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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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What are binary options brokers

We review the best binary options brokers worldwide. Hi, this is BinarySignalsPro, and today we will discuss how to choose a binary option broker and what is the best broker for binary options for you, whether you are in the US or Australia, or elsewhere.

Currently, there are more than 450 trading platforms or brokers. This was not the case in 2008, when binary options trading began, as there were about 10 trading platforms that were good, as they created High Competition.
The emergence of many brokers, which is beneficial for investors in terms of more bonuses and higher profits.

Best Brokers and Investment Companies 2020

Trade with the best binary options brokers on the market:

If anyone does not know: a binary option is an “all or nothing” option; This option with a fixed price, which, depending on the pre-agreed condition, either provides a fixed income, or does not bring anything.

Brokers Rating

Brokers, rating of investment companies – All brokers and investment companies. The broker rating is an intuitive, functional and convenient tool for a trader who chooses an exchange broker.

The main purpose of the rating is to compare brokers and choose the best investment companies. Each visitor to the site, regardless of whether he is a novice or a professional, is invited to vote for the best brokerage company from his point of view. We also recommend that you review our Binary Options Brokers rating.

The rating of brokers is not responsible for errors in the information provided. To get the latest information, visit the website of the broker or investment company.

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Prestige Financial Markets. Why Should You Choose to Trade with Us?

For many traders, US brokers are the benchmark for reliable and high-quality trading in binary options. This is due to the fact that regulators closely monitor the investment activities of the United States, and the requirements for investment companies are very strict.

Thus, the choice of a broker in the US market is an additional guarantee of the security of the invested funds. It is from these considerations that large investors prefer US brokers with extensive experience in the market. As far as this is true, everyone must decide for themselves, but the US regulatory bodies, such as the CFTC, which are subject to US brokerage funds in the stock market, are already a guarantee of the company’s reliability.

The following list of binary options brokers in the US contains the most significant brokers that can provide services to traders from the United States. Choosing DC, you should consider all options, and if the broker is trustworthy, but territorially located and registered in the US, this is not an excuse to refuse to cooperate. Many brokers have sites in different languages ​​and are happy to see customers from all countries, so they provide quality technical support in all languages.

The rating of American brokers, presented in the list below, contains the most respected companies with a good reputation.

Nadex Review


Nadex is a Chicago-based regulated derivatives exchange designed for the retail trader that offers only limited risk products. It is part of the IG Group, a global financial services provider with a market cap of over £2.2bn.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

Unlike many other binary options brokers, is available to U.S. citizens as it is based in the States and is a regulated US exchange, designated by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and is legally permitted to accept US residents as members.

At Nadex, traders have access to trade over 10,000 binary option contracts daily on some of the most popular financial markets including Forex, stock indices and commodities.

A demo account can be opened in less than a minute and traders can test drive-the platform with $25,000 in practice funds.


There is one standard trading account at Nadex and it is available to everyone. It’s free up until the first trade is placed. Then a minimum initial deposit of at least $250 must be made. No additional deposits are required after that but the account must have enough to cover the maximum potential loss that could be incurred on any open positions.


Nadex offers contracts ranging from 5 minutes to one week giving traders multiple short-term daily trading opportunities and as well as the ability to close their position before expiration to minimize losses or lock in early gains.

It’s easy to find some unique features at Their Binary Option and spread contracts have built-in floor and ceiling levels, which provide the same protection as a stop order without the risk of being stopped out even if the market spikes against the trader. This means that a trader can never lose more that his or her initial collateral because the price of the contract always remains between the floor and the ceiling, and the maximum potential profit or loss is known in advance.

Nadex Exchange Fees

Nadex operates as an exchange where there is a $1 trade execution fee per contract per side for traded contracts. If you offset a trade position prior to expiration, then again there is a $1 trade execution fee per contract per side. For contracts held to expiration, there is a $1 exchange settlement fee per contract for only binary positions finishing in the money.

Touch Brackets™ contracts

are a unique type of asset trading that offers specific benefits to traders. The price range is capped at both the bottom and the top, and the value of the contract will move linearly with the movement of the underlying market. If you think the market will rise, you will want to buy. If you think the market will decline, you’ll want to sell the contract. Touch Brackets offer micro lot sizes unique type of trading that offer traders at all skill levels new opportunities. The ability to scale can also be very helpful to traders. The high and low limits work well to help with risk management. There is no slippage and no surprises. Positions with Touch Bracket™ contracts can also be held overnight.

