Top 5 Reasons Why Your Strategy is NOT Going to Make Money!

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Any Money

This is a nice guest post on the topic “Why your blog is not making any money?” from a passionate blogger, owner of Yes, Anil Agarwal has contributed this valuable post for my beloved readers.

I’d say that his blog is a treasure house of esteemed information, and I’m a regular reader of it. He is a well-known blogger with immense blogging & marketing skills, here is the guest post from him.

Hi Everyone, this is Anil Agarwal!

I don’t think making money blogging is as easy as it sounds. If you want to make passive income from blogging, you need to create a sales funnel. Without having a sales funnel (the funnel that helps you turn your visitors into customers), you will rarely make a good income online.

Forget about Google AdSense; the days are gone where you can write tons of posts to bring more traffic to get more clicks to make more money. Google became smart, online readers became smart, they know what is an ad and what is content. Most online people don’t simply click on ads, so you won’t make much income if you focus more on making money from banner ads or Google ads.

Most online people don’t simply click on ads, so you won’t make much income if you focus more on making money from banner ads or Google ads.

So what’s the best way to make money blogging in 2020? And what are the reasons that most blogs are not making money online? Let’s figure it out in this post.

Why Your Blog/Site Is Not Making Money?

Here I’m going to share few strong reasons why your blog is not making any money and some of my tips on what can you do to improve your chances of making money blogging. Let’s jump into the details without much ado.

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1. You Have No Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is what helps you make more money online. Without having one, you will miserably fail to grab others attention to help them make money for you. Without a sales funnel, you are wasting precious time on creating content and promoting it.

You may ask, what does it mean by a sales funnel and how to create one. Let me explain it to you in simple terms.

A sales funnel is a funnel that helps you turn your normal visitors into subscribers into repeating buyers. Having a good sales funnel helps you make passive income.

That means, you don’t have to worry much about making money by working more. Once the sales funnel is set up, you just relax and watch the sales going up.

But you have to create a great sales funnel that helps you make passive income and here’s how to create a great sales funnel for your blogs and websites.

  • Create specific content (don’t write everything under the sun).
  • Provide solutions to your visitor’s problems.
  • Create a product or promote a product that solves your audience needs (this helps you make money).

Here’s an excellent resource on how to create a great sales funnel .

2. You Don’t Know Target Audience

Without knowing who you are writing for, it’s a waste of time to write posts each and every day. You need first to define your target audience before earning money with your blog. Why?

It is where you will know the top ways to make money from your traffic sources. If you don’t know your potential readers and visitors, you will depend on random money making sources like Google Adsense, banner ads, product reviews, etc.

I don’t say the above-mentioned money making sources are bad to make money blogging, but you need to figure out best ways to make more money with less traffic and efforts. That’s why it’s essential to define your target audience.

Here’s how to define your target audience.

  • Know their age, gender, and country
  • Know their needs
  • Find out their problems
  • Find and analyze similar blogs, products, and forums in your niche

Finally, create content that suits your audience needs, this is how your will build loyal readers that help you make more money from your blogging efforts.

3. You Are Not A Marketer

Marketing is the key . A Marketer is different, and a blogger is different. Most bloggers don’t make any money online because they are bloggers (aka writers), not marketers.

Only marketers know how to utilize their skills to create and promote their stuff to increase sales. Without right promotion, your blog goes nowhere.

So focus on learning on how to sell stuff online. Without that, you won’t make more money from online sources.

4. You Don’t Have A Brand

Making money online and building a profitable business is all about branding. How you brand defines your revenue and I’m not joking.

Observe any company or product, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. every product that uses online to sell their stuff have proper branding. Would you ever buy something online from unknown sources?

This is the reason why you need to build a brand around your blogs. Branding creates trust. Only those people buy from you who trust you. So improve your trust rate by improving your branding.

Create a user-friendly design for your websites, hire a logo designer to design your website’s logo, make your site loading time faster and use essential WordPress plugins to boost your search rankings.

5. You Are Impatient

Making money blogging takes time. Observe any successful blogger who is earning money online, they all took lots of time to monetize their sites. Because they all know, once they have a good readership, money comes in automatically.

You have to remember this, don’t blog for 2 to 3 months and hope for making money online. It just doesn’t work. You need to put at least six months of consistent efforts into blogging before making money.

