X2btc-Mining.pro Review SCAM or LEGIT Free Bitcoin Mining

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Start Earning Bitcoin With Free GPU Mining

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How Does The System Work

The fastest bitcoin mining service. Completely free. You can enjoy cloud mining free of charge at any time.

You can reach the articles about how to do this from the side.

Enter the wallet address in the corresponding field

Then start bitcoin mining

The mining will take 5 minutes and then you will see the amount earned in your account

You can then request a withdrawal


GPU Mining Work

Amount of money withdrawn

Simple Bitcoin Converter

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable?

Bitcoin mining is technically defined as having your computer find a number that is difficult to find and increasingly difficult to find. When it comes to bitcoin mining, many people think of crypto money, which is widely used. However, this is not the only purpose of mining.

Bitcoin or crypto money mining also performs the task of maintaining the blockchain through computers called miners. To summarize briefly, the co

How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?

As it is known, Bitcoin is a digital currency that has gained tremendous momentum in the last few years. You can buy and sell bitcoin from various websites and you can also do bitcoin mining yourself.

Bitcoin mining is the simplest way to support your computer’s operations in the bitcoin world thanks to the processing power of your computer and to earn bitcoin in return.

Things to Know About Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoins, which are not production centers, have a dispersed network similar to Bittorent networks. Payments realized within the network reach the desired destination instantly so that the address from which the shipment goes and where it goes is not understood but remains registered. Bitcoin is easy to use and is among the most preferred investment instruments of recent times.

The general name of these transactions that occur during t

What is Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is the person who produces crypto money and verifies transactions on the blockchain. To become a crypto miner, you need the technical equipment (ASIC, graphics card, processor, hard disk).

You can get more information about these topics by following our content on Freebitcoinmining.net.

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The types of processors that can be used for bitcoin mining are; CPU, GPU,

Is Bitcoin Mining Legal?

Many countries have not yet established legal regulations for bitcoin mining to obtain bitcoin, which can be considered a digital asset. Although the main focus of the process to date is to prevent energy consumption, regulations have made bitcoin mining more costly than illegal. Almost none of these regulations aim at direct targeting people who are neither bitcoin nor bitcoin mining.

The fine line between using and digging bitc

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable Nowadays?

As with every investment, Bitcoin mining is made for profit. The fact that it can be done anywhere with the Internet, electricity and processing power also creates different profit margins in different parts of the world.

The difficulty in Bitcoin mining at market value determines whether it is profit or loss. When it first emerged, it was easy to dig and obtain because of its very little d

X2btc-Mining.pro Review: SCAM or LEGIT Free Bitcoin Mining

Profit straight to your wallet.You can withdraw mined money every day..

Get the most profit while mining. Always.

Automine coins with the highest exchange rate and squeeze the most profit.

Your Hardware is already running

Don’t wrestle with rig assembly and hot, noisy miners at home. We have the fastest bitcoin mining hardware running for you already!

The best investment plan

Help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create professional software.

  1. BTC/Minute : 0.00000200
  2. BTC/Day : 0.00288
  3. Affiliate Bonus : 30%
  1. BTC/Minute : 0.00002100
  2. BTC/Day : 0.03024
  3. Affiliate Bonus : 40%
  1. BTC/Minute : 0.00021000
  2. BTC/Day : 0.30240
  3. Affiliate Bonus : 50%
  1. BTC/Minute : 0.0012600
  2. BTC/Day : 1.8144
  3. Affiliate Bonus : 100%

Why choose investment plan

Help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create professional software.


It’s simple, add your bitcoin wallet address. Bitcoin mining starts immediately. Get your first payout within 24 hours.


Once you reach a minimum threshold limit, You can receive or withdraw it instantly in your bitcoin wallet address. The withdrawal process is fast & secure.


We are transparent, No any extra commission or hidden fees. Everything is visible to you. Our lower fees ensure higher-earning profit. Upgrade to premium to avoid maintenance fees.


