Super Simple Mining Review Scam or Should I Invest

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Genesis Mining Review 2020 – Is It A Scam? Can I Expect Profitability, ROI, & Returns With Genesis Cloud Mining Contracts?

“Should I invest in Genesis Mining – or is it just another scam?” This is probably the most common question I hear in the Bitcoin cloud mining world.

By now, a lot of people have heard of cloud mining and what’s it’s all about.

And now they’re thinking of taking part.

Well, there are some considerations you must take into account before investing in any service – be that of cloud mining, or cryptocurrencies in general.

So, let’s talk about the pricing, profitability, and payouts you can expect from Genesis Mining contracts.

How Does Genesis Mining Work – And What Exactly Is It?

Genesis Mining is a cloud mining service company that was created in 2020 by CEO and founder Marco Streng.

It now has a team of over 10 programmers and engineers who have a deep passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Their company’s mission is to provide easy access to cryptocurrency mining to the everyday user.

This mission is very similar to’s – to provide a platform that lowers the barrier of entry to people who want to get involved in the cryptocurrency space.

In fact, Genesis Mining and Hashflare are the only 2 companies we feel are even worthy of a review.

In Genesis Mining’s own words:

[We] offer you a smart and easy way to purchase hashpower. Our bitcoin mining system is suitable for those who are new to the world of Cryptocurrencies, as well as for cryptocurrency experts and large-scale miners.

This is how Genesis Mining works.

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They have a mining farm and data centre in Iceland, where they store all of their mining hardware.

In fact, they named their mining farm “Enigma”, as it was an Enigma that was built to be exclusively an Ethereum mining farm, but grew to be one of the largest mining farms in the world mining other alternative currencies such as Zcash, DASH, Monero, and more.

Here is a crazy video that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Enigma:

So, Genesis Mining provides all of the power and electricity needed to mining cryptocurrencies.

What YOU do is you PAY to essentially RENT hashrate.

Because they have so much, their business model is such that all you have to do is sign up to their platform and choose how much hashrate you would like to purchase off of them.

Their mining hardware then allocates this specific amount of hashrate to you monthly.

So, instead of having to go out, put up A LOT of capital, and figure out how to build a mining rig yourself, you simply sign up for an account, and purchase hashrate from Genesis Mining.

You don’t have to do anything else.

Genesis Mining will set up their rigs so that they mine cryptocurrencies according to the amount of hashrate you bought from them.

It truly is a beautiful system that allows even the most technologically UNSAVVY to get involved cloud mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Is Genesis Mining A Scam?

The above business model is 100% NOT a scam or a Ponzi scheme.

It is legal, and for good reason.

By the explanation above, you can clearly see that there is nothing fraudulent about this business model.

Cloud mining companies, in general, have a lot of negativity surrounding them, because the majority of these services WERE actually scams.

They would promise the world to unknowing customers and simply not deliver.

But not Genesis Mining.

As I said before, Genesis Mining and Hashflare have been around for long enough and have had enough people use them over the years to confidently state that they are BOTH not scams.

But, of course, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t unhappy customers.

Just as with any company, of course, there will be people that are unhappy with the service.

But this is for other reasons – not because they are a scam.

Genesis Mining is among the very few legit cloud mining companies that we feel comfortable discussing.

Genesis Mining Details: Everything You Need To Know Before You Purchase

So, we’ve discovered how Genesis Mining works and answered the question “is Genesis Mining legit?

But let’s actually talk about exactly what the service has to offer.

We will go over their cloud mining contracts, their payout system, their supported cryptocurrencies, and much more!

This is a very comprehensive list all on one page that should provide you with enough information to make an educated decision on whether or not you should get involved with Genesis Mining.

Supported Countries

Genesis Mining has a goal of making cryptocurrency mining available to everyone in the world.

They want their platform to be worldwide.

They are available in all first world countries and are quickly expanding to more.

You can check to see if your language is supported below; and if it is, your country is probably supported, too.

Supported Languages

Genesis Mining currently supports over 20 languages including English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Polksi, and more.

Just click the “select your language” drop-down menu and choose the language you want the site to be translated into.