On a serious note, most blogs don’t make money in their first year. They will only start making once they go through their first year of blogging.

The reasons is mainly most new bloggers don’t know how money works online. So, the more time and efforts you put online, the more you will know how to make money blogging . So be patient, work hard and you will reap the rewards.


Making money blogging is not a tedious job if you know how to convince people to buy. If you focus on building loyal readers , develop a strong brand around your blogging network, connect with other influential bloggers and create a solid sales funnel around your blogs, you will start noticing the results.

Let me know your blogging experiences on making money so far. If you have any valid reason for why a blog is not making any money in 2020, please share it through your comment.

5 reasons why your transformation project is going to fail miserably

Unless everyone agree on what is fundamentally wrong with your company it will be unclear why you need to undergo a transformation in the first place. Not only that, you’ll most definitely start working on the symptoms and not the actual causes that are leading your company astray into oblivion.

Here are the 5 key reasons your company’s transformation will fail and some thoughts on how to tackle those.

1) Lack of clear objectives and strategy

Remember the wise words of Sun Tzu (substitute “enemy” with “problem.”):

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. — The Art of War

Surprisingly, a good strategy is often unexpected because most organizations don’t have one. Instead, they have “visions”, mistake financial goals for strategy, and pursue a muddled thinking of conflicting short term goals, policies and actions.

You can’t rally a group of people to work effectively towards anything without making sure they:

  • understand and believe in the objectives laying in front of them
  • understand how their work is aligned and how it is tied to these objectives
  • agree and commit to the outcomes necessary to achieve these objectives in the form of a clear strategy

As you’ll hopefully read later in this post, in order for a product team to actually be empowered and act with any meaningful degree of autonomy, the team must have a deep understanding of the broader context. This starts with a clear and compelling product vision, and the path to achieving that vision: the product strategy.

The more product teams you have, the more essential it is to have this unifying vision and strategy in order for each team to be able to make good choices. The value and importance of vision and strategy is very analogous to the difference between leadership and management. Leadership inspires and sets the direction, and management helps us get there.

2) Too many projects per people

Once you have agreed on what outcomes are necessary to meet your company’s objectives, it is important to know where you are before you start laying the foundation for where you’re heading. The first step is to achieve clarity into what your organisation is currently spending time and resources on.

What actions you can take in order to achieve clarity depends on a lot of variables, but typically you might:

  • Take stock of all ongoing projects, as well as the purpose and timeline for each of those projects.
  • Clearly define the scope of upcoming milestones in every current (and new) project.
  • Articulate the current priorities of the team, the purposes of those priorities, and the rationale behind making them priorities.
  • Determine timeframes that you can predict (e.g. we are focused on X through the end of Q4) and highlight parallel work that will determine what comes next.
  • Make sure project status is visible and that teams have visibility into each other’s work.

Once you know your current state you are able to decide what to prioritise. Do all these projects align with the desired outcomes and objectives agreed upon? If not, kill it (or park it if you are feeling sentimental).

3) Too much complexity and legacy systems

Unless you inherited a company or your current stack is a result of several acquisitions and mergers, there are a couple of important reasons why you have legacy:

  1. Project-based way of working
  2. Extended use of consultants

Projects are a popular way of funding and organising software development. Companies that work with projects usually organise work into temporary, build-only teams and are funded with specific benefits projected in a business case. In contrast, companies that have product-based way of working instead uses durable, ideate-build-run teams working on a persistent business problem. Product-mode allows teams to reorient quickly, reduces their end-to-end cycle time, and allows validation of actual benefits by using short-cycle iterations while maintaining the architectural integrity of their software to preserve their long-term effectiveness.

This article outlines a list of differences between product- and project-led approaches and validates whatever statements I make in this post… If there is one takeaway from this post is that you should read it!

The truth about software is that no amount of documentation, handover, and knowledge transfer can make up for a 100% churn in team. Yet this is exactly what a project model brings about.

Teams take time to work together effectively as a unit. Tuckman’s theory of group development asserts that a team goes through a series of suboptimal phases (forming, storming, and norming) before it finds its groove in the performing phase. A project model of staffing runs the risk of disbanding teams just as they enter the norming or performing phase. Product-mode teams, being stable and long-lived can benefit from a long performing phase.

