Qcoins.biz Review Why Waste Your Time on HYIPs like QCoins Ltd – Too Risky

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Inspiration Coins Review: No Inspiration, Just SCAM

Inspiration Coins Review: No Inspiration, Just SCAM


Last Updated: Sep 5, 2020 @ 6:47 am

Feeling inspired for whatever reason? Well, Inspirationcoins.io is one of those sites that will spoil this mood as soon as you realize that you’ve been fleeced. Inspiration Coins is nothing more than a bitter joke. You can expect a lot of disappointments here because they didn’t set up that website to please you with free money. It was designed to do the complete opposite. The real intention is something that is similar to that of Bitminer world, Miner Sale and so on. They all fall in the same category.

That said, how popular is this site? Is it a risky venture to commit your Bitcoins to? How many people have possibly made or lost money in them?

Those are some of the questions we will be seeking to address in this Inspiration Coins review. If you were planning to sign up, abort those plans until you’re done with this review. Then you can make your own choice.

Inspiration Coins Review

We are not surprised that Inspiration Coins is backed by a corporation registered in the UK under certificate number 10957427.

That is the supposed proof of legitimacy. In fact, when you ask Inspiration Coins to prove that they can be trusted, they will tell you that their website is backed by a company registered in the UK, and because of this, your money should be safe.

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That’s foolish, don’t you think? You see, we’ve reviewed so many websites here — some are even backed by UK corporations. But they all turned out to be scams. Their owners never objected to our accusations because they are absolutely true.

In the case of Inspiration Coins, we have a company that claims to help with the investment of client funds through specialized tools which they’ve created.

Inspiration Coins is allegedly offering its investor the advantage of placing funds under a trust management service while still giving the ability to make profits on an hourly basis. On top of that, principle deposits can be withdrawn any time you wish to.

The site claims that they do have several investors who have trusted their site and are working with them. But if you conduct further, you will realize that nothing of this sort exists.

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It is better to make choices based on logic rather than assumption or what is being said.

According to Inspiration Coins, their business is able to generate higher interests than market average because they use state of the art technology to mine Bitcoins in volumes.

Inspiration Coins claims that they are expanding their boundaries across borders. In other words, they are scaling their business operations, and thus you really have nothing to worry about.

The reason why Inspiration Coins is allegedly so successful is because they work with standards of modern day technology.

As a result of purposeful teamwork, Inspiration Coins claims that they have been able to generate lucrative interest rates on behalf of their clients.

So, how much exactly are you supposed to earn from the so-called lucrative Bitcoin mining opportunity?

0.16% per hour is the estimate. If you like, you can say 3.84% per day interest. We feel that these figures are ridiculous indeed. We can’t believe that such a ”lucrative opportunity” exists yet people are still broke out there. How is this even possible?

Who are these people? Can’t we hear their voices on popular Bitcoin mining forums? A lot of questions are being asked to try and validate the authenticity of the Inspiration Coins website. Unfortunately, we are getting no response from the owners of this site.

Inspiration Coins: scam red alerts

InspirationCoins website have given us sufficient reasons not to believe anything they say. The first problem here is that their promised return on investment is too high and unbelievable. No legitimate Bitcoin mining has ever made that kind of money on a consistent basis.In fact, this is a sign that InspirationCoins is just doing the Ponzi kind of thing.

They collect member deposits and pay out ”profits” from a small fraction of the days’ collections. When they reach a point when payments can no longer be issued, they resort to outright thievery where deposits are accepted and payouts are restricted. This can continue for an unforeseen length of time or until the site closes down. In this case, it would take the intervention of authorities to achieve this mission.

Also, notice that the alleged UK company is only supporting Bitcoin as a form of payment while all other legitimate companies are supporting credit cards too.

The issue that Inspiration Coins is trying to avoid is that of charge backs. If you carry out a transaction using your credit card and something goes wrong in the process, this phony site will simply incur the cost of losing your deposit, thanks to charge backs.

Now, this kind of thing is unheard of in the Bitcoin world. Bitcoin transactions can never be reversed. Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, and that’s what scams like Inspiration Coins love very much.

Could it be the reason why their domain is privately registered on who.is? Well, you guessed it right. These guys don’t want to be exposed because it’s dangerous for their existence.

