Top Five Binary Options Beginner Tips

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Top 5 Binary Trading Tips For New Traders

There are numerous new traders in South Africa eager to dig in and start their binary options trading journey.

After all, this can be a lucrative business venture and traders all over the world want to benefit from it. However, every beginning is hard, so every bit of help is welcomed.

In this guide, we will give top 5 binary trading tips for new traders so that they may have a flying start in trading binaries.

Tip no.1 – Don’t Limit Yourself

We understand that all new traders feel intimidated and unsure. This is normal. However, new South African traders should not limit themselves when it comes to trading binaries.

In fact, the beauty of binary options trading is in its diversity.

Starting from numerous binary brokers to a fantastic range of underlying assets and trade options, to helpful strategies and trading tools.

In fact, there are even several ways to trade binaries – manually, automated trading, semi-automatic or social trading which is becoming very popular in South Africa.

If newbie traders are afraid to start the standard, manual trading with one of the brokers they can go for fantastic solutions like Binary Options Robot.

This is a superb trading software run by an advanced algorithm which will scan the market conditions according to set preferences and deliver suggestions (trading signals) on the trades that stand a chance of being most successful.

Traders can then either accept or decline the trade.

On the whole, whichever options budding South African traders select first, it is worthwhile to get well-informed beforehand without limiting themselves to just one solution.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

Tip no.2 – Pick a Regulated Binary Broker

With more than 500 binary brokers available on the market today it can be a bit tricky to select the one which will tick all the boxes.

However, new traders in South Africa may speed up this process if they sort brokers by regulation. So, the second in our top 5 binary trading tips is to rather pick a regulated binary broker than a non-regulated one.

Regulated binary brokers show a level of commitment to both their registered traders and the running of business in general. Regulated binary brokers abide by the rules set forth by regulatory authorities.

On our site, we strive to provide South African traders with detailed reviews so this can be a great start as traders have a large amount of information all in one place.

Our reviews look into all important aspects of binary brokers – regulatory status, general information, platform info, account types, customer support and banking information.

That way traders save time and may get valuable information.

Regulated brokers like IQ Option, 24option, Daweda Exchange or AnyOption could prove to be a great starting point for binary options trading.

Tip no.3 – Selection of Trading Services and Underlying Assets

Binary brokers or binary robots which provide a selection of trading services and underlying assets which can be used in the trading process is a fantastic way to start.

Yes, novice traders in South Africa will not be able to use them all at once but slowly they will be able to get familiar with them and progress.

Some binary brokers like StockPair, IQ Option or AnyOption have their own proprietary platform.

That means they provide traders with custom-made trade options like Bubble trading with AnyOption or Kiko option with StockPair.

Other binary brokers opt to use popular trading software like TechFinancials, PandaTS or SpotOption.

At any rate, the more trade options and tools available the better as this can improve the trading process immensely.

The same goes for underlying assets since wisely spreading the investment across all four categories of commodities, stocks, currencies and indices is a good way to secure better profits.

Also, traders should always look for a broker which offers a demo account as well as mobile trading app.

The chances these trading tools and features provide make them worthy of mentioning in our top 5 binary trading tips for newbie traders in South Africa.

The Importance of Demo Account

Demo account is a powerful trading feature which can be useful to all binary options traders, especially to beginners. With the demo account, which is usually free, prospective South African traders get to experience binary options trading but in a risk-free environment.

Well, the funds are virtual but the experience is very much real and traders do not have to worry over possible loss of funds.

This way traders get to familiarise themselves with the trading platform, available trade options and underlying assets. This can be fantastic to gain not just the insight into the trading process but also become more secure in their trading skills.

Handy Mobile Trading Apps

And why is a mobile trading app so important?

Well, in this exceedingly fast day and age who has the time to sit behind the computer all day and monitor the market, carry out trades and learn as much as possible along the way.

In using the mobile trading app, South African traders can do all that on the go, save valuable time and profit.

Tip no.4 – Use Early Exit Option in Binary Trading

Market fluctuations are part of any financial trading, binary options included.