Mineable Cryptocurrencies

Genesis Mining currently supports 6 cryptocurrencies to be cloud mined:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • DASH

Genesis Mining Contracts: Plans, Pricing, Hashrate, & Length

As opposed to Hashflare, which gives customers a minimum amount of hashrate they must purchase in order to qualify for a cloud mining contract, Genesis Mining has 3 separate contracts for each of its 6 mineable cryptocurrencies.

They also have a custom plan for each cryptocurrency where you can purchase a desired amount of hashrate if you feel their standard plans do not meet your requirements.

Bitcoin Contracts

  • Gold Starter Plan – $179.00 for 1,000 GH/s hashrate; open-ended contract.
  • Platinum Best Buy Plan – $845.00 for 5,000 GH/s hashrate; open-ended contract.
  • Diamond Professional Plan – $3,975.00 for 25,000 GH/s hashrate; open-ended contract.
  • Custom Plan – Pricing dependent on specified hashrate and desired length of the contract.

Etherum Contracts

  • Small Starter Plan – $1,520.00 for 40 MH/s hashrate; Ethereum mining 2-year contract.
  • Medium Best Buy Plan – $4,440.00 for 120 MH/s hashrate; Ethereum mining 2-year contract.
  • Large Professional Plan – $12,960.00 for 360 MH/s hashrate; Ethereum mining 2-year contract.
  • Custom Plan – Pricing dependent on specified hashrate and desired length of the contract.

Litecoin Contracts

  • Gold Starter Plan – $28.00 for 2 MH/s hashrate; Litecoin mining 2-year contract.
  • Platinum Best Buy Plan – $650.00 for 50 MH/s hashrate; Litecoin mining 2-year contract.
  • Diamond Professional Plan – $2,400.00 for 200 MH/s hashrate; Litecoin mining 2-year contract.
  • Custom Plan – Pricing dependent on specified hashrate and desired length of the contract.

Monero Contracts

  • Blaine Starter Plan – $830.00 for 1000 H/s hashrate; Monero mining 2-year contract.
  • Dynamo Best Buy Plan – $2,460.00 for 3000 H/s hashrate; Monero mining 2-year contract.
  • Houdini Professional Plan – $7.200.00 for 9000 H/s hashrate; Monero mining 2-year contract.
  • Custom Plan – Pricing dependent on specified hashrate and desired length of the contract.

DASH Contracts

  • Gemini Starter Plan – $30.00 for 5 MH/s hashrate; DASH mining 2-year contract.
  • Ferox Best Buy Plan – $500.00 f0r 100 MH/s hashrate; DASH mining 2-year contract.
  • Graviton Professional Plan – $2,250.00 for 500 MH/s hashrate; DASH mining 2-year contract.
  • Custom Plan – Pricing dependent on specified hashrate and desired length of the contract.

ZCASH Contracts

  • Starter Plan – $530.00 for 200 H/s hashrate; ZCASH mining 2-year contract.
  • Advanced Best Buy Plan – $2,600.00 for 1000 H/s hashrate; ZCASH mining 2-year contract.
  • Professional Plan – $7,650.00 for 3000 H/s hashrate; ZCASH mining 2-year contract.
  • Custom Plan – Pricing dependent on specified hashrate and desired length of the contract.

Genesis Mining Maintenance Fees

As you can tell, all of the Genesis Mining contracts are different.

But, luckily, their maintenance fees only apply to one mineable cryptocurrency: Bitcoin.

Etherum, Litecoin, Monero, DASH, and ZCASH all have no maintenance fees, which is a HUGE plus.

And for Bitcoin, the maintenance fees are all the same for whichever of the 4 plans you choose.

All Bitcoin contracts have a maintenance fee of USD 0.00028 per GH/s per day.

Verification Process

For those people who want to be anonymous as possible, please note that you only need an email and password to be able to purchase hashrate from Genesis Mining.

There are no other KYC Genesis Mining enforces.

Accepted Payment Options

Once you have signed up to Genesis Mining, you can purchase hashrate right away.

Their accepted payment options are: credit card (VISA or Mastercard), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Unfortunately, Genesis Mining does not accept PayPal.

Once you make your purchase, you will immediately begin cloud mining your desired cryptocurrency.

