Tera App Review

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Tera App Review

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A lot or a little?

The parents’ guide to what’s in this game.

While elements of TERA focus on teamwork and strategic reasoning, we don’t recommend it for learning because of its graphic violence.

The overall storyline is about pushing back evil and reclaiming invaded lands.

The Quest Givers and Trainers generally advocate helping and doing good, albeit with violence.

Players can use a mouse and keyboard or game controller to play this game, and a tutorial is available. It does take some time to get used to the controls but camera angles are well done. At character creation, the game provides a difficulty rating of each character class.

Characters have to kill to progress in this game. They use weapons such as swords, spears, hammers, and spells against enemies that include monsters and giant animals. Combat is melee-style with dramatic, over-the-top animations accompanied by sound effects of weapons hitting, cries of characters when they are hit, and blood sprays staining the ground. In some environments, players will see pools of blood and mutilated corpses in torture devices.

All female armor and outfits and some male armor and outfits are revealing, showing chest, legs, and buttocks. Female characters reveal a large amount of cleavage, which can be zoomed in on by the camera. They stand in exaggerated sexual poses. There is also an overly cute and sexual race of “Bunny” girls — humanoids with bunny ears and sexy outfits.

For all the violence, there isn’t any offensive language/ swearing used in the game apart from the occasional reference to hell.

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This game has to be purchased and there is a monthly subscription fee. There is no further advertising.

What parents need to know

Parents need to know that TERA is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that is rated “M” due to violence and suggestive themes. The game features bloody combat and suggestive costuming, especially of female characters. The game has to be purchased and requires a $14.99 monthly subscription to continue playing after the first month. Text chat, especially between players, can be uncensored. Game requirements are also on the beefy side.

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User Reviews

  • Parents say
  • Kids say

Great game!

I have no idea why this is rated M.
great game that’s fun for everyone.

No in all seriousness, great community in this game. Nice players and fun end game. Continue reading

PG-13 would be more accurate

Lets be honest here,


What’s it about?

In the lore of TERA, the above ground races of the land of Aborea live in peace, in a federation forged to repel evil from below ground. However, a new island has risen and a new evil has appeared. Players will create characters and join together to battle in subterranean dungeons as well as outdoors on this new island.

Is it any good?

For mature players who enjoy playing MMOs, the artwork and animation in TERA is very well done and the action is fast, furious, and fun. Players have lots of options to personalize their experience as they select a race to join, choosing among seven, which include a demonic race with horns, elves, humans, a badger-like woodland race, and a child-like race. The game focuses on the player surviving in the environment, but it also supports player versus player gameplay with duels — where one player challenges another to combat. Teams and Guilds can also battle in larger contests. However, with all of the scantily clad female characters, the game has an overtly sexual and suggestive look to its animation.

Tera Synth App Reviews

By VirSyn

Tera Synth App Info

  • 26 Ratings
  • Price: $9.99
  • Category: Music
  • Updated: Nov 22 2020
  • Version: 1.6.4
  • Size: 51.57 MB
  • Seller: VirSyn
  • © VirSyn

Tera Synth App Screenshots

Customer Reviews of the Tera Synth App

Super flexible

CrystalAwareness’s Review of Tera Synth

My favorite ios synth. Programming it is a joy.

Update to previous review

bb1b1b1b1b1b1b1’s Review of Tera Synth

I had some initial problems with a ton of noise but figured out that it’s the midi sync button that seems to be receiving some kind of sequencer residue (?) but once that was turned off this synth rawks!! I have very little spare time right now so programming is going to be very sketchy but what I’ve seen and heard so far tells me that this is going to be great!!

Deepest synth on iOS to date

0’Doyle’s Review of Tera Synth

The physical modeling simulation puts this over the top as the most powerful synth available on iOS to date. The UI is minimalist, devoting all the resources to sound—and it sounds like a monster. You won’t regret it.