However, there is a remedy for that as well and it’s called early exit.

This can be a powerful tool which is why we have included it in our top 5 binary trading tips for new traders.

The majority of binary brokers have this option yet many traders fail to use it. Instead, they wait for the options to expire.

New South African traders can use this option if the price of the underlying asset they selected is not going in the desired direction which can save their trade.

Tip no.5 – Don’t Underestimate the Power of Edu Materials

Power is knowledge and new traders need the knowledge to make binary options trading profitable. That is why our fifth tip kindly points out not to underestimate the power of educational materials.

This is the 21st century so South African traders don’t have to sit in the dusty library to learn how to trade binary option.

The information is just a click away.

Binary brokers are very dedicated in this respect and there are entire sections dedicated to education. There, traders may find eBooks, webinars, guided video tours, a variety of strategies even blogs are there to be used.

There are also fantastic sites dedicated to financial news like Investopedia, Financial Times or CNN Finance.

Acquiring trading skills is a process, it will not happen overnight but will a little bit of effort and invested time, the proof might as well soon be evident in the profits South Africans could make.

And that makes learning about binary options a worthy goal.

The best Binary Options Strategy – (That works fast)

On this site, I will show you my best Binary Options Strategy. It has a hit rate of over 60%. You can easily use it in every timeframe like 60 seconds or higher expiry time. Also, it is possible to use the Martingale strategy to improve your results. It is called the “False Breakout Strategy”. It works on every asset and in every timeframe. Learn to trade profitably in a few moments. Look at the picture below for the first impressions.

If you only trade this style of trading, it is possible to make a lot of money. Just search in the markets for a high/low or support and resistance and wait for a false breakout. In the next chapters, I will provide you more information to win against the market!

The False Breakout Strategy

Why do you need a Binary Options Strategy?

Binary Options Strategies can be different methods to trade the market. First of all, a Binary Options Strategy does not have to be difficult. It is possible to make money with simple ideas and methods. Therefore it is important to use strict rules for trading the market. The most common mistake is not keeping to your own rules! In addition, a good strategy reduces emotional and irrational trading.

Most traders lose their money because they trade without a proven method and strategy. Advanced traders know how the market work and they practice their own methods a lot. You have to learn and get a higher knowledge of the market. From my experience, it is not easy to learn to trade successfully in a short time horizon. In the following article, I will give you strict rules for trading the markets and I will show you how the strategy is working easy and successful.

4 steps to become a professional trader:

  1. Get knowledge about the financial product and the market
  2. Learn a profitable Binary Options Strategy
  3. Practice in the Demo Account
  4. Start trading with real money if you trade successfully

False Breakout – The Best Binary Options Strategy

False Breakout is an easy way to trade the markets. To trade breakouts do not work very well. I have tested it many times in the past (I will show you the reason why it does not work good below). After a breakout, the market comes back most of the times.

All you have to do: search for a level (high/low or support/resistance) and wait for the market to break the level. If the market comes back you can go short (put) and long (call).

False Breakout: The market breaks a high/low or support/resistance and comes back to the level and stays under/upper the level. Support/resistance are more than one high/low in a row. You can use this method in any timeframe and with any asset/market. It is universal. See the picture below!

Why does this Binary Options Strategy work so well?

For this question, it is important to have more knowledge. At highs and lows are a lot of stop-losses from other traders in the market. Professional traders use this knowledge to get high liquidity for their own positions. They quit or open a trade where high liquidity is. In most cases they will fake this breakout or the market will turn because of closed positions.

There are a lot of traders who will trade such breakouts. Algorithms are programmed and triggered to make lose them money.


  • Stop-losses are triggered with a breakout
  • A lot of stop-losses means higher liquidity
  • This knowledge is used to open or close big positions
  • The market will turn around in most cases
  • Sometimes it is a short turn around and sometimes the trend will change completely

Which levels are the best for trading?

