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Surveytime Review – Worth Your Time or Not? (Full Truth)

by Mikael | Last updated Feb 17, 2020 | All Survey Site Reviews

Surveytime claims you can use it to get instantly rewarded for completing online surveys.

But is Surveytime a scam or is it really legit and a fast paying survey site?

I have joined and tested it myself, and have also been paid by it.

So let me just reveal right away that it is legit since I know from personal experience it pays. That does, however, not mean it is necessarily worth it for you.

In this Surveytime review, I will show exactly what you get and how it works so you will easily be able to decide if it is a site for you or not.

Disclosure: Some articles on this website contain affiliate/sponsored links. Click for more info.

What is Surveytime and what does the site offer?

Surveytime is a very simple and easy-to-use survey site that offers you to share your opinion through surveys and get paid for this.

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It is so simple that it almost confused me when I first joined:-) This might sound strange but there is not much information on the site, so I was even quite suspicious when I first saw it.

I still decided to join, and as already mentioned, it definitely turned out to be a legit site as I have now been paid by it myself several times.

But to know if it will be worth it for you or not, let’s look at exactly what it offers and how it works.

I have created a video that gives you an inside look and show you exactly how to use Surveytime. In the video, I will also show you payment proof so you know it is a site that actually pays. You can also read all the details below the video:

It is, as mentioned, very simple, but this might also confuse you at first. There are some steps you need to take to earn, and I will explain these below.

Step 1 – Register and confirm your email

To get started at Surveytime you, of course, first have to register. You probably already figured that out yourself:-)

The reason I am still mentioning this step here is that the registration process is a bit different from most other survey sites.

It is very easy to join by just giving your email and name.

It is, however, different in the way that you do not have to choose your own password which kind of confused me at first.

After you join, one will automatically be generated for you and send to you via email.

Also, as usually on survey sites, you need to confirm your email. This step is important on Surveytime – without confirming your email, you will not be able to get your rewards out.

So these are the initial steps to join. Still, quite straight forward even though a bit different. What confused me at first was, however, the next step.

Step 2 – Fill out a profile survey

The next step on Surveytime is a bit different from most other survey sites.

Right after you join, you are asked to take a survey to fill out your profile so they can match you with surveys.

Right after you join, you have to take a profile survey.

Most survey sites have a profile you can fill out to get a better chance to qualify for surveys so there is nothing unusual in this in itself.

But on Surveytime you have to fill it out before you even get to the members area. This is a bit unusual to be asked to spend 10-15 minutes to do an initial survey before you have even seen what it offers in the members area.

This honestly made me a bit suspicious.

During the profile survey, I was also asked the same questions several times and it made me a bit annoyed and I was not sure what was going on.

The reason for this was, however, probably to check the consistency of my answers to see if I answer surveys honestly. So if you join, make sure to answer honestly so you can give consistent answers.

Luckily it did not take too long to fill out. It says it should take you around 15 minutes but for me it only took around 10 minutes.

I was honestly about to give up during the initial survey because I was a bit confused about what was going on and not sure if it was legit, but I was also curious and had to finish it to see what would happen:-)

I am glad I did. Because even though the initial sign up process confused me a bit, it turned out it had some really good survey options once you are a member.

So make sure to fill out the survey profiler if you join – it will be worth it on the other side:-)

Step 3 – Take surveys

I was very curious to see what Surveytime actually offered on the inside.

It actually turned out to be quite a lot of survey opportunities. When I first joined Surveytime, there was a list of surveys inside the members area. This has, however, changed. Now there are two ways you can get access to surveys here.

One way is to log in to the members area. Here you will then see if there is a survey available for you.

Inside the members area you find the survey scanner.

It works like a survey scanner. It looks for surveys, and if there are any, you will get the message you can see above. This does not mean you will necessarily qualify for the survey. But if you do not qualify, the scanner will scan for another survey and see if there are other surveys available.

Sometimes it can take some patience to find the surveys you qualify for, but there is a good number of surveys available through the members area. There might even be times when there are none, but then you can check back later.

This is all you can find inside the members area. There is not even a profile where you can edit your password or anything like this. There is just the survey scanner.

There is one more way you can get surveys. Once you have signed up, you will sometimes receive an email with a survey invitation.