Genesis Mining Payouts

Your payouts will be in the cryptocurrency in which you are mining.

After you sign up and purchase hashrate, you can expect to receive your first payout within 48 hours (it needs a few hours to actually be able to mine your coins).

It will then be sent to the wallet in which you provide them with.

Genesis Mining Affiliate Program

On top of all of this, Genesis mining also has an affiliate program you can try earning extra hashrate off of.

There are 8 levels in their affiliate program:

  • Rank 1:Starter
  • Rank 2:Cooper
  • Rank 3:Bronze
  • Rank 4:Silver
  • Rank 5:Gold
  • Rank 6:Platinum
  • Rank 7:Diamond
  • Rank 8:Legend

Rank 1 you will gain 2.5% in bonus hashpower with every new sale.

Rank 1 you will gain 3.0% in bonus hashpower with every new sale.

If you already have a ton of hashpower AND you take advantage of this system, you will be laughing all the way to the bank!

Genesis Mining Review: To Sum It Up

In conclusion, Genesis Mining is one of the two cloud mining services we stand behind.

Cloud mining has a dirty name behind it, but, as with anything, if you do some digging you will find the diamond in the rough.

In the case of cloud mining, Genesis Mining is this diamond.

Although we can’t guarantee any profits from this program, if you do your calculations beforehand based on the contract you choose, you can find out very quickly whether it will be profitable or not.

In order to do so, you must make sure that the value of the cryptocurrency you are mining is MORE than both the cost of the hashrate and the maintenance fees involved (if applicable).

Do your own research and buy at your own risk.

But if you were going to take a leap of faith in any cloud mining service, it should be taken on Genesis Mining.

Click here to read our review on Hashflare.

Then pick the one that suits you best.

If you decide to choose Genesis Mining, you can receive 3% off of your cloud mining purchases just by signing up through this referral link.

This is our gift to you for reading through this whole article! ��

Jeremy Lawlor

Jeremy Lawlor is an SEO expert for hire. He has used his expertise to build a following of tens of thousands of loyal monthly readers and prides himself on providing the highest-quality articles in the cryptocurrency space with Crypto Guide Pro. He feels slightly awkward writing about himself in the third person but admits that it sounds much more epic.

4 thoughts to “Genesis Mining Review 2020 – Is It A Scam? Can I Expect Profitability, ROI, & Returns With Genesis Cloud Mining Contracts?”

A great article. I have been telling people this for so long. It is definitely not a scam. It is simply the biggest mining company and that makes them a target of all kind of speculations. I have been mining with GM for a while now and they gained my trust more than ever in this mining market crisis, when they stayed open and transparent and made effort to offer some solution. I have upgraded my contract and it works for me. Haven’t had any regrets doing so!

I’ve been using Genesis Mining for a really long time and I can say that they are a really good platform for mining.I didn’t have any problesm with it.So far it has shown me that is trustful.Would recommend to everyone how wonts to start mining.

I agree! Genesis Mining is definitely going places. It is not a biggest mining company for no reason, I feel like my investment is in a good place, and my paymants are regular and on time.

HashFlare Review: Is This Cloud Mining Platform Legit?

By: Ofir Beigel | Last updated: 11/14/19

HashFlare is a cloud mining service with a somewhat shaky history and a shady reputation. In this post, I’ll examine the company in-depth and tell you what you need to know before signing up to it.

HashFlare Review Summary

HashFlare is a cloud mining company that used to supply various mining contracts. Recently it seems to have gone out of business. This review breaks down the math, in order to prove that cloud mining with HashFlare isn’t a wise investment.

That’s HashFlare in a nutshell. If you want a more detailed review keep on reading, here’s what I’ll cover:

1. Cloud Mining in a Nutshell

Cloud mining is the process of “mining from afar”; Instead of buying a Bitcoin miner, storing it, configuring it, and cooling it (which costs a lot of money and consumes time), you “rent” a miner and have someone run it for you. You then split whatever profits that miner makes with the service provider.

My main criticism about cloud mining companies is that the majority of them are just Ponzi schemes in disguise.

They take your money, but they don’t actually buy and run miners for you. They just keep on paying you from new users that come onboard until all of a sudden, they disappear (as can be seen here, here, and here).