Another monster synth keeper! So please add. UPDATE

Aka monkey dope’s Review of Tera Synth

The same people who gave us so many powerful hits, just keep on giving us these amazing synth tools!wow! I’m speechless !That said . please make sure that in the next update ,the ENTIRE state of the synth is saved within each user defined patch.too much global stuff for things like an arpeggio should be a part of the programs as saved to make it easier to use live. Peace Christo

An Important But Incomplete Accomplishment

BozoToo’s Review of Tera Synth

I write as a 30+ year veteran user of modular synthesizers of every kind. First up, Virsyn has accomplished something important here. The ability to create an analog-style, modular structure while retaining the kind of playability and polyphony is one of the things that software synths do well, and hardware instruments do not, if they do it at all. Terasynth is not the first software instrument to accomplish this, but it is one of the very best. Secondly, it’s modular functionality and it’s clean and easily interpreted interface is not common at all. Virsyn has done this better than anyone. The interface is somewhat reminiscent of the Arp 2600, but it is FAR more powerful. The modularity is pretty deep allowing fairly complex signal chains among both audio and control signals. Three VCOs, a HIGHLY versatile set of filters, a very powerful Waveshaper and a full set of Effects round out the audio signal sources and processors. Four voltage controlled Envelope Generators plus four very capable, multi-stage Envelope Generators, 4 Voltage Controlled LFOs and Virsyn’s highly capable Arpegiator provide lots of control and modulation sources – though true modular fanatics will always want more. This all combines to produce a very rich synthesis environment. Modulators can modulate other modulators, some control modules can be plugged into the audio stream and some audio signals can be used to modulate others. This is great stuff! No doubt about it. But it is not as flexible as a true, hardware modular instrument. There certainly are some limitations. Nevertheless, as software instruments go, Terasynth goes at least as deep as any other iPad-based synthesizer in this regard other than, perhaps Jusuto or Audulous. But neither of those are anywhere as near as accessible and playable. At minimum, Terasynth is certainly far deeper than the vast majority of all the other software instruments available on the iPad. Finally, this first release, like most others, is a bit flawed. The sound quality is excellent and the instrument is highly versatile, very easy to understand and use (and did I mention . this baby is deep?) Nevertheless, some of the functionality is not as stable and predictable as it should be. when patches become complex enough, with nested controllers or looped control signals, unpredictable results occur. Also, some modules do not perform in accordance with what modular aficionados might expect them to. For example, all four of the VC LFOs have a Sample & Hold output. That’s great. But since there is no signal input to the Sample & Hold, we assume this to be sampling from white noise to produce a stepped random output. That is the normal practice among most other modular and many non-modular synthesizers (both hardware and software- based). This is not the case with Terasynth. At higher sample rates it is very obvious that source of the S/H module is a sine or triangle wave and thus it creates repeating patterns instead of random ones. The LFOs do have a separate “Random” output, but it produces a slewed (or sloped) random output (sliding from note to note, rather than jumping among notes) and at very slow rates, it is obviously NOT random but is derived from a sine or triangle wave and produces only a slow moving periodic waveform. Getting true, stepped random patterns appears to be impossible. Despite these flaws (and to be fair, most users will hardly ever go very deep into this intrument’s capabilities), Terasynth is an excellent product. The flaws should be easily corrected in future releases. Wish list: Aside from fixing the little problems described above, 1. Expanded modularity – allow EVERYTHING to connect to EVERYTHING else. 2. Allow the user to chose the source of the S&H “module” in the LFOs. 3. The effects have their own built in modulators. That’s good. But exploit the modular framework to allow us to also patch in OTHER controllers like the LFOs or the excellent MultiEnvelope modules, for example. 4. I know this one is nearly impossible but . how about in addition to modularity and polyphony, add multi-timbral capability – the ability to produce more than one sound at a time, as you can with a true modular instrument. Other iPad software modulars do this successfully. I bet the obviously skilled programmers at Virsyn can crack this problem too. Do these things and perhaps add a few more modulators and maybe some logic modules (AND/OR gates, switches, etc.) and Terasynth could easily become the single best synthesizer available on the iPad.

Amazing Modern Synth

Anton Brecht’s Review of Tera Synth

While many ios synths focus on recreating the past Tera Synth moves forward by adding thoroughly modern functions that work effortlessly with the Ipad’s touch interface. Draw wave forms, Modulators and use the great built in step sequencer / arpeggiator to patch together your dream synth. The support is amazing to. I had a midi issue while recording into Ableton and I emailed the developer who responded almost immediately with a thorough reply that solved my problem, the issue was my mistake nothing wrong with the synth but they still took the time to figure out what I was doing wrong in Ableton. Totally 100% worth 5 times as much.