You will also receive survey invitations via email.

You can right away see how long the survey approximately will take and if it is only available on desktop or mobile.

Receiving email invitation like this is very user-friendly, in my opinion. Just make sure to also log in and check for surveys inside the members area as not all surveys will be send via email.

I have seen some people saying they had not received surveys for a while, but it was actually just the emails they had not received. They could still have found surveys by loggin in.

Overall, the way Surveytime is created is very simple and the simplicity makes it very easy to use.

Not just the way you just get available surveys, but also the payout method as we will get to in the next section.

The surveys are taken through third-party providers, so you click a survey and are then taken to another site where you complete the survey.

After you have completed a survey, you will be taken back to Surveytime and can see the reward and decide how you want it.

Personally, Surveytime has worked great for me but I have heard feedback about others sometimes having technical issues with the surveys there – just so you are aware. But I will explain a bit more about this later in this review.

How do you get paid?

The payout method is another area where Surveytime is a bit different from many other sites.

The first thing you need to know is that all surveys give the same reward. Every time you complete a survey, you will get $1.

I have tried to get $1 for a 2-minute survey and also get $1 for a 7-minute survey. There is no differentiation which, of course, makes it very easy to know exactly what you get.

Some surveys will this way have a very high reward compared to other survey sites, while others might have a slightly lower reward. But overall the reward in relation to time spent is very good on Surveytime compared to many other sites.

At the moment of updating this review, Surveytime is also testing giving access to easier surveys for $0.50 but this is something you would have to opt-in for at the moment and it is in the testing phase so it might not even be available for you.

As soon as you have completed a survey, you will be asked how you want to get your reward. The type of reward available depends on your country. But most countries offer PayPal and Bitcoin as options.

PayPal is one of the payout options in most countries.

Some countries also offer other payout methods. In the US, you can for example also choose to get paid with gift cards to Amazon, Target and Decathlon in addition to PayPal cash.

PayPal as a payout method is used on many survey sites and is, in my opinion, a great way to get your rewards. And how you get your money like this on Surveytime is something I have not seen before.

As you can see in the image above, right after completing a survey, you have to choose how you want your money. I chose to get paid through PayPal.

I then had to verify my phone number. According to Surveytime, this is to protect your rewards and they will never use your number for anything else.

It was only for the first payout I had to confirm the phone number by using a code I received in a text message, so not a problem at all. And I have also not experienced the number has been shared or anything like this as it sometimes happens on the shady survey sites.

Anyway, it took less than 1 minute and once that was done and I chose PayPal, I received an email just a few minutes later that said I had now received my reward.

I received my payment only a few minutes after completing my first survey.

There are other survey sites where you can get your rewards already when you have earned $1 and get them super fast.

But it is the first time I have seen it like this where you right away get the money transferred and do not actively choose when you want a payout.

I think this has both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is that you will get your money right away. I like quick paying survey sites compared to the sites where you sometimes have to wait for weeks to have the survey confirmed before you can get your reward.

However, I also like being able to decide myself when I want the payout. I think it can be nice to collect a bit of money in the survey site account and then get them paid out at once.

But overall, I think it is great with such a quick payout and it is one of the fastest I have seen, but if you prefer being able to wait and gather money in your account before you get a payout, then Surveytime is not for you.

How much money can you make?

There is, in theory, no limit to how many surveys you can complete on Surveytime as long as there are available surveys.

But there are, of course, not unlimited surveys available.

How many that will be available depends on a lot on the country you live in. But in my experience, it has a decent amount available and it also has surveys available in countries where it usually can be difficult to find any.

So it is definitely a way to make some extra cash on the side. But it will, as all other paid survey sites, not be a way to make a full-time income online and not something that will make you rich.

But Surveytime can be a nice way to get to share your opinion and earn some nice extra cash at the same time.

Can you use it on mobile? is fully mobile optimized and the website itself works well on mobile. But it does not have a Surveytime app.

So if you want to earn by taking surveys on the go, this is possible with Surveytime by going through the website or by clicking the invitation link in the emails you get.

Just be aware that since the surveys will be taken on websites of different providers, it is not sure all of them will be fully optimized for mobile.