However, not all cloud mining companies are complete scams. Some are just bad investments.

Not long ago, I reviewed one of the most popular cloud mining platforms around: Genesis Mining. I tried to establish whether it would be a profitable investment instead of just buying Bitcoins and holding them (aka hodling).

The bottom line was that the company seemed legit (i.e. they were actually mining), but I doubted whether it would be a good investment, considering the alternative of just hodling, a strategy that has proven to be profitable over 92% of the times.

2. Hashflare Overview

HashFlare is a company owned by another company of crypto experts called HashCoins. While in the past you could actually see who the team members were on the “About” page, the company has since removed any personal information about who runs the company. Luckily, the Internet never forgets.

The website seems to have launched its services somewhere around the beginning of 2020, and since then it has grown immensely. The current rough estimate is that the site has around 1 million visitors each month.

The company itself, Hashflare LP, was registered in the United Kingdom in late 2020. HashCoins or Hashcoins OÜ was founded in 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia.

3. HashFlare Services

Important Note

Up until July 2020 the company continued to offer different mining contracts, however, today it seems that no more new contracts are available for purchase.

This review was written initially in mid 2020. I will leave the info unrevised for your consideration.

HashFlare Mining Contracts

HashFlare allows you to buy three different types of cloud mining power (also known as Hashrate). Sha256 is used mainly for mining Bitcoin, Scrypt can be used for mining Litecoin, and ETHASH is used for mining Ethereum and Ethereum classic.

For the purpose of this review, I’ll focus only on Bitcoin cloud mining, but the same process can be applied to any other mining algorithm.

4. Is HashFlare Profitable?

The most efficient miner today for mining Bitcoin is the Antminer S9 (true for mid 2020, today there’s the Antminer S17). It produces

13 Th/s of mining power.

Buying the equivalent of this on HashFlare would cost you $1,040 per year. Buying the actual miner would cost you

This actually makes sense because if you bought just the miner, you’d have additional expenses on electricity, cooling, and storage. However, the actual miner doesn’t charge anything after a year, and HashFlare does.

Using a Bitcoin mining calculator, I found that 13 Th/s in a “vacuum environment” (meaning no electricity costs, no mining pool fees, etc.) will produce $222 each month.

Seems pretty profitable – I’ll probably break even within five to six months. However, I haven’t calculated the MEF (maintenance and electricity fees) yet.

The MEF is linear and equals 0.0035 USD per every 10 GH/s of SHA-256. This means that for 13 Th/s, it would cost $4.55 daily or $136.5 monthly. So each month, we’re actually making $85.5.

A simple calculation of HashFlare profits would be something like this:

$85.5 *12 – $1,040 = -$14 per year

Wait, what? I’m actually losing money each year?

Payments are made to HashFlare in USD, but payouts are received in BTC. In the example above, I treated the Bitcoin exchange rate as constant. If this is actually the case, then yes, I’ll lose money.

However, if the BTC price rises, then we could say that I paid less but the payouts were worth more. Or could we?

Hashflare profitability if BTC goes up

As price goes up, more people start mining Bitcoin. This means that it becomes more difficult to turn a profit, and income is actually reduced.

So while I’m earning more dollars (since each BTC payout is worth more), I’m making less BTC in total. There’s a strong correlation between price and mining difficulty, so I assume that they cancel each other out.

Hashflare profitability if BTC goes down

The funny thing is that even when Bitcoin’s price drops, difficulty can still increase. As you can see in the graph below, there have been only a handful of occasions on which the network’s difficulty has dropped, and some of these cases weren’t even related to price (e.g., one drop is attributed to miners switching over to Bitcoin Cash when it came out).

But here’s the real interesting part, which isn’t unique to HashFlare and can be found in almost every cloud mining company. If you look at their terms of service, you’ll find the following:

5.2. The Contract Term for Cloud Machines is unlimited by default, unless stated otherwise. The Contract is valid while profitable, until expired or until terminated (refer to section 13), whichever comes first.

13.1. Without limiting any other rights we have, we may suspend or terminate access to your Account, the Website and/or the Service, nullify your Account Balance and/or hold the ability to withdraw mined funds if you breach any of these Terms of Service.

