The “HELIX” strategy – a channel trading using technical indicators

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TRADING SOFTWARE BROKEN (metastock, advanced get, tradestation, elwave, omnitrader & etc)

enricko chivaldory

below is my collection.

4X Made Easy 5.01 (Wizetrade for Forex)
AIQ Option Expert 7.2
AIQ Trading Expert 7.2 Pro
APS Automatic Pattern Search
Aberration Plus for Tradestation
Adaptive Trading Solutions for Metastock
Advanced Get DashBoard Edition for eSignal 10
Advanced Get Studies for Esignal 8.0
Advanced Get 1.3 Build 320 for Esignal
Advanced Get 1.3 Build 396 for Tradestation 2000i
Advanced Get 7.8 EOD Build 420
Alfanet Basis II Trading System for Tradestation
AmCan ProSys Indicators for Tradestation
Andromeda Trading System for Tradestation
AscTrend 3.03 for Tradestation 2000i
AscTrend 3.5 for Tradestation 8
ATW Indicators and Strategies for Tradestation
Aztec Trading System for Tradestation
Biocomp Neurogenetic Optimizer 2.7
Biocomp Profit 2002 Elite
Biocomp iModel
BlueWave Precision Indicators for Tradestation (New Version)
BlueWaveTrading Indicators for Tradestation (Old version)
BlueWaveTrading Zones 3.0 for Tradestation
Builder Trading System for Tradestation
BuySellorGetOut for Tradestation
BuySellorGetOut 2.0 with RadarScreen Indicators for Tradestation
BuySellorGetOut for Esignal
Candelstick Forecaster Samurai V2000
Checkmate Trading System for Tradestation
Cobalt ND Trading system for Tradestation
Commando Trader II for Tradestation
Commodities Made Easy for Esignal
DecisionBar Trading Software for Esignal
DecisionBar Trading Software for Tradestation
DeltaGraphics for Stocks&Commodities
Dollar Trader for Tradestation
Drummong Geometry FULL Trading Course (lessons 1-30)
Drummong Geometry Indicators for Tradestation
Dynamic Trading Multimedia Workshop
Dynamic Trader 5.0 EOD
Dynamic Trader 5.0 Real Time
Dynamic Trading Tools for Metastock
E-Mini Master Pro for Esignal
EASCTrend 6.02 Professional for
ETS Trading System by Michael Mermer for Tradestation
Early Bird III Trading system for TS 7.0 and TS2000i
Elliotician Certification Course (60 modules)
Elliottician Refined Trader
Elwave 7.6 RT (all modules)
Elwave 8.0 (All Modules)
Ensign Software for ALL datafeeds
Entry Point 2006 for Tradestation
EpicDynaTrend for Tradestation
EZ2Trade Indicators for eSignal
Fibonacci Galactic Trader 4.0 RT
Fibonacci Symmetrical Trader 4.0 RT
Fibonacci Trader 4.0 RT
Fractal Finance for Metastock
Gann Analyst III
Gann Analyst Professional 3.0
GannTrader 3.1 Real Time (Esignal,
GoGecko 5.6
Golden SX Trading System for Tradestation
Grail Genetic Optimizer, Grail Walk Forward Optimizer
Hawkeye Advanced ToolKit for eSignal (Basic, Levels, Hooks)
Hawkeye Indicators for Esignal
Hawkeye Indicators for Tradestation
Hit and Run I&II for Tradestation
Hurst Channel 5 for Tradestation
I-Master Trading System for Tradestation
Indigo 2001 Walk Forward Strategies (WFX)
Indigo Investment Software 2001 v5.2 for Stocks
Investor RT 8.5 (Linn Software)
Investor’s Dream 1.99 EOD
Investor’s Dream 1.99 Real Time
Jan Arps’ Toolbox Crown Jewels for
Jan Arps Swing Day Trader’s Toolkit for Tradestation
Jan Arps Hurst Bands ToolKit for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s “Joe Krut System” for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s Dealer’s Choice for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s Focal Point 2004 for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s Hats 2002 and Trader’s Delight for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s Index Point for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s Last Dollar for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s One Trade for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s Position Point for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s Prince 2002 for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s Queen for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s Ranger for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s Trader’s Dream for Tradestation
Joe Krutsinger’s Trio System for Tradestation
John Clayburg’s Belly Trader for Tradestation
John Clayburg’s Cyclone System for Tradestation
John Clayburg’s Feeder for Tradestation
John Clayburg’s XTrader SP System for Tradestation