Our highly experienced technical team ensures high security. Our regular mining hardware maintenance ensures 99.99% uptime. We are the most secure and stable bitcoin mining cloud.


We are using the Fastest GPU rigs & Latest ASIC miners. You get high-speed mining experience and advance technology from legitmining.


Our mining data center is situated across the globe. Which ensures high-speed free bitcoin mining from any corner of the world.

Welcome To Legit Mining

Legit Mining Inc is a fully automated cloud mining platform operating with no human intervention, aside from regular server maintenance conducted by our staff. Take full advantage of our fast and legit crypto coin platform. Our data centres are located on multiple locations around the world so that our system has 100% uptime guaranteed. In order to make mining as easy as it possibly can be, we have invested years developing a system that’s backed by a dedicated team of experts in the market.

Legit Mining Inc isn’t a simple mining firm, it’s not a system that only works in ideal conditions. No, Legit Mining Inc is a multi-dimensional approach to mining in Cryptocurrencies that will deliver you a constant profit.

Our customer say about our company work

The story of Legit mining started at the end of 2020.LegitMining Pool is trusted online Bitcoin Cloud Mining Company that provides Free BTC Mining/Hashing service.We developed the idea of this mining as a service and built the first mining in Europe. Ever since our founding, we have grown tremendously and also a lot has happened. We are all strong believers in the future of cryptocurrency and we love being part of the developing community.

I am a technology enthusiast and have been doing internet business for more than ten years. Bitcoin is certainly a great currency and its mining is definitely profitable, I’ve chosen to mine with Legit Mining and I am completely satisfied.

Top active free bitcoin mining websites of 2020

UPDATE 2020-11-06: The article has been re-organized to differentiate faucets from cloud mining websites, and list them separately. Also, based on feedback from visitors, non-paying faucets will be removed from the list. Below websites have been removed:
– multimining.website : site is down for too long
– 99mining.cloud : complaints and no explanation from owner
– bitminer.io : downtime issues

Is there such a thing as free bitcoin mining? Yes – with the popularity of bitcoin reaching billions, there are more and more, free bitcoin mining cloud websites on the internet. Here, I am going to list the most active bitcoin faucet sites, where you can earn satoshis every minute, by doing nothing.

Classification of Free Bitcoin Mining websites

There are majorly two classes of free mining websites:
-> Faucets
-> Cloud Miners

The first one called Faucets are most popular, and are simply a facade for cloud mining. In reality, there are no miner hardware used by them. It is simply a timer software with different rules, that auto accumulates virtual coins/tokens to its subscribers. In return, the faucet owner receives traffic, which he can convert to ad revenue.

The second type are actual cloud mining websites, that allocate a small portion of their expensive mining hardware, to each subscriber. In most cases, such websites expect you to invest some fiat money to buy the share of computing power. But they can also run promotions for free mining, in order to attract more buyers/leads.

How do Free Bitcoin Mining Faucets Make Money?

Let us first understand why faucets are giving away free bitcoins… How do they make money? The answer is simple – because BITCOIN is massively popular. Any popular site has traffic, and with traffic, they can earn ad revenues. The only smart move here is to plan the faucet in such a way, so as to make more money from ad impressions, than giving away for free.

But, that is not the only income source for these websites. Sometimes, clever use of premium cloud miner options, also helps them make money. For example, when you have gained sufficient free coins in your wallet, they will propose you to upgrade or purchase some affiliated products, with that accumulated money. Somehow, the faucet website will profit from your free money, one way or another.

How do Free Bitcoin Cloud Miners Make Money?

Cloud miners have actual mining hardware racked up in a data center facility, with all the operational maintenance expenses incurred. In order to mitigate the risk of initial capital expenditure on the hardware equipment, cloud mining companies will sell the compute power in small chunks, on the retail market.