This basically means that if the price drops to a point at which you’re not making money at all, your contract will be terminated. Bitcoin has seen 80% price drops in the past, and that could seriously affect profitability.

HashFlare Isn’t a Good Investment

Considering the above, it seems that no matter what happens to Bitcoin’s price, HashFlare isn’t a very wise investment. Indeed, on July 2020 HashFlare announced that that it is stopping its mining services and shutting down hardware on current SHA-256 contracts due to difficulty generating revenue.

The alternative, hodling, makes a lot more sense in my opinion. In this case, if Bitcoin goes up, you’re making a profit, and if it drops, you still have your coins. No one can “terminate” your bitcoins in the same way your cloud mining contract can be terminated.

5. Public Opinion and Reviews

While I have my mind made up about HashFlare, I make a habit of cross-checking with additional online reviews. However, since HashFlare has a referral program (i.e. you get paid for every customer you bring onboard), reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

It seems like there’s a wide array of negative reviews about the company. Additionally, review site TrustPilot states that their customised software has discovered a large number of fake positive reviews on HashFlare and it has since removed them.

Most negative reviews complain about profitability, and some complain about the site being a complete Ponzi scheme, including the use of fake customer reviews as seen below and having virtually no customer support.

6. Conclusion – Is HashFlare legit?

If I had to give a short answer, I’d say that while the company might be legit it’s NOT a good investment. There’s a thin line on the web between what constitutes a total scam and what’s considered to be just a bad investment opportunity.

I’m not as deterred by the bad reviews as I am by the simple math that just makes it seem impossible to actually profit with HashFlare.

Perhaps a different coin/algorithm will yield better results – you can use the same process I did for Bitcoin on any other crypto HashFlare offers and see for yourself.

In the past, I heard someone make a very amusing statement that summarizes this review perfectly:

“Cloud mining companies are basically taking your money today so they can slowly give you less of it back tomorrow.”

Personally, I wouldn’t invest my money in HashFlare, but in the end, I encourage you to do your own due diligence. Keep in mind that this post shouldn’t be taken as investment advice, it’s just my own research about another investment option in the crypto universe.

Have you had any experience with HashFlare? I would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Fintech Mining Review, Scam Mining Platform Exposed (Don’t Join)

Fintech Mining Scam: Blacklisted and Fake Mining Platform
Are you searching the internet for an independent Fintech Mining review and scam investigation? If so, you have stumbled onto the right review site, as our staff has been able to produce hard evidence and proof of a scam which can only be described as shameless. For those of you who are not familiar with or understand what mining is, before getting started you should know that virtual or cryptocurrencies are decentralized and can be transferred from peer-to-peer. This means that instead of having a government produce official notes and legal tender, digital currencies are produced via mining machines (i.e Ant Miner 9, Dragon Mint 16T, or Avalon 6). Of course you want to know if it is possible to make money mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The answer is illusive, and due to high cost of electricity as well as access to mining hardware, it is not as easy as it used to be in the past and not very cost-effective. Still, some con artists would have you believe it is an easy task and all you would need to do is send them some virtual coins and watch your money and profits grow “passively while you sleep”. Well, after doing some calculations, looking into ICO announcements, and checking the sales presentation we were able to produce conclusive evidence and proof that Fintech Mining is a confirmed crypto scam. Want to see how we reached our conclusions? Keep reading our Fintech Mining review and see how we were able to expose this viral crypto-mining scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of Scam
Here is the mining dashboard for the fintech mining scam. It is supposed to check various vital stats such as optimal hash rate and other performance related indicators. In reality, we have identified various flaws which lead us to the conclusion that once you purchase hash power your money is stolen. First of all, in a real mining dashboard you don’t a “buy contract” option. What you have is a purchase package or deal option which is supposed to translate your investment into a certain amount of profit over a given period of time. Only after we dug in deeper we found out the reason for this. The term “purchase contract” is taken from online trading, and these guys would have you buy a Bitcoin contract at rigged market rates from an exchange you know nothing about. We also checked the ticker and it is totally out of synchronization with standard market rates. In other words, this is a fake data feed which is designed to trick you into investing by generating a misleading sense of authenticity.