Call Spreads

Nadex has recently renamed it spreads instrument, to now be called Call Spreads. These instruments lets your trade move between two price levels. You can trade your favorite trading sstrategy with absolute risk protection and natural profit targets. The built-in floor and ceiling of the Call Spreads offers superior loss protection than a traditional stop loss. The range also gives you a natural profit target.

Mobile Trading

At the end of 2020 Nadex updated its mobile trading platform. Called NadexGo, the platform works in conjunction with the broker’s desktop platform so that you can enter a trade on one device and manage it on another. NadexG updates automatically, so that you’re always using the latest version.


When it comes to education, Nadex is well equipped with all the latest instructional tools. Webinars are offered for free to registered account holders and they cover a wide range of important topics including beginner and advanced strategies, trading mentalities and more.

There is also a variety of different videos, many of them animated and all of them easy to understand, that cover the gamut of the material all binary option traders should know.

Nadex Educational Videos

Handbooks are also available that are written to help traders understand the fundamentals of binary options, bull spreads, trading strategies and much more.

A full glossary of terms is provided and the FAQs columns are spread out across several different pages to help explain specific concepts and procedures.

News and market commentary are posted on a regular basis often accompanied by appropriate videos.

Customer Support

Traders can contact Nadex customer support with questions about their account by phone or email 24 hours a day from 3 pm ET Sunday through 4:30p.m. ET Friday. There is a U.S. Toll-Free number as well as an international one. I didn’t see chat offered.


Deposits can be made via debit cards, bank transfers and wire transfers. Personal checks are also accepted. The maximum amount one can deposit using a debit card is $50,000.

For wire transfers of $10,000 or more, traders receive a $20 credit for the wire transfer fee, eligible up to 4 times per month.Nadex offers two different methods for withdrawing funds from an account: ACH or Wire Transfer. Both can be done via the online form found on the website.

Non-Resident account holders may withdraw funds by wire. Withdrawal requests received after 4PM ET, Monday through Thursday, or after 3p.m. ET on Friday will be processed the following business day. A $25 fee is charged for funds for each wire.


Nadex is a great choice for binary option trading for both U.S. residents as well as non-residents. It offers secure regulation and the maximum risk for any trade is fixed and required in advance so traders cannot be called upon for additional funds should a trade go downhill. The website is well organized and there are some refreshing features.

Disclaimer: We work hard to offer you valuable information about all of the brokers that we review. In order to provide you with this free service we receive advertising fees from brokers, including some of those listed within our rankings and on this page. While we do our utmost to ensure that all our data is up-to-date, we encourage you to verify our information with the broker directly.

NADEX Review – An US Regulated Binary Options Trading Exchange


Nadex is a top binary options company that has a unique trading platform and trading products that are different from the competition. Nadex scores well in all departments and is truly a reliable company that can guarantee the safety of your investments. Despite the lack of bonus or the slight complexity in trading, Nadex is a top choice for traders around the world.

Introduction To Our Nadex Exchange Review

The Binary Options trading market is a new investment opportunity that has given way for a significant rise in financial scams and malpractices. In recent times, several new companies have come up with innovative services to cater to traders from all over the world, but most of them either wound up their businesses within a short span of time or were subjected to regulatory scrutiny owing to widespread scams. Nadex, on the other hand, is a reputed and reliable binary options exchange that continues to be at the forefront of Binary Options trading by offering some of the best financial products and services in the market. Read on to discover how Nadex can make a difference to your binary options trading bottom line

Nadex Trading – Company Information

North American Derivatives Exchange, NADEX in short, is a US-based exchange house that offers binary options trading and spreads through a regulated platform. Nadex is an entirely owned subsidiary of IG Group, which is a London-based financial conglomerate that is listed on the FTSE-250 as a global financial services firm. The IG Group is a fairly reputed company in the financial industry and is home to some of the largest exchanges and liquidity providers in the market. Nadex has based its official headquarters in Chicago and was launched way back in 2009.

Nadex operates in the US as an exchange house, and not as a brokerage, where all contracts are transmitted between buyers and sellers according to a predetermined strike price. Nadex is entirely different from conventional binary options brokerages, as Nadex does not become a counterparty to their traders’ positions. Nadex does not have any role to play in fixing the odds of the trade, as all orders are transmitted through the exchange platform. Therefore, Nadex is one of the very few binary options companies that have no conflict of interest with its clients.

Nadex accepts US traders, and is also open to most countries around the world, with a few restrictions. Nadex is regulated by the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) of the US, which makes it a highly regulated entity. All clients’ investments are held in segregated accounts, and the company is routinely audited by the CFTC and other US agencies to ensure greater financial transparency. Nadex has received numerous awards and recognitions from top industry players for their sincere dedication to the welfare of their investors, as well as for their incredible products and services that are consistently ranked as the best binary options platform in the market.