Studies have identified autonomy, mastery, purpose and belongingness as key intrinsic motivators. Product-mode teams tend to have greater autonomy and purpose than typical, scope-delivery project teams.

Highly effective and functional teams have three fundamental principles at work (taken from Marty Cagan’s Beyond Lean and Agile):

  1. Risks are tackled up front, rather than at the end. In modern teams, we tackle these risks prior to deciding to build anything. These risks include value risk (whether people will buy it), usability risk (whether people can figure out how to use it), feasibility risk (whether our engineers can build what we need with the time, skills and technology we have), and business risk (whether this solution also works for the various aspects of our business).
  2. Products are defined and designed collaboratively, rather than sequentially. They have finally moved beyond the old model where a product manager defines requirements, a designer designs a solution that delivers on those requirements, and then engineering implements those requirements, with each person living with the constraints and decisions of the ones that preceded. In strong teams, product, design and engineering work side-by-side, in a give and take, to come up with technology-powered solutions that our customers love, and that work for our business.
  3. Finally, it’s all about solving problems, not implementing features. Conventional product roadmaps are all about output. Strong teams know it’s not only about implementing a solution; they must ensure that solution actually solves the underlying problem. It’s about results — or outcomes.
  1. Tackle the big risks early — especially value risk and business risk
  2. Figure out solutions collaboratively — engineering, design, and product, working side-by-side
  3. Focus on solving problems — it’s not about features or a roadmap; it’s about delivering results

But first it’s absolutely critical to understand that table stakes for a strong technology product company is to hire strong engineers that are passionate about your vision. This is absolutely not something you want to outsource. You need missionaries not mercenaries. To be blunt, without missionaries you have little hope of true innovation or be able to do any transformation within your organisation.

Regardless of the type of team you have doing the grunt work, here are six concrete actions needed to leverage strong engineers (summarised from Marty Cagan’s Customer Inspired; Technology Enabled):

  • Provide engineers business context
  • Connect engineers with customer pain
  • Understand constraints vs. requirements
  • Give engineers time in discovery
  • Measure product team as a whole
  • Competent and confident product managers

4) Your company’s transformation is run as a project

What I wanted to try to highlight here, is what I believe is the largest source of waste in technology, and that’s waste in large companies. I’m not talking about large technology companies like Apple and Amazon and Google, although every company has some waste. I’m talking about the thousands of large banks, insurance companies, airlines, auto manufacturers, telcos, retailers, health care providers, and entertainment companies, that spend shocking amounts of money on technology every year for such paltry results.

I’ve visited with multiple companies from each of these industries and with precious few exceptions, I find these large “IT” organizations, usually run by CIO’s or CFO’s, and operating with horribly inefficient and ineffective methods. They are typically using stakeholder-driven roadmaps, project-based funding and staffing, heavy use of contractors and outsourcing, waterfall processes (even when they claim they’re Agile), no effective product role, and minimal if any UX design. I could go on, but you get the idea.

The amount of waste at these companies is staggering. The irony is that they often believe they’re actually saving money. They cite the loaded cost of an outsourced engineer in India or China and point out that it’s a fraction of what that engineer would cost locally. They don’t understand that their model is requiring much larger teams, and more importantly, they are not able to operate at the speed of innovation (see The Need For Speed). Because these leaders don’t understand technology they make short-sighted decisions and then struggle to connect the dots between their choices and the poor results. — From Marty Cagan’s Epic Waste

Here’s two contradicting messages:

  1. We need to have a devops mindset. Take ownership of what we build and run. Cross functional teams. Agile way of working. CI/CD. Product-led teams, etc…
  2. We are starting a new transformation project…

So, how did the last “project” you started go? Let me guess: Zero ownership.

“ The build phase (capex) is over now and we need to handover this to the line organisation for maintenance and scale it down to an appropriate level (opex).”

Built with consultants which now needs to be handed over to teams of people who has no real ownership nor knowledge of what has been done, what is left to do and how to manage it going forward. What happened to the DevOps mindset of “you build it — you run it”? Gone with the wind.

The way out of this is definitely NOT to start a new transformation project!

I believe this old way of working and running a company (project-led + extensive use of consultants) is the real reason organisations have legacy systems. Imagine the money spent on building it and the cost they’ll have on getting rid of it now. ��

No wonder disruption is lurking around the corner for every established old school company — in every industry — that are still undergoing some form of digital transformation done as projects.