John Clayburg’s indicators for Tradestation
John Murphy’s Chart Pattern Recognition plug-in for MetaStock
Jurik TPO for Tradestation
Jurik Tools DLL version
Jurik Tools for Esignal, Ensign, Investor RT
Jurik Tools for Tradestation
KC Collection for Tradestation (The Futures Group)
KwikPOP for Tradestation
KwikPOP for Metastock
KwikPOP for NinjaTrader
KWIKPOP for Esignal
Kase StatWare Trading Indicators for Tradestation
Kase Statware indicators for
Larry Williams Indicators for Tradestation
Little BIG HORN Trading System for Tradestation
MB Risk Management UNIVERSAL Add-ins for MS Excel
Magic Dots Trading System and Show me for Tradestation
MTPredictor 5.0 EOD
MTPredictor Real Time for Tradestation 8
MTPredictor Real Time 4.0
Market Analyst III
Market Delta 8.7 Professional for DTN IQFeed
Market Delta 8.7 Professional for Esignal
Market Delta 8.7 Professional for Interactive Brokers
Market Trader Gold
Market Trader Platinum
Market Warrior 2.2
Mesa 2000 for Tradestation
Mesa 2002 (standalone)
Metastock 8.0 Professional Real Time for
Metastock 10.1 Professional Real Time for Esignal and EOD
Millennium 2000 Trading System for Tradestation
MiniMax Trading System for Tradestation
Murray Math Trading Software 2006
NATT 2000 collection for Tradestation
Neoticker 4.0 Real-Time and EOD
NeuralScope Tick Trader (S&P Emini) for TS
NeuroShell DayTrader 4.5 Add-ons
NeuroShell DayTrader 4.5 Professional
NexGen T-3 Fibs Professional (FULL) 2007 for Tradestation and eSignal
Nexgen T-3 ABC Trend Indicator
NinjaTrader 6.0 (MultiBrokers Edition)
Nison’s Candlesticks Unleashed for Metastock
Ocean Software for Tradestation
Octane Trading System for Tradestation
OmegaResearch Prosuite 2000i (Tradestation 2000,
OmniTrader 2007 RealTime
OmniTrader 2007 Real Time with Chart Pattern Recognition 2
OmniTrader2007 RealTime with ARM models
Optimax Genetic Optimizer for Tradestation
OptionVue 5.175
Options Made Easy for Esignal (Wizetrade for Options)
Paritech HotTrader
Pattern Forecaster Plus 2.1f
Pattern Smasher 2.09
Pegasus Trading System for Tradestation
Performance Systems Plus for Metastock
PowerPivots PlusTM for Metastock (PP+)
Precision Trader 4.0 RT Build 540
Prime-Line Tradestation Suite
Professional Trade Advisor 5
Quick Harmonic Trader
R-Mesa5 for Tradestation
RevMark + ATM Trading Systems for TS
RC DayTrader Level 7 Trading System
RC Success 3 Trading System
Rina Dynamic Zones Analysis for Tradestation
Rina Performance Suite 7 for TS2000i and TS8
Rina Portfolio Stream 6.0 for Tradestation
Road Map 6 For and
Roy Kelly Floor Trader 8.0 for Tradestation
Roy Kelly Floor Trader Tools for Esignal
Roy Kelly Advanced Package for Esignal (ALL)
Roy Kelly Trend Pro 8.0 for Tradestation
SST ProPlus plugin for Esignal
Safir-X 3.4
Safir-XP for Tradestation
Scalper Pivot Point for Tradestation
Shockwave Trading System for Tradestation
SirTrade 2000 for Tradestation
Sirtrade Market Profile for Tradestation
Sniper Trading System for Tradestation
Stock Watch Pro 2.4 (
Stocks & Commodities 6.21 CD
Synergy Trading System for Tradestation
TCI strategies and indicators for Tradestation
Teresa Lo’s Power Tools for eSignal
TESS Trading (Trading Edge Strategy Software) 3.04
TRADESTATION 8.1 for Multiple Datafeeds
The ATS3200 Trading System for Tradestation
The Bollinger Band System for Metastock
The Collective 2.2.3
TradeGuider EOD
TradeGuider for
TradeGuider for, Tenfore and others
TradeGuider for RealTick
TradeSim Entreprise Edition for Metastock
Trading Alchemy Indicators for Tradestation (ALL)
Trading Recipes
Trading Blox Builder
TradingSolutions End-Of-Day
TradingSolutions Real-Time
TradingSolutions Suite Real-Time
Trend Channel Pro for Tradestation
Trend Reflection (commodities system) for Tradestation
Trend Reflection Software
Trend Simplicity for Commodites (Standalone)
Trend Simplicity+Trend Shark+Trend Intensity+Trend Complexity
TurnSignal Indicators for eSignal
Vantage Point Trading Software 7.0 (202 modules)
Visual Trader 2.0 from Nirvana
Walter Bressert Profit Trader 7.1 for Tradestation
Walter Bressert’s Profit Trader for
Wave 59 RT
WaveTracker for Esignal
WaveTrader 2004 for (Bruce Gilmore)
Wealth-Lab Add-ons (MonteCarlo, IndexLab, NeuroLab)
Wealth-Lab Developer 4.02 (latest build)
Winning Edge Trading System for Tradestation
WizeTrade 7.04 for Esignal
Wood Indicators for Tradestation


