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Binary Options Engine Free EA

Binary Options Engine EA is an exclusive expert advisor to easily create complete Expert Advisor to trade Binary Options in an automated way.

Binary Options Engine EA is able to use any indicator complying with the Framework Engine Indicator (

You can use any strategy for Binary Options and create an indicator combining other indicators and conditions representing your strategy.

The result will be an indicator representing signals for CALL and PUT orders like arrows.

Binary Options Engine EA will then be able to trade those signals.

The purpose of Binary Options Engine EA is to simplify the process for developing EAs for Binary Options EA and dispose of all required features in one single EA.

Features of the Binary Options Engine EA are:

  • processing of signals to place trades to MT4 for brokers supporting Binary Options
  • sending signals to external binary options platforms (for web brokers for instance)
  • manage martingales up to 10 levels
  • display results of trading (trades won, lost, % win, etc)
  • generate statistics about your strategy using the strategy tester
  • test profitability of your strategy using the strategy tester

Main inputs of the EA are:

  • TradeWithMT4 (false/true) – To authorize trading with MetaTrader 4 Binary Options brokers.
  • MaxMartingaleLevel (0-9) – Number of martingales that can be used by EA, 0 means no martingale.
  • Money0 to Money9 – Amount of money to be traded for each martingale level.
  • Expiry (60S to 60M) – Expiry time to be used by EA for trades.
  • IndicatorName – Name of the indicator to be used with the EA to generate the signals.
  • IndiLineCall (0-7) – Number of indicator buffer to be used for CALL signals.
  • IndiLinePut (0-7) – Number of indicator buffer to be used for PUT signals.
  • UseSimulation – Use internal capital to test EA with Strategy Tester independently from MetaTrader 4 settings.
  • BrokerReturn (0.8 means 80% return) – Broker return used for simulation with Strategy Tester.
  • UseNewsFilter – To activate filtering of trades during news releases.
  • StopBeforeNewsHigh – Number of minutes to stop trading before high impact news.
  • StopAfterNewsHigh – Number of minutes to stop trading after high impact news.
  • StopBeforeNewsMedium – Number of minutes to stop trading before low and medium impact news.
  • StopAfterNewsMedium – Number of minutes to stop trading after low and medium news.
  • Show_ (EUR, USD, GBP, etc) – Take into account news for this currency (true/false).
  • ShowHighImpact – Activate filter for high impact news.
  • ShowMediumImpact – Activate filter for medium impact news.
  • ShowLowImpact – Activate filter for low impact news.
  • ServerZone – GMT time zone of your MT4 broker server
  • LocalZone – GMT time zone of your computer where EA is running
  • UseTimeFilter (false/true) – to active time filter. Trades will only be placed during the specified time and days.
  • StartSessionGMT – hour to start trading when time filter is activated
  • EndSessionGMT – hour to stop trading when time filter is activated
  • WorkSunday (true/false) – to activate or deactivate trade on this day if time filter is activated
  • WorkMonday (true/false) – to activate or deactivate trade on this day if time filter is activated
  • WorkTuesday (true/false) – to activate or deactivate trade on this day if time filter is activated
  • WorkWednesday (true/false) – to activate or deactivate trade on this day if time filter is activated
  • WorkThursday (true/false) – to activate or deactivate trade on this day if time filter is activated
  • WorkFriday (true/false) – to activate or deactivate trade on this day if time filter is activated

EA can be used to trade directly with MT4, in this case you must check that:

  • your broker supports binary options for MT4
  • the symbol where EA is placed is a binary options symbol.

EA can also be used to send signals to external platforms and trade with binary options web brokers.

We offer free version of indicator to test the complete solution:

Complete version of the EA can be purchased in MQL5:

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
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The free version has same functionalities has the full version. The only difference is that the free version will only place trades of 1 USD.

Optionfield – overview of the MT4 trading platform for binary options

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in United States

Overview of new participants in global financial markets: Optionfield

The question of how novice financial brokers, actively developing their activities in the world financial markets, without fear of competition from the “old-timers”, confounds not only amateur traders, but also professionals who devoted this activity almost all their lives. Indeed, where do the daredevils who are able to invest not only personal savings, but also other people’s financial resources, with the purpose of creating and developing a new trading platform?

At the same time, many of them are not afraid of such factors as lack of necessary experience, ignorance of all the nuances of the functioning of international economic systems, a huge number of legislative restrictions, etc. On the other hand, a well-known economist said that if all the beginning entrepreneurs were afraid to deal with a new business, believing that they were not capable of defeating their competitors, we would gradually become a country resembling the USSR or Cuba. Therefore, the creation in 2020 of the new financial broker Optionfield is quite natural phenomenon (even taking into account the “terrible” forecasts about the future of the world economic crisis). And this issue is of great interest to everyone who makes a living by doing online trading.

General characteristics: Optionfield

The first factor that causes displeasure of domestic traders who decided to study in detail the presented trading platform is the lack of a Russian-language version of the web resource of this company. And the application, prepared by the best programmers of the Optionfield site (allows you to work using modern means of mobile communication), and the worldwide popular MT4 platform, which perfectly copes with its direct functional duties, of course, ensure an impeccable operation of the web resource, but the beginning trader to understand all the subtleties of this program is almost impossible if he does not know English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese or Vietnamese. It is much easier for our compatriots who know the main principles of the work of companies providing Internet-trade services.