5) There are no consequences for loosing people or money

I’ve met countless teams that claim to be following Lean principles, yet they work for months on what they call an “MVP” and they really don’t know what they have, and whether it will sell, until they’ve spent substantial time and money; hardly in the spirit of Lean. Or they go way overboard and think you have to test and validate everything, so they go nowhere fast.

On the flip side, you have pockets of product-led teams that have an agile mindset, are cross functional and self organised, but struggle to go anywhere because of the lack of support from the rest of the organisation. Sometimes these teams meet active opposition from other teams and managers because of office politics, fear or just lack of understanding. These things lead to massive decrease in morale and often churn of important resources your company spent time and money hiring in the first place.

The biggest problem is that these issues usually lead to business as usual for the people responsible. It really doesn’t matter if they are a group of people (decision forum) or single persons that either initiated or led these types of “projects”. The point is that there usually is a lack of accountability in such companies — all the way to the top. Which is why these companies keep working the same way as before, doing and re-doing the same failed projects over and over (or sometimes even in parallell). Some companies keep hiring and loosing people in droves because of it. I’m one of them.

4 Top Reasons Why People Fail to Make Money Online

I urge to write this article to create an awareness of my audience about Why people fail to make money online?

Hello everyone, today I am going to brief about the important subject in Online Money Making field, “What are the reasons why people fail to Make Money Online?”.

How are you? Hope are you earning some income through online.

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Did you found the legitimate ways to make money online?
Still searching for the genuine way .

First, you should harvest your thoughts by flushing all your laziness and you should understand the practical strategy that there is no quick money online.

Let me dive into the actual phase of the discussion.

What are the reasons why people fail to make money through the Internet?

I have been working online for the past several years and this determines that I have the capability to short out the problem for your failure.

One of the main reason for the failure is, UN-natural expectations and lack of proper Education, Support and Training.

Every people have something special in them, let them use it for making money from the Internet. But, unless you come forward to know what’s your skill was? It is still a dream to generate online income.

Why Do People Fail to Make Money online?

1.) Un-natural Expectations

3.) Lack of Education, Support, and Training

4.) Falling towards Magical Advertisements

#1- Un-natural Expectations:

This is the most often mistake that I observe from most of the people to whom I am interacting with.

When looking at their approach, they are not ready to learn anything about the system, but they want money after working.

Even they don’t want to learn how to work in the system? They don’t know how much time, effort and dedication needed to achieve success.

They by themselves assume that it is quite easy and quick.

But, I am not going to say this desire (Making quick money) was wrong, but the people should accept the fact that earning money takes time.

JOB and BUSINESS, are entirely a two different set of opposite dimension.

When you work for hourly wage job, say 9 – 5 day job, you know what are you gonna deal with? You are going to work for particular hours and a particular amount of work every day.

Your income is mostly based on your physical presence in the workplace.

But, when we start a new career, I mean Online Business, we are entering into an entirely different phase of work. It will take some days to multiply your time into money.

Think like a College…

Starting or entering into an online business is like going to college.

Think about like when you enroll in a college expecting to earn a degree, hopefully, it will take at least 4 – 5 Yrs.

And that’s what exactly how we should approach our new online business (or) job?

Hesitating to learn to educate yourself is the main reason why people fail to make money online?

Most of the people don’t have this approach and expecting quick results after they launch a new business. When seeing no results after some time, they quit with anger and frustration.

One: There is no quick money online.

Two: Flush your thoughts of working blindly.

Three: First, Learn the system, understand how it works?

Four: It takes time to see you earn money, until, put your efforts and work with dedication.

#2- NO Action:

So, you have the mindset that online money making takes time. Of course, it’s easy to think about it, but it’s much harder to execute.

The execution I mean was, putting your paperwork into action and work with dedication expecting the results.

  1. Thinking about starting a new business…
  2. Searching, Reading, taking notes of all influencers in your niche…
  3. Coming up with ideas…
  4. Spending hours to name your business…

But, do you think will it get you success?

Only REAL EXECUTION will make you the money.

Probably you should put your ideas into action.

In 2020, I decided to start a blog. But no proper education, training or resources. Just blindly started by reading various resources online.