Most of them definitely will be possible to take on mobile, but just be aware that there can also be surveys where it takes a bit a scrolling in and out.

The great thing about the survey invitations you get via email is that it here is clearly stated if it is only available for desktop or only for mobile. If nothign is stated, you can take them on all devices.

Who can join Surveytime?

Something I really like about Surveytime is that it is available worldwide.

There will, however, be different amounts of available surveys from country to country. But any country can join and it offers good opportunities even for countries where it usually can be more difficult to find survey opportunities.

The platform is also available in different languages. At the top of the screen, you can choose the language.

Surveytime is available in all countries and in several languages.

At the moment of writing this review, it is available in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

But many of the surveys will actually be in your own local language even if one of these languages is not your mother tongue.

Can you get support?

One thing that is a bit strange about Surveytime is that I could, at first, not find info contact info for their support on the website.

There is an FAQ section where you can get answers for most questions, but there is no contact info.

I, however, managed to find an email address to their support in their privacy policy. But I checked up on this directly with Surveytime, and it turns out that was not the best way to reach their support. I was told by them that the best way to contact support directly is by writing to: [email protected]

However, you can also try to reach them through their Facebook page.

After initially posting this review I have, however, been told by many readers that they have not been able to get in contact with Surveytime and often it will took several messages to get in contacnt with them.

I have been able to get in contact with their support several times myself and have been told that they are working on improving the support. And after some of the negative feedback was posted on my review (see comments below the review), Surveytime actually answered many of them here on this review as you can see.

However, it seems the support is kind of on and off – sometimes they are very quick at replying and other times there is silence for quite a long time. This is not only based on my own experience but also based on the feedback I get from visitors on this website.

So it can take some patience to get in contact with their support and other times you might be lucky and get a fast reply. Personally, I hope this is something that will become more stable soon as it is not ideal as it is now.

Surveytime complaints

After initially posting my Surveytime review, I have received a lot of feedback from people that have tried it. Some people love it and get really good results, but others also have problems with it.

I have heard several people mentioning that they complete a survey but sometimes then get an error and there are problems with the payment. That can happen at times but it seems like it regularly happens on Surveytime in some countries from the feedback I get.

Another complaint I hear is about then not being able to get a quick answer from the support when there are technical issues – becasue technical issues can happen on any site but the important thing is then how fast the support is at fixing this. But I have already gone into details about this above.

I want to make it clear that I have not had any problems with Surveytime myself and I have also received feedback from people that love the site and do very well on it.

But I also have to recognize that is not the experience of everyone and therefore wanted to add this section here so you get a more wholesome picture of what the site offers and the potential good and bad sides before deciding if it is for you or not.

Final verdict

Surveytime is a legit and simple survey site that pays out quickly.

This does not necessarily mean it is the best site for you. So let’s finish by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview to help you decide whether you should join or not.


  • Free to join
  • Available worldwide
  • Pays out very quickly
  • Usually daily opportunities
  • Very easy to use


  • You cannot decide when you want a payout yourself
  • Sometimes support can be a bit slow
  • There has been some complaints about technical issues at times

Overall, I think Surveytime is very user-friendly once you get used to how it works differently from most other survey sites.

If it is the right platform for you depends on a lot of the preferences you have in relation to payout methods.

If you like getting your rewards right away, then Surveytime gives some pretty good rewards for short surveys and you get your money right away.

If you prefer gathering more earnings in your account before cashing out, you should consider other survey sites instead.

One thing you just have to be aware of is that is you should run into problems on the site, the support is not the fastest. I have not had any problems myself and have been paid out without problems. But if you should run into issues, you sometimes have to be a bit patient with their support.

How to join Surveytime?

Surveytime is very easy to join. You just click the button below and will be taken to the sign-up page.

Remember to take the first initial survey profiler right after signing up to be able to get access to the surveys. Then you will be able to start earning right away.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Surveytime yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

Surveytime rating
  • Money/time ratio


Surveytime is a legit survey site that gives good rewards in relation to the time spent and it pays out very quickly.

Just be aware it works a bit different from most other survey sites, but once you are a member it is very user-friendly and gives access to a lot of surveys.