We’ve confirmed this time and again. Their anonymous nature makes it convenient for them to steal money from you in the name of operating as a UK company.

Before we forget, we’d like to mention that this registration is nearly acquired for free. Anyone can register such a company in the UK because the registrar of such companies is always not concerned with the activities of the entity seeking registration. It’s quite unfortunate that this is the case, and scammers are taking advantage of this fact.

Their social media page

It’s surprising to see that this Facebook page only has 151 active followers. When we scrutinized that page, we discovered that it these fans were quite active. The engagement was okay.

Some of the alleged users wanted proof that InspirationCoins was legitimate. However, there was no proof to answer that question in the most appropriate of ways. Instead, the moderator kept beating around the bush while not offering any meaningful response to those who genuinely wanted reasons as to why they should trust InspirationCoins.

Points to take note of

When you realize that a ”Bitcoin mining website” isn’t willing to disclose their details on who.is, chances are that they are out to scam users.

This website is such a huge risk. It bothers us very much when we imagine that some investor out there will come here complaining about their awful experience with the site.

We don’t wish this to happen for any of our readers here. We expect you to do your own due diligence before participating in any Bitcoin mining activity. We also expect you to follow our recommendations when looking for legitimate Bitcoin mining websites. That’s the only way to avoid unnecessary losses.

Our best advice for you

We’d like to issue a final warning on this matter. Inspiration Coins is a scam just like aforementioned sites in the first paragraph of this review. We do not see any reason why a sane investor would want to waste his coins here. Avoid.

QCOINS – qcoins.biz

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Легенда (оригинал):

Whether you’re an advanced trader or a crypto-investor, Qcoins gives you the power to chart your own financial course. Our investment company has special investment plans for you to invest in and a slew of tools and features for you to leverage as you grow your experience. Recognizing the importance of Bitcoin from the onset, and understanding that the exchange is the most critical part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, we are here to give people the means to quickly and securely invest in the space. Since then, the company has grown by leaps and bounds with hundreds of employees spanning the globe. We’re a diverse group of thinkers and doers that are dedicated to making cryptocurrency available and accessible to the world and enabling people from all walks of life to invest in their independence.
Являетесь ли вы опытным трейдером или криптоинвестором, Qcoins дает вам возможность наметить свой собственный финансовый курс. Наша инвестиционная компания имеет специальные инвестиционные планы, в которые вы можете инвестировать, и множество инструментов и функций, которые вы можете использовать по мере развития своего опыта. Признавая важность Биткойна с самого начала и понимая, что обмен является наиболее важной частью криптовалютной экосистемы, мы здесь, чтобы дать людям возможность быстро и безопасно инвестировать в пространство. С тех пор компания выросла как на дрожжах с сотнями сотрудников по всему миру. Мы являемся разнообразной группой мыслителей и деятелей, которые стремятся сделать криптовалюту доступной и доступной миру и позволяют людям из всех слоев общества инвестировать в их независимость.


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Perfect Money:

  • U19587406 – United Kingdom – Verified – 30.08.2020 – 0.4 point(s)

Инвестиционные планы:

  • 2.05% daily for 20 days (principal return). Min $20 – Max $2000
  • 3% daily for 30 days (principal return). Min $2001 – Max $5000
  • 4% daily for 45 days (principal return). Min $5001 – Max $20000

Реф-предложение 1% – 5% – 10%

The amount of 75.00 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U19811025->U19587406. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Contribution to Qcoins client InstantMonitorCom. GET PROFIT // MAKE FUTURE.. Date: 13:40 27.11.19. Batch: 291107930.

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HYIP projects: a new idea of investing for those who like to take risks

Ask any person what methods of investment he knows. “Currency, gold, deposits, securities, investment funds, coins, real estate” — most likely, that’s all you hear in response. Someone adds cryptocurrency, antiques. “And would you invest money in MMM?” — ask ahead and get a puzzled look from him. Logically, who would agree to invest money in a pyramid scheme, knowing that sooner or later it will go bankrupt? But not so easy, because investing in HYIP projects can generate up to 300% profit!

Investments in HYIP projects

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is an investment Fund based on the principle of the pyramid. HYIP is a classic pyramid scheme, often not having a physical representation and is an Internet-project.