As for the sales presentation, well that is something which we picked up on immediately. The testimonials are fake and provided by cheap actors. In this case we have the infamous Kyle Brauch which is very well known in the crypto scam niche.

The rest of the testimonials are also forged and have nothing to do with actual bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining. In fact, we can pretty much guarantee that these people are in the dark when digital currencies or any form of online trading is concerned.

Fintech Mining Review
Hi, Welcome to Fintech Mining. That is how the presentation starts, and it is preceded by the usual out-of-context news sound bites and flashy sales pitch about how bitcoin is “changing the financial landscape”. The video claims that it will not require any energy or effort and you stand to make a significant amount of money. Then it explains about the centralized banking system and how it is inefficient, and how blockchain technology is changing that and making transactions and information more secure. After that we start seeing the fake testimonials which is followed by the usual hype. There is also a mention about how you can make money passively while you sleep, and we have heard this kind of talk before.

How Does FinTech Mining Work?
If we judge according to the dashboard it seems there are two types of functionalities. The first is suited for mining and the other for trading. If you choose to purchase digital currencies then we have seen an affiliate ID which directs you to an exchange. Obviously the promoters and marketers of Fintech Mining get referral fees from the exchanges depending on how much you purchase. The second option is the mining setup, which is supposed to make it easier for you to invest and get effective ROI. In reality, you get ripped off regardless of what option you choose.

What Is Aorta Digital LTD?
We checked them out. Besides the various mentions of the Fintech Mining scheme, there is nothing available about this company. We also noticed that there are two versions for this offer. One is being promoted by the Clicksure affiliate network, and that has set off some alarm bells as well since we know this network to be unethical and deceptive towards clients. The other one is being promoted by various black hat websites that somehow turn up on search engines. We also checked out their address at Transpolispark 17-27 Siriusdreef, Hoofddorp 2132 WT, Netherlands. It is a shared office space at the airport, and the phone number is an automated service where you can leave a message but no one picks up.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up
A beginners Bitcoin Package costs $475 (expensive) and according to their charts your return will be about $125. This translates to an annual loss of 74%, and where do you think that money goes to? You got it! The scammers steal it. The same is true for the Dash and Litecoin packages. The rates differ but the concept is the same. In other words, its a scam and you can’t make money

Why We Have Decided To Blacklist Fintech Mining
We have done so for 3 main reasons. The first has to do with the fact that they are using fake testimonials. Now granted, people want to stay anonymous but still this is a very deceptive advertising practice (not to mention illegal). Secondly, the numbers tell the story and we did the math. Its not going to be possible to generate profits using Fintech Mining. The real profits will go to the advertisers, marketers, exchanges, and affiliate marketers who are orchestrating this fake mining scam. The last reason has to do with the fact that there is a contradiction in terms. Namely, it is advertised as a mining system, but in reality you also have the option to purchase cryptocurrencies. In short, its a sloppy mess and if we found it difficult to navigate and understand then obviously newbees just starting out will never fully understand how to use this system. Additionally, we don’t know about the ownership structure and there is no whitepaper, ICO announcement, or product road map in regards to the development life cycle and deployment of the hardware.

Fake Fintech Mining Reviews
We understand some websites are endorsing this offer, but in reality these are not trusted websites and all they are after is their commission checks. Alternatively they may have been offered the “softer” version of the offer and honestly mislead by the real crooks behind the mining platform. So if you are unsure and have additional questions just message us.

Viable Alternatives
If you are really interested in generating profits in a secure and safe way, then there is a way to do it. We invite you to check out our recommended section where you can try out social trading or signals directly from regulated brokers.

Fintech Mining Review Conclusions and Recommendations
The Fintech Mining scam is blacklisted and there is no other way to say it. We have to speak the truth and the fact is that if you have received a SPAM email message or saw some type of fake news article about Fintech Mining, then you must avoid it at all costs because you are being targeted by professional con artists. Don’t let yourself get tricked and baited by cunning online promoters and shady offshore mining operations because you deserve better. Don’t forget to reach out and contact us through our Facebook Group , Google +, Pinterest, and YouTube Channel

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