So anyone can invest as few as $20 in a miner share, and whatever income is generated by the miner hardware, is accordingly distributed to all share holders, minus the maintenance fees of facility. Sounds familiar? well that is how share markets work…

Since there are too many cloud miners competing in the world, naturally they have to attract more subscribers to their own share pool. Hence they will allocate some compute power as free for new signups. Just like Amazon would try to woo you with free gift cards, if you checkout their new products.

Compute power of miners are measured in GH/s or MH/s or KH/s, which is basically different denominations of hashes / second. The number of hashes (complex crypto algorithm) that can be computed by a miner in 1 second, determines how fast the miner is. The more compute power you invest in, the larger will be your profits / month.

Something to note: once the shares are all sold by a cloud miner, they will stop offering free mining slots, so it makes sense to join them early.

How do I Make Money from Free Bitcoin Mining Sites?

The first and foremost requirements to Earn Free Bitcoin are:

You may use the same email address on different websites, but always use a different wallet.

Once registered with a faucet website, visit regularly every day, week or month, to check your accumulated amount. When the minimum balance is accumulated, you may withdraw to your bitcoin wallet, where it will only be yours to spend! You could also upgrade the plan, and accumulate at a faster rate, but that is up to your investment risk profile – whether you prefer long term or short term investment plan.

In addition, you can also earn money by affiliate commissions. Just send your referral link to friends, and earn a percentage of their earnings.

Once registered with a cloud mining website, check the Contracts section to avail your free compute power. Most miners will give you up to 100 GH/s

Now that we have covered the basics, let us look at the active websites for free bitcoin mining, starting with cloud miners.

Free Bitcoin Mining – Cloud Miners

Cryptotab BrowserEditor’s Choice

Alright, this is not really a mining website, but actually a browser software that allows trickle mining in the background. The browser is a Chromium variant, so Chrome users will have no trouble migrating to this new browser.

Please note this browser is actually mining on your local PC, so it will consume CPU power of your machine. The hash power is not too much, its mostly less than 100 H/s, which means you may make just 1-2 satoshi in 10 min. based on current complexity and BTC trends.

I know, this is too slow and tedious, but it is a natural mining process and the most effective mining – trust me. Unlike others, you can expect this miner to be a long haul.

Be cautioned that using browser mining for long hours, on home laptops can be bad for the machine’s life. Fortunately, the software has the option to throttle how much CPU power can be used. I suggest keeping it below 40% so as to have a longer computer life. Or better rent a cheap VPS, and run the miner there, because servers are much more resilient to continuous utilization.

Dualmine / AbsolutMining

Thanks to Anto for mentioning these. This cloud miner provides a whopping 100 GH/s for free on signup. But unlike other sites, the contract is for 1 year only. Still its a good free investment.

In addition, there are other time-sensitive promotional offers that allow racking up more power in free mining. The prices are pretty decent, and you may rack up 3x more hash power on every purchase, before the promotion ends.

For AbsolutMining, there is a 500 GH/s bonus, for approved Youtube channel owners with 500+ subscribers.


This cloud miner gives you 20 GH/s free on signup, but the mining is for Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and not Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork of Bitcoin, and has a lower value and popularity compared to the giant BTC. Technically, BTG is a stable currency to be invested in, as a long term future investment.

There are numerous other ways to increase your free hash speed, including Bonus GHs by social sharing, bug bounty and feedback, and more. Login regularly to activate triple mining and overclocking features.

Bitfire Mining

This cloud miner gives a trial 100 GH/s miner share for 1 week. Ah! I know that is like a tickle rite? Anyway, if you purchase a contract, then you are eligible for bonus program, that gives away free coins every 8 hours. You can also increase you levels, which improves your chance of higher payout. Also, in future, higher level users will be able to participate in weekly raffles, will have access to special discounts, etc.

CCloud Mining

This cloud miner give 50 GH/s for free on signup, and the contract is valid for 2 years. You may upgrade your package for decent prices, and get free hashpower for every referral you bring in.