HYIPs definitely have their own legend: the story of the creation of the project, the purpose of raising funds, the rationale for the generation of profits, etc. Some legends look very convincing, but, alas, it is only a way to attract customers — in fact, HYIP pays profit to its members at the expense of new deposits. Some activities can be carried out, but it would be good if it will bring any profit.

Obvious signs of a HYIP:

  • high returns without explaining how the profit will be generated;
  • having a generous affiliate program;
  • no contract and the physical representation;
  • promised minimal risk by the organizers;
  • the ability to recharge via anonymous unknown exchangers.

Sooner or later the money for the payments will be missed and then there is “fraudulent” bankruptcy of a financial pyramid. Of course, the project is struggling to pull his end, introducing aggressive advertising campaign, conduct updates, etc., but the end is always the same — the website stops working, the payments stop.

Recently (mid August) the mass media trumpeted a new project — cryptocurrency E-Dinar. It was painted so convincingly that I already believed in the new crypto-currencies, able to compete with bitcoin. And the media was quite authoritative. But on closer examination it turned out that the project has existed since 2020, ensuring its investors of 20% per month for “just”. In June it started to receive negative feedback about the delay of payments, and bitcoin has begun to decline exchangers. The organizers were not confused, and in August they made a “restart” of the project. True, lumpy. The coin which costed $ 1200 after 3 weeks was worth $ 200. I wonder where are those numbers?

The example above is an example of the HYIP. But it is necessary to give due — investing in HYIP for the first 3-4 months really brought 240% per annum.

The types of HYIPs:

low-income. Investments in HYIP projects will bring less than 10% a month. The lower the yield, the longer the duration of the project, though not the fact. Skam of low-income HYIP can occur in 1-1,5 years and a few months (depends on the greed of the organizers);

average income. Can bring 10-50% per month, the highest number of HYIPs fall into this group;

high-yield. The so-called “Fast”, offer more than 50% in a month and remind game of chance with the principle of “Who had time to bring the money.” There are a few days or weeks. Often the first can take the money, if at all possible.

Another gradation ratio of the HYIP:

HYIPs with a legend. The organizers are doing everything to mask the pyramid under the venture project. The venture is also able to bring a lot of money, and the trader does not fully know where he invests, being convinced that he invests money in the real project;

no legends. Investments in HYIP projects is known to be unprofitable, than their creators warn about;

economic games. To participate, you need to make a contribution. The creators convince that there are no losers in the game, but then where is the money for the payments?

To create a HYIP you do not need a lot of time and money. Most of these projects (thousands of them) are created by one or more persons on the basis of cheap scripts. The main problem lies in attracting customers but in most cases affiliate program deals with this. After you create the project of the order on a series of articles in the media, create groups in social networks, write posts in blogs and forums.

Can you call investing in HYIP projects a Scam? You may be loyal to such investments, but only under the condition that the investor understand and adequately assess associated risks. But if there is a legend trying to lure customers and distort investment – it can be called fraud. Look at the Twitter feed or blog on HYIP — about 10-15 projects are created daily, which is a clear sign of the popularity.

Investments in HYIP projects — this is an even bigger risk than venture capital, but investments should bring not only profit but also pleasure. And it is precisely the pleasure of excitement, finding the best projects and still gained profit make HYIPs attractive tool for professional traders.

More detailed about how to choose a HYIP-project (to choose 10-15 best projects from more than 300 is not so simple), will be explained in the next article, but the general principle is the following:

yield of 10-20% per month;

project must exist 1-4 weeks and be promoted. Investing in new HYIP project can get lost at the very beginning, weak project will not attract investors;

read the blogs, pages, video channels, where details the benefits of a HYIP are described;

check HYIPs on special resources. For example, when checking the website “edinar” one of these resources clearly said “doesn’t pay”.

We have to admit that a professional minority earns on HYIPs by an inexperienced most, but in Forex and in binary options the situation is similar. However, there is a risk free form of income — referral. However, how to attract clients of a financial pyramid — a rhetorical question.

Summary. HYIP is not good, not bad. It’s just another investment tool with a professional approach able to make a profit. A balanced approach, a thorough analysis of the project, regular monitoring of project fast withdrawal of profits, all of which can bring 100-300% per annum.

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