New and fresh highs and lows are the best levels for this Binary Options Strategy! With several highs in a row, it is more likely that the market will break through this level. Search for big new and fresh highs. For the best results, the level should be created in the current day. See the picture below.

Different levels for your entries

Furthermore, the best levels got the V-Form. I will show you in the picture below. The V-Form is seen clearly by a lot of other traders in the market. They put their stop-losses on these levels. Also, it is possible to trade the V-form as support and resistance. I rather wait for the false breakout of the V-Form. It works with a high hit-rate and you can easily make money with Binary Options.

The best level V-Form

When choose your entry? – For Dummies

Risky traders open a position directly in the opposite of the breakout. In my opinion, there is a better way to get good results. In the picture below I will show your my exact entries. Select the level in the markets. If the market passes the level back, you can open the trade. It is just so simple as it sounds. Sometimes you will need 2-3 trades to make a profit. That is why I double my invest amount if I lose a trade.

Additional information: You can wait for a candle close below/upper the breakout level to get a better confirmation

Which timeframe can I use for the Binary Options Strategy?

You can use any timeframe for this strategy. The time does not matter for your analysis. Only the price of the asset matters. No professional trader cares about the time. You will see that the small timeframes are more difficult to trade because you have to pay more attention to the market. You have to react much faster than in higher timeframes. In conclusion only the price of the asset matters.

Money Management for the best success

Money Management belongs to every Binary Options Strategy. Without the right money management, you will lose everything. Most traders do this mistake. I personally prefer to risk 1 – 5% of my trading account in one Binary Option. So you can lose some trades without destroying your account completely. The money management depends on the trader, too. Some traders are very aggressive and take a lot of money to invest. In the end, you have to decide for yourself how much money you want to risk.

Some trades use 10% or more of the account balance for trading. For example, if you got 4 losing trades (this happens) in a row, your account balance is minus 40%. In my opinion, it is insane to use this risk. The most professional traders use a risk of 0.5 – 1,5% of their portfolio for one trade. From my experience, you will get hard emotions by losing a huge amount of money in a short time horizon or a few trades.

First of all, it sounds like a hard process to invest only 1% or less of your portfolio, but with a steady and continuous trading strategy, you will earn a lot of money in the future. For example, if you make a profit of 2% every day, the account will grow very high in a few weeks.

Martingale for the False Breakout Binary Options Strategy

For better results, you can use the popular “Martingale Strategy”. If you lose your trade, you can double your investment or use more than 2,3x of the last investment in the next trade. This is very risky, but with a successful strategy, it is a good way to work with. In my opinion, only experienced traders should use “Martingale”.

A martingale can blow up your account in a few trades. I only use it when I feel very safe for the next trade and I recommend that.

  • Use sensible money management (I prefer to risk 1-5% per trade)
  • Martingale is a good way for experienced Traders (double the trading amount if you lose)

Attention to Market News

Another point of successful trading is the market economic news (picture below). A lot of traders use this economic news to trade the market. In my opinion, it is like gambling, because you do not know the result of the news. In addition, you are to slow to react quickly when the news appears. Orders are triggered in less sen 0,01 seconds. There are automatic trading programs which are faster than you!

In conclusion, it is not a good idea to trade economic news. My advice to you: Stop trading 10 minutes before and after the news. The volatility is very high and in most cases, the market will jump right over your screen. The market does not care about the numbers, because they are priced in already.

I use the economic news of You will get the right news 0,1 seconds after they are released.

Get started – Use a good Binary Broker for your Strategy

In the table below you will find the best Binary Options Brokers. It is very important to use a broker with good charting software. You have to analyze the candlesticks/chart for the false breakouts. It is useless to trade a successful strategy for a bad broker because maybe they do not pay out your profit. I tested several brokers and recommend them on my website.

You can create a demo account to practice this new method of trading the markets. My recommended brokers offer you a free and unlimited account. The conditions are the same as in the real money mode.

Another relevant point is the trading software for the execution of your trades. You should analyze the chart in the best way you can. Use the candlestick- or line chart. I recommend the candlestick version. The drawing tools are offered by the platform and you can start in a few seconds.