The only issue is, however, that there sometimes seems to be slow support and some people report to have technical issues which affects the overall rating of the site. But other than that, a great and easy-to-use survey site that is available in all countries.


Hello, i am from Kenya. I’ve been trying to add my phone number but every time i try am told that the number is incorrect. like what format am i supposed to use to write the number for it to be accepted

There seems to be some problems with their phone verification sometimes. But I have been told they are working on fixing this. So the best you can do is to contact their support and make them aware. And you might have to write a few times with a few days in between to get an answer – that is sometimes the case.

Sad to say that I no longer received surveys from them.

Previously I used to received surveys almost daily but now no more.

The number of surveys goes up and down from time to time. I still receive from them more or less every day. Hopefully, you will soon get more surveys again.

I have completed two surveys, but once again surveytime sent me an email that my surveytime request was rejected, I should have been able to get $ 2, for this problem that never happened before, surveytime always pays quickly. Please help:)

You need to contact Surveytime’s support about this.

As many people are facing issues with payments and account ban problem , could you include all our questions behalf all members here .As the support is too delay and as you only got reply from them I am asking this help.I have send emails to them many times .
please kindly help us by writing our problems to them .Thanks .

I have made them aware of the problems many visitors on my website are facing. And I regularly send them mails to make aware of this and hope they will improve their response time and support soon. It is mostly also not easy for me to get answers. But I do what I can.

New update from me I got paid today pending payments from them .Thanks for being supportive for the visitors here by discussing our issues with them.

That is great to hear. Thanks for the update.

Can you please notify them about the phone number verification issue, I have tried many times to receive my verification code from them, and they keep sending me surveys to take part on. I have send them email about the issue, but there was no response

I have notified them about this Muna. I was told that they are working on a better solution but that is, unfortunately, all I know for now. All I can suggest is to keep writing their support once in a while – and make sure you use the email address for their support I have shown here above in the review.

The verification process is meant to take 48 hour it has been 3 days and I still havnt received the money.

You need to then contact their support – sometimes the support takes a bit of time to get back to you so if that is the case just write them once in a while until you get an answer. Let me know how it goes.

I finished a survey, and every time i try to get the money they say that my paypal email is incorrect, BUT ITS NOT! tried to contact then but no answer. ��

Unfortunately, their support is not also very responsive. So in my experience, the best to do is to keep writing them once in a while and then they usually do answer at some point. And until then just keep using other survey sites.

Hope this helps and keep me updated about how it goes.

I think the website has some glitches again .I’m not able get any survey invitations from past one week .I’m not sure is it happening only to me .I am able to login but can’t find out any surveys .Did they block me or everyone facing the same issue ? I’m not sure .Are you getting invitations mikael?.

I am still getting invitations more or less every day. It can just be that they do not have a lot of surveys in your country at the moment.

And if you can log in they did not block you – then it is probably just simply because they do not have any available surveys for you at the moment.

I ve got same payment problem today. But i already sent email to ask about the problem. Joining for a month and already got payment few times without problem. This is first time i didn’t receive my payment. Hope hear from them soon.

Hope you will get an answer soon June. Sometimes the support can be a bit slow so if you have not heard back from them within a few days try writing them again. Keep me updated about how it goes.

I forgot to comment back, they immediately taking care of my trouble, in an hour or so, i’ve got my payment. I think they really working on their system .

That is great to hear. Thanks for the update.

I have seen few reviews from Indian users ,they are still getting invitations but since 2 weeks I didn’t get any thing as I can login .I will contact them but sure they don’t reply to me like they reply to you. surveytime is from offerwall on gpt website’s and in that also I’m not getting any surveys .
I will get back to you if they reply me .

Unfortunately, their support is not always very responsive. It often takes quite a few emails to get an answer. Let me know when they get back to you.

There are times I tried to do a survey, and before proceeding, it asked me a code which, it said, was sent to my mobile phone. After waiting, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, no code comes to my phone. How’s that?

Thank you very much.

I have heard several people having problems with the phone verification. I asked them about this and got an answer just a few days ago. They are saying that they are working on improving the phone verification to make it work better. That is all I can say for now.

But if you have problems with it, write their support, and then they can hopefully sort it out for you.

Did you get an answer from them? I am still waiting for their support for not getting paid after completion of a survey.I can still access my account though.Can you give me their correct support address So that I can contact them again .

