics in favor of private traders through the use of analysis and training algorithms applied in Proprearity trading companys, complemented by self-learning artificial intelligence (Forex trading training).

PsyQuation has also managed to gain the trust of brokerage companies. Cooperation with it often means honest and open work of a broker, as the goal of improving the trading results of private traders can be positive for an honest broker, who earns only on the commissions that he receives for transferring the client’s transaction to his liquidity provider and then to the real market (full truth about Forex).

After all, the statistics, which speaks about the losses of 95% of traders, does not allow brokerage companies to build long-term relationships with new clients, because most of them, having failed, leave the market and never come back. PsyQuation also offers a number of tools to help clients keep track of their trading progress, including the Equity curve calculator, informative statistics, intraday VaR (Value at Risk) calculator and much more.

PsyQuation applications offer unique analytical data on behavioral profiling, which helps a trader to determine the patterns in his or her trading behavior and how they affect the ability to make a profit. Depending on a trader’s personal risk profile and trading habits, PsyQuation can help a trader to improve his trading performance and, most importantly, to keep him on the right track, helping him to set and achieve realistic trading goals using a unique tool called a behavioral profile index. In fact, this index serves as an information point that encourages the willingness to accept offers to improve trading from the service, as well as to punish for ignoring such offers. platform

The application is a toolbar in a web browser and can be accessed by any client using the MT4 trading platform. The PsyQuation Control Panel is designed to display the most important aspects of a trading account. The data displayed immediately after logging in to the PsyQuation platform is available in a clean and easy-to-read form. The project team has carefully developed the toolbar so that it also displays the summary and gives advice on how to improve the overall performance and profitability of a trader.

Since a lot of things happen at the same time during trading, trading can be very stressful sometimes. Tools based on self-taught artificial intelligence allow you to guess the trader’s forecasts, find out which of his guesses are false in order to continue trading without making a fatal mistake.

To start working with PsyQuation services, you need to register a trading account with one of PsyQuation ‘s partner brokers. The next step is to request access to the PsyQuation application from this broker. After that, the PsyQuation application will get access to the trading data received from the broker, analyze them and provide a number of recommendations on how to improve your trading habits.

PsyQuation company quatations

PsyQuation is not literally a Forex broker and does not bear any responsibility for the correctness of the quotes provided to the client. In the legal documents related to financial services published on the official website, PsyQuation pays special attention to this. Although the number of brokers here is quite limited, PsyQuation recommends that traders carefully read the documents disclosing information about products and conditions provided before starting cooperation with the selected broker. demo account

Traders do not have to pay for the use of PsyQuation software. Instead, the Forex broker bears the costs of using the PsyQuation software and pays a commission to the project. Besides, there are no additional brokerage costs when opening an account with PsyQuation

A demo account can be used in cooperation with a broker. PsyQuation has developed a plug-in that allows you to connect the platform to any Metatrader 4 terminal from a company that is not a PsyQuation partner. However, the trading tools provided by the company will not be available and will be activated only after the premium access fee of 97.50 USD per month is paid.

PsyQuation mobile application

The project offers its clients mobile applications (Apple, Android) following the trends in Internet trading. Having downloaded them, the client of the company can use the opportunities of the platform from his smartphone.

PsyQuation bonuses

There are no bonuses in PsyQuation company.

Deposit and withdrawal

When working with a partner broker of the project, all deposit/withdrawal transactions are made in the brokerage system by any available means. Payment for access to PsyQuation ‘s trading services in case of connecting a brokerage account with a company that is not a project partner is made only through Visa plastic cards. At the moment, there are no reviews of PsyQuation’s traders in the network, although the project has been working since 2020 and its clients probably already have some evaluation idea about it. Nevertheless, we are not ready to evaluate this fact in a negative way, but we will continue to monitor this issue.

Complaints against PsyQuation

There are no feedback about PsyQuation in the Internet today, though this project exists since 2020 and its customers most likely have some idea about it. And yet, we aren’t ready to regard this fact in a negative way, however we will keep monitoring this issue.

If we find complaints about PsyQuation, we will post it on social media. Follow us to be well informed:

PsyQuation broker’s regulator

PsyQuation is not a full-fledged broker or organization offering financial management services to clients or providing access to financial instruments traded on the markets. That is why PsyQuation is not regulated by specialized bodies that control the provision of services on access to financial instruments in the markets. The regulator, which can be contacted by a client in the event that preliminary negotiations fail, is Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC, AFSL no. 218770). User agreement

The rules of cooperation with PsyQuation, published on the official website («Terms and Conditions»), look quite standard for the majority of serious companies registered in non-offshore jurisdictions. However, before making a decision to start working with a company, it is necessary to pay attention to the important issues that may be inconvenient for the company, as well as potential risks in the future, especially for the client, who bears the costs associated with access to the project. In particular, the first important point is that, in the event of a major disagreement, all actions aimed at resolving conflicts in court should be carried out in accordance with Australian and Australian law:

Another point that will be important to the project’s clients is that the company does not bear any responsibility in case of inoperability, inaccessibility or trivial shutdown of its resource:

This point, of course, is not particularly important for a novice or trader who already has experience and is used to relying on his already formed understanding of market processes. However, if we assume that the company’s services have allowed a trader to significantly increase his deposit, then in this case, the failure of the program can promise him a significant loss. Such a loss falls into the category of risks called «over-the-counter risk» in the professional environment, which means that it does not depend on the trader’s decision, or on the state of the market and is often completely uncontrollable.

Is PsyQuation a scam?

Since its establishment and its first product launch in 2020, PsyQuation has perfectly proved itself in the financial environment and is interesting for both traders and a number of brokers. At the same time, there are not many companies willing to cooperate with PsyQuation and present PsyQuation’s capabilities to their traders. What is the reason for this? Perhaps, with the business models of Forex brokers, which are not always designed for the development of a trader within the company in the long term.

It was not possible to find any negative feedback about the company’s products on Western resources, as traders using PsyQuation analysis software do not bear any financial burden, and the broker pays for the use of the company’s service. Investors using PsyQuation services often adhere to the principle that money loves silence and does not give the results of their investments to the public.

At a time when artificial intelligence is only beginning to be talked about and products based on it are being introduced to the market more and more actively, PsyQuation is already well established in its segment, using the latest technological processes in its work. But the main thing is that, according to many opponents of artificial intelligence development, it is not clear how the collected and analyzed material will be used in the future? How will the experience of private traders who do not have enough knowledge be used? Will the data fall into the hands of large hedge funds to create algorithms that work against private traders? However, if we put aside thinking about the role of companies that use artificial intelligence and the future of such technologies, PsyQuation is an excellent example of openness and accessibility. It allows you to use a huge amount of data about traders’ work and apply it individually to each player in order to increase their competence in trading on financial markets. All this allows us to confidently assert that PsyQuation is not a swindle or a scam.


PsyQuation company is innovative and ambitious in its goals and in the tools used to achieve these goals. Since the beginning of its operation, the company has focused on the use of artificial intelligence, which allowed it to accumulate a significant base for further analysis and processing of received data.

All this is aimed at simplifying the trader’s work and offering him a product that will make his work easier. Today the project looks good enough, so we will not conclude that PsyQuation is a swindle. However, our users’ feedback about the project will not only protect traders from possible troubles when cooperating with it, but will also have a serious impact on its rating on our project.

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