How to ensure the safety of traders

Before registering for the Optionfield login, every experienced trader will necessarily check all legal aspects of the company. And in this case, do not even have to be a professional to not pay attention to the fact that Optionfield was created and successfully survived the hardest time for most brokers of binary options, accompanied by massive bankruptcies and bans of activities of such firms in many countries of the world at the legislative level. Not the least role in this situation was played by the professionalism and rich experience of the company’s founders who knew well how the Forex market works and the Binary Options brokers.

Having received the prestigious award Rising Star 2020 from FinancesOnline and having built the company’s work in such a way that every new trader opened a trading account in 80-90% became a regular customer of Optionfield, the resource creators very quickly gained popularity, often outstripping more experienced competitors.

In relation to its clients, the broker adheres to the following principles:

в—Џ Protection of personal information and financial means of users.

в—Џ The most convenient system of work for clients.

в—Џ Honest and trustful relationship between the resource administration and its users.

в—Џ An effective partnership program.

в—Џ A high percentage of payments – about 85% (one of the leaders among young brokers).

The only drawback of the company in question, in terms of security – is the lack of a regulatory body. Despite the fact that the broker is registered on Fr. Cyprus, the owners of the resource came to the conclusion that the cost of obtaining a license, in this case, will not add to the broker an additional reputation.


Despite the fact that the company only recently “forcibly” international financial markets, in terms of the level of development and introduction of new methods for making profits, it can be safely added to the list of some of the most promising brokers. Every prospective novice or even an experienced trader can count on help from the help desk around the clock. To do this, you can contact the experts of the web resource with help, site, email or traditional telephone communication.

Note that to gain practical experience, a future trader can use the Optionfield demo account, which allows you to study all the nuances of working on a web resource without risking your own savings.

Market of Optionfield: review of financial indicators

Unfortunately, the network refers to the period when they were just starting to write about Optionfield reviews, there was little precise information about how much the novice trader should have to have this kind of activity bring him a more or less decent income.

Types of accounts

Depending on personal plans and financial possibilities, each trader can open the following types of accounts:

1. Classic account. It is necessary to pay from $ 100. The main task is to learn how to work on this resource.

2. Account Pro opens from 2 thousand dollars, and also allows you to bet from 5 $.

3. Elite. To open an account, the trader must be from 100 thousand dollars. This account gives a lot of opportunities, but it is of interest only for experienced traders who have the appropriate capital.

В Indicators of trading accounts

Making up an opinion about the Optionfield site, almost every author focuses on the following indicators (most of which were already mentioned in the analysis of the exchange in question):

в—Џ The minimum deposit for fiat money is $ 100, and for crypto currency – $ 10;

в—Џ minimum / maximum rate – 5/10000 dollars;

в—Џ A bonus of 100% of the deposited deposit is provided, in some situations, users receive to their trading account 3-5 times more from the original amount.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of money

For the input / output of cash, you can use a relatively large number of relevant resources:

в—Џ bank transfers (reliably, but very long);

в—Џ plastic cards (depending on the particular financial and credit institution);

в—Џ Crypto currency;

Trading Tools

And the final question of the presented review: what traders of the prospective project can use as financial instruments. At the moment, binary options are the key commodity of the resource under consideration, but no economist will venture to risk the binary options in just two or three months.

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Hi, everyone. Just to let you know that our free October monthly Binary Options MT4 demo contest has just started. The winner takes an award of 1000 USD. Expert Advisers (automated trading) are welcome. You can find more information here URL:…-october-2020/ and can check out the current ranking here URL://

If you have any questions, you can reply here or contact our Support.

Hi, guys. We hope you are doing well.

Just a quick update on what’s ongoing currently at Optionfield. This month we are having a free Binary Options Demo contest with a prize pool of 2000 USD to be split among the first 3 winners. We are also running a 5% profit boost program which gives you 5% trading rebates on all your April winning trades. For more information, please visit our website or contact our Support team.

Hi, everyone. We hope you are having a great summer (or winter if you are in the southern hemisphere :)). I just want to provide you with the latest developments at Optionfield.

1. We’ve increased our payouts and you can now enjoy up to 93% payouts on our Pro and Elite accounts, as well as higher payouts on the Classic account.
2. We’ve introduced Skrill and Neteller for deposits and withdrawals.
3. Apart from the MetaTrader 4 platform, we now give you access to trading binary options also on our WebTrader which doesn’t need any installations, as well as on our iOS and Android apps so you don’t miss a trade wherever you are.

As usual, our free monthly Binary Options Demo contest is ongoing and this month the prize pool is 2000 USD. All you need to do is just practice on your Demo and we’ll show you how you measure against all the other demo traders on our platform. It’s a good chance to make some money while you test your strategy or just practice on your demo.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team at [email protected] or join our Livechat on

Kind Regards,
the Optionfield Team

Hi, everyone. I hope you are having a nice November and are warming up for the upcoming holidays.

Just a few updates on the new things happening at Optionfield, which I am excited to share with you!

MT4 backtesting of binary options EA, recoding system

Budget $30-250 USD

I’m in need of help to get my binary options system running right. I have been testing it for 2 months and the results are junk but I manual trade it its perfect.

So here is a video on how the strategy works: [login to view URL]

All I ve done is added a money management section to it and can program it to enter 10 seconds before the close of the 3 rd bar pull back of the candle to try and get the best price. So i’m looking someone who can backtest and make adjustments to it to find out how we can get say a 60% result out of it.

I can email the experts folder when I get a response

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

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