Yes, I did get an answer from them. Everything should be working. So if you still have not heard back from them, it is better to just keep writing. You can see the email for their support in the review about in the “Can you get support” section.

Ive done acouple of surveys with survey time it took me about six months to get my phone number verified apart from that I’ve done the survey and then it says wait for the email to come through my email says that my order has been rejected so I can’t get paid I chose $1 Amazon voucher I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it because I’m in the UK but it’s the second time that I’ve had this happened please help

You need to contact Surveytime’s support. They are the only ones that can help with something like this. It can sometimes take some patience to hear back from them, so until you hear back, I would also advise you to just use other sites. There are plenty of great options in the UK. Just let me know if you want suggestions for a few great alternatives while you wait to hear back from Surveytime.

Hie l have finished a survey but it keeps saying wait for 24hrs for verification code how can l contact them

In the review above in the section about support, you can find the email address you need to contact.

Its been 12 days since a single survey, tried contacting them but as usual they haven’t replied to any of my 3 mails, just want to know have they closed their surveys for Indians, are other Indians getting surveys since past 2 weeks? they just don’t reply ever, can’t predict whats the problem

I am trying to get through to their support now to see if there are any updates. I am still getting surveys myself but I am also not located in India. But as far as I know, it should still be working but I am checking up on it to get an answer.

Seems you haven’t updated this yet, not all surveys pay 1$ anymore, now there are surveys worth 0.50 as well since the start of the new year, lot of surveys which were paying 1$ will now be paying only 0.5 which isn’t really good, also haven’t got a single survey since past 4 days, don’t know what happened, any update

Thanks for making me aware of this. I will update the review with info about this asap.

About you not having received surveys for some days that can just sometimes happens. I have not heard there should be anything particular going on.

It hasn’t happen since i’ve joined survey time in last 5 months when i didn’t get even a single survey to click on for 5 days, bit strange, maybe owner is on a holiday or some other technical problems i guess

Thanks for sharing this. Hope you will soon start receiving surveys again and I will also keep an eye on it and see if I notice anything.

I think surveytime is officially dead, even my friend has confirmed he ain’t getting any surveys at all from days, its been 8 days now without a single survey, is there any other website exactly like survey time? not talking of other survey sites, i’m active on other survey sites but survey time was unique

It still seems to be working fine for me.
But I do not know any sites exactly like Surveytime. There are many other great sites but not that works exactly the same.

I have been working on surveytime from few months received many payments without a problem But from last week I’m not able to get payments even after completing a survey successfully. It is saying that my account violated their terms and conditions .I have read reviews on other sites that few members also experienced same .I have contacted the support till now didn’t get any response from them .It will be great drawback for a any survey website when it doesn’t give proper support to it’s members. I need a explanation for not getting paid .

I definitely agree it is a big drawback when a survey site does not provide proper feedback. I am right now trying to get in contact with them to get an update about some of the experiences people have shared here on my website over the last few weeks. Hope we will both hear back from them soon.

Hello i need some help about The site wont send me a verification number to code to my phone what could be the problem or what should i do please am from Kenya

You need to contact their support about this.

This survey site wont pay anything but makes you to feel that they will transfer amount to paypal. I had finished three surveys but not got a single penny. After completion of survey they tell they will send an email for transfer to paypal, but this will not happen, don’t waste your time please

Have you contacted their support? Because as you can see in the video above, I have been paid by it several times. But I have heard that there sometimes are problems with certain accounts from others so you need to contact their support to get this fixed. Hope they will sort it out for you soon.

Yes contacted on 29 Dec 2020 till now no reply/response from them

Unfortunately, their support can be quite slow, in my experience. The best is to send them a message again and do that once in a while until they reply. Until then I would advise you to join other sites also so you can take surveys on those to keep having access to surveys.

If you tell me what country you live in, I will be happy to give you a few suggestions for some great sites if you are interested in this.

I am from India pls suggest best sites

Hope that helps.

i was about to payout my reward and click to paypal, then prompted to enter the verification code to be sent or by call, yet it was on a voice call in arabic, and no support could assist me when i requested it in english they didnt even sent the verification code by mail or SMS..

sorry to hear that. The only thing you can do is to then write their support and keep writing them until you get an answer. And in the meantime use other sites.