enricko chivaldory

New Trading Software DVDs:
Advanced GET 9.1 EOD Dashboard Edition (
Alyuda Tradecision Pro RT 3.0.117 (
AmiBroker 4.90.5 (
AmiBroker Pro 4.80.2 (
AmiQuote 1.92 (
ATS-3200 Trading System 1.3 (
ATS-6400 Trading System 1.3 (
Automatic Pattern Search 4.8 (
BestChoice 4.0 (
cpFinder 5.0.3 (
DeepInsight Pro 9.5 RT (
Dynamic Trader 5 (
Ensign August 28, 2006 Multifeed Version (
Excel Business Tools 21-Dec-2006 (
FINCAD Developer (
Gannalyst Pro 5 (
Investor RT 8.5.5 for DTN.IQ, IB TWS,, eSignal (
KwikPOP for NinjaTrader 6 (April 2007) (
Market Trader Platinum – January 17, 2006 (
MarketDelta Pro 8.5.5 DTN.IQ (
MarketDelta Pro 8.5.5 eSignal (
MarketWarrior 4.0.177 (
MBRM – MB Risk Management 10 for Excel (
MetaTrader 4 Data – MTPredictor EOD
MetaTrader 4 Data – Wave59
MTPredictor EOD + Trading Course (
MTPredictor 5.0.90 EOD + Trading Course (
MultiCharts 1.90.449.1165 (
Neuroshell DayTrader Pro 5.0 (
NeuroSolutions 5.05 (
OmniTrader Pro 2007 Reliase 2 + Plug-ins (
OptionGrid 2.0 (
Pattern Explorer for AmiBroker (
Ramp 5.202 (
Field-Installable Solver Engines 7.0 (
Premium Solver Platform 6.5 with Engines 6.5 for Excel (
Premium Solver Platform 7.0 for Excel (
Risk Solver Engine 7.0 for Excel (
StataSearch 3.01j (
The FX Turning Point Indicators Suite for VT-Trader (
Track ‘n Trade Pro (
TradeGuider 2.5.3 EOD (
TradeGuider 2.5.3 eSignal (
TradingBlox Builder 2.0.2 (
TradingSolutions RT 4 Build 060808 + SDK’s (
TradingSolutions RT 4 Build 070123 (
TrendSimplicity (
Vantage Point 7 (All Modules) (
Volume Spread Analysis RT(
Wave59 2.13 RT (
Index-Lab for Wealth-Lab Developer v3.0.1
Jurik Indicators Add-In for Wealth-Lab Developer
Monte Carlo-Lab for Wealth-Lab Developer v3.0.2
Neuro-Lab for Wealth-Lab Developer v3.0.4
Scripts for Wealth-Lab Developer
Wealth-Lab Developer 4.0.2 (
Wealth-Lab Pro 4.3.36 (

eSignal EFS Studies
Bryce Gilmores WaveTrader 2004 for eSignal, open code
DecisionBar 2.0 for eSignal, open code (
DecisionBar 2.4 for eSignal + Manual (open source code)
EZ2 Trade Charting Collection by Raghee Horner, open code
Hawkeye Trading for eSignal, open code (
Jan Arp’s Traders Toolbox Crown Jewels for eSignal, open code
KwikPOP 4.1 for eSignal + Manual (06.12.2006) (
MTPredictor Extensions 8 for Esignal (
Nexgen T-3 Fibs ProTrader for TS8 + Manual (28.10.2006) (
Roy Kelly – Floor Trader Tools 8.2 for eSignal, open code
WaveTracker Pro 6.36 for eSignal, open code (

MetaTrader Studies index
Unsorted Metatrade Studies

80 Mb.
Automoney 1,2,3,4 for MT4 (
BrainTrading 7.0 FIX for MT4 (
Central Pips for MT4 (
eASCTrend Experts for MT4
eASCTrend Indicators for MT4
EuroX2 Expert Advisor for MT4 (
Vermillion FX Trading System for MT4 (
WalkByTrend Expert Advisors for MT4 (