Facts for a good broker:

  • Regulation
  • Free demo account
  • High asset profit
  • Flexible trading platform
  • Good service and customer support

The brokers below give you the highest yield and the most functional platforms for your trading:

Best Platform
Highest Yield
Best Support

Broker: Review: Regulation: Yield: Advantages: Open Account:
1. IQ Option (5 / 5)
Read Review
CySEC (EU) up to 100%+
2. Olymp Trade (4.8 / 5)
Read Review IFC 92%+

Huge diversity
High Yield 92%
Bonus Program 3. Expert Option (4.8 / 5)
Read Review VFSC, FMRRC 90%+

Good Platform
Account Types
Good Education

Conclusion of the Best Binary Options Strategy for beginners

On this site, I have shown you how it exactly works to make a profit with Binary Options. Just use the false breakout strategy. First of all, it is important to practice this strategy. You can use a free demo account to trade with virtual money.

Follow the next steps:

  1. Find a good level in the market. This can be a big low or high. You can use support and resistance lines, too. These are more highs or lows in a row on the same price. New and fresh highs/lows are working well for this strategy
  2. Wait for the break of the level. Sometime the market will never break your level. This is no problem because there are enough opportunities in the market every day.
  3. If the breakout is done and the market comes back to the level you can do a call or put option. (it depends on the breakout direction)

The strategy is very flexible. You can use it with any timeframe, asset or market. You just need a blank chart of candlesticks or line and a horizontal drawing line tool for trade successful trading the markets. On this website, I showed you how the market works on highs and lows. With this knowledge, you know more than 95% of the traders in the world. Good luck and happy trading ;)

5 Best Binary Options Brokers to Trade with

Learning Binary options is a step-step guide. You first need to understand the Basics and have a complete knowledge about it. Than you need to learn what strategies and tricks you have to implement to make money with your invested amount. After all that, the final ladder is to search for the Best Binary Options Brokers. Jumping directly to any of these will not be fruitful in the future. For the 3 step it’s the perfect place. But for the previous 2 you must need to visit (1) Beginners guide on What exactly are Binary Options (2) How to Make money with Binary Options Platform.

With Each Money Making opportunity, there comes thousands of vendors which provides their services. But not every will justify the taste of the major population. And the tale of trading with binary option also rhyme like that. After reading the above 2 articles, I bet you are craving for this article. And why not? I have promised you their.

So all and all, this articles contains the list of Best 5 Binary Options Brokers no matter whichever country you are resident of, which asset you trade in, or what the invested amount is. This is well researched list made by keeping in mind some quality factors that includes welcome Bonus, currencies they accept, amount of return, assets they offer, minimum deposit, Quality of Service and Security of traders credentials.

5 Best Binary Options Brokers(Table)

Company Name
Single trade(min.)
Single Trade(max.)
Maximum Payout
Minimum Initial deposit
1 SuperOptions 10$ varies 90% 50$ 10000$ or 75% Visit 2 G.T Options £5 £3000 90% £200 5000$ Visit 3 Top Options 5$ varies 85% 100$ 2500€ Visit 4 24Option 24$ 50000$ 85% 250$ 3000$ Visit 5 Optiontime 5$ varies 90% 100$ 2500€ Visit

Major Considerations regarding the List

=> All the 5 major sites listed here are available to users all over the world including USA (Only Few of the Binary options brokers provides services to USA trader due to government rules and regulations and some of which are listed here )

=> Almost all the 5 sites provides a free demo account to users so that they can easily understand the Binary Options world.

=> Real Time trading on all the assets that includes commodities, stock, Forex, indices and currency are provided by all the sites

=> Binary options are most popular in European Countries and thus all the sites listed above are EU licensed and regulated Binary Brokers.

=> All the sites listed above provides a one touch Quality Support to traders that will ease the trading process and analyse the market shares quickly and easily.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Top Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners and Middle-Leveled Traders!
    Free Education How To Trade!
    Free Demo Account!
    Big Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

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