I’m confused. I haven’t received surveys from surveytime in a while. Why is that? Why it is so hard to qualify for a survey..

There are quite a lot of survey sites that have fewer surveys over the holiday season. Usually, it will pick up again after New Year.

Hope this explains it.

It does, thank you.

you are welcome

Whenever I click a survey, it aks for my phone number (which I filled up) and that a verification code will be sent to it. However, I didn’t receive any verification code which makes it hard for me to proceed with answering the surveys. Can you help me with this?

sounds like a technical error. You need to contact their support about this. Hope they will sort it out for you quickly. And feel free to let me know how it goes.

How do I contact Surveytime support?

In the review above, I have a section about the support – you can find the contact info there.

Eai toda vez que vou tentar resgatar a única pesquisa que ganhei só dá erro no meu número sou do Brasil meu DDD e 81 meu número xxxxxxx coloco desse grito é só errado

you need to contact their support about this. Let me know how it goes.

I actually got second payment from SurveyTime. I believe them. But.. It is a slow process.. I wish the surveys could be every day.. And to qualify for every survey.. But unfortunately it is not.. I don’t know where i can earn some bucks.. I need some stuffs and i don’t know what i can do..

That is great to hear you got paid from Surveytime. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Hello. I tried SurveyTime. I was pleased by that they are paying instantly. Of course it may be a slow process and hard to qualify for an advert, but they are paying which legitimates the site. But are there any similar (alternative) sites like SurveyTime (but worldwide because I am from Bulgaria). I am trying to collect some bucks through internet. Actually I believe there are some opportunities where you can earn money online, but I can’t find ways which are suitable for my country. And the ways don’t need to be only surveys – they can be online games and etc. I found a site called Sitago. The only thing you had to do was just playing online games. And i got paid, but i cashed out all the money. I forgot to leave some bucks so I can continue playing in the site. I am looking for something which won’t take this much time and will pay (if not instantly) around to 3 days. I really hope.. I registered in sites like , I haven’t got a payment from these sites (but not because the aren’t legit) it’s because the process is slow. I believe in PaidViewPoint so much. It’s one of the greatest advert sites. Please if you have some ideas, let me know. It really was my dream to help my family with earning online, because I don’t have enough ages to get on real work.. (my country is Bulgaria).

I will try to do my best to guide you from what you seem to be looking for.

First of all, PaidviewPoint you mention is a great site. But not for Bulgaria. You will likely never get enough options there to get paid. Golden-farm biz is not a site I personally recommend as I find it a waste of time and to get a chance of really earn you have to pay and you end up losing quite a bit.

Secondly, there are plenty of ways to earn online but there are also A LOT of options that are a waste of time. An important aspect is to do it with the right expectations. You need to be aware that survey and Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites can be a way to earn a bit extra BUT they will not be a way to make a living or anything close to this. Just so you know what to expect.

I have a whole article about that here if you want to know more: Can You Make a Full-Time Income Doing Surveys? (Truth Revealed)

When that is said, the advantage of GPT is that there are completely free. So if you do it with the right expectations they can be good. You can see a list of the best GPT sites here that all give more earning options than only surveys.

You can also check out this list of the best international survey sites which means you can join them no matter where you live.

Hope this helps

I write a review blog for various survey sites. I started my review of last week and had problems from Day 1. The site sells the promise that all Surveys that are completed will receive a ($1) immediate compensation to your linked PayPal. The software is aesthetic and pretty user-friendly but that’s pretty much the extent of my good feelings to the site. After my first two completed surveys, done on the first day, I received an immediate response to my email that stated the address was wrong and I needed to give them a new address. I didn’t respond right away and later that afternoon I received a receipt from Surveytime that the error was on their end, and had now been credited. Sure enough, despite several hours later my PayPal was credited with ($2). A couple of days later I took another survey that was abnormally long (very intrusive and extensive). After I had completed the survey (took nearly an hour) I was sent back to the Surveytime Software where I received a “you weren’t accepted by the survey, try another”. Later that day I sent a return email to the company asking where my compensation was and invited Surveytime to check the completed survey for veracity. I heard absolutely nothing back. Now, 3 days ago I completed 2 more surveys, and actually received an immediate email notification receipt that I received ($1) for each survey. I checked the PayPal account and noticed that while there were 2 deposits made, each was for ($0.01) for a grand compensation of 2 cents (I didn’t even know PayPal would accept such a minimal amount). For the past 3 days I have sent numerous emails to their customer service addy, but haven’t received one response. It’s unfortunate, because the approach is unique, however, it’s all a huge waste of time.