Trading Software DVD
Advanced GET – Manuals
Advanced GET EOD 8.0 (
Advanced GET RT 1.2.165 for (
Advanced GET RT 1.3.320 for eSignal (
Advanced GET RT 1.3.396 for Tradestation 2000 (
Athena Money Management 4.0.01 (
Attrasoft Predictor 2.6 (
Aztec – Stand Alone Version (
Bull’s-Eye Broker Pro v3.50 (
Candelstick Forecaster Samurai 2.1.3 (
CycleTimer v1.1.2 (
Danalyzer EuroChart 2.12M
DeepInsight RT Pro 8.1 (
Delta Graphics EOD Forex 1.0 build 3.12 (
Delta Graphics Intraday Forex 1.0 build 3.19 + Book (
Dynamic Gann Levels
Dynamic Gann Levels for Excel
Dynamic Trader 4.0.78 EOD and with Trading Course
eASCTrend Pro 6.0 (
Elliott Wave Analizer 4.0.4 (
Elliott Wave Analyzer 3.3042 (
Elwave RT 7.1 (
Ensign Internet (
Ensign Windows for eSignal (
Erlangerquote v2.17 for
eVantage v1.0.3 (
Evolution-Trader v4.0 De (
FibNodes 5.1.2 (
Fibonacci Symmetrical Trader 1.77
Fibonacci-Galactic Trader RT 4.0 R55 (
Financial Trader by AIR Software (
Gann Calculator 1.0 (
Gann Master for Excel
Gann Suite 1.1.08 (
Gann Wheel 1.2.11 beta 2 (
GannTrader 3.007 (
HotTrader 2.08
I-Master. Stand Alone Version (
Indigo Investment Software 2001 (
International Market Calculator v10.9.0 (
Investor’s Dream 1.99.1 RT (
Investor’s Toolkit v4.0 CD (
LifeStyle Trader v1.2.1
Mesa 2002 v6 (
Microsoft Visio v2002 Final
MTPredictor RT 4.0.14 for eSignal (
MTPredictor RT&EOD 3.6.6 (
MTPredictor RT&EOD 3.8 (
MTPredictor Trading Course (
Nivarna VisualTrader (
NNoracle 1.076a
OmniTrader 2005 (All Versions and Plugins Enabled) (
Pattern Forecaster Plus 2.01c (
Pattern Smasher v2.06a (
Patterns (
Performance I v2.6 (inc. ela)
Precision Trader Pro v4.0 build 540 (
Professional TradeAdvisor 5 (
Profit Maker v2.1.0.20 (
Prostock 2000 Forecaster v3.06 (
Ramp 4.1 build 1 (
Refined Elliott Trader 1.0.9 (
Stock Predictor 1.1.237 (
Stock Watch Pro 1.0 for eSignal (
Stock Watch Pro v2.3.1 for (
StrataSearch 2.01f (
TESS – Trading Edge Strategy Software 2.025 (
The Collective v2.1.16 (
Time Trader Pro 3.0 (
TradeSim v4.2.2.685 Final (
Trading Edge Strategy Software (TESS) v2.0.05 (
Trading Recipes v4.09 (
Trading Solutions 3.1.051209 (
Unfair Advantage v1.72.1 (
Vantage Point 6.31 Intermarket Analysis Software (
Vantage Point for Commodities 6 (
WaveTrader – CycleTrader 2000 by Bryce Gilmore
WinWawes32 1.3.25 (
WizeTrade 7.0.17 (

Artificial Intelligence
Alyuda Forecaster XL v2.3 for Excel (
Alyuda NeuroIntelligence v2.1.526 (
ANNI v2.06 – Artificial Neural Network Investing (
BioComp iModel Pro v1.0 (
BioComp MicroPredictor ActiveX Neural Component (
BioComp NeuroGenetic Optimizer Pro v2.6.142 (
BioComp PowerIndicator Downloader v1.0.51 (
BioComp Profit 2002 (
BrainCel 3 for Excel (
BrainMaker Plus GTO MMX v3.72 (
CubiCalc v2.0f (By HyperLogic)
Excel Neural Package Rus (
Fuzzle v3.0
FuzzySearch v1.0 Rus (
fuzzyTECH v5.52g (
GeneMiner 2002 (
Genetic Pattern Finder Pro 1.513 for Excel (
INtelliVEST Suite 2001 CD – NeuroForecaster, Genetica NetBuilder,
VisuaData (
NeuNet Pro v2.1 (
NeuroShell 2 v3 Rus (
NeuroShell 2 v4.0 (
NeuroShell Classifier v2.0 (
NeuroShell DayTrader Professional (
NeuroShell Genehunter v2 Rus (
NeuroShell Predictor v2.0 (
NeuroShell Trader Add-Ons (
NeuroSolutions 5.02 Developer (
NeuroStock v2.400 (
NeuroWindows v4.6 Rus (
PsychoNet V3R2 (
SAFIR-X Assistant for Expert Traders v3.4 (
SAFIR-Xp v1.0.1.42 with SirTrade2000 for TradeStation 2000
WaveFin – Wavelets for Finance (