This cloud miner has been around for a while since 2020, and provides many alt coins including bitcoin mining, that can be purchased for share investment. You do not get any free hashes here, but the site also has a faucet page, where free bitcoin can be earned daily, for just visiting and completing captcha. When you accumulate sufficient balance, go ahead and purchase a cloud mining share.

In addition, if you are tech savvy, you may join their mining pool, by running software miners on your own PC or VPS. Purchases are only in cryptocurrency as of now, so no credit cards, etc.

Free Bitcoin Mining – Faucets


This is unlike other faucets, I guess its more like an offerwall faucet. Please do note that, cointiply does not make you money in the background, but you actually have to work, to earn coins.

This is the perhaps the most comprehensive faucet site I have seen with multiple sources of earning coins. You may earn thousands of satoshis / day depending on how much time you can spend on this site.

You can complete quick offers, surveys, watch videos, play games, and many many more items to do, where each one adds a few coins into your account. Cointiply claims to have over 400k registered users, and has shelled out more than 100 BTC in earnings.

Cointiply has one premium upgrade which gives you extra powers for earning more coins, and get rid of ads, but costs 17k coins/month or 170k coins/year. The affiliate offer is 25% of every referral’s faucet claims FOR LIFE. You will also earn 10% of any of your referrals offer wall earnings. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send… pretty knockout I think!


Same as others, just add btc address, and get an account with the btcprominer website. This is the only website which has payment proofs, so you can say its reliable. Btcprominer free plan v1.0 makes you 40 satoshis per minute, which is 0.0006 BTC / day.

Btcprominer provides 4 upgrade plans as versions 2, 3, 4 and 5, the highest of which is most expensive. Version 5 costs 0.9 BTC, and makes you 0.24 BTC per day, with a 93 % affiliate bonus.


This is one of the oldest kids in the block, I guess (pun not intended!). It is also a twin of btcprominer, in design and options. Startminer free plan v1.0 makes you 40 satoshis per minute, which is 0.0006 BTC / day.

Startminer provides 4 upgrade plans as versions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, the highest of which is most expensive. Version 1.4 costs 0.75 BTC, and makes you 0.15 BTC per day, with 100% affiliate bonus.


This faucet is entirely different from the others, in function and presentation. It has an ugly & nagging interface with too many ads. To even close the ad popup, you have to chase the close button as in a game – seriously! However, the function is like an actual local miner and not a cloud miner. That means you have to log in to the website , and explicitly start mining, with an active browser tab window – kept open all time.

My suggestion is to rent a cheap Windows VPS and run this miner in the browser window. Log in to the server every few hours, and make sure the miner page has an active session. That way, the cpumin miner will be accumulating free coins – 24×7!

The rate of coin production varies, based on a number of users logged in, and other factors, but all in all, its a very lucrative investment for free bitcoin mining, if you ask me.

The referral commissions are a good way to boost your income. If you have a large email list of your own, then wait till you upgrade to higher version plan, and then send a shout-out to your friends and colleagues… maximum profit – the smart way!

So what do you think? How many coins can be earned using these free bitcoin mining sites? Do some math, and you will be surprised. Do let me know if there is any website that pays better than the above ones…Adios until next time!

Cloud mining should be considered as a fun, recreational activity and not your only source of income or investment. Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

In addition to the normal risks associated with investing and mining, cryptocurrency mining investments and related instruments may involve risk of capital loss from unfavorable fluctuation in cryptocurrency values, exchange-related risks, policy risks, liquidity, and market price fluctuation and demand.

The strategies discussed are strictly for illustrative and educational purposes and should not be construed as a recommendation to purchase. There is no guarantee that any strategies discussed will be effective. The information provided is not intended to be a complete analysis of every material fact respecting any strategy.

Thank you for visiting our site. You can get the latest Information and Editorials on our site regarding bitcoins.

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