Do they have a referral program? I haven’t been able to find a referral link like on other sites.

No, they do not have a referral program like that.

I already tried surveytime and already got $3 instantly rewrded to my paypal, the part that i just didnt like is whenever surveytime sends me a desktop survey notif and click it, it says that i am.unable to finish the survey when in fact i havent started yet. Why is that? And yes, the availability of surveys depends on your location. As for me i am from ph and i can say that it less than 4 to none for each day

Thanks for sharing your experience. As for your question, you have to contact Surveytime’s support about this.

Hello, I just wanted to ask is there any alternative site that pays instantly and in most countries And better ?

I have a list of the fastest paying survey sites here you can check out.

Some of them offer instant after you have had your first payout. And all of them payout quickly.

Hope this helps.

how can i start working immediately

everything about how to get started is described in the review. But if it is the right option or not for you depends what your goals are – because you mention you want to start working so you just need to be aware that paid surveys are not a way to make a living. It is a way to earn a bit extra while having your opinion heard. So you need to do it with the right expectations.

I just discovered that tommy from can speak :)and write also..I have completed many surveys in one day they stop to pay me..I completed the surveys and they didn’t account was flagged ..I’m from italy I’m alex and my account is xxxxx..I have sent many mails to tommy..never could answer..I would like to come back to work..thanks for the time and the support

Just wanted to let you know that there is no guarantee Surveytime will see the message here. But as you can see they sometimes stop by and answer messages. But just wanted to let you know that it will not necessarily happen fast. But hope you will get an answer soon.

Since you are from Italy, did you, by the way, see I just recently published a list with the best survey sites in Italy? You can check it out here if you are interested in other sites to take surveys until you get an answer from Surveytime:

Yeah thanks for the support..i saw the list you can erase timebucks it’s a loss of can enter a good very well paid gpt as of the best..the list is OK..

Thanks for the suggestion Alex. Have not tried that site yet – will write it n the list of sites to test.

I completed the survey. Now it says that the email for paypal account is incorrect. (Which its not).
I tried entering email address again. Still the same problem.
What should i do?

You need to contact Surveytime’s support for this.

I don’t know how you got there to give this site a positive review, because every time i try to fill out a survey after answering some questions i get kiccked back to the Survey time Page with the message that i could not complete the survey and that i can try another one.
I tried for about 15 times and the i just gave up. I can use my time better with working sites that don’t take peoples time for nothing.

Please take better care about reviewing such b*llsh*t sites. Not happy

Thanks for sharing your experience Gidion.

I want to make it clear that my reviews are based on my own experience and I have not had problems with Surveytime as I also show in the video above so you can see it for yourself.

And if you look around my website you will see I, in general, am very critical when reviewing sites and try to give as many details and perspectives as possible. That is also why I allow comments of the different reviews so others can leave their experiences as well as we do not all have the same.

So I appreciate you sharing your experiences and I take them into consideration. Since you are not the only one I have heard had some bad experiences with Surveytime, I have just added a section in the review that makes people aware of these complaints so they can see other people’s experiences as well.

I have joined and completed 2 survey but I keep getting error when trying to verify my mobile number for payment.

Make sure you contact their support and let them know Okon.

Am having same issue

I think this site is a scam. From all comment, all members from Nigeria keep having same problem of phone number verification. I completed a survey yesterday and at d point of verifying my phone no, it keeps telling me something wrong with this no try in the next 24 hours. Too bad, a waste of time.

yo to get better results use ages 30 – 40 and have 2 kids. make sure no one in ur house works for advertising and thats how i complete every survey i get

And now I got an email in PayPal that I have been transacted money through OT vision LTD but when I try to claim my payment there’s an error saying the transaction no longer exist.
Why are these sites focused on scamming people. With all trust thinking it to be legit site I opted for this site but it’s also a scam

Sorry to hear that Parose. Did you write their support?