Data Mining
Advanced Grapher v1.63 (
Analytica v2.0.5 (
CaterpillarSSA Pro v3.1 En-Ru (
Chameleon Statistics v1.21 (
DATA Pro v1.0.2 (
DataFit v8.0.32 (
Dataplore v2.0-9 (
Deductor Lite v2.0 Rus (
Deduktor Pro v1.0 Rus (
eXY v1.6.1 (
Forecast Expert v1.03 Rus
Fractan v4.4 Rus
Gemini Unified Datamining System v1.1.7 (
Ithink Analyst v5.0 (
KyPlot v3.0.1 (
Maple 6.0.16401
MARS v2.0 (
Mathematica v5.0 (
Mathsoft Mathcad Pro v2001 inc. Rus, Add-ins (
Mathsoft S-PLUS 2000 Pro (
Mathworks MatLab v6.5 R13 with Doc CD (
MiniTab v13.32 (
MR Finance (
PolyAnalyst v4.2.317 (
SPSS allCLEAR v5.0 (
SPSS Answer Tree v3.0 (
SPSS Science SigmaPlot 2001 v7.101 (
SPSS v11.0.1 (
Stata v6.0 (
STATISTICA Neural Networks v4.0e (
STATISTICA v6.0 En-Ru-De (
Viscovery SOMine v3.0 Standard (

Analyse-IT v1.68 (
Crystal Ball Pro v7.2.104.0 (
Jurik for Excel (
NeuroXL Classifer v1.0 (
NeuroXL Predictor v1.1 (
PackageXL v2002 (
Palisade @RISK v4.5.2 with RISKOptimizer v1.0.5 Ind.ed (
Palisade BestFit v4.5.2 (
Palisade BestFit v4.5.5 (
The Risk Analyzer v7.4.98 (
TraderXL Pro Package v5.4 (
Trading Target Calculator (
XLSTAT Pro v2006.06 (
XLTradeLink v2.16 (

GTS Options Calculator (
Option Guru 1.04 (

Option Master 1.42 (
Option Simulator RT 3.4.2 (
OptionGrid 1.6 (
OptionVue 5 1.591 (
Visual Options Analyzer 2.0.39 (

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Continuum Client SDK (
DDE Links Rus
DDEChartUpdater v1.3 (
Dynaloader 2 [2002.09.17] for eSignal (
Dynaloader for eSignal (Metastock Ed.) (
Dynaorder HOST 3.08 build 20050301 (
Dynastore for Quotespeed v5 build 20010720 (
Dynastore LE for FXCM build 20050221 (
Dynastore LE for Metatrader 3 v1.7 build 20050221
Dynastore Light for QuoteSpeed, SatQuote v.4 SP1 build 2120
Dynastore Pro v2.0.1 build 1218
Metaserver RT v2.0 for (
Metaserver RT v2.0 Light DDE (
Metaserver RT v2.0 Pro DDE (
QCollector Pro v1.1.0 build 46 for eSignal (
QCollector v2.5.3 build 26 for QChart (

Quotes – Downloaders
DataBull v2.2.3 (
Historical Quotes Downloader 7 NSE India Edition (
Historical Quotes Downloader v1.17 (
HQuote Pro Downloader v6.70 (
Internet Data Loader v4.4.4 Rus (
MetaQuote v1.14 (
MLDownloader (
Quote Downloader v2.1 (
Quotelf Center v4.31 (
RTQDownloader v1.3 (

Quotes – Ticker Bars
Duke – The Portfolio Watchdog v1.5.0 (
Personal Stock Monitor Gold v5.1.9.248 (
Quote Ticker Bar v6.1 (
Stock Manager v4.33 for Pocket PC (
Wall Street Explorer v1.13 (
WinStock Pro v2.3.1 (

TradeStation DVD
3D1 for Excel (
Bid-Trade Convertor
ELA-ELS Password Unlockers
HistoryCentre 2.0 for XPO (
HyperOrder for Tradestation (
HyperServer Lite 2005 for TS2000 (metatrader edition) (
HyperTools PE 2.00.131 Commercial Version (
MultiFeed Server for TS2000 (
Omega Research Prosuite 2000i 5.00.0822 (
Owndata 2.5.789.787 (
Rina – Manuals (
Rina 3D SmartView 2000 build 0075 (
Rina Dynamic Zone Indicator for TS (
Rina Money Manager 2000 build 0117 (
Rina Money Manager 7 build 0312 (
Rina Portfolio Evaluator 2000 build 0162 (
Rina Portfolio Evaluator 7 build 325 (
Rina Portfolio Selector Pro 1 build 0015 (
Rina Portfolio Stream 2001 buid 0079 (
Rina Portfolio Stream 4.5 build 0132 for TS 7,8 (
Rina Portfolio Tracker 2000 build 0058 (
Rina Portofolio Stream 6 (
SAFIR-Xp 1.0 with Sirtrade2000 for Tradestation 2000 (
SAFIR-Xp 1.5 with Sirtrade2000 for Tradestation 8 (
Tradestation 8.2 Build 3863 (