Started with Blogger’s blog, tried some programs, wrote about them on the blog.

Promoted some way or other, but no strategically plan of action. All I did was, just an unplanned work.

After a few months, I quit.

Because of no results, even I work for hours every single day.

So a PROPER EDUCATION, TRAINING, and SUPPORT are needed to begin your first online business.

Truthfully, I realized my mistake after some months because no one teaches you as much as your experience does.

Learned from the mistakes that I experienced, have educated me to learn things first.

Then put the paper into action, work with dedication and soon the result of success knocked at the door.

#3- Lack of Education, Support, and Training:

This is yet another important factor that was the cause of why people fail to make money online on the Internet.

This is really bad because they quickly fall into some sort of scam training programs such as Data Entry Jobs, Form Filling Jobs, MLMs, and Pyramid schemes.

Genuine Data Entry Jobs, Form Filling Jobs, MLM companies have been there on the internet, but they are silent and not very known to all the people.

You have to research thoroughly about those genuine programs, by reading reviews, testimonials, etc.

Successful People Do Things Differently:

When you come into the online money making, then there is nothing you can do differently. You should do the same things again differently (Unique on your own style) with what other’s achieved earlier before you?

Think about your passion, because that’s the real driving force for becoming a successful online entrepreneur. You can read my other research article on, How to start a successful business online?

Think about the successful companies that you know, analyze and list what do they do? What do they offer? If you have it in your hand, then you can find a way to success. Simply a proper business plan derived from your thoughts was the key to success.

Where to Find Genuine Educational System?

Online Home Income, was one of the places you can board into right now. If you’ve ever visited my blog, go to the home page to know my Goal and Aim.

I started my first online business through blogging in 2020 and now I am living my own free lifestyle.

I started this blog to display the programs I am personally working with and to educate people on various genuine online programs to earn money.

You will find my teachings like:

  1. What is the Job?
  2. How to do the Job?
  3. What is the Actual work?
  4. What is their Payment System?
  5. Genuine list of sites.

Continue reading the purpose of Online Home Income starting from the Home-page.

I have personally tried a ton of online money making programs, and most of the things ended with the scam.

But, my continuous searching and hunt to earn money online have finally landed me on some genuine programs on the Internet.

You can get the list of those methods on this blog Home-page. Once again, I am saying, you should spend the time to Educate yourself by using my blog resources about the methods.

Then, understand how do they work? and start registering a free account with all the programs.

#4- Falling towards Magical Advertisements:

When people enter into the Internet with an idea to earn money online, they think that it’s something easy and reliable to earn money.

But, in practice it is not possible, there is no easy cash online.

Some scammy advertisers or business people target this kind of people and approach them with their magical advertisements.

The different approach might be through Email Marketing, Lead Page, SMS Sending, etc.

Some Nice Catchy Advertisements are:

Make $10000 in 10Days with this Automated System
How I made $56423 in just a week?

This is what something that is nice to hear, but when you check out to try, those programs will charge you one-time huge investment.

Of course, most people come forward to pay for this program. Then, when looking at the bogus system and unethical business conduct, people left behind angrily and quit their online money making a dream.

There are real people who are still making five-figure income and a six-figure income, but when you analyze those influencers you can see they didn’t achieve overnight.

The unique part to start to make money online is to begin learning new things every day on the Internet.

You can usually start making money within 3 – 6 months if you attend any professional training program or educational program.

In my opinion, it is much better than attending an academic college and waiting for 2 – 5yrs before being able to earn any kind of Income.

Online courses are different that lets you make money while you learn.


In this article, I have come up with different reasons why people fail to make money online.

If you are ready to harvest your mentality towards Online Jobs and ready to put yourself to learn something new, then Online Home Income will be there to support you.

I have listed those methods based on the skills required and if you need to make more money, you need to choose advanced programs.

LEARN BEFORE EARN, was the mantra to be a successful online money maker. Schedule a few hours every day for your online education and make sure you should implement in your work accordingly.

I hope you understand well behind the reason why most people often fail to make money on the Internet?

Learn from my experience, and benefit yourself without doing the same mistakes again as I did.

Happy Earnings,
WHAT’s the ONE thing that you will be going to accomplish today as your business goals? Comment me your thoughts for the open discussion.

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