The Choice Of Nadex Financial Assets

Nadex gives access to a pretty good list of financial instruments, although it is not as expansive as the list of financial assets offered by other binary options brokers. Nadex enables its traders to choose from different global markets, which include a small collection of stock indices, Forex, commodities, and News events. One of the finer aspects of binary options trading with Nadex is the ability to trade the events, which basically allows traders to trade the news, rather than its outcome. Here is a list of all the available Nadex assets offered by the company:

Stock Index Futures – Wall Street 30 (DOW), US 500 (S&P 500), US Tech 100 (Nasdaq), US SmallCap 2000 (Russell 2000), China 50, FTSE 100, Germany 30 (DAX), Japan 225 (Nikkei)


Commodities – Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Corn, Soybeans

Economic Events – Fed Funds Rate, Weekly Jobless Claims, Nonfarm Payroll

Since Nadex does not involve itself into the trades, all orders and contracts are traded through the company’s proprietary exchange platform. Therefore, trading depends entirely on the market liquidity, and it is possible that traders may not be able to open or close their positions during certain times. Nevertheless, Nadex offers more than 5000 contracts daily, with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Nadex has introduced a new contract type for users of their service. They are calling this Touch Contracts and is suitable for all types of traders. It allows you a lot more flexibility when compared to the options currently on the market.

Nadex Touch Brackets gives you the ability to speculate on the movements of prices in a given market within a laid-out range. The value of the contract will increase or decrease depending on the performance of the market. If you expect the market to improve then you would buy the contract and sell if you expect it to drop.

You now have the ability to makes trades with small capital requirements thanks to the micro lot sizes. This allows beginners to earn experience without much risk.

It is also suitable for regular traders as the risk exposure is kept secure and constant. Due to the lack of slippage, you will always know what your worst downside will be. You are only going to risk the capital that you have put into the trade.

Another change that Nadex recently made was by tweaking the name of their popular instrument for spreads. This will now be known as Nadex Call Spreads. This instrument allows you to trade the changes in prices of two different markets. As there are natural profit targets, you have a lot more clarity with your trades. The built-in floor and ceiling gives you optimal protection against any losses.

Trading Binary Options At Nadex, Fees, & Payouts

Binary Options trading at Nadex is a bit more complicated than the traditional high/low trades offered by other brokers. For instance, a regular high/low trade is an agreement between a trader and a broker, where the house (the broker) has better odds than the trader. However, in the case of Nadex, the agency does not have any role in the outcome of the trade, except the responsibility of matching orders between buyers and sellers in the form of contracts. Therefore, Nadex binary options trading involves buying and selling of contracts with fixed value and expiration times.

Nadex binary options contracts have a value between 0 and $100, where 0 is the value for out of the money trades and $100 is the value for in the money trades. Under normal circumstances, the value of the contracts may vary according to the market strike price, liquidity, and expiration times. However, unlike conventional binary options, Nadex traders can get out of their binary options contract with a partial profit or loss, which is one of the most advantageous features of Nadex trading.

A successful Nadex strategy involves managing trades according to the way the price develops. Traders have complete freedom and control over their contracts, which not only ensures that traders can modify their trades according to market conditions, but they can also choose to take smaller profits and losses without risking the entire investment.

Nadex is an exchange company that operates out of contract fees generated from trades. Unlike its competitors, Nadex does not trade against its traders. Nadex changes $1 per contact capped at $50 (cap does not apply to in the money trades). Therefore, the potential outcome and the profit potentials are endless, particularly due to the lower cost of trading. Regarding payouts, the losses and profits are determined by the entry/exit times and the type of contract. The potential for a loss is always limited by the amount of money invested according to the contract size, but the potential payout or returns can go as high as 100%.

Nadex Trading Platforms

Nadex has developed a proprietary binary options trading platform, which is designed as a standalone trading terminal for desktop and mobile operating system. The desktop trading platform is a web-based interface, which is an award-winning trading platform that offers the convenience of a dedicated installable interface through a web-browser platform.

The Nadex platform offers a simple and efficient interface that offers powerful analysis tools and trading options, which allows greater flexibility to open/close contracts and manage trades until their expiry. The Nadex binary trading platform is incredibly easy to learn, and all types of traders will find it easy to get accustomed to the platform functionalities within minutes. The Nadex platform is also relatively uncluttered and can be customised according to individual trader requirements.