ASCII Data, September 2006
Dow Jones Industrial Components

George Pruitt – Building Winning Trading Systems with Tradestation (with
Jack Schwager’s Complete Guide to Designing and Testing Trading Systems
(Lessons) (
Omega Research – Trading for a Living Seminar (
System Trading & Development Club on CD (
Trading Video Seminar TradeStation Easy Language by Bill Cruz
How to Import more 1000 Stock in TradeStation

Data Bank Loader for Globalserver 2.2.033 (
Forexite QuoteRoom (
IDLoader 4.4.9 (

300+ Mb Unsorted Studies for TradeStation

TOP TradeStation Systems DVD
$VPI_3 and $VTL Indicators for TS (
%C DayBreaker (
AATS CanOpen System for Russel Index (
Aberration (
Aberration Plus (
Advanced GET RT 1.3.396 TS2000 (
Amcan ProSys Indicator Suite + AmCan Pro Trader Main and Bonus
Indicators (
Amcan ProSys Suite (Scalp, Swing, Forex, Position modules) (
Andromeda II Trading System (
Anomaly 1 Trading System (
Anomaly 2 Trading System (
ART Indicators (
ASCTrend 3.03 + Manual (
ASCtrend 3.03 for TS 2000i 3.03 v2006 (
ASCTrend 3.51 for TS open code (no DLL-permanent crack) (
ASCTrend 3.51 for TS8 + Manual (11.14.2006) (
ASCtrend 3.51 for TS8 v2007 open code (
Atlas-35 System (
ATS-3200 (
Automatic Fibonacci Cluster Indicator (
AXIOM Index Swing System (
Basis II Trading System (
Brain Trading System 7.0 (
Bricks Indicator (
Builder & Shockwave Systems (
BWT Trend Indicators II (
BWT Zones SP 3.0 (
Cable24 System (
Checkmate Trading System (
Clyde Lee – SwingMachine (
Cobalt ND DayTrading System (
Compass SP Trading System (
Dale Legan’s Confluence Indicator
DeltaT1 Trend Indicator (
Dennis Meyers – Advanced Short Term Systems & Indicators 1.01
Dennis Meyers – Short Term Systems & Indicators 2 (
Dennis Meyers – Super Walk Forward Optimizer (
Diverg Engine 2001 (
Dollar Trader System 4.4 (
EarlyBird III DayTrading System (
Emini DayTrader Series (Eagle, Dragon, Raven) (
EntryPoint Full Package (
ETS Trading System by Michael Mermer (
Euro Metrics (
EuroTrader (
FXDynamics (
Golden SX Plus (
Greg Cook – Sector Wiz Systems
Helix Strategy (
Hologram GBP-USD System (
Hurst Channel Four 5 (
iMark Strategy (
Impetus DayTrading System (
Indicia Technologies Systems FOREX Trading Systems
Insight Strategic Investment Trader (
Jan Arps – Adam Reflection Indicator (
Jan Arps – Alpha Centauri (
Jan Arps’ Swing Trader’s Toolkit (
Joe Krut – English Channel (
Joe Krut – Focal Point Trading System 2002 (
Joe Krut – GearShift System (
Joe Krut – SAFER 2005 Trading System (
Joe Krut – Time Charger System (
John Clayburg – Belly Trader System (
John Clayburg – Cyclone System (
John Clayburg – Feeder Trader System (
John Clayburg – JFC Real Time Target (
Jurik Indicators (
Kase StatWare 5.1 (
KwikPOP 4.0 for TS8 + Manual (
Linda Raschke – LBR Edge
Little Big Horn System (
LongTerm Trading Systems (
Magic Dots Trading System + ShowMe (
Market Profile (
MarketAxe Indicator Package (
MESA Sierra Hotel (
Millenium 2000 Trading System (
MiniMax I & II for TS, TS8, Excel (
MoonTide S&P Sytem (
MTPredictor for TS8 (
Neural Scope Software + EL Open-Code (
NeuroSolutions Inidcators (
Nexgen T-3 Fibs ProTrader for TS2000 + Manual (24.06.2005) (
Nexgen T-3 Fibs ProTrader for TS8 + Manual (28.10.2006) (
Octane System (
Optimax Level 3 1.2.5 (
Pegasus Trading System (
Pound Metrics (
R&W MasterSuite FOREX Trading Systems
R-MESA 5 (
RC Conservative (
RC Conservative 2 for TS8 open code (
RC Miracles 2++ (
RC Success 2 (
Ready-Set-Go Trading System (
Road Runner Strategy (
Roy Kelly – Floor Traders Tools 8.2 for TS (
Roy Kelly – Trend Pro 8.0 (
Rumba System (
S&P 500 Trading System and Course (
SAFIR-Xp 1.5 with Sirtrade2000 (
Scalper Pivot 3.5 open code (
Scalper Pivot Point 2.0 ShowMe (
Shockwave Trading System (
SNIPER by Keener Capitol (
Spectrum Index Day Trading System (
Squeeze Indicator (
SqueezePlay and TrendyWendy (
Sunny Harris Complete Studies (
Synergy System (
Tango (
THE GRAIL Abante Position Sizer (
THE GRAIL GGO with CASB 1.548 (
THE GRAIL Walk Forward Optimzer 1.4.036 (
THE GRAIL Walk-forward Optimizer for TradeStation
The Mystery System (
Thom Hartle – HPO Binary Indicator for TS8, FT4 (
Trading Alchemy Indicators (
Trend XP System (
Trilogy System (
TSADD indicators (
TTM Indicators (
Universal LT & II Trading System (
Vega SP System (Eric Maeder & Richard Best)
Walter Bressert’s Profit Trader 7 for TS (
Wave Rider Trading System (