Music-311’s Review of Tera Synth

This synthesizer is versatile, efficient and unlike some other powerful IOS synths, Tera Synth sounds really good. It can be harsh when wanted but also can have a really unique warmth that’s is very effective. Thanks Virsyn.

The best to date

doug funnie’s Review of Tera Synth

Three days with this synth and it is far and away my favorite (I’ve bought or used every prominent one out there). I’m a guitar player who mostly uses keys for rhythm tracks/chords and atmosphere/texture, and I’m not a major tech-head, so I usually find a preset approaching the sound I want and do minor tweaking. This hits the spot perfectly, and though I’ve yet to explore the depth, it is there. Definitely wouldn’t have regretted paying the full $20 price. The UI and design is a great bonus, and I’ve yet to uncover any glitches or audio problems on iPad Air 1.

AU3 addition is a great free upgrade but it doesn’t work

DreamSyphon’s Review of Tera Synth

I was excited to see the AU3 support added, but I haven’t been able to get it to work using AUM on iOS11. In the update description you list iOS10 required. Does this mean exactly iOS10 or “at minimum” iOS10. I don’t want to downgrade.


Toaster Fflow’s Review of Tera Synth

I’ve just spent a few minutes creating my first patch and, already, I’m in awe of the balance between depth and simplicity in this modular synth. The ease with which one may modulate nearly everything with almost anything is breathtaking, and the waveform options are great. Of course, the mind can’t help but wonder what would happen if all the effects parameters were modulatable, but with 3 oscillators, 4 LFOs, 4 insane envelopes, and a sequencer, I feel confident that I’ll have plenty to explore. Next, I’ll have to test how in runs in AUM and AB3.

Great Modular

Mikes jello’s Review of Tera Synth

VirSyn does it again with an awesome addition to their lineup. Another synth goes to the top of my IAA collection.

Good thing

angelo grover’s Review of Tera Synth

iOS Polyphonic Synthesizer With Desktop Vsti Power

Goldenanalog’s Review of Tera Synth

The best all-around iPad synthesizer app available – hands down – is Korg’s iM1. Now: I absolutely love iM1, but I don’t use it. I play with it, sure! Sounds killer, and it’s a blast! What I actually use is Tera – a port of a pc soft that’s been around for a while, adapted to the iPad’s environment. In a nutshell: Tera is an extraordinarily flexible, extremely powerful polyphonic synthesizer app – easily capable of taking the user/listener into deep sonic waters – the trade-off being that a rich synth tool like Tera requires time, patience, and perseverance to master, especially if you’re an inexperienced software synthesizer user. Not that I’m trying to discourage anyone from buying Tera – Tera does come with plenty of great sounds right out of the box, but it’s true capabilities – that make it sparkle like a diamond – come from when the user digs into Tera deep, and creates his or her own sounds. The limitations that the prospective Tera user should be aware of are the polyphony (8 notes) and the UI (Tera is super rich/super deep – so much so, that the Dev had to make compromises in regards to how to manage all of it with the iPad’s limited screen real estate) July 2020 Update: I’ve continued to push Tera hard, and I’m happy to say that it continues to deliver above and beyond what is expected. Brilliant! December 2020: There are some absolutely superb software synth apps here in iOS land – as an example: Korg continues to surprise us all with such gifts as a virtual Wavestation and Arp Odyssey – but in spite of all of it, Tera for me is still my go-to synth app – by a wide margin. Tera remains untouchable. July 2020: Still my favorite synthesizer app – It continues to sound insanely rich amongst a crowded field. But let’s update it, Virsyn – try to keep it completely current with the times.

A real update would be auv3

Strizbiz’s Review of Tera Synth

Great synth, easily one of my favs, but in all honesty. I’d be a lot more excited update wise if this became an audio unit. I use addictive pro more than this now because it’s an audio unit and I can use it directly inside of Beatmaker 3, Cubasis and Auria pro. Any update that doesn’t support audio unit is kinda. meh.

Quickest Review I’ve ever done!

Film less Soundtracks’s Review of Tera Synth

Tera App Review

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