Because as you can see in the video included in this review, I have been paid without problems so they are not deliberately trying to scam people. But they do seem to have some technical problems at times that can be quite frustrating according to the feedback I hear.

But if you have not contacted them yet, I would suggest you write their support. You can see the email address in the review above. I have also written them and made them aware of the technical issues some users seem to have at the moment so hopefully, they will do something about it soon.

Thank you for your help .

You are welcome Parose.

After completing survey it does not give money this is worst survey in matter of payment

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I have heard other people having the same problem. The only thing I can recommend is to write their support and hope they will not take too long to get back to you.

I personally request you My plz delete because every day survey failed so my plz delete

I am not the owner of Surveytime Abhishek. If you want to delete your account there, you need to contact the site directly.

I answered and finished a survey but when I tried to redeem my reward I was asked for my mobile phone where code will be sent, but it says, “to use a mobile number”, I am using a valid working mobile number. Then when I tried again it says, “number has an issue and to try after 24hrs.” Getting no help from their support at all. Not once did I receive any reply in my email regarding the issue.

Sorry to hear that. As mentioned in the review, the support is, unfortunately, not always very fast. The only thing you can really do is to keep writing them once in a while or just simply move on to other sites if it is not working for you there.

Please write to [email protected], stating your name here(Parose) and we will check what was the issue with your payment.

After reading through this I opted for survey time. Was such a bad experience. At first 2 times I after completing surveys I didn’t even get an option to redeem my reward then 3rd time they told me to enter my PayPal email. I did so only to receive an email that my order was declined and my email address was incorrect.
I tried almost 5 times rechecked my email . No are you writing this blog because you get paid through them to promote this .

I am sorry you had a bad experience Parose. As mentioned in the review, they at times do have some problems and the support is not always the fastest, unfortunately.

I write based on my own experience and if you look around my site you will see I go out of my way to help people that run into problems with any site if I can. That is also why I several times have reached out to Surveytime and told them about the problems readers here on my blog have experienced with their site to try and help out.

And if you look around my site you will also see that I am always saying my honest opinion and share my own experience with the sites I review. If you knew how often I had said no to post an article with an angle controlled by companies but always insists on giving an honest opinion based on my experience.

Sometimes that experience will not be the same as others and that is fair – that is why I encourage people to share their own experiences below my posts as well so we can share with each other and people can see different opinions. I could just have blocked this option but think it is great to get feedback from others and when it is valid and constructive I also take it into consideration when updating my reviews.

So I appreciate you sharing your experiences as it is very valuable to know – and when I hear several people giving feedback I really do take it into consideration.

And yes, I do earn commissions from some sites mentioned here on the website but only if people actually end up finding them useful and use them. I am very honest about this as this is the only way to pay the cost of running this website which takes a lot of time and effort. But I ALWAYS make sure to be honest and do NOT promote any site that I do not find worth it.
If you look around you will see that there are many sites I even warn against – in fact, I could have earned a lot by recommending some of these but I never do and only focus on recommending sites I actually have had a good experience with.

I have just recently written Surveytime again and made aware that some people have mentioned problems with there site here on my website so I hope they will soon get back to you and fix things.

I must speak up, mikael works hard at what he does and I think there is misunderstanding of Surveytime. I have done surveys there and for the ones that i DID complete, they paid. I think some are getting screened out and not understanding the wording they use, and sometimes they do not screen out till later and which is frustrating. I do not really do anymore there because i have to sometimes do 10 and only one goes thru. All depends on what they are looking for and as long as your paypal or what you choose for rewards is set up properly, should be no reason why payment should not go thru. I used to just go thru and choose the short surveys and if by 6 or more screened out, i just close up and come back another time. You cannot blame mikael for that in my opinion, and best just to close your account with them and move on, there are hundreds more to choose from, and remember to read clearly your demographics area to see where you stand and remember, there are no guarantees there either. Surveys are made to get a little side money and to be enjoyable, when you want more than that, or it is not enjoyable any more, then we must move on. Happy surveying and thank you mikael for all you do and we are not in a perfect world.

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