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Alberto Sabaini – Trading Toolkit Collection Vol.3. Gli Swing Chart Di
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Analysis of Time Series Structure. SSA and Related Techniques
Andrew Willis – The Insiders Guide to Trading the World Stock Markets
Ari Kiev – Trading to Win. The Psychology of Mastering the Markets
Barry Rudd – Stock Patterns for DayTrading and Swing Trading
Bernie Schaeffer – The Options Handbook. How to Supercharge Your Option
Bill Williams – New Trading Dimensions
Bill Williams – Trading Chaos
Bruce Gilmore – Geometry of Markets (I, II)
Bryce Gilmore – Dynamic Time and Price Analysis of Market Trends
Charles Geisst – The Last Partnerships. Inside the Great Wall Street
Charles Le Beau, David Lucas – Day Trading. Systems & Methods
Charlie Wright – Trading as a Business
Christoph Rauscher – Fundamentals of Spectrum Analysis
D.A Benthon – How to Act Like a CEO. 10 Rules for Getting to the Top and
Staying There
David Allen – Geting Things Done. The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
David Dreman – Contrarian Investing Strategies. The Next Generation.
Psychology and the Stock Market
David Hutton – Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis
David Landry – David Landry on Swing Trading
Don Hall – Pyrapoint
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Donny Lowy – The Penny Stocks Trading System, eBook
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Edgar Peters – Fractal Market Analisis. Applying Chaos Theory to
Investment and Economics
Edward Thorp – The Mathematics of Gambling
Elaine Scott – Stocks and Bonds. Profits and Losses. A Quick Look at
Financial Markets
Eric Shawn – Paytrading. From $2000 to $1 Million in 10 Years. or Less
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Money Management Strategies by John Wiley & Sons (don’t know author)
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Nina Golyandina – Analysis of Time Series Structure. SSA and Related
Paul Sarnoff – Jesse Livermore. Speculator-King
Perry Kaufman – Smarter Trading. Improving Perfomance in Changing
Perry Kaufman – Trading Systems and Methods. 3nd
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Peter Zhang – Exotic Options
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Raj Jain – Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis Techniques
Ralph Vince – Portfolio Management
Richard Brealey – Fundamentals Corporate Finance
Richard Smitten – Trade Like Jesse Livermore
Richard Wyckoff – The Day Trader’s Bible. Or My Secrets of Day Trading
in Stocks
Richart Irwin – Options Essential Concepts and Trading Strategies. 2nd
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Robert Jorgensen – Individually Managed Accounts an Investor’s Guide
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Stocks & Commodities
Robert Miner – Dynamic Trading
Ryan Jones – The Trading Game
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Scott Carney – The Harmonic Trader
Sheldon Lin – Lecture Notes in Mathematical Finance
Steve Nison – Japanesse Candlestick Charting Techniques
Steven Achelis – Technical Analysis from A to Z
Steven Shreve – Stochastic Calculus and Finance
Sumner Levine – The Financial Analyst’s Handbook. Only Market Timing and
Technical Analysist. 2nd
Thomas Bulkowski – Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns
Thomas DeMark – DeMark on Day-Trading Options
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Toby Crabel – Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and Opening
Range Breakout
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a Winning Trading System
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W.D.Gann – 45 Years in Wall Street
W.D.Gann – Forecasting
W.D.Gann – How to Trade, 1935
W.D.Gann – Master Calculator for Time Periods, 1955
W.D.Gann – Master Charts
W.D.Gann – Master Forecasting Method and Unpublished Stock Market
Forecasting Courses
W.D.Gann – Method for Forecasting the Stock Market
W.D.Gann – Original Charting, 1936
W.D.Gann – Speculation a Profitable Profession. A Course of Instructions
on Stocks. Volume 1
W.D.Gann – The Basis of My Forecasting Method
W.D.Gann – The Magic Word
W.D.Gann – Truth of the Stock Tape
Wall Street Courier – The eBook of Technical Market Indicators
Walles Wilder – The Delta Phenomenon or the Hidden Order in All Markets
Welles Wilder – New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems
William Eng – The Day Trader’s Manual. Theory, Art, and Science of
Profitable Short-Term Investing
William Mclaren – Gann Made Easy
William O’Neil – How to Make Money in Stocks. A Wining System in Good
Times or Bad