Nadex Mobile Trading Apps

Nadex hasn’t ignored the popularity of mobile trading in the binary options market. Instead, the company has gone ahead with introducing dedicated trading interfaces for iOS and Android operating systems. Nadex mobile apps can be installed on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, with the full suite of features and functionalities being made available across all different types of smartphones and tablets. Nadex Mobile trading allows not only seamless transition from the desktop platform to the mobile platform but also offers full-feature trading charts and advanced trading capabilities at your fingertips.

Nadex is taking their mobile offering to the next level. They have updated their mobile platform and they are now calling it the NadexGo for Mobile. As it is a progressive web app, this means that it will work as seamlessly as their desktop offering. You will have access to all of the same products and markets with this mobile offering.

All of the usual features for analysis and research can be accessed through this mobile app. As the software updates itself, there is never a need to download updates or wait until these updates process – it is all done automatically.

Making A Deposit & Withdrawal At Nadex

US-based companies are known for their higher minimum deposit requirements, and traders may have to make a few compromises with the payment options. Nadex does not quote any exuberantly high minimum deposit requirements, but traders are required to deposit at least $100 for a live trading account. Although most traders don’t consider $100 to be a significant amount, other brokers may offer reduced deposit options that may start at $1. Nevertheless, the minimum contract size at Nadex is $1, with increments of 0.25 per contract.

The funding options for Nadex are severely limited, as the company does not support any online payment channels such as PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller. All deposits are processed through Debit card, check, Wire Transfer, or Bank transfer. International traders only have the option of funding their accounts through a debit card or through an international wire transfer. Withdrawals are also processed through these payment methods, which involve a considerable amount of time for international traders.

Despite the reduced number of payment options, all withdrawals are processed in a timely manner, without any major difficulties. CFTC regulation is indeed a major contributor towards the efficiency and reliability of the company, but Nadex’s parent IG Group has also been known to garner a positive reputation in the market due to its customer satisfaction policies.

Signing Up For A Nadex Demo Account

Nadex offers an unlimited demo account, completely free of cost for its traders. A Nadex demo account is a more or less an accurate representation of a Nadex real account, but there are subtle differences in trading characteristics. Nadex is not a conventional binary options broker in its mode of operations, as the contracts and trading features may differ to a greater extent. Therefore, there are some integral differences between a Nadex demo account and Nadex real trading account, which should be taken into consideration before opening a live trading account with the company.

Nadex Customer Service & Support Channels

The customer service aspect of Nadex is certainly a major benefit for existing customers, as Nadex offers a professional client interaction platform that can be accessed through email, phone, and web contact form. However, the absence of live chat or VOIP support may provide reduced options to traders, but the company makes up for it through an excellent toll-free number that can be accessed 24 hours a day and for six days a week.

Nadex Extra Features

Nadex clients can utilise the excellent learning centre offered by the company to hone their trading skills or learn the dynamics of the markets to make accurate predictions. Nadex does not promise 100% success rate through its educational materials, but the different webinars, tutorial videos, trade examples, research, market analysis, and other trading videos should offer a tremendous resource for both beginners and expert traders alike. Nadex certainly has one of the best user resources, features, and training materials that can help you to become a better binary options trader.

Nadex Verdict

  • US regulation guarantees the safety of funds and excellent customer service.
  • All traders allowed, including from the US and other countries.
  • Excellent binary options products and trading features.
  • Innovative and user-friendly trading platforms.
  • Ability to manage trades.
  • Guaranteed payouts.
  • Professional and friendly customer service.
  • Comprehensive tutorials, trading videos, and other features through the Learning Center.
  • Free demo account for all users.


    • List of instruments not as comprehensive as other brokers.
    • No bonuses.
    • Traders may find the Nadex binary options trading to be a bit more complex than conventional binary options.

Does Nadex Accept International Clients?

Nadex accepts traders from all over the world. However, traders from some countries may be restricted from trading at Nadex, and you should get in touch with Nadex to know whether your country is accepted.

Is Nadex Suitable For Beginner Traders?

Nadex is suitable for both beginner and expert traders. Traders that are familiar with regular binary options may take some time to get accustomed to the Nadex platform, but it is relatively easy to get familiar with the company’s products and services.

Does Nadex Offer Premium Accounts?

Nadex does not offer a premium account per se, but offer different types of individual accounts and business accounts. The company may require extensive documentation and valid identity proof, prior to confirming withdrawals.

How To Open A Nadex Demo Account?

Nadex offers an easy and convenient option to open a demo account within five minutes, without any documentation or deposits. All you need is a valid email address, and you can access your demo account within minutes.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

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