Audio Books
Alan Farley – Mastering the Trade
Alexander Elder – Trading for a Living
Chuck Missler
George Soros – The Alchemy of Finance
Louis Rukeyser – Secrets of Great Investors
Luis Kaiser – Secrets of Great Investors

Helix Resources (HLX)

Shares / Stock Code

Stock Exchange / Sharemarket

Further Reading


Helix Resources (HLX) is focused on acquiring and developing assets within the bulk commodities, base metals and precious metals sectors. The company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in 1986.

The Helix strategy is:

  • Acquire large tenement holdings in the prospective exploration regions of Australia
  • Use of leading edge exploration methodologies and techniques under the guidance of a skilled Board and Management team

create shareholder wealth whilst managing risks

As of June 30, 2009, the Company’s projects included Yalleen Joint Venture (JV), Glenburgh, Tunkillia Jonit Venture, Gawler Craton Uranium Project, Booyeema Nickel Project, West Pilbara Project, Parachilna Project and Olary Project. Yalleen JV is 600 square kilometers tenement area located in the West Pilbara region, 50 kilometers south east of Pannawonica. The Glenburgh Gold Project is situated in the Southern Gascoyne Province approximately 250 kilometers east of Carnarvon. The project consists of a gold mineralized shear system hosted in remnants of Archaean terrane in a Proterozoic mobile belt. Helix holds approximately 800 square kilometers of greenfields tenements targeting precious and base metals in a corridor spanning from the Proterozoic Fortescue Group into the Hamersley basin to the South.

Helix’s most significant development asset is the Yalleen Iron Ore Project joint ventured with API Management Pty Ltd (50% Aquila Resources, 50% AMCI) situated in the Robe Valley in the West Pilbara region of Western Australia. The project has an inferred and indicated resource estimate of 84.3Mt channel iron ore with exploration upside. Helix is contributing 30% of funding and recognises the benefits of a partnership with a focused, well funded project manager and JV partner to advance this project.

Helix also has exposure to 0.8 Million oz of gold at the Tunkillia JV in South Australia and during 2009 the Company has accumulated significant landholdings in the Cobar/Girilambone region of NSW and the Eastern succession of the Mt Isa region in QLD. Both areas are prospective for gold and copper with operating mines and nearby infrastructure. Copper and gold targets in the Cobar/Girilambone region will be the Company’s main exploration focus in the first half of 2020.

The “HELIX” strategy – a channel trading using technical indicators

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Learn Trading Strategy Development

With my one-on-one training programme

Amibroker Coding Services

Need help bringing your trading idea to fruition?

Global Markets Technical Outlook

Watch the latest quarterly market update

Contact Us

I’d love to hear from you. Send me a message now.

Free Sign Up to Helix Trader


All methods, techniques, charts, analysis or results presented in Helix Trader are for educational purposes only. The information provided should not be construed in any way as a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. You should always consult with your licenced financial advisor and tax advisor to determine the suitability of any investment to your particular financial situation. Helix Trader and its affiliates, directors or agents will not be held liable or responsible for your investment decisions.

Helix Trader nor any of its affiliates, directors or agents are a financial advisory service, nor a licenced financial advisor and do not provide financial advice whatsoever in any financial products. You understand and acknowledge that there is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities and derivatives. In particular, trading leveraged instruments such as Futures, Contracts for Difference or Options can amplify the losses as well as gains achieved due to market price fluctuations, and you may lose more than your original investment.

Further it should not be assumed that any methods, techniques or indicators presented will be profitable or that they will not result in losses. Past results of any individual trader or trading system presented are not indicative of future returns by that trader or system, and are not indicative of future returns which may or may not be realised by you.

Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading and may not be impacted by brokerage, slippage and other fees. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those demonstrated.

By viewing the material on this page, you fully agree that you understand and consent to